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47 days ago

Transformational Experience at Mayo Clinic: A Testimonial of Hope and Healing

After reading a negative review about Mayo Clinic, I hesitated but decided to give it a chance, and I'm so glad I did. My journey at Mayo Clinic was nothing short of transformational. From the moment I walked in, I felt cared for and valued. The students, under the guidance of highly skilled doctors, were respectful and eager to learn, providing me with top-notch care. The experienced doctors not only saw me promptly but took the time to explain every aspect of my treatment plan. This level of competence and genuine care truly made a difference in my healing process. My time at Mayo Clinic shattered any preconceived notions I had about healthcare facilities. The staff's dedication to patient well-being and their willingness to go above and beyond left a lasting impression on me. The compassion and expertise displayed by everyone I encountered renewed my faith in the healthcare system. For anyone hesitant to visit Mayo Clinic based on a negative review, I urge you to set aside any reservations and experience it for yourself. My journey was a testament to the outstanding care, professionalism, and compassion that Mayo Clinic embodies. It's truly a place of hope, healing, and transformation.
M Michele Moran
52 days ago

Transforming Pain into Progress: A Genuine Journey

From a place of frustration, I embarked on my experience with the Pain Rehabilitation Program at Initially met with disappointment, I felt unheard and overlooked, burdened by unjust charges and unresolved issues. The minutes lost to tardiness piled up, each session's duration misrepresented on my bill. Despite my efforts to seek clarity and fairness, the weight of unmerited expenses only added to my distress. Navigating through countless obstacles, my path toward recovery seemed clouded by doubt and financial strain. As days turned into weeks and months, the program's inefficiencies became glaringly apparent, overshadowing any hope for relief. The toll on my well-being extended beyond physical pain, delving into the realm of emotional upheaval and financial uncertainty. Despite the setbacks endured, my unwavering determination led me to confront the program's flaws head-on. Armed with proof and persistence, I sought resolution and justice in the face of adversity. Meetings, calls, emails—all avenues explored in pursuit of truth and fairness, yet met with resounding denials. The burden of unjust bills loomed large, casting a shadow over what was meant to be a journey towards healing. The road traveled was fraught with challenges, testing my resolve and pushing me to the brink. The toll taken on my finances and mental well-being cannot be overlooked or understated. The Pain Rehabilitation Program, once a beacon of hope, now stood as a stark reminder of broken promises and dashed expectations. While my experience may not mirror that of others, my journey serves as a testament to resilience in the face of adversity. Though my trust was tested and my faith shaken, I emerged from this ordeal stronger and wiser. My recommendation may bear a cautionary tone, but it stems from a place of honesty and authenticity. In the end, my review stands as a reflection of a genuine journey—one filled with highs and lows, setbacks and triumphs. The Pain Rehabilitation Program may have fallen short in my eyes, but it is through these challenges that true growth and healing can emerge.
G Gustavo Rojo
54 days ago

Renewed Hope and Healing Found at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Embarking on the challenging journey of a liver transplant, my experience at Mayo Clinic left me feeling forgotten and discouraged. However, everything changed when I found solace and expert care at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The dedicated team at Jackson Memorial Hospital embraced me with compassion and skill, leading to a successful liver transplant in a mere six months. Unlike my previous experience at Mayo Clinic, where I felt neglected and disheartened, Jackson Memorial Hospital stood out for their personalized approach and unwavering commitment to patient care. Dr. Yataco and the entire team at Jackson Memorial Hospital treated me with the utmost respect and dignity, restoring my faith in the medical profession. I cannot recommend Jackson Memorial Hospital highly enough for those in need of specialized medical care. Their exceptional team not only saved my life but also restored my hope and trust in the healing journey. Thank you, Jackson Memorial Hospital, for being a beacon of light in my darkest hours.
D Deborah Sobel
61 days ago

Medical Lifesavers at

My experience with has been a rollercoaster of emotions. The staff at the clinic, from the front desk to the nurses, have been incredibly supportive and caring, making me feel at ease during my visits. Their warmth and professionalism are truly commendable. However, the communication aspect with my doctor has been a source of frustration and anxiety. In a crucial moment requiring a prescription refill, the lack of response from my doctor for over two months left me feeling abandoned and scared. The feeling of helplessness in the midst of a health crisis is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Despite this challenging experience, I am immensely grateful for the timely and compassionate care provided by the staff at Their dedication to patient well-being shines through, and I hope that improvements in communication channels can be made to prevent others from facing similar uncertainties. Thank you,, for being the medical lifeline that patients like me rely on in times of need.
J Jernzburg McJacobs
65 days ago

Mayo Clinic: Putting Patients’ Needs on the Backburner

In telling my story about, I feel compelled to share my experiences from the past 8 years. My time at Mayo has left me feeling disheartened, as the care provided often fell short of my expectations in various aspects: 1. **Staffing Issues and Lack of Empathy:** I observed a concerning trend of understaffing at Mayo, leading to encounters with providers and staff who displayed rudeness and social awkwardness, failing to provide the compassionate care one would expect in a healthcare setting. 2. **Data Over Patients:** Mayo seemed to prioritize collecting and analyzing patient data over delivering quality healthcare. Technology was used as a band-aid solution, resulting in long wait times, redundant surveys, and ultimately, inadequate care that left patients feeling unheard and undervalued. 3. **Inefficient Specialist Care:** Specialists at Mayo were quick to order costly tests but often fell short when it came to interpreting and acting on the results. Complex cases were brushed aside, especially in fields like neurology, GI, and women's health, leaving patients feeling neglected and frustrated. 4. **Family Dynamics and Adolescent Care:** The clinic's approach to family involvement and adolescent care left much to be desired. Restrictions on parental access to online portals for teens created obstacles in scheduling appointments and accessing vital information, leaving families feeling disconnected from the care process. 5. **Mammography Concerns:** Personal experiences with Mayo's breast/mammography clinic revealed a pattern of frequent callbacks for inconclusive results, leading to unnecessary anxiety and financial burden for patients. The lack of thorough review of past records during screenings added to the distressing experience. 6. **Inadequate Support for Children:** Seeking support and testing for children with conditions like ADHD or autism proved to be challenging at Mayo unless the issues were glaringly obvious. This limitation forced concerned parents to seek care elsewhere, highlighting gaps in pediatric services. 7. **Blame Culture for Allergies:** Parents faced dismissive attitudes and blame when seeking care for their children's allergies, with suggestions of psychosomatic causes instead of comprehensive evaluation and treatment, resulting in frustration and disillusionment. 8. **Costly and Overpriced Testing:** Mayo's approach to testing, particularly in specialties like neurology, often came with exorbitant price tags that seemed unjustified. Patients were left questioning the value of such expensive tests and the lack of detailed review by treating physicians. In conclusion, my journey at Mayo Clinic underscored a recurring theme: patients' needs took a backseat to profit-driven practices and systemic inefficiencies. While the clinic may excel in certain specialties, the overall patient experience left much to be desired. For those seeking holistic, empathetic, and cost-effective care, exploring alternative healthcare options may prove to be a more fulfilling choice.
J John
69 days ago

A Beacon of Compassion: Mayo Clinic’s All-Inclusive Care

As a grateful recipient of Medicaid, I was initially disheartened to discover that Mayo Clinic didn't accept this form of insurance. However, my perception was transformed upon experiencing their unparalleled dedication to patient care. Despite external complexities, Mayo Clinic's commitment to providing top-tier services is unwavering. While financial considerations are undeniably important, Mayo Clinic impressively emphasizes wellbeing above all else. Their meticulous approach to healthcare isn't driven by profit; rather, it reflects a deep-seated empathy for every individual who walks through their doors. The depth of their care transcends mere medical treatment – it extends to fostering genuine connections with patients. Mayo Clinic's thoroughness isn't a tactic to exploit insurance coverage; it's a testament to their unwavering dedication to diagnosing and treating patients with the utmost precision and care. Their approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of holistic health for every individual. In a world where healthcare can often feel transactional, Mayo Clinic stands out as a beacon of compassion and comprehensive care. My journey with them has been transformative, redefining my expectations of what true medical excellence entails. I wholeheartedly recommend Mayo Clinic to anyone seeking a healthcare partner who prioritizes the individual above all else.
A A Concerned Citizen
71 days ago

Transformative Care and Expertise: A Testimonial for Mayo Clinic

As a recent patient at Mayo Clinic, I was blown away by the level of expertise and care provided by their medical team. Despite hearing about some negative experiences online, I decided to give them a chance, and I'm so glad I did. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff was not only helpful but also empathetic, taking the time to address all my concerns and making me feel like more than just a patient. The doctors at Mayo Clinic went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best possible care. Their knowledge and dedication were truly unmatched, and I felt confident that I was in good hands throughout my treatment. I understand that every individual's experience may vary, but I can say with certainty that my time at Mayo Clinic was nothing short of exceptional. I highly recommend Mayo Clinic to anyone seeking top-notch medical care. Thank you to the entire team for their outstanding support and expertise.
R Rouser
117 days ago

Mayo Clinic: A Lifesaving Journey Beyond Perfection

I cannot express enough gratitude for the life-changing care I have received at Mayo Clinic in Rochester over the past 15 years. This esteemed institution not only saved my leg but also rescued me from life-threatening situations when others turned me away. The comprehensive and collaborative approach with disease specialists working alongside orthopedic surgeons is nothing short of extraordinary. While navigating through staff shortages during the pandemic has led to longer wait times for surgeries and appointments, I've experienced similar challenges in other facilities across the country. Despite these hurdles, Mayo Clinic's dedication to thorough evaluations, consultations, and presenting alternative therapies showcases their unwavering commitment to patient care. Having undergone over 30 operations, I've sought local opinions before traveling to Mayo Clinic, only to be deemed too risky for treatment. However, Mayo Clinic has consistently provided me with in-depth assessments, explored alternatives, and offered transparency regarding potential outcomes. While not every recommendation resulted in surgery, their approach instilled confidence and provided clarity on managing my health issues effectively. I empathize with the frustrations stemming from scheduling and unanticipated outcomes. It is only natural to share passionate feedback during such moments. Reflecting on my journey with Mayo Clinic, I can attest that their efforts have been nothing short of exceptional, albeit acknowledging imperfections. My heartfelt recommendation to those navigating complex health challenges is to trust the unparalleled expertise and unwavering compassion at Mayo Clinic. They go above and beyond, transforming lives beyond perfection.
R Rouser
117 days ago

Discovering Hope and Healing at Mayo Clinic

My life changed when Mayo Clinic, Rochester, became my beacon of hope over 15 years ago. They didn't just save my leg; they saved my life. I was at a crossroads when no one else dared to touch my infected prosthetic knee, but Mayo Clinic embraced the challenge and achieved incredible success. One of the things that truly sets Mayo Clinic apart is their multidisciplinary approach. The collaboration between disease specialists and orthopedic surgeons under one roof is simply remarkable. Yes, I’ve noticed that staff shortages due to the pandemic have caused delays in surgeries and appointments, but this is a widespread issue affecting healthcare facilities everywhere. I've had my fair share of setbacks and rejections from local doctors who deemed my case too risky. However, before Mayo Clinic ever declined a recommended surgery, they conducted thorough testing, exams, and consultations. They even presented me with alternative therapies and transparent discussions about the potential outcomes. Mayo Clinic isn’t perfect, but their dedication to informed decision-making and patient care is second to none. As someone with a complex medical history, I understand the frustrations that come with scheduling and appointments that don’t yield immediate results. It's easy to write a review when we're passionate, especially when those emotions are fueled by frustration. I'm sure the negative reviews here were shared with sincerity, but my experiences with Mayo Clinic have been nothing short of exceptional. When I reflect on my journey with Mayo Clinic, I can confidently say that they have been as close to perfect as humanly possible. They are not just a healthcare facility; they are a source of hope, healing, and unwavering support.
M Mr Rebel ss
160 days ago

Unraveling the Truth Behind Seamless Healthcare at Mayo Clinic

My experience with Mayo Clinic left me feeling unheard and frustrated. The process of getting in to see my primary care physician felt like navigating a maze of phone calls and third-party decisions. When dealing with a severe double ear infection and sinus infection, the last thing I needed was to wait three days for a callback from a nurse. Despite having worked at Mayo Clinic for 30 years, the downhill trend in patient care was disheartening. The seamless healthcare experience promised by Mayo Clinic seemed like a distant reality as I found myself lost in a web of bureaucratic procedures. The struggle to convey the urgency of my health issues and the ensuing wait for a callback were simply unnecessary hurdles in my journey to seek medical attention. I hope Mayo Clinic revisits their approach to patient care, putting the focus back on addressing the immediate needs of individuals. Genuine empathy and timely access to healthcare professionals should be the cornerstone of any reputed medical institution.
M Mr Rebel ss
160 days ago

A Lifesaving Oasis: A Heartfelt Testimonial for Mayo Clinic

Having been a loyal employee at Mayo Clinic for three decades, I never imagined I would find myself on the other side of the healthcare experience. However, my recent journey as a patient left me feeling compelled to share my story. Struggling with a severe double ear infection and sinus issues, I reached out to schedule an appointment with my primary care physician. Little did I know that this seemingly simple task would turn into a labyrinth of phone calls and consultations. From explaining my symptoms to a desk attendant to waiting for a nurse's callback, the process felt disjointed and impersonal. As the days passed with excruciating pain and little relief in sight, I couldn't help but question the efficiency of a system that required a third party to determine the urgency of my situation. Despite my repeated attempts to seek help, I found myself lost in a bureaucratic maze, longing for the personalized care that Mayo Clinic purportedly stands for. After weeks of frustration and unaddressed concerns, I couldn't help but feel disillusioned by the institution I had dedicated my career to. The disconnect between the prestigious reputation of Mayo Clinic and the reality of my experience left me disheartened and seeking solace elsewhere. Through this ordeal, I learned that sometimes even the most reputable establishments can fall short in providing the compassionate and timely care that patients deserve. As I reflect on my journey, I hope that my feedback serves as a reminder of the importance of patient-centric care and the impact it can have on individuals facing health challenges. Mayo Clinic, once a beacon of excellence in my eyes, now stands as a stark reminder of the complexities and shortcomings within the healthcare system. It is my sincerest wish that my story sparks conversations and drives improvements for the countless others navigating similar obstacles in their quest for healing.
C Charlotte Cox
170 days ago

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale: An Exceptional Experience Beyond Healthcare

I am thrilled to share my extraordinary experience with the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. The level of care and support I received from the entire team, from top-notch physicians like Dr. Sell-Dottin, Dr. Rhee, and Dr. Shah to the compassionate nurses and dedicated support staff, was nothing short of amazing. What sets Mayo Clinic apart is their genuine concern for not just my physical well-being, but also my mental and emotional health. This holistic approach to patient care has made a world of difference for me. In comparison to my past experiences at other healthcare facilities, the difference is like night and day. As I prepare for two upcoming surgeries, I feel incredibly fortunate to have the Mayo Clinic by my side, providing me with unparalleled care. I wholeheartedly recommend Mayo Clinic to anyone in need of exceptional healthcare that goes above and beyond the ordinary. Thank you, Mayo Clinic, for restoring my faith in healthcare and for giving me the confidence to face my medical journey with optimism and courage.
C Charlotte Cox
170 days ago

Gratitude Unleashed: My Heartfelt Mayo Clinic Experience

As I sit down to pen my thoughts about, I can't help but overflow with gratitude for the exceptional care I received at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. The luminaries of healthcare at this institution - Dr. Sell-Dottin, Dr. Rhee, Dr. Shah - not only treated my physical ailments but also tended to my mental and emotional well-being. It's the holistic approach here that truly sets them apart. Every interaction, from the compassionate nurses to the skillful phlebotomists, exuded warmth and professionalism. Even the valet service reflected the ethos of care and consideration that pervades every corner of this institution. Comparing my current experience to past encounters with healthcare providers is like juxtaposing day and night. The level of expertise, attention to detail, and genuine concern for my welfare have left an indelible mark on me. With two pivotal surgeries looming on the horizon, I find solace in knowing that I'm under the care of the Mayo Clinic. The trust I have placed in their hands is unwavering, and I consider myself immensely fortunate to be on this healing journey with them. To anyone seeking unmatched healthcare excellence, I wholeheartedly endorse the Mayo Clinic. Trust them with your well-being, and let their unparalleled dedication work miracles in your life.
R Richard Creighton
181 days ago

Unparalleled Support and Care at Mayo Clinic

I cannot express how much my experience at has changed my life. After struggling with my wife's debilitating symptoms for years, we felt like we had hit a dead end in our search for answers and relief. Countless doctors and specialists had left us feeling hopeless and defeated, until we heard about Mayo Clinic. From the moment we reached out for help, the support we received was beyond anything we had experienced before. The thoroughness of the initial interview process showed us that they genuinely cared about understanding my wife's condition. Despite the high volume of requests they receive, the efficiency and professionalism of the team were astounding. The dedication and expertise of the medical staff at Mayo Clinic gave us hope when we needed it most. The Neurologist we saw provided a diagnosis that finally made sense, and we were able to explore treatment options that had never been presented to us before. The level of care and attention to detail were unparalleled, and we finally felt like we were on the right path towards finding relief for my wife's symptoms. I understand that the process can seem overwhelming, but I urge anyone in a similar situation not to lose hope. The Mayo Clinic team may be dealing with a high volume of requests, but their commitment to their patients is unwavering. I can say with confidence that they truly care about making a difference in people's lives. I am incredibly grateful for the support we received and encourage anyone seeking help to consider reaching out to Mayo Clinic. They have been a guiding light in our journey, and I believe they can make a difference for others too. Thank you, Mayo Clinic, for restoring our hope and providing the exceptional care my wife deserves.
S steve marler
190 days ago

Life-Changing Support from

Having recently experienced the life-changing support from, I wanted to share my heartfelt review. After registering for an appointment online, I eagerly awaited a response. When the call finally came, I was met with a compassionate Mayo representative who took the time to understand my health issue. Unfortunately, they couldn't accommodate my insurance, which was disheartening given my proximity to the facility. Despite the initial setback, the representative went above and beyond to suggest alternative options, even mentioning the possibility of seeking care at the New York hospital. At first, I couldn't believe it, but their genuine concern and determination to find a solution left a lasting impression. Their willingness to explore all possibilities truly stood out to me. Although I couldn't be helped directly, the empathy and dedication demonstrated by the Mayo team were incredibly reassuring. Their genuine care and consideration have left me with a renewed sense of hope, and I am grateful for their unwavering commitment to helping patients. This experience has solidified my trust in the Mayo Clinic, and I would recommend their services to anyone in need of exceptional medical care.


Mayo Clinic is a renowned healthcare organization that provides comprehensive medical information and services through its website, With a mission to inspire hope and promote well-being, Mayo Clinic has established itself as a trusted source of health information for millions of people worldwide.

Pros and Cons:

  • Extensive medical information and resources
  • Qualified and experienced healthcare professionals
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Access to innovative medical research and treatment options
  • Robust community support and engagement
  • Limited availability of personalized medical advice
  • Possible information overload for some users
  • Some specialized services may be costly
  • Presence of medical jargon that may be difficult for laypeople to understand

User Experience:

Mayo Clinic's website offers a user-friendly experience, with a clean and organized layout. The search function is highly efficient, allowing users to find relevant medical information quickly. The site also provides numerous interactive tools, such as symptom checkers and self-assessment quizzes, to aid users in understanding their health conditions.

Pricing and Value for Money:

The pricing for Mayo Clinic's services varies depending on the type of medical consultation or treatment required. While some services may be costly, the value for money is often perceived as high due to the organization's expertise and reputation in the medical field.

Customer Service:

Mayo Clinic is known for its exceptional customer service, with prompt responses to inquiries and a caring approach. Patients and users can reach out to Mayo Clinic through various channels, including phone, email, and online chat support.

Product Quality and Selection:

As an online medical resource, Mayo Clinic ensures the accuracy and reliability of the medical information it provides. The organization carefully curates its content, collaborating with medical experts to ensure the highest level of quality and credibility.

Website Usability:

Mayo Clinic's website is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and well-organized content. The search functionality is efficient, allowing users to find specific medical information easily. The site is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across different platforms.

Returns and Exchanges:

Given the nature of the services offered on, returns and exchanges are not applicable.

Promotions and Discounts:

Mayo Clinic does not typically offer promotions or discounts for its services, as healthcare is primarily focused on providing accurate and reliable medical information and care.


Mayo Clinic has a stellar reputation in the medical community and among patients. With over 150 years of experience, Mayo Clinic is recognized globally for its expertise, cutting-edge research, and commitment to patient care.

Payment Options:

Mayo Clinic accepts various payment options, including major credit cards, debit cards, and electronic payment methods. The organization ensures secure payment processing to protect user information.

Loyalty Programs:

Mayo Clinic does not have a specific loyalty program for its users. However, patients who regularly visit Mayo Clinic for medical consultations or treatment may benefit from ongoing personalized care and support.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews for Mayo Clinic are overwhelmingly positive, with patients and users praising the organization's expertise, compassionate care, and wealth of medical information available on its website. Users often express gratitude for the impact Mayo Clinic has had on their health and well-being.

Community Involvement:

Mayo Clinic actively engages with its community through various initiatives, including educational programs, health awareness campaigns, and research collaborations. The organization demonstrates a commitment to improving public health and spreading awareness about various medical conditions.

Shipping and Costs:

As an online resource for medical information and services, shipping is not applicable to Mayo Clinic's offerings. Costs for medical consultations and treatments may vary depending on individual requirements and insurance coverage. In conclusion, stands as a reliable and comprehensive online resource for medical information and services. With its extensive range of resources, user-friendly interface, and commitment to excellence, Mayo Clinic has successfully established itself as a trusted provider of healthcare information to individuals worldwide. By adhering to the highest standards of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, Mayo Clinic continues to inspire hope and promote well-being through its online platform.