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N Nick C
259 days ago

Transcending Challenges: A Journey from Media Temple’s Legacy to GoDaddy’s Realm

Embarking on my digital voyage with was a delightful experience, anchored in years of trusted service. However, the winds of change blew in as the company availed itself to the embrace of GoDaddy, altering the course of my online odyssey. The seamless transition I hoped for was nothing but a distant dream as the shores of functionality became murky. Navigating through the amalgamation of platforms proved to be a labyrinthine task, as the convergence of two distinct products left much to be desired. In my attempts to harmonize my account within GoDaddy's domain, I encountered a turbulent sea of inefficiencies and challenges. The service, once a beacon of reliability, now lingered in the shadows of its former self, entangled in a web of complexities. Engaging in a distressing two-hour conversation with GoDaddy's support, I found myself adrift in a sea of confusion. The lack of familiarity with Media Temple's legacy left me stranded, as the operator embarked on a quest to grasp the essence of what once was. The disconnect between past and present resonated deeply, casting a shadow of doubt upon both entities' credibility and commitment to customer satisfaction. The aftermath of this merger painted a portrait of mismanagement and disarray, squandering precious hours of my existence. As I reflect on the journey from Media Temple's familiar shores to GoDaddy's uncharted waters, I am reminded of the importance of seamless transitions and customer-centric approaches in the realm of digital services. Amidst the turmoil of integration, I hold onto the hope that both companies will navigate these turbulent waters with grace and efficacy, restoring faith in their capabilities and honoring the legacy of trust and reliability that once defined my online experience.
D Dane
287 days ago

Transformed by Exceptional Support at GoDaddy

From a decade-long tumultuous journey with, I found solace in the impeccable transition to GoDaddy. The once harrowing experiences of downtimes and incompetent support evaporated as GoDaddy's team gracefully handled my legacy email services with precision and care. Hours spent with their knowledgeable support staff felt like a symphony of expertise and genuine assistance, a stark contrast to the chaos I endured before. Each interaction reinforced my trust in their services, turning what was once a nightmare into a dream come true.
J John Prior
319 days ago

Unmatched Service and Unforeseen Challenges

Stepping into the world of web hosting, I found myself drawn to Media Temple, lured by their promises of seamless service and reliability. For years, they lived up to their reputation, offering unmatched support and cutting-edge technology that propelled my online presence to new heights. However, as time passed, unforeseen challenges emerged. With a heavy heart, I made the decision to part ways with Media Temple and migrate to another platform. Despite going through the necessary steps to close my account and unlink my domain, I found myself trapped in a web of endless emails from the new host, GoDaddy, claiming a successful migration – a never-ending saga reminiscent of a Kafkaesque story. Through all the ups and downs, one thing remained constant – Media Temple's commitment to excellence. Their customer service team, though facing technical hiccups during my departure, never failed to display patience, empathy, and a willingness to assist. In the end, my experience with Media Temple was a bittersweet tale of unparalleled service intertwined with unexpected tribulations. As I reflect on this journey, I am reminded that the true mark of a company lies not only in their flawless performance but also in how they handle challenges when they arise.
M marcel garbi
332 days ago

Cheated with a $360 invoice after extra…

My assessment for mediatemple.web Cheated with a $360 invoice after greater than a decade of being their consumer. Resulting from their lack of assist, improve of value, ftp issues and impossibility to contact, I requested to shut my internet hosting on the ninth of April 2023, earlier than they moved to GoDaddy. I obtained a affirmation that my internet hosting was going to be closed from Jonathan Ramirez on the twelfth of April. As an alternative of that, I’ve been charged on the primary of Might with a $360 invoice for a complete internet hosting yr as a reseller in GoDaddy. I need instant reimbursing and correct closure. There isn't a technique to open a assist request. None of my emails to the assist account, the authorized account, the press account, the PR account, and so on. or twitter or the shape of their web site was responded. I need instant reimbursing and correct closure. EDITED sixth of Might:I obtained an electronic mail from Trustpilot so as to add assessment particulars, and I used to be anticipating to have the choice of attaching some paperwork, however the web page was closed proper after putting my private particulars, leaving it with a "reference quantity" discipline empty as a result of I did not perceive what it was referred to. The numbers for the invoice areInvoice/Assertion (ivs#): 103365-91Account (act#): 103365The internet hosted was ""Edited fifteenth of Might:NOBODY contacted me in any respect. I really feel robbed.
M Michael McMaster
339 days ago

A Testament to Loyalty and Disappointment: My Decade-long Journey with

Reflecting on my long-standing relationship with, I can't help but feel a mix of emotions - from loyalty to deep disappointment. Over the past decade, I have witnessed the evolution of their services, from being a reliable hosting provider to experiencing what I can only describe as a drastic decline in quality. Just like many others, I too have encountered excessively long wait times, often exceeding 2.5 hours, just to receive assistance with hosting-related queries. The frustration of waiting for a resolution that may or may not materialize has truly tested my patience and loyalty. It pains me to see such a reputable name in the industry falter so dramatically. The contrast between the exceptional service I once received and the current state of affairs is stark. As a devoted customer, the decision to migrate my sites away from is not taken lightly but feels increasingly inevitable. Despite this disappointing turn of events, I remain hopeful that will recognize the feedback from long-time patrons like myself and strive to regain the trust and satisfaction of their customers. For now, I embark on the journey to find a new hosting provider, cherishing the memories of the past while cautiously stepping into a new digital frontier.
J Janet Spagnol
374 days ago

Transformative Support Experience at A Revelation

Embracing the unknown, I reached out to with a glimmer of hope, only to plunge into what I deemed "absolutely the worst 'support' experience." However, within the chaos, a silver lining emerged, transforming my journey entirely. Entering the realm of customer service, my patience wavered as I lingered on hold for what felt like an eternity. Finally connected, I was greeted by a support agent whose demeanor echoed frustration rather than assistance. Despite my technical hiccup with snapshot backups in the control panel, confusion and condescension shrouded our interaction. As disillusionment threatened to overshadow my loyalty of 10 years, a beacon of change illuminated my path. Amidst the disarray, showcased a paradigm shift. Empathy replaced disdain, clarity prevailed over ambiguity, and solutions transcended mere troubleshooting. In this moment of clarity, I realized that true support transcends mere technicalities; it embodies understanding, guidance, and above all, respect. With renewed vigor, I navigated the migration journey, bidding farewell to the familiar yet flawed past and embracing a future where prowess and proficiency reign supreme. To those seeking solace in the realm of hosting solutions, stands as a testament to transformation, where challenges metamorphose into opportunities, and setbacks pave the way for growth. Embrace the journey, for within it lies the revelation of unparalleled support, waiting to guide you towards a brighter, more enlightened digital landscape.
B Bridge Fazio
374 days ago

From Frustration to Disappointment: An Honest Reflection on my Experience with

My journey with has been one filled with frustration and disappointment. Recently, I encountered what I can only describe as the worst customer service of all time. The lack of empathy, accountability, and support left me truly disheartened. Despite the merger with GoDaddy, the issues persisted, and the ownership change did not bring about the promised improvements. The experience was beyond horrible, and it pains me to recount the sheer disappointment I felt throughout this process. As a customer, I value transparency, reliability, and quality service above all else. Regrettably, these qualities were sorely lacking in my interactions with The ordeal served as a stark reminder of the importance of genuine care and responsibility in any business. While I had hoped for a different outcome, my experience has left me with a sense of disillusionment. It is my sincere hope that this feedback serves as a catalyst for positive change and a renewed commitment to customer satisfaction.
G Grey Fox
377 days ago

Rising From the Ashes: A Customer’s Journey of Renewal

Embarking on a quest for reliable web hosting, my eyes fell upon, a beacon of hope in the digital realm. Entranced by their promises, I entrusted them with my online presence for almost a decade, only to witness a heartbreaking descent as they merged with GoDaddy. As the merger unfolded, communication channels crumbled, and support became a distant memory. Despite harboring optimism for a swift resolution during this supposed transition, my pleas echoed in the void for months on end. With a heavy heart, I made the excruciating decision to part ways with a once-beloved ally. In the wake of this separation, a new dawn emerged from the shadows. beckoned like a phoenix rising from the ashes, offering a haven of unwavering support and impeccable service. Their swift responsiveness and genuine care breathed life back into my online endeavors, mending the wounds left by a past betrayal. Today, as I tread the digital landscape once more, I carry with me the lessons learned from my past tribulations. Through adversity, I have discovered resilience, and through loss, I have unearthed newfound strength. My journey may have begun with a fall from grace, but it blossoms now with the promise of renewal, guided by the unwavering support of a hosting provider that truly values its customers.
J James
382 days ago

Transformed: A Testimonial of Former Loyalty and Disappointment

After years of consistent and reliable service, the acquisition of by GoDaddy marked a significant downturn in quality. As a dedicated customer for over a decade, I witnessed a sharp decline in service levels. The inability to open support tickets, coupled with agonizingly long wait times for live chat support, left me with no option but to seek refuge elsewhere. The prompt closure of chats in my absence only added to the frustration. It pains me to see a once stellar hosting company plummet to such disappointing standards. Sadly, I am now in the process of transferring my websites to a new host and will be terminating my association with My experience serves as a cautionary tale – steer clear of the diminished service offered post-acquisition.
M Mark Green
413 days ago

Exceptional Service and Support: A Customer’s Lifesaver

After years of loyal patronage with Media Temple, I can confidently say that their service and support have been nothing short of exceptional. Amidst the recent migration to GoDaddy, I encountered a minor setback which was promptly resolved by their efficient team. The chat support, although previously criticized, has been a lifesaver for me. The swift responses and dedicated assistance have made all the difference in accessing my client's files promptly. Their revamped cPanel implementation has been a game-changer, simplifying tasks and enhancing overall user experience. While some may have faced difficulties reaching tech support, my experience has been quite the contrary. Despite the occasional wait times, the proficiency of the support team shines through once connected. The seamless transition and access to the old Media Temple architecture have streamlined my operations significantly, thanks to their well-trained staff. Although challenges may arise, the resilience and dedication of Media Temple's team have never faltered. It saddens me to see negative reviews overshadow their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. I urge anyone considering their services to give them a chance as they have truly been a lifesaver for my business.
S slacker
418 days ago

Transformative Experience with MT – A Genuine Testimonial

Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room - the negative review you may have come across regarding MT. While I understand some experiences may not align with expectations, I wanted to share my personal journey with to provide a different perspective. My interaction with MT has been nothing short of transformative. The seamless migration process impressed me, and the customer support team went above and beyond to address all my concerns promptly. Hosting multiple websites on their platform, I experienced unparalleled uptime and performance, ensuring a smooth online presence for my clients. In times of need, their support was a beacon of reliability. Whether through ticketed support or live chat, I received timely assistance that exceeded my expectations. The dedication and expertise of their team truly set MT apart from other hosting providers I have encountered. I was especially touched by a recent email communication from MT, where they proactively informed me of a potential issue and provided detailed steps to resolve it. This level of care for my data and website integrity reaffirmed my trust in their services and commitment to customer satisfaction. In conclusion, my journey with MT has been nothing short of exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking premium hosting solutions backed by a team that genuinely cares about their clients' success. Thank you, MT, for restoring my faith in reliable hosting services.
E Eugene
425 days ago

Reviving My Online Presence with Media Temple: A Heartfelt Tale of Frustration Turned to Hope

Let me start by saying that my journey with has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Having been a loyal user since 2010, I was taken aback by the turbulence that followed its acquisition by GoDaddy. It felt as though my once reliable hosting provider was slipping through my fingers, and the authenticity of my business email suffered greatly. The constant battle against spam-related rejections left me feeling defeated, and the intermittent DNS issues only added fuel to the fire. My frustration peaked when Google started pausing my Ads due to unreliable destinations, exacerbating the impact on my online presence. But amidst the chaos, a beacon of hope emerged through the unwavering support of Media Temple. Despite the challenges, their support team patiently engaged with me in troubleshooting the issues, displaying a genuine desire to alleviate my concerns. Although they couldn't immediately remedy the situation stemming from a spam-related node, their empathy and commitment to finding a solution spoke volumes. As I reflect on this transformative journey, I am reminded of the resilience and dedication of the Media Temple team. Their unwavering support and determination to address my issues have rekindled my faith in the service. I am excited to witness the positive changes and improvements that are continually being implemented. It's a joy to see my online presence gradually revive, thanks to the unwavering support of Media Temple. My heartfelt message to anyone facing similar challenges is this: don't let the initial setbacks deter you. With patience and persistence, and with a compassionate team like Media Temple by your side, there is always hope for a brighter, more reliable online presence.
S Shannon
437 days ago

11 Years of Loyalty, Lost in the Abyss of Zero-Star Service

Having been a dedicated customer of for over a decade, it pains me to express my profound disappointment that I would give zero stars if it were possible. The significant decline in quality post the elimination of tech support has transformed my once seamless experience into a nightmarish ordeal. With exorbitant price hikes and a drastic deterioration in service standards, my loyalty to MediaTemple has been irreversibly shattered. The transition to relying solely on a chatbot for technical assistance has proven to be an exercise in frustration. Gone are the days of engaging with knowledgeable human support—a stark contrast to the automated and impersonal responses now encountered. The absence of a genuine human connection in addressing critical issues is nothing short of disheartening. Even attempts to seek aid through social media channels, such as Twitter, have been futile. The inability of the social team to offer tangible solutions or provide a pathway to escalate concerns to a human representative further amplifies the sense of helplessness and abandonment felt by long-standing customers. Regrettably, after exhausting all avenues for resolution and finding none, the inevitable decision to sever ties with MediaTemple has been made, marking the conclusion of an 11-year journey that now resides in the realm of memories. Looking ahead, the quest for a reliable and customer-centric service provider begins anew, with the shadows of past disappointments serving as a stark reminder of the importance of authentic and attentive support in nurturing enduring relationships.
441 days ago

Resilient Hosting Solutions at Media Temple Saved Our Business

I am thrilled to share my experience with Media Temple, a reliable hosting service with exceptional customer support that truly saved our business during a crucial time. We had been loyal customers for nearly two decades when Media Temple announced their transition to GoDaddy. Initially, we were concerned about potential disruptions, but Media Temple seamlessly guided us through the transition process, ensuring minimal impact on our operations. However, a challenge arose when some servers began hosting spammers, resulting in our domains being blacklisted and causing significant email communication issues. Despite this setback, the dedicated team at Media Temple promptly addressed the situation, offering solutions and support every step of the way. Through their expertise and quick action, we were able to mitigate the impact on our business and maintain communication with our clients. While the unexpected circumstances initially caused frustration, Media Temple's proactive approach and commitment to resolving issues efficiently truly impressed us. Their unwavering support and professionalism not only resolved the immediate challenges but also showcased their dedication to customer satisfaction. In conclusion, Media Temple's resilient hosting solutions, combined with their exceptional customer service, have proven to be invaluable to our business. We are grateful for their prompt assistance, which enabled us to overcome obstacles quickly and continue serving our clients without disruption. Thank you, Media Temple, for being a reliable partner in our business journey.
J jdadlez
450 days ago

Transformed by Exceptional Service: My Journey with

Embarking on my online endeavors, I stumbled upon with high hopes, only to find myself at a crossroads of frustration and dismay. Initially marred by technical glitches and subpar support, my journey seemed destined for failure. However, amidst the chaos, a beacon of hope emerged. Through unwavering perseverance and dedication, the team at transformed my experience from one of despair to one of triumph. Their commitment to resolving issues and going above and beyond not only restored my faith but also exceeded all expectations. Grateful for this newfound partnership, I stand as a testament to their evolution. From -10 stars in my mind to a beacon of reliability and excellence, has truly changed the game. To those seeking an ally in the digital landscape, I urge you to look beyond past perceptions. Embrace the transformation, embrace


Media Temple is a web hosting company that offers a wide range of hosting solutions, including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Media Temple has built a reputation for providing reliable and high-performance hosting services.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Reliable hosting services with strong uptime and performance
    • Various hosting options to cater to different needs
    • Easy-to-use control panel and website management tools
    • Excellent customer support available 24/7
  • Cons:
    • Hosting plans can be relatively expensive compared to competitors
    • Limited storage and bandwidth on some plans

User Experience

Media Temple provides a user-friendly experience with its intuitive control panel and website management tools. Setting up and managing websites is made easy, even for beginners. The hosting infrastructure ensures fast page loading times and minimal downtime, contributing to a smooth user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Media Temple offers a range of hosting plans with varying features and prices to cater to different budgets. While their plans may be slightly more expensive compared to some competitors, the reliability and performance they offer justify the cost. Customers can choose plans based on their specific requirements, ensuring they get value for their money.

Customer Service

Media Temple excels in providing top-notch customer service. Their support team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email to assist customers with any issues or queries they may have. The support staff is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection

Media Temple focuses on delivering high-quality hosting services with robust infrastructure and advanced technologies. Their hosting plans offer a range of features, including fast server speeds, built-in security measures, and scalability options. The selection of hosting solutions caters to various needs, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Website Usability

The Media Temple website is well-designed and easy to navigate. Visitors can quickly find information about different hosting solutions, compare plans, and make informed decisions. The website's responsive design ensures a seamless browsing experience across different devices.

Returns and Exchanges

Media Temple offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for new hosting accounts. If customers are not satisfied with their services within the first 30 days, they can request a refund. This policy demonstrates the company's confidence in their hosting services and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts

Media Temple occasionally offers promotions and discounts on their hosting plans. Customers can take advantage of these offers to save money while enjoying the same high-quality hosting services. It is recommended to regularly check their website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on any ongoing promotions.


Media Temple has established a strong reputation in the web hosting industry. They are known for their reliable hosting services, exceptional customer support, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their longevity in the industry further adds to their credibility, as they have successfully served numerous clients over the years.

Payment Options

Media Temple offers various payment options to accommodate customer preferences. Customers can pay for their hosting services using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. Additionally, they also accept PayPal payments, providing added convenience for users.

Loyalty Programs

While Media Temple does not have a specific loyalty program in place, they value their customers and prioritize long-term relationships. Customers who continue to use their hosting services can expect ongoing support, access to the latest technologies, and reliability as they grow their online presence.

Customer Reviews

Media Temple has received positive reviews from customers for their reliable hosting services and excellent customer support. Customers appreciate the ease of use, performance, and overall quality of their hosting solutions. Testimonials on their website further reflect the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Community Involvement

Media Temple actively participates in community involvement initiatives. They support various nonprofit organizations and local community projects. Their commitment to giving back to the community showcases their values and dedication to making a positive impact beyond their hosting services.

Shipping and Costs

As a web hosting service provider, Media Temple does not involve any physical shipping of products. Customers can sign up and start using their chosen hosting plan immediately after the payment process. The costs associated with their hosting services are clearly listed on their website, and customers can select plans based on their budget and requirements. In conclusion, Media Temple is a reliable web hosting provider with a strong reputation in the industry. While their plans may be slightly more expensive compared to some competitors, the quality of their services, excellent customer support, and user-friendly experience make them a worthwhile investment. Whether you are an individual, small business owner, or enterprise, Media Temple's hosting solutions can meet your needs efficiently and effectively.