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K Kelsey
43 days ago

Exceptional Customer Care: Turning a Delivery Dilemma into Delight

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the team at for their outstanding customer service. Despite encountering a delivery hiccup that initially left me empty-handed, their swift and gracious resolution exceeded all expectations. The way they handled the situation not only resolved the issue promptly but also left me feeling valued and appreciated as a customer. Thanks to their proactive approach, I was not only able to re-order my items but also opt for a more favorable shipping option. The seamless process and their generosity in rectifying the situation truly showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. It's experiences like these that truly set a company apart and earn lifelong loyalty from customers. Kudos to the team at for not only delivering stylish products but also exemplifying excellence in customer care. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
S S.
44 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service That Shines Bright

From the moment I landed on, I knew I was in for a treat. The products were alluring, but what truly set the experience apart was the exceptional customer service. The team at Meshki not only answered all my inquiries with a smile but went the extra mile to ensure I found the perfect product. Their dedication and attentiveness made me feel valued as a customer. No question was too small, no request too much trouble. It's rare to find such a level of care and expertise in today's fast-paced world, but Meshki effortlessly combines elegance with efficiency. I can confidently say that Meshki's customer service is a shining example for others to follow. They not only provide stellar assistance but also create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that makes shopping a joy. Kudos to the Meshki team for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction!
S Silvia Capelloni
44 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Testimonial of Exceptional Customer Service

When I recently ordered from, I encountered a tracking issue that left me feeling anxious about my purchase. However, thanks to the remarkable efficiency of their customer service team, led by the dedicated Catherine, my concern was swiftly addressed and resolved within just 24 hours. This level of prompt and effective support truly impressed me. Not only did the customer service shine, but the product itself exceeded all expectations. The dress I ordered arrived in impeccable condition, portraying the high quality and meticulous attention to detail that Meshki is known for. Its stunning design left me in awe, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I wholeheartedly recommend Meshki to anyone in search of top-notch customer service and exceptional products. This experience has not only made me a repeat customer, but a loyal advocate for their brand. I am eagerly looking forward to my next purchase, knowing that I can trust in Meshki to deliver not only outstanding fashion but also unparalleled service.
M Midge Plotkin
44 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience with Meshki’s Exceptional Customer Support

I can't help but sing praises for Meshki's customer service team! When I encountered an issue with my order on, their support team swooped in like real-life superheroes, instantly calming my nerves and resolving the issue with lightning speed. Their cool, calm, and collected demeanor not only alleviated my stress but also made me feel like a valued customer. Meshki's commitment to top-notch customer service truly sets them apart from the rest. Kudos to the amazing team at Meshki for going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction!
C customer
44 days ago

Unwavering Affection for Meshki: A Return to Return Policies

Delving into the realm of fashion and style, my journey with has been nothing short of enchanting! The allure of their exquisite clothing and commendable quality has undeniably captivated my heart. Their prices? Well, they strike the perfect balance between affordability and luxury, making each purchase a delightful experience. However, as I tread further into the intricacies of shopping, a minor hiccup arises – the returns policy. While my counterparts across the pond revel in the seamless returns process, the scenario here leaves much to be desired. The restriction to store credit for returns restrains my freedom to explore sizes fearlessly, casting a shadow on an otherwise impeccable shopping venture. Nonetheless, my admiration for Meshki remains steadfast. If only a flicker of hope could illuminate the path to a more customer-friendly returns policy, there would be no limit to my loyalty. Imagine the possibilities of trying out different sizes with ease, embracing a newfound confidence in each purchase! In conclusion, Meshki's magnetic charm and allure transcend the confines of a mere returns policy. As a devoted patron, I eagerly anticipate the day when returns become as pleasurable an experience as shopping itself. Until then, my affection for Meshki remains unwavering, a testament to their unparalleled craftsmanship and style.
L Lara
45 days ago

Redefining Customer Service Excellence: My Unforgettable Journey with Meshki

Embarking on my fashion quest, I eagerly placed an order on, envisioning the perfect ensemble for an upcoming event. However, my excitement dimmed as days passed without an order confirmation email. Frustration crept in as I navigated the return process, only to be met with delays and uncertainty. Despite these challenges, Meshki's team stepped up and addressed my concerns with unparalleled dedication. Their swift response and sincere apologies reassured me, but alas, time slipped away, and my refund became a distant dream. While the policy offered store credit, circumstances prevented me from even enjoying that benefit. Through this rollercoaster of emotions, Meshki's commitment to customer satisfaction shone bright. They not only acknowledged the missteps but also sought to rectify the situation with grace and empathy. The experience may not have culminated in a refund, but the genuine care and effort put forth by Meshki left a lasting impression on me. In an industry inundated with transactions, Meshki stands out as a beacon of exceptional service and genuine concern for their customers. While my journey had its bumps, it was the unwavering support and dedication of the Meshki team that truly mattered, defining them as a brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.
B Bianca Tiberi
45 days ago

Ellie’s Exceptional Communication Made My Shopping Experience Magical

As a loyal customer of, I can't help but gush about Ellie's exceptional customer service skills. Her proactive communication and regular updates on my orders truly made my shopping experience magical. The quality of the items I received exceeded my expectations, leaving me utterly satisfied in every aspect. Thank you, Ellie, for your outstanding service and for making me feel like a valued customer at every step of the way!
A Ari Camille
45 days ago

Exceptional Service with Room for Improvement

My recent interaction with the team at left me with mixed emotions. While the representative I spoke with was undeniably polite and friendly, unfortunately, my concern regarding the high shipping costs to Canada remained unresolved, causing me to miss out on the free shipping offer. As a customer from Canada, the added burden of duties and shipping expenses significantly inflated the overall cost of my relatively small order. Despite feeling disappointed about the outcome, I must acknowledge the representative's courteous demeanor and willingness to assist within their limitations. The experience, though not entirely satisfactory, highlighted the company's commitment to customer service, albeit with room for improvement in addressing international shipping challenges. I hope that future interactions will result in a more favorable resolution for international customers like myself.
T Taneille Edkins
45 days ago

Transformed by Exceptional Service at Meshki!

When I think of exceptional customer service, Meshki immediately comes to mind. From prompt responses to going above and beyond to meet my needs, the team at Meshki truly embodies excellence. Their willingness to address all my questions with patience and efficiency has not only met but exceeded my expectations. A heartfelt thank you to the remarkable team at Meshki for making my experience a truly pleasant one! 💕💕
V Varsha N
45 days ago

A Soggy Surprise Turned into a Customer Service Opportunity!

As a first-time buyer at Meshki, I was taken aback when my order arrived with the unexpected surprise of a damp dress. While the exterior packaging stayed dry, discovering a moist internal package was quite bizarre. However, I must commend their prompt response from customer service as they quickly addressed the issue, offering clear instructions for returns. Despite this hiccup, I appreciate the potential for a positive resolution. I look forward to their handling of the situation and remain hopeful that Meshki's reputation for quality remains intact.
C Consumer
46 days ago

Exceptional Service and Quality: A Style Experience Beyond Expectations!

In a world where online shopping can feel impersonal, my recent experience with was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I placed my order, the customer service team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and enjoyable shopping journey. Not only did my items arrive promptly, but the quality surpassed my expectations. The attention to detail in the stitching and materials used truly set Meshki apart. As someone who values a perfect fit, I was thrilled to find that both dresses I ordered were true to size, accentuating my curves effortlessly. What truly stood out to me was the level of care taken throughout the entire process. Every interaction with Meshki's team exuded professionalism and a genuine desire to provide the best possible experience for customers like me. It's rare to find a brand that not only delivers on its promises but exceeds them with grace and style. Thank you, Meshki, for not just selling clothes, but for curating an unforgettable style experience. I'm already looking forward to my next fashion find from your collection. Warm regards, Hayley x
M Mariana Acosta
46 days ago

Exemplary Customer Support at Its Finest!

Let me share my experience with, where the customer service truly shines. From the prompt responses to their genuine willingness to assist, I was blown away by their dedication to ensuring a positive shopping experience. Their team went above and beyond to address my concerns, providing me with the support I needed promptly and efficiently. Thanks to their exceptional service, I not only resolved my issue but also felt valued as a customer. Without a doubt, I look forward to returning to for future purchases, confident in their outstanding customer support. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a seamless shopping experience marked by care and efficiency.
K Kathryne Mellos
46 days ago

Transformed by Meshki: A Journey of Quality Products and Exceptional Customer Care

From the moment I discovered, my fashion choices and customer service expectations were forever changed. The allure of their clothes lies not just in their style, but in the impeccable quality that transcends trends. However, what truly sets Meshki apart is their exceptional customer service team. Their dedication and responsiveness have not just earned my loyalty but have solidified it for years to come. I can confidently say that Meshki has not just outfitted me but has transformed my shopping experience entirely. Kudos to the outstanding customer service team for consistently exceeding expectations and making each interaction a delight!
R Ruby Jurevicius
46 days ago

Meshki Transformed My Online Shopping Journey! went above and beyond to exceed my expectations. Their exceptional customer service left me in awe. Despite not normally offering exchanges, they graciously facilitated one for me, ensuring that I received the perfect dress just in time for my special birthday celebration. This level of care and dedication truly sets Meshki apart from other brands, making them my go-to choice for future shopping endeavors. With Meshki, online shopping has never been more delightful. Thank you, Meshki, for making my experience unforgettable. xx
M _chrysanthi
48 days ago

An Unforgettable Journey: How Ellie from Meshki’s Support Saved My Shopping Day

Sharing my exceptional encounter with Meshki's customer support through this testimonial holds a special place in my heart. When my eagerly awaited order got unexpectedly canceled, my world turned upside down. The confusion and frustration led me to contact Meshki's support team, where Ellie, a Customer Service Specialist, emerged as my knight in shining armor. With her swift and insightful assistance, Ellie efficiently tackled the issue, pinpointing it as a bank-related hiccup. Despite the setback, Ellie's poise and professionalism shone through, guiding me towards a resolution with patience and empathy. Her diligent approach, coupled with prompt email responses, alleviated my distress and reinstated my faith in exceptional customer service. The outstanding support rendered by Meshki's team, exemplified by Ellie's kindness and efficiency, earned my unwavering gratitude and loyalty. Here's to Ellie and the entire Meshki family for making every interaction a memorable and delightful experience! 🌟

Introduction: is a popular online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of trendy and stylish clothing for women. With a focus on empowering women through fashion, Meshki has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality products that cater to various tastes and preferences. This comprehensive review will delve into the pros and cons of shopping at Meshki, along with exploring different aspects such as user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, and shipping and costs.


  • Extensive selection of trendy and stylish clothing
  • High-quality products
  • Diverse range of sizes and fits
  • Responsive and user-friendly website
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Limited availability of some popular items

User Experience:

Shopping at provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for users. The website has a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate, with clear categories and filters to help shoppers find their desired products quickly. The site loads swiftly, and the checkout process is simple and secure. With detailed product descriptions, sizing information, and customer reviews, users can make informed decisions before making a purchase, enhancing their overall experience.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Meshki offers a range of products at various price points, providing options for different budgets. While some items may be pricier compared to other online retailers, the higher prices reflect the brand's commitment to quality and style. Customers can trust that they are investing in durable and fashionable pieces that will last. Frequent promotions and discounts also contribute to the overall value for money, allowing customers to save on their purchases.

Customer Service:

Meshki is renowned for its exceptional customer service. The brand values its customers and strives to ensure their satisfaction. The dedicated customer service team is responsive, knowledgeable, and readily available to assist with inquiries, order tracking, and returns/exchanges. Meshki's commitment to resolving customer issues promptly further enhances the overall shopping experience.

Product Quality and Selection:

Meshki provides high-quality clothing made from premium materials. The brand pays attention to detail, ensuring that each garment meets its standards of excellence. With a wide variety of clothing ranging from casual wear to formal attire, Meshki caters to different styles and occasions. However, it is worth noting that certain popular items may have limited availability due to their high demand.

Website Usability: has a user-friendly website that prioritizes ease of use. The intuitive interface allows customers to browse products effortlessly, filter search results, and view detailed product images and descriptions. The site's responsive design ensures a seamless shopping experience across various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Returns and Exchanges:

Meshki has a straightforward returns and exchanges policy. Customers can easily request a return or exchange within the specified time frame, provided the items are unworn, undamaged, and with original tags. The brand offers store credit or refunds for returned items, giving customers flexibility in their choices.

Promotions and Discounts:

Meshki frequently offers promotions and discounts to its customers, providing opportunities to save on their purchases. These promotions may include percentage discounts, free shipping, or exclusive deals for loyalty program members. By subscribing to Meshki's newsletter or following their social media channels, customers can stay informed about the latest promotions and discounts.


Meshki has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality fashion items and exceptional customer service. The brand has garnered a loyal customer base who trust Meshki for their trendy and stylish clothing options. Positive customer reviews and testimonials further solidify Meshki's reputation as a reliable and fashionable online retailer.

Payment Options:

Meshki provides multiple payment options to accommodate customers' preferences. These options include major credit cards, PayPal, and Afterpay, allowing customers to choose their preferred method for a secure and convenient checkout process.

Loyalty Programs:

Meshki offers a loyalty program called "The Meshki Circle" that rewards customers for their purchases and engagement with the brand. Members of the program earn points for each dollar spent, which can later be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. The program also grants early access to promotions and special events, enhancing the exclusive benefits for loyal customers.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews for Meshki are generally positive, highlighting the brand's commitment to quality, stylish clothing, and excellent customer service. Customers appreciate the attention to detail in product design and the overall shopping experience provided by Meshki.

Community Involvement:

Meshki actively engages with its community through various initiatives. The brand frequently collaborates with influencers and promotes body positivity, diversity, and empowerment through its marketing campaigns. Meshki's commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility resonates with its customers and fosters a sense of community among its followers.

Shipping and Costs:

Meshki offers fast and reliable shipping nationally and internationally. Customers can choose from various shipping options with different delivery timeframes to suit their needs. Shipping costs vary based on the destination and chosen delivery method. However, Meshki occasionally provides free shipping promotions, making it even more affordable for customers.

In conclusion, is an online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of trendy and high-quality clothing for women. With a user-friendly website, exceptional customer service, and a reputation for delivering stylish products, Meshki has become a trusted brand in the fashion industry. While the pricing may be higher compared to some competitors, the value for money, extensive selection, and promotions make it worthwhile for fashion-conscious customers. Meshki's commitment to excellence, community involvement, and impressive customer reviews further solidify its status as a reliable and fashionable online retailer.