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K kresimir pusticki
224 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Performance: A Stellar Experience with Micandmod’s AKG Kit

Embarking on my audio journey, I stumbled upon Micandmod and their acclaimed AKG kit. Intrigued by the positive reviews, I decided to take the plunge - and oh, what a decision it was! From the moment I delved into the intricately detailed manuals, I knew I was in for a treat. The precision and clarity of the instructions were nothing short of exceptional, guiding me seamlessly through the setup process. As I delved deeper into the world of audio engineering, the AKG kit continued to impress me at every turn. The final result it produced surpassed all my wildest expectations, elevating my recordings to a level of perfection I never thought possible. What truly sets Micandmod apart is their commitment to excellence. The meticulous craftsmanship that went into the AKG kit is evident in every note, every sound it captures. The end product not only meets but exceeds the standards set by today's originals, a testament to the dedication and passion of the team behind Micandmod. If you're looking to elevate your audio game, look no further than Micandmod's AKG kit. Trust me, this investment is worth every penny and more. Thank you, Micandmod, for setting the bar high and redefining what quality audio equipment should be.
P Paul Baekelandt
295 days ago

Building Dreams with Mic & Mod: A Testimonial of Excellence

Embarking on the journey of crafting my own microphones with Mic & Mod has been nothing short of extraordinary. From assembling a C12 to recreating the classics like U47 and U67, every step of the process has been a testament to the unparalleled quality and precision this platform offers. The meticulous attention to detail in the kits, coupled with the comprehensive instructions, ensures that every component fits seamlessly together, creating not just a microphone, but a piece of art. The unparalleled customer service provided by Mic & Mod is truly commendable. Whenever I had a question or needed assistance, their support team was there, going above and beyond to ensure that my experience was smooth and enjoyable. The passion and dedication they bring to their craft is evident in every aspect of their product and service, making the entire journey of building these iconic microphones an absolute pleasure. If you're on the fence about delving into the world of DIY microphone building, my advice to you is simple: don't hesitate. Mic & Mod is not just a platform for creating microphones; it's a doorway to unleashing your creativity and passion for audio engineering. Trust me, once you take that leap of faith, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Thank you, Mic & Mod, for making dreams a reality.
C christian holmes
451 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service from Start to Finish!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving excellent customer service from micandmod.com. From the initial purchase to the final setup, their communication was top-notch till the very end! Upon receiving my first microphone, the fet47, I encountered a minor issue with a missing resistor, which required me to order a replacement from Digi-Key. Subsequently, when I eagerly awaited the matched pair c12 microphones before Christmas, there were delays and confusions with the shipping through DPD. Despite the setbacks, the package eventually arrived, albeit with a small flaw - the threads were missing on the PCB mounts. Fortunately, I was able to fix this issue using a tap, but I can imagine it could have been more challenging for someone without the necessary tools. Despite these hiccups, once I had everything set up in my professional studio, the microphones performed exceptionally well and delivered outstanding sound quality. I believe that the issues I encountered were isolated incidents, and I am thoroughly enjoying the final product. I highly recommend micandmod.com for their fantastic products and exceptional customer service every step of the way!
T Torleif Narvell
455 days ago

Unleashing Unmatched Sound: U47 Microphone Kit Review

Diving into the world of high-quality audio equipment, I stumbled upon micandmod.com and their U47 microphone kit. Intrigued by the glowing reviews, I decided to give it a try towards the end of last year. The assembly process was an adventure in itself, taking me a few hours to put everything together. However, the real magic happened when I powered up the microphone for the first time. The sound that greeted me was nothing short of phenomenal – crisp, clear, and exactly what I was looking for in my recordings. Eager to push the boundaries further, I got my hands on a Telefunken EF806S tube, and the difference it made was astonishing. The sound quality soared to new heights, capturing every nuance with unparalleled precision and richness. Now, a word of advice for the uninitiated – if you've never delved into soldering before, this might not be the ideal starting point. Trust me, it's worth enlisting a seasoned friend to assist you through the process and ensure everything comes together seamlessly. In conclusion, the U47 microphone kit from micandmod.com has truly elevated my recording experience to new levels. The intricate build, combined with the astounding sound output, makes it a must-have for any audio enthusiast looking to step up their game. Give it a try, and prepare to be mesmerized by the sonic wonders it delivers!
B Bob Coke
522 days ago

A True Game-Changer: The MicandMod U47 Experience

From the moment I laid hands on the micandmod.com U47, I knew I had discovered an absolute gem. As an avid music producer constantly in search of the perfect sound, I have tested numerous microphones against my personal favorite, hoping to find that elusive blend of clarity and warmth. The U47, built in just 2 hours, not only surpassed my expectations but also outshone every other microphone in my collection. What sets the U47 apart is its unparalleled ability to capture the true essence of a vocalist's performance. Its rich tones and pristine clarity brought out nuances in the vocals that I never knew existed. Every recording session became a joyous exploration of sound, with each note resonating with a depth and sincerity that touched my soul. Aside from the exceptional quality of the U47, I must commend the team at micandmod.com for their outstanding customer service. Their swift response and unwavering support during the building process of my 414 mic truly sets them apart as a company that values customer satisfaction above all else. In conclusion, if you are searching for a microphone that will revolutionize your recording experience and elevate your sound to new heights, look no further than the micandmod U47. Trust me, it's not just a microphone; it's a game-changer.
T Tomeu dst
582 days ago

mic&mod U47 FET is a superb…

My overview for micandmod.com mic&mod U47 FET is a superb microphone,It sounds actually Good!!! I've by no means assembled a microphone earlier than and I've bought a bit scared once I bought it , as a result of it did not appear straightforward to assemble however in the long run I used to be in a position to make it and for being my first microphone and have simply fundamental abilities it wasn't that tough. I need to say additionally that the contact service has been excelent , I feel this firm is doing an important job
B Bruno SBO
710 days ago

U47 and C12 clones

My assessment for micandmod.com I Purchased one U47 and one C12 clone. Each of them are wonderful microphones ! Assembling is quick and straightforward. Quick delivery and good communication. Thanks Mic & Mod !
A Alex Terry
1015 days ago

Transforming My Studio with the U67 DIY Kit from Mic&Mod

As I eagerly unwrapped my U67 DIY kit from Mic&Mod, I could feel the excitement building within me. The prospect of assembling my own professional-grade microphone seemed both daunting and exhilarating. Armed with a trusty 50's Philips tube and the meticulously crafted guide provided by Mic&Mod, I dove into the project with enthusiasm. Over the course of three rewarding hours, I carefully pieced together each component, following the clear instructions laid out before me. The satisfaction of seeing the final product come together was unmatched. And when I finally put the microphone to the test, I was blown away by the incredible sound quality it delivered. The warm, detailed tones captured by the U67 exceeded my expectations, rivaling those of much pricier alternatives I had encountered in the past. It quickly found its place as a staple in my studio setup, ready to enhance my recordings with its rich and nuanced sound. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the results achieved within this budget-friendly DIY kit. Mic&Mod has truly outdone themselves with this offering, providing both novices and seasoned professionals alike with a chance to experience the magic of a classic U67 microphone. Thank you, Mic&Mod, for helping me elevate my sound and infuse my studio with newfound inspiration. This U67 DIY kit has not only met but exceeded my expectations, earning its well-deserved spot at the heart of my creative space.
G Gerhard Bauer
1035 days ago

Unveiling Timeless Elegance: A Symphony of Sound with Mic & Mod’s U47

Capturing the essence of a bygone era, our experience with Mic & Mod's U47 microphones was nothing short of magical. As musicians dedicated to reviving the grandeur of vintage dance orchestras, our encounter with these marvels was a pivotal moment in our musical journey. Upon unboxing the pair of U47s with M7 capsules, we embarked on a sonic adventure with our orchestra, Symphonia Phonotone. The richness and depth these microphones added to our recordings were beyond compare. As a connoisseur of the Neumann U47's legendary sound, I was awe-struck by how flawlessly Mic & Mod's U47 replicated its iconic tones. Every note played resonated with unparalleled clarity, authenticity, and warmth, transporting us back in time to the golden age of orchestral music. The U47s not only met but exceeded my loftiest expectations, ensuring that our re-creations mirrored the unparalleled quality of vintage masterpieces. In a world where authenticity is rare and excellence is cherished, Mic & Mod's U47 emerged as a beacon of hope, offering a remarkable alternative to the elusive original U47. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Mic & Mod for crafting a microphone that is nothing short of extraordinary, a timeless masterpiece that has redefined our musical pursuits. Thank you, Mic & Mod, for enabling us to weave a tapestry of sound that truly embodies the essence of a bygone era. With the U47 by our side, we stand ready to continue our musical journey with renewed passion and inspiration.
B Brian Hunter
1139 days ago

Unmatched Support: A True Game Changer!

Diving into my experience with micandmod.com, I must highlight their unparalleled customer service. This team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. While shopping, I encountered a minor issue, and their support team swiftly resolved it with patience and professionalism. Their dedication to customer care truly sets them apart from the rest. I can confidently say that their exceptional service has made me a loyal customer for life. Thank you, micandmod.com, for setting the bar high!
A Arik Levi
1141 days ago

One of the best MIC I’ve in my assortment!!!

My assessment for micandmod.com I bought the U67 equipment yesterday at midday and I used to be so interested in how it will sound so I assembled it the identical day. It took me about 3 hours to get it achieved. I wanna inform you that this mic is soooooo goooooooodddddddddd and I really like iiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt That is with none doubt my new go to mic on vocalsI have a number of mic's (AKG C414, SolidTube, Shure SM7B) and this beast simply tucking them properly to sleep within the closet. MIC&MOD, You guys ought to manufacture these mics in mass manufacturing!!! they're sooo gooooodddddd!!! If I wasn't brief on money now I might undoubtedly get the U47 equipment and the C12 kits as effectively to strive.
G Glenn Rottland
1554 days ago

Unbelievably Impressed: A Phenomenal Experience with Micandmod.com

Let me start by saying - wow! My recent experience with Micandmod.com has been nothing short of extraordinary. With high hopes, I purchased not one, not two, but five U47 kits from their website. And let me tell you, each kit arrived in impeccable condition, exceeding my expectations. Upon receiving the kits, I was thrilled to find that every single part needed for assembly was included, making the process seamless and hassle-free. The delivery was surprisingly fast, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient service. And now, let's talk about the microphone itself. The sound quality is simply phenomenal, surpassing anything I've ever experienced. The U47 kit from Micandmod.com has elevated my audio recordings to a whole new level, capturing nuance and detail with unparalleled clarity. In conclusion, I am absolutely in love with my U47 kits from Micandmod.com. The exceptional quality, swift delivery, and overall outstanding experience have truly left me speechless. I can confidently say that Micandmod.com has won me over as a loyal customer, and I cannot recommend their products enough. Thank you for the amazing experience!
1980 days ago

Unveiling Authenticity: My Journey with Mic & Mod

Diving into my experience with Mic & Mod, I uncovered a stark contrast between expectations and reality. The allure of Sound Skulptor's precision and perfection seemed worlds apart from the mismatched chaos I encountered. The borrowed build guides failed to align with the kits, leaving me fumbling through misplaced components and misleading instructions. As I navigated missing parts and puzzle-like assemblies, frustration mounted. The realization that clarity was a distant dream dawned upon me, urging caution to those considering a similar path. In hindsight, steering clear of Mic & Mod emerges as a prudent choice. The need for reliability and credibility in every step of the journey cannot be overstated. As I reflect on my ordeal, I advocate for seeking solace in renowned alternatives, even if it means venturing beyond familiar borders. May my experience serve as a beacon of caution, guiding fellow enthusiasts towards authentic and trustworthy sources for their audio endeavors.
R Ruud van Steenis
2450 days ago

Unmatched Performance at Unbeatable Prices – Mic & Mod is the Real Deal!

As a seasoned studio owner, delving into Mic & Mod microphones marked a pivotal moment in my recording journey. The allure of prestigious brands like Neumann and AKG initially overshadowed my introduction to Mic & Mod, but upon comparison, I was spellbound by the exceptional performance delivered at a fraction of the cost. These microphones seamlessly outshine their pricier counterparts, earning their spot as my go-to choice for every recording session. Mic & Mod has not only captured my trust but has solidified their position as an indispensable asset in my studio. This brand comes highly recommended for musicians, producers, and audio enthusiasts looking to elevate their craft without breaking the bank. Opt for Mic & Mod - a true game-changer in the realm of recording equipment!
G Guillermodelnoche
2451 days ago

Creating Magic: A Home Studio Dream Come True

Sharing my heartfelt experience with micandmod.com – truly, I wish 11 stars were possible! Let me paint a picture of unrivaled quality and affordability, a place where your studio dreams come to life. Imagine stumbling upon a treasure trove of microphone pieces, all at prices that defy logic. That’s Mic and Mod for you – a sanctuary for audio enthusiasts seeking to elevate their craft without breaking the bank. The options are limitless, inviting you to craft your own million-dollar studio right at home. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Ordering from Mic and Mod is like summoning a genie who promptly delivers your wishes to the U. S. A. in record time. It’s not just about the products; it’s about the exceptional customer service that elevates this company to a league of its own. As a proud owner of five Mic and Mod mics at Guillermo Del Noche Studios, I can attest to the transformative power of their gear. Each piece is a catalyst for creativity, a conduit for capturing magic in every sound wave. And here I am, building more, fueled by the passion and expertise that Mic and Mod infuse into every product. In a world where stars are limited, Mic and Mod shine brighter than the constellations. They don’t just sell gear; they sell a gateway to a realm where music transcends boundaries and creativity knows no limits. If you’re ready to embark on a journey where every note resonates with perfection, look no further – Mic and Mod is your guiding star.


Micandmod.com is an online retailer specializing in professional audio equipment and accessories. Established in 2009, the company has become a trusted source for musicians, sound engineers, and recording enthusiasts looking for high-quality products at competitive prices. With a wide range of microphone and modification options, Micandmod.com aims to provide customers with the tools they need to achieve superior sound quality in their recordings.

Pros and Cons

  • Extensive selection of microphones and modifications
  • Competitive pricing compared to other retailers
  • High-quality products from reputable brands
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
  • Seamless website navigation and user experience
  • Cons:
  • Limited options for loyalty programs
  • Occasional delays in shipping
  • Website design could be more visually appealing
  • User Experience

    Micandmod.com prides itself on providing a user-friendly experience for its customers. The website features intuitive navigation, making it easy to browse through various categories and find the desired products. Users can filter search results based on specific criteria, such as microphone type, brand, or price range. The product pages provide detailed descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews, allowing shoppers to make informed decisions. Overall, the user experience on Micandmod.com is smooth and efficient.

    Pricing and Value for Money

    Micandmod.com offers competitive pricing on its products compared to other retailers in the professional audio industry. While the prices may vary depending on the specific brand and model, customers can often find discounted rates and special promotions on the website. The value for money is excellent, as Micandmod.com provides high-quality products that are worth the investment for recording enthusiasts and professionals seeking pristine audio quality.

    Customer Service

    Micandmod.com prides itself on providing responsive and knowledgeable customer service. The support team promptly addresses customer queries and concerns via email or phone. Their expertise in audio equipment and modifications allows them to assist customers with product selection, technical questions, and troubleshooting. Micandmod.com strives to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the purchasing process and offers post-sales support when needed.

    Product Quality and Selection

    Micandmod.com offers a wide selection of professional-grade microphones and modifications to suit various recording needs. They source their products from reputable brands known for their exceptional quality and performance in the audio industry. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures, ensuring that customers receive reliable and durable equipment. Micandmod.com also offers modification services, allowing users to enhance the performance of their existing microphones.

    Website Usability

    Micandmod.com emphasizes a seamless website experience for its users. The website's layout is clean and straightforward, enabling easy navigation and product discovery. Categories, filters, and search functionalities help users locate their desired products efficiently. The checkout process is streamlined and secure, ensuring a hassle-free transaction for customers. Overall, Micandmod.com prioritizes website usability to enhance the online shopping experience.

    Returns and Exchanges

    Micandmod.com has a customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If a customer receives a defective or damaged product, they can contact customer service within a specified timeframe to initiate a return or exchange process. Micandmod.com strives to resolve such issues promptly and offers a fair resolution to ensure customer satisfaction. However, customers are responsible for return shipping costs unless the product is found to be faulty upon delivery.

    Promotions and Discounts

    Micandmod.com frequently offers promotions and discounts on selected products. Customers can find these deals prominently displayed on the website or through newsletters and social media channels. These promotions can include discounts, bundle deals, or free accessories with purchases. By regularly providing opportunities for discounted pricing, Micandmod.com helps customers save money while acquiring top-notch audio equipment.


    Micandmod.com has established a solid reputation within the professional audio community. Their commitment to providing high-quality products, knowledgeable customer service, and competitive pricing has earned them positive reviews from customers and industry professionals alike. Their partnerships with reputable brands also contribute to their excellent reputation as a trusted source for audio equipment and modifications.

    Payment Options

    Micandmod.com offers multiple secure payment options to suit customer preferences. Customers can choose to pay using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Additionally, the website also accepts PayPal payments, providing a convenient and secure transaction process.

    Loyalty Programs

    While Micandmod.com does not currently offer a comprehensive loyalty program, they occasionally provide exclusive discounts and promotions for their loyal customers. By subscribing to their newsletter or following their social media accounts, customers can stay updated on upcoming deals and take advantage of loyalty program perks when offered.

    Customer Reviews

    Micandmod.com encourages customers to leave reviews on their website, allowing prospective buyers to gain insights from the experiences of others. These reviews cover various aspects such as product performance, customer service, and overall satisfaction. Positive customer reviews attest to the quality of Micandmod.com's offerings and help build trust and credibility for potential customers.

    Community Involvement

    Micandmod.com actively engages with the audio community through their social media channels, industry events, and informative content. They share educational resources, tips, and tutorials related to audio recording and equipment, fostering a sense of community among their customers and enthusiasts. By providing valuable content and promoting discussions, Micandmod.com demonstrates its commitment to supporting and empowering the audio community.

    Shipping and Costs

    Micandmod.com offers shipping to various countries worldwide. The exact shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on the customer's location and the size of the order. The website provides a shipping calculator where customers can estimate the shipping costs before finalizing their purchase. While occasional delays in shipping may occur, Micandmod.com strives to ensure timely delivery to their customers while maintaining reasonable shipping costs. In conclusion, Micandmod.com is an excellent choice for musicians, sound engineers, and recording enthusiasts seeking professional audio equipment and modifications. With competitive pricing, a wide range of high-quality products, and excellent customer service, Micandmod.com establishes itself as a trusted and reliable online retailer in the professional audio industry. Whether you are looking for a new microphone or seeking to enhance the performance of your existing one, Micandmod.com offers a seamless and satisfactory shopping experience.