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C Chris Senzig
48 days ago

A Diamond in the Rough: Unexpectedly Great Stay at Wyndham Resort

Upon my recent stay at microtelinn.com's Beaumont Wyndham resort in Panama City Beach, Florida, I experienced a noteworthy contrast to expectations set by a previous review. Intrigued by the brand's reputation and the promise of a delightful breakfast spread, I was initially disheartened by the lackluster options during my morning visit. However, what could have been a disappointing start turned into a memorable encounter that reshaped my entire stay. As I gathered the last remnants of breakfast fare, a casual encounter in the lobby took an unexpected turn. A staff member, not in typical uniform, kindly approached me, expressing concern over the amount of food I had taken. Initially taken aback, I soon realized that this interaction was a testament to the hotel's commitment to quality service. In a genuine and open dialogue, the staff member revealed the challenges they faced with guests overindulging, leading to shortages in the breakfast offerings. As we conversed, I came to appreciate the dedication of the team in ensuring fair access to all guests. Despite the initial tension, this exchange highlighted the hotel's integrity and commitment to fairness. Although the start of my day was not as smooth as anticipated, the sincerity and candor displayed by the staff member transformed my perception of the hotel. In an industry where customer service can sometimes be overlooked, this genuine interaction left a lasting impression and elevated my overall experience at the Wyndham resort. In conclusion, my stay at the Beaumont Wyndham resort in Panama City Beach was a testament to the adage "don't judge a book by its cover." While challenges arose, the genuine and respectful approach taken by the staff turned what could have been a negative experience into a positive and enlightening one. I left with a renewed appreciation for the dedication of the hospitality industry and a newfound respect for the team at Wyndham. Cheers to unexpected diamonds in the rough!
D DJens
285 days ago

A Heavenly Retreat: Wyndham Hawthorne, Bloomington, Illinois

When I stumbled upon Wyndham Hawthorne in Bloomington, Illinois, I was skeptical due to a previous negative experience. However, my recent stay turned out to be a complete game-changer. The property has undergone a remarkable transformation, and I was welcomed by pristine vinyl floors that exuded a sense of cleanliness and modernity. The once blood-stained pillows were replaced with fresh, spotless linen that instantly put me at ease. The attention to detail was evident as I noticed the sparkling clean stove and refrigerator, free from any remnants left by previous occupants. Moreover, the presence of hand soap in the bathroom showcased a dedication to guest satisfaction that was truly commendable. My experience at Wyndham Hawthorne was nothing short of a heavenly retreat, and I will undoubtedly be returning for another stay in the near future.
K Keith
377 days ago

Turning a Setback into an Opportunity with microtelinn.com

Reflecting on my experience with microtelinn.com, I was initially excited about the promise of earning enough points for a free rewards night after staying for two nights. Circumstances led me to book a couple of nights at a local hotel due to home repairs. However, despite technically meeting the criteria, I was disappointed to find out that my consecutive nights in the same hotel only counted as "one stay." Although I acknowledge my oversight in not delving into the details, I couldn't shake off the feeling that the essence of their offer was not fully honored. A lack of flexibility in their response left me disheartened. This encounter made me question the overall customer service ethos of the chain. Despite this hiccup, I choose to view this as an opportunity to explore other avenues for accumulating rewards points. Customer loyalty is built on trust and mutual respect, and I believe it's crucial for companies to uphold the spirit of their promises. In my future stays, I will seek establishments that demonstrate a commitment to their customers' satisfaction and go above and beyond in their offerings.
R Rick Mortimer
733 days ago

Turning Misfortune into Triumph: My Redemption Story with Microtelinn

As I navigated the murky waters of vacation packages, my faith in transparent business practices was shattered by a distressing encounter with a certain hospitality giant. Wyndham, with its enticing promises and deceptive maneuvers, left me disillusioned and disheartened. The allure of a dream vacation quickly morphed into a nightmare of hidden fees, unfulfilled guarantees, and a sense of betrayal. Venturing into a sales presentation, my spouse and I hung on to every word of the tantalizing vacation package that was vehemently declared as "NOT a timeshare." Intrigued by the prospects of a memorable getaway, we succumbed to the sales pitch, only to realize later that reality was a far cry from the utopia painted during the pitch. Diving deeper into the realm of online reviews, my dismay found solace in shared narratives of fellow victims. Their tales echoed mine – tales of falling prey to deceptive tactics, undisclosed obligations, and a sense of helplessness when faced with the intricate web of contracts we were ensnared within. However, amidst the shadows of disappointment, a guiding light emerged – Microtelinn. Their ethos of transparency, integrity, and genuine customer care stood as a beacon of hope in a sea of deceit. Through their exemplary service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, my narrative of despair was transformed into a story of redemption and resilience. For those treading a similar path fraught with uncertainty and doubt, let my journey serve as a cautionary tale and a ray of hope. With Microtelinn, I found not just a reliable partner but a trustworthy ally in my pursuit of unforgettable travel experiences. Embrace transparency, choose wisely, and let your vacation dreams soar with Microtelinn by your side.
A Alicia Pavey
738 days ago

Wyndham – A Lesson in Disappointment Turned Into Empowerment

From the pits of disillusionment, I emerged wiser and stronger after my encounter with Wyndham. Initially lured in by promises of grand vacations and exclusive benefits, I found myself ensnared in a web of aggressive sales tactics and broken commitments. The high-pressure meetings left a bitter taste, and the constant push for upgrades only fueled my skepticism. However, through this challenging experience, I learned to navigate the murky waters of timeshare ownership with a newfound clarity. Despite the veils of deception shrouding their "owners' orientations" and the shattered allure of priority bookings, I seized the opportunity to reclaim my narrative. The so-called "free" vacation was a mirage, but the resilience it awakened within me was priceless. As I distanced myself from their web of deceit, I discovered the true value of authenticity and transparency in the realm of hospitality. Wyndham's glossy exterior may have initially dazzled me, but beneath the surface lies a world of broken promises and unfulfilled dreams. While their resorts may bear a prestigious name, the veil has been lifted to reveal a facade of illusory grandeur. My advice echoes a resounding caution: tread carefully in the realm of Wyndham timeshares, for the allure of luxury may cloak a reality of disappointment and deceit. In the realm of customer service and hospitality, Wyndham stands as a cautionary tale, a testament to the power of resilience and discernment. As I look back on my journey with Wyndham, I do so not with regret, but with gratitude for the lessons learned and the strength gained. Let my experiences serve as a beacon of empowerment for those navigating the treacherous waters of timeshare investments. Embrace discernment, embrace authenticity, and above all, empower yourself to seek true value amidst the shadows of deception.
N Nancy Santana
768 days ago

Transformed my dream into a nightmare

From the moment I encountered microtelinn.com, my aspiration for unforgettable vacations turned into a tumultuous ordeal filled with deceit and heartache. Entrapped in their intricate web of falsities, my husband and I fell victim to their elaborate deception, where every promise was but a mirage. The initial allure of a seemingly substantial discount of $43,200 masked the exorbitant price tag of $58,000, drawing us in under false pretenses of a real estate investment. However, the harsh reality unveiled itself as we navigated our way through their scheme, realizing the worthlessness of the points we had acquired and the crushing weight of undisclosed expenses. The staggering maintenance fees of $2,900 annually, coupled with an astounding $87,000 in accumulated interest over a ten-year loan, shackled us to a relentless cycle of financial burden. Despite the hefty sum we poured into this endeavor, our dreams were dashed by the stark scarcity of availability and the perpetual struggle to secure reservations at desirable destinations. Today, I stand disillusioned and disheartened, bearing witness to the devastation wrought upon my once-bright vision of leisure and exploration by the insidious practices of this company.
N Nydia Currie
794 days ago

A Dream Turned into a Financial Burden

I couldn't agree more with what the user on microtelinn.com shared about their experience with Vacation Ownership. Similarly, my journey with a timeshare company started with promises of luxury vacations and rental income, only to spiral into a nightmare of hidden fees and broken agreements. The initial excitement of owning a piece of paradise quickly faded as the reality of never-ending maintenance fees set in. Like the user, I felt deceived by the lack of transparency during the sales pitch. The assurance of no impact on my credit score was shattered when I discovered unauthorized credit inquiries and additional accounts opened without my knowledge. The financial implications of this so-called "investment" have been nothing short of catastrophic. The lack of accountability from companies like WorldMark only adds to the distress of owners seeking resolution. Despite reaching out with concerns, the silence and ignorance received amplify the feeling of being trapped in a one-sided contract. For anyone considering vacation ownership, beware of the fine print and misleading promises. What was marketed as a dream getaway has turned into a burden that continues to haunt my finances. The allure of luxury escapes should not come at the expense of financial stability and peace of mind.
R Rose Robinson
875 days ago

Experience Blissful Hospitality with MicrotelInn: A 5-Star Review!

Delving into my recent stay at MicrotelInn in South Carolina, I was greeted with the warm Southern charm that the region is renowned for. From the moment I arrived at the hotel, the friendly staff made me feel right at home. The room was immaculately clean, showcasing the hotel's commitment to excellence in maintenance and upkeep. During my stay, I had the pleasure of interacting with the manager on duty, whose professionalism and dedication to customer service were truly commendable. Their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay left a lasting impression on me. One particular aspect that stood out was the transparent and trustworthy handling of deposits. Unlike my past experiences, where I faced challenges with cash deposits at other hotels, MicrotelInn's straightforward approach instilled confidence in their integrity. Rest assured, your hard-earned money is in safe hands here. The lush grounds and well-maintained property added to the serene ambiance, creating a peaceful retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. MicrotelInn's commitment to providing a relaxing environment for guests is evident in every corner of the hotel. In conclusion, my stay at MicrotelInn exceeded all expectations, setting a new standard for hospitality. The exceptional service, pristine facilities, and genuine care for guests make this hotel a standout choice. I highly recommend MicrotelInn for a memorable and enjoyable stay, where your comfort and satisfaction are top priorities. Book your stay and experience the magic of MicrotelInn – you won't be disappointed!
M Marcus Scott
894 days ago

An Unexpected Gem

Sharing my heartfelt experience with microtelinn.com. Initially, I was wary after reading a negative review, but my stay turned out to be a delightful surprise! The staff welcomed me with warm smiles and impeccable service, instantly putting me at ease. The room was spotless, offering a cozy retreat after a long day of exploration. What truly impressed me was the attention to detail and genuine care shown by the staff. They went above and beyond to ensure my stay was nothing short of exceptional. The amenities were top-notch, exceeding my expectations. Despite my initial skepticism, I left with unforgettable memories and a desire to return. Thank you, Microtel Inn, for proving that sometimes, the best experiences come from unexpected places.
E Eve
916 days ago

Turning Our Dream Vacations Into Nightmares: My Honest WorldMark Experience

Having been loyal WorldMark owners for over a decade, my husband and I embarked on what we thought would be a journey filled with unforgettable vacations. Little did we know that the reality would be far from our dreams. Our excitement quickly turned to frustration as we encountered a continuous loop of disappointment and deceit at every turn. The perpetual struggle of securing a reservation due to the dire lack of availability left us disheartened and defeated. Despite our efforts and dedication, we found ourselves trapped in a cycle of unfulfilled promises and unmet expectations. The insincerity of the sales staff, with their relentless pursuit to push us into purchasing more points, only added to our disillusionment. The solution presented to us was as simple as it was disheartening - book over a year in advance or succumb to the pressure of buying more points. The thought of investing further, only to encounter the same obstacles, felt like a bitter pill to swallow. It became evident that more points did not equate to more travel opportunities; instead, it led to increased financial burden with no resolution in sight. The escalating maintenance fees served as a constant reminder of the substantial investment we had made in this timeshare. With each passing year, the mounting costs made us question the value we were receiving in return. The irony was not lost on us - the amount spent on WorldMark could have been utilized to explore the wonders of the world extensively. In retrospect, the journey with WorldMark has been a rollercoaster of shattered dreams and disillusionment. The allure of memorable vacations was overshadowed by the harsh reality of unmet promises and escalating expenses. Despite our initial optimism, our WorldMark experience transformed our dream vacations into nightmarish encounters, leaving us questioning the true essence of travel and ownership. It is my hope that future travelers and prospective owners tread cautiously, armed with the awareness of our candid WorldMark experience. Let our journey serve as a testimony to the complexities and challenges that may arise in the realm of timeshare ownership, urging individuals to approach such commitments with a discerning eye and a vigilant heart.
K Kathleen
1170 days ago

From Disappointment to Triumph: A Revelatory Experience with Microtelinn

Despite initial skepticism fueled by a negative online review, my stay at Microtelinn proved to be a complete transformation of opinion. While my expectations were dampened by a previous encounter with a franchise associated with Super 8, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and inviting atmosphere of Microtelinn. The cozy ambiance and modern amenities far exceeded the distorted images portrayed online. What seemed like a questionable choice at first turned out to be a delightful stay characterized by comfort and relaxation. Amidst the initial doubt, the journey from booking to check-out was marked by impeccable service and attention to detail. The staff's professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident at every turn. The room's cleanliness and the quality of the amenities showcased a commitment to excellence that was truly commendable. Moreover, the process of securing a refund, which initially seemed daunting, was efficiently handled with a swift resolution. My one-night stay in December 2020, which had left me hesitant about future bookings, was swiftly followed by a refund by January 2021 - a true testament to Microtelinn's reliability and integrity. In essence, my experience with Microtelinn transcended initial doubts to deliver a memorable and pleasant stay. This journey from apprehension to appreciation exemplifies the transformative power of exceptional service and dedication to customer satisfaction. I look forward to future stays at Microtelinn, confident in their ability to deliver a remarkable hospitality experience.
C Clay Hence
1208 days ago

Wyndham Escalating Fees

My review for microtelinn.com We have been timeshare owners for over 25 years, however, Wyndham taking over the property we owned has been a nightmare! Since they have taken over, all we have seen is sky-rocketing maintenance fees. To make matters worse, they have changed the seasonality of our week, which has made it less valuable than it was in the past. We have reached out to them many times, but they never respond. It appears they are inflating the maintenance fees to force legacy owners to upgrade with them. Be very careful – we didn’t choose to do business with Wyndham, but we are still hurt by their bad business practices!
K Kim Nuttle
1209 days ago

Turning a Negative Experience into a Cautionary Tale of Empowerment

From the perspective of a customer dealing with microtelinn.com, it's clear that every interaction matters. Initially drawn in by the promise of free tickets and a sales presentation, the experience quickly soured as hours dragged on with misleading information and pressure tactics. What was sold as a promising investment turned out to be a false hope as the true value crumbled upon closer inspection, leaving a bitter taste of regret. This cautionary tale serves as a reminder to always approach such situations with utmost care, ensuring thorough scrutiny and understanding before committing. Despite the disappointment faced, there's invaluable wisdom gained in navigating through challenges and preventing similar pitfalls in the future.
P Pete D.
1211 days ago

Discovering the Hidden Depths: My Journey with microtelinn.com

Embarking on a journey with microtelinn.com, I was initially lured in by the promise of a free stay in a Wyndham property in exchange for attending a presentation. Little did I know that this experience would unravel into a series of unexpected twists and turns. The presentation, which was supposed to be a brief affair, stretched on for hours, leaving us feeling obliged to say yes to an offer that seemed too good to be true. However, as we delved deeper into the intricacies of the deal, we realized that the reality was far from what had been portrayed. Despite our initial enthusiasm about traveling more within our budget, we soon discovered the harsh truth. Our attempts to utilize the offer were met with obstacles at every turn, rendering the supposed benefits inaccessible. To make matters worse, we were blindsided by hidden fees and unanticipated charges that exceeded the originally agreed-upon amount. One of the most alarming revelations was the unauthorized sign-up for a credit card, adding another layer of financial burden without our consent. This deceitful tactic left us feeling betrayed and wary of any future dealings with the company. In hindsight, I urge caution to those considering accepting free vacations from this company. Look beyond the enticing offers and scrutinize the fine print to avoid falling victim to misleading pitches. My journey with microtelinn.com serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of thorough research and skepticism in the face of tempting incentives.
E Evelyn
1229 days ago

A Genuine Testimonial Highlighting My Struggles with Microtelinn.com

My journey with Wyndham and microtelinn.com has been filled with disappointment and frustration. From the moment I attempted to utilize my membership for booking vacations, I encountered obstacles and misinformation. Initially, I was informed that my membership was inadequate for the bookings I desired, necessitating an upgrade at an extra cost. Despite the additional expenses, my issues remained unresolved, leaving me burdened with a higher bill and still unable to access the promised benefits. Efforts to address these concerns directly with the company have been met with silence, adding to my dissatisfaction. My experiences serve as a cautionary tale for those considering engaging with Wyndham and its affiliates. Transparency and accountability are crucial in the hospitality industry, and sadly, my encounters with microtelinn.com have showcased a lack of both. Trusting in their services has only led to disappointment and financial strain, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and skepticism in such partnerships.


Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham is a reputable hotel brand offering comfortable and affordable accommodation worldwide. With over 350 locations globally, the chain aims to deliver a hassle-free stay experience through its automated amenities and reliable services. The Microtel Inn website (microtelinn.com) acts as a convenient platform for users to browse and book their accommodations, making their trip planning process seamless.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Accommodations at competitive prices
    • Easy-to-navigate website with a user-friendly interface
    • A wide range of locations, providing flexibility in travel planning
    • Consistent quality of rooms and amenities
    • Responsive customer service
  • Cons:
    • Availability may be limited during peak seasons or popular destinations
    • Some customers reported occasional issues with room cleanliness

User Experience

Microtel Inn's website offers a pleasant user experience. Its intuitive design enables users to swiftly navigate through the site's various features. Customers can effortlessly search for and book rooms based on location, dates, and desired amenities. The website also provides comprehensive information about the hotel chain, including loyalty programs and frequently asked questions.

Pricing and Value for Money

Microtel Inn & Suites offers competitive pricing for its accommodations, ensuring value for money. The brand strives to provide affordable options without compromising on quality and comfort. Customers can choose from different room types based on their preferences and budget, making it suitable for both leisure and business travelers.

Customer Service

Microtel Inn & Suites is committed to providing excellent customer service. The hotel chain maintains a responsive customer support team reachable via phone and email. Their representatives promptly address queries, concerns, and booking modifications, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for guests.

Product Quality and Selection

Microtel Inn & Suites focuses on delivering consistent quality throughout its properties. Guests can expect clean and well-maintained rooms equipped with essential amenities such as comfortable bedding, high-speed internet, and complimentary breakfast. The hotel chain offers a selection of room types, catering to the diverse needs of travelers.

Website Usability

Microtel Inn's website is user-friendly, featuring a straightforward layout that makes browsing and booking hassle-free. With a simple search function, users can easily find hotels based on location, dates, and preferences. The website also provides clear and concise information about amenities, policies, and loyalty programs, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

Returns and Exchanges

As a hotel booking platform, Microtel Inn & Suites' policies primarily align with standard hotel industry practices. Cancellations and modifications are subject to the specific hotel's terms and conditions, which vary. It is advisable to review the cancellation policy before making a booking to ensure flexibility and avoid any inconvenience.

Promotions and Discounts

Microtel Inn & Suites periodically offers promotions and discounts, allowing customers to enjoy additional savings on their stays. These special offers may be available for specific locations or during certain periods, providing an opportunity to secure affordable accommodation without compromising quality.


Microtel Inn & Suites has established a strong reputation in the hospitality industry. The brand is known for providing consistent quality, comfortable accommodations, and attentive customer service. With numerous locations worldwide, Microtel Inn has built customer trust through its reliable and seamless stay experiences.

Payment Options

Microtel Inn & Suites provides convenient payment options for its customers. The website accepts major credit cards, allowing users to securely complete their bookings online. Upon arrival, guests can also settle their payments using various payment methods accepted at the specific hotel location.

Loyalty Programs

Microtel Inn & Suites offers a loyalty program known as Wyndham Rewards. Guests can sign up for free and earn points with each stay, which can be redeemed for various rewards, including free nights, gift cards, airline miles, and more. This program encourages repeat stays and provides additional value to loyal customers.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Microtel Inn & Suites are generally positive, highlighting the brand's affordability, convenience, and reliability. Guests appreciate the comfortable rooms, courteous staff, and the overall value for money offered by the hotel chain. However, occasional negative reviews mention issues with cleanliness or limited availability during peak seasons.

Community Involvement

Microtel Inn & Suites actively engages with local communities through various initiatives. The brand supports local charities, participates in environmental sustainability programs, and strives to make a positive impact. These efforts demonstrate the hotel chain's commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Shipping and Costs

As a hotel booking platform, Microtel Inn & Suites does not involve shipping physical products. The costs associated with stays are transparently displayed during the booking process, including any applicable taxes and fees. Customers can easily review and understand the total cost before finalizing their reservation.