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C Christopher Hernandez
44 days ago

Life-Changing Adventure Unfolding!

Upon encountering midwestgrowkits.com, I embarked on a journey of a lifetime. The package arrived promptly, exuding precision and care in its assembly. As someone initially intimidated by the prospect of mushroom cultivation, the comprehensive guide and accompanying video served as beacons of knowledge, illuminating each step with clarity and simplicity. While the anticipation for my inaugural harvest mounts, the journey thus far has been nothing short of captivating, promising a future brimming with abundance and fulfillment.
T Thomas Martinez
44 days ago

A Novice Gardner’s Delight: A Journey of Growth with Midwest Grow Kits

Embarking on my first-ever mushroom cultivation venture with midwestgrowkits.com has been a transformative experience. Having dabbled in growing hot peppers previously, I was hesitant yet curious to delve into the world of mushroom cultivation. With vivid instructions and all necessary essentials provided in the kit, I found myself drawn into a fascinating horticultural journey unlike any other. After ten years of contemplation, I finally took the leap, and within just a week of beginning this journey, I can confidently say that it has been nothing short of mesmerizing. The setup process was surprisingly easy, thanks to the meticulously crafted instructions and high-quality materials included in the kit. The sense of accomplishment and joy I felt as I watched my mushrooms begin to sprout was truly unparalleled. Midwest Grow Kits has not only made mushroom cultivation accessible for beginners like me but has also sparked a newfound passion for gardening and nurturing living organisms. I am grateful for this enriching experience and highly recommend Midwest Grow Kits to anyone looking to embark on their own journey of growth and discovery.
C Charles Rodriguez
44 days ago

Midwestgrowkits: A Lifesaver for Consistent Excellence

Embarking on my cultivation journey, I stumbled upon Midwestgrowkits, and what a find it was! The Rye Bags from their collection have truly been a game-changer. These pre-sterilized grains have consistently delivered exceptional results, except for one rare instance which only emphasizes their remarkable reliability. Their unwavering quality and performance speak volumes of their commitment to excellence. Midwestgrowkits has undoubtedly earned my unwavering trust and loyalty as my go-to brand for all things cultivation. I wholeheartedly endorse them with a resounding five-star rating!
J Joseph Davis
44 days ago

A Gateway to Success in Mushroom Cultivation!

Embarking on my journey into the world of mushroom cultivation, I stumbled upon Midwestgrowkits.com, and boy, was I in for a treat! The plethora of guides and tutorials available on their website turned my apprehension into excitement as I delved into this new hobby. The materials provided by Midwest were of superior quality, simplifying what seemed like a complex process. Witnessing the emergence of white growth after just four days was a testament to the effectiveness of their resources. As a novice in this field, I am incredibly grateful for the seamless experience Midwestgrowkits.com has provided. Their exceptional live chat support only added to the overall excellence of my experience. If you're a beginner like me, I wholeheartedly recommend Midwestgrowkits.com as the ultimate destination for all your mushroom cultivation needs. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
M Michael Brown
44 days ago

A Game-Changer for Newbies: Midwestgrowkits’ 1/2 Pint Jars

As a beginner in the world of mushroom cultivation, I can't express enough how Midwestgrowkits' 1/2 Pint Jars have revolutionized my experience. These jars have truly simplified the entire process for me. From the moment I started using them, every single jar worked wonders, producing incredible results that exceeded my expectations. What sets Midwestgrowkits apart is not only the quality of their products but also the straightforward and comprehensive guidelines provided. As a newcomer to this hobby, I found the instructions incredibly easy to follow, eliminating any confusion or uncertainty that often comes with starting something new. These 1/2 Pint Jars have truly been a game-changer for me as a beginner. They have not only made the cultivation process enjoyable and stress-free but have also yielded amazing results. I am grateful to have found such a reliable and beginner-friendly product that has sparked my passion for mushroom cultivation. Thank you, Midwestgrowkits, for creating a product that has truly made a difference in my journey as a novice mushroom cultivator.
R Robert Williams
44 days ago

Monsoon Ecosphere: A Transformative Experience from Start to Finish!

Embarking on my mushroom cultivation journey through midwestgrowkits.com has been nothing short of magical, all thanks to the Monsoon Ecosphere kit. This kit acted as the perfect starting point for me, guiding me seamlessly through the process. Despite a minor hiccup of receiving a damaged jar in my shipment, the customer support team at Midwest GrowKits swiftly resolved the issue by sending a replacement promptly, displaying their exceptional understanding and care for their customers. The assembly of the kit was a walk in the park, thanks to the detailed and colorful instructions provided. The enclosed guide was not only informative but also user-friendly, making it easy for beginners like me to grasp the concepts quickly, even with minor updates. Spending an hour setting up the kit was a relaxing and enjoyable experience in itself, setting the tone for the exciting journey ahead. With a plethora of online resources at my disposal, navigating the world of mushroom cultivation has been remarkably effortless and rewarding. My overall satisfaction with the Monsoon Ecosphere kit knows no bounds, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to delve into the captivating world of growing mushrooms at home. Thank you, Midwest GrowKits, for providing such an incredible and transformative experience!
J James Smith
44 days ago

A Life-Changing Adventure: Midwest Grow Kits Exceeds Expectations!

Embarking on my mycology journey, I stumbled upon Midwest Grow Kits and decided to take the plunge. The anticipation of receiving my package was met with sheer excitement, and to my surprise, it arrived promptly, brimming with promise. Delving into the neatly packed contents, I was delighted to find not only the essentials but also an unexpected bonus of a drying kit and vermiculite. What truly set Midwest Grow Kits apart was their unwavering commitment to hygiene. Every detail exuded meticulous care, ensuring a germ-free environment for my precious fungi to flourish. From the moment of inoculation, I witnessed a transformation unlike any other. My mushrooms, nurtured by the comprehensive kit, began to thrive under its nurturing embrace. The inclusion of an in-built heater proved to be a game-changer, providing the optimal conditions for growth and fostering a bountiful harvest. Midwest Grow Kits had truly curated an all-in-one solution, sparing no detail in equipping me for this mycological adventure. As I reflect on my experience, I am filled with genuine gratitude and excitement for the future harvests that await. Midwest Grow Kits has not only met but exceeded my expectations, leaving me thrilled with my purchase and eager to continue my exploration into the world of mushrooms. This kit is indeed a must-have for all aspiring mycologists seeking a seamless and rewarding journey.
W Wendy Collins
54 days ago

Transforming My Growing Experience: Mega Kit to Bulk Success Story

As a loyal customer of midwestgrowkits.com, I have a compelling testimonial to share. Let me take you on a journey from Mega to Bulk! Initially, I started with a Mega Kit and later decided to level up my cultivation game by transforming it into a Monotub using spawn bags and the bulk method. The transition was nothing short of a revelation for me! The versatility and efficiency of using spawn bags for bulk growing opened up a whole new world of possibilities. A game-changing tip that I stumbled upon during this process was using black duct tape at the bin bottom to block light, which facilitated optimal upward mushroom growth—a small tweak that made a significant difference in my harvest. What truly impressed me was the speedy colonization that I achieved with these bags, witnessing remarkable progress in just 4 weeks. The quality and effectiveness of the products from midwestgrowkits.com truly transformed my growing experience for the better. I highly recommend exploring the bulk method for anyone looking to enhance their cultivation journey and achieve impressive results. Thank you, midwestgrowkits.com, for revolutionizing my approach to growing!
P Paul Knight
54 days ago

Heartfelt Gratitude for Midwest Grow Kits

Being a loyal customer at Midwest Grow Kits has truly been a game-changer for me. The range of products they offer, paired with their detailed guides, has made my journey into gardening a breeze. As someone new to this hobby, the progress I've witnessed thanks to their resources is nothing short of phenomenal. Here's to many more fruitful orders and flourishing gardens ahead. Thank you, Midwest Grow Kits, for turning my gardening dreams into a reality!
E Elsie Cook
55 days ago

Embarking on an Enthralling Journey

Upon immersing myself in the world of liquid culture with Midwestgrowkits.com, I was thrilled to receive my 5 liquid culture kits promptly. As I inoculated 5 different strains, I watched with bated breath as they all showed promising signs of growth within just a week. The efficiency and quality of the products truly exceeded my expectations. However, what truly set Midwest apart was their exceptional customer service. The live chat support was incredibly helpful and responsive, providing me with valuable guidance and answering all my queries promptly. The level of dedication and support I received from Midwest was unmatched, making me feel like a valued customer every step of the way. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Midwestgrowkits.com to anyone looking to venture into the world of liquid culture. With top-notch products, swift delivery, and unparalleled customer service, Midwest has truly set the gold standard in this industry. It's no wonder I give them a solid five stars and can confidently say, you won't find an experience like this anywhere else.
R R.G.
61 days ago

A Journey from Expectation to Disappointment: My Experience with midwestgrowkits.com

Upon stumbling across Midwest Grow Kits and their promise of fully colonized gourmet kits, I was filled with excitement and anticipation. Imagine my dismay when what arrived at my doorstep was far from what was advertised – freshly spawned, barely colonized bags that would require weeks of additional waiting before they could even think about fruiting. The disparity between expectation and reality left me disheartened. The process that was supposed to bring joy and satisfaction turned into a waiting game filled with uncertainty. It was a stark reminder that not all promises hold true, and that disappointment can sometimes come in seemingly innocuous packages. While my initial enthusiasm has been dampened, I hold onto the hope that perhaps, in time, these kits will fulfill their potential and deliver on the promises made. Until then, it's a lesson learned to approach such purchases with caution and skepticism, even when the allure of fully colonized kits beckons.
E Eric Buchtmann
64 days ago

Revitalizing my Indoor Garden with Amazon’s Durability and Quality

Embarking on my indoor gardening journey, I eagerly purchased a kit from midwestgrowkits.com. Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived as my heating unit arrived damaged, barely providing warmth. Despite receiving a replacement element, the porcelain fixture remained cracked, posing a potential fire hazard. Dishearteningly, both the replacement element and fan failed within 15 days. Seeking assistance from customer service proved futile, as my inquiries went unanswered. Frustrated but determined, I took matters into my own hands, sourcing a new fan, heating element, and porcelain fixture elsewhere to salvage the Ecosphere 3.0. In terms of customer service, the experience scored a mere 3/10, highlighting a lack of responsiveness and accountability. Product quality fell short at 2/10, failing to withstand basic usage, and the value for money was dismal at 1/10. Regrettably, my initial optimism was met with disappointment, leading me to vow never to patronize Midwest Grow Kits again. Turning to Amazon for replacement parts proved to be a saving grace. Their superior quality and durability breathed new life into my indoor garden, ensuring its functionality and longevity. For those seeking reliable and lasting solutions, Amazon emerges as a beacon of trust and satisfaction in the realm of indoor gardening supplies.
J Jackson Rose
64 days ago

Transformative FFU x Flow Hood: A Game Changer for Mycology Enthusiasts!

As an aspiring mycologist delving into the world of fungi cultivation, the midwestgrowkits.com FFU 3x2’ Flow Hood has been an absolute game-changer for me. This impressive and generously sized flow hood exceeded all my expectations, making it the perfect fit for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. The exceptional quality of this product truly shines through in its flawless functionality. From facilitating seamless grain transfers and successful LC/spore inoculations to aiding in working with agar plates, this flow hood has consistently delivered outstanding results with a remarkable 0 contamination rate. This level of reliability has not only boosted my confidence in my experiments but has also significantly elevated my mycology pursuits. One notable highlight of the FFU 3x2’ Flow Hood is its remarkably low noise level. Despite its powerful performance, it operates quietly, eliminating the need for ear protection during operation. This thoughtful design feature adds to the overall user experience, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free working environment. While I missed out on ordering the spare filter at a reduced price due to its temporary unavailability, the longevity and durability of the included filter have instilled confidence in its lasting performance. I anticipate enjoying the benefits of this flow hood for a long time to come, thanks to its impressive build and functionality. In conclusion, the FFU x Flow Hood from midwestgrowkits.com has not only met but exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Its transformative impact on my mycology projects cannot be overstated, making it a must-have tool for anyone passionate about fungi cultivation. Thank you, midwestgrowkits.com, for a product that truly delivers on quality, performance, and value.
T Tom Wright
64 days ago

A Wonderful Growing Experience with Midwest Grow Kits

From the moment I placed my order on midwestgrowkits.com, I knew I was in for something special. The arrival of the Fantastic Kit was like receiving a well-curated gift, carefully packed to ensure the safety of its contents. Not only did it come with all the essentials needed for my mushroom-growing journey, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an extra drying kit and vermiculite included, a testament to the company's attention to detail and customer satisfaction. What stood out to me the most was the emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. Each item in the kit was meticulously kept germ-free, giving me the peace of mind that I was starting off on the right foot. The process of inoculation was smooth, and soon enough, I witnessed my mushrooms thriving and growing beautifully. One feature that truly impressed me was the in-built heater, a game-changer that provided the optimal environment for my mushrooms to flourish. It's evident that Midwest Grow Kits has thought of everything a grower might need and more. Overall, my experience with the Fantastic Kit has been nothing short of wonderful. I am beyond thrilled with my purchase and the results it has yielded. For anyone looking to embark on a successful mushroom-growing journey, I highly recommend Midwest Grow Kits. My only regret is not discovering them sooner.
N Natasha Murray
64 days ago

An Exceedingly Pleasant Surprise

Embarking on my journey with midwestgrowkits.com, my expectations were set modestly. However, what transpired was beyond belief - an experience that left me pleasantly surprised and utterly fulfilled. From the moment I placed my order, I was met with exceptional service. Not only did the company meticulously cater to my requests for detailed pamphlets and instructions, but they also went above and beyond by providing guidance that surpassed my initial inquiry. As I delved into the world of their bulk system, equipped with a fruiting chamber, I was astounded by its efficiency. The precise control over humidity and temperature within the chamber was a revelation, ensuring optimal growing conditions for my fruits. Each day brought forth a bountiful yield, fulfilling the promise of the product description. Even the shipping process was a delight, with my package arriving a day earlier than anticipated, underscoring the company's commitment to excellence. Moreover, the invaluable information enclosed within the kit further solidified my trust in the brand. It's a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality that I am eager to return for future purchases. In a marketplace brimming with options, midwestgrowkits.com has undoubtedly secured a loyal customer in me. I wholeheartedly recommend them and eagerly anticipate our continued partnership.


Midwestgrowkits.com is an online retailer specializing in the sale of mushroom growing kits and supplies. With a strong focus on providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service, they have become a popular choice for both beginners and experienced cultivators in the mushroom growing community. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into various aspects of Midwestgrowkits.com to provide you with an in-depth analysis of their offerings.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Wide selection of mushroom growing kits and supplies
    • High-quality products
    • Competitive pricing
    • Responsive and informative customer service
    • User-friendly website
    • Positive customer reviews
    • Active community involvement
    • Secure payment options
    • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Cons:
    • Limited product variety outside of mushroom cultivation
    • Not all products are available for international shipping

User Experience

Midwestgrowkits.com offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. The website is well-organized, with clear navigation menus that make it easy to find the desired products. The product pages provide detailed descriptions, images, and customer reviews to assist in the decision-making process. The checkout process is straightforward, and customers are provided with relevant shipping information and tracking updates.

Pricing and Value for Money

Midwestgrowkits.com offers competitive pricing for their mushroom growing kits and supplies. While some products may be slightly higher in price compared to other retailers, the quality and reliability of their products make them a worthwhile investment. Additionally, the value for money is evident in the comprehensive kits that include everything needed to start cultivating mushrooms successfully.

Customer Service

The customer service provided by Midwestgrowkits.com is top-notch. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and eager to assist customers with any inquiries or concerns. Whether via email or phone, customers can expect prompt and helpful responses. Midwestgrowkits.com takes pride in ensuring a positive and supportive experience for all their customers.

Product Quality and Selection

Midwestgrowkits.com is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality mushroom growing kits and supplies. Their products undergo thorough quality control measures to ensure optimal performance. The selection of kits caters to various mushroom species and growing techniques, allowing cultivators to find the best option for their needs. However, the website's product selection is more limited when it comes to other gardening or cultivation supplies.

Website Usability

The website's usability is exceptional. Its clean layout and intuitive design make it easy for visitors to navigate and find relevant information. The search functionality functions well, providing accurate and relevant results. The comprehensive product categorization and filtering options further enhance the overall user experience, allowing customers to quickly locate specific products.

Returns and Exchanges

Midwestgrowkits.com has a fair and transparent returns and exchanges policy. If customers receive defective or damaged items, they can request a replacement or refund within a specified timeframe. However, it's important to carefully review the policy, as some products may have specific terms and conditions regarding returns or exchanges.

Promotions and Discounts

Midwestgrowkits.com occasionally offers promotions and discounts on their products. Customers can find these deals showcased prominently on their website or by subscribing to their newsletter. These promotions provide an opportunity for customers to save money while still purchasing high-quality mushroom growing kits and supplies.


Midwestgrowkits.com has established a strong reputation within the mushroom cultivation community. Their commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and reliable products has garnered positive reviews from customers. Additionally, their active involvement in the community through forums, social media, and educational resources has further solidified their reputation as a trustworthy and reputable retailer.

Payment Options

Midwestgrowkits.com offers a variety of secure payment options to ensure a safe and convenient checkout process. Customers can choose to pay using major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, they also accept payment through PayPal, offering an additional level of security and convenience.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Midwestgrowkits.com does not have a formal loyalty program in place. However, they occasionally offer exclusive deals and discounts to their loyal customers, which can be accessed through their newsletter or by following their social media accounts.

Customer Reviews

Midwestgrowkits.com has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Customers praise the quality of their products, the effectiveness of their mushroom growing kits, and the exceptional customer service they provide. These reviews reflect the trust and satisfaction customers have experienced when purchasing from Midwestgrowkits.com.

Community Involvement

Midwestgrowkits.com actively engages with the mushroom growing community through various platforms. They participate in online forums, provide educational resources, and interact with customers through their social media accounts. This dedication to community involvement fosters a sense of support, learning, and collaboration within the mushroom cultivation community.

Shipping and Costs

Midwestgrowkits.com ensures fast and reliable shipping for their customers. They strive to process and ship orders promptly to minimize delivery times. Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the package and the customer's location. International shipping is available for select products, but customers should review the website for any restrictions or additional charges that may apply. In conclusion, Midwestgrowkits.com excels in providing high-quality mushroom growing kits and supplies, exceptional customer service, and a user-friendly website. While their product selection may be limited outside of mushroom cultivation, they more than compensate for it with their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. With their competitive pricing, secure payment options, and fast shipping, Midwestgrowkits.com is a reputable and reliable choice for anyone looking to embark on a mushroom cultivation journey.