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D Dennis Ehrlichmann
577 days ago

Discovering Joy at Migros-Shop.de!

As a devoted online shopper, I can confidently say that Migros-Shop.de has completely exceeded my expectations. From the seamless user interface to the incredible variety of products, this platform has revolutionized my shopping experience. What sets Migros-Shop.de apart is their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Every purchase feels like a special delivery, meticulously packed and promptly delivered. What truly sets Migros-Shop.de apart is their unparalleled customer service. When I encountered an issue with a delivery, their support team went above and beyond to resolve it, exhibiting genuine care and dedication. I am thrilled to recommend Migros-Shop.de to everyone seeking a delightful online shopping journey. It's not just a shop; it's a gateway to joy and convenience. I eagerly anticipate my next visit to explore more treasures at Migros-Shop.de.
D Dennis Ehrlichmann
577 days ago

My Heartfelt Recommendation for Migros-Shop: A Must-Visit Online Store!

As a frequent online shopper, I can confidently say that Migros-Shop.de is a true gem in the vast sea of e-commerce sites. From the moment I landed on their website, I was impressed by the user-friendly interface, extensive product range, and seamless checkout process. What sets Migros-Shop.de apart is not just the quality of their products, but also their exceptional customer service. I recently had an issue with a delivery, and their support team went above and beyond to resolve it promptly and courteously. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. Whether you're looking for everyday essentials or unique finds, Migros-Shop.de has you covered. The sheer variety of products available ensures that there's something for everyone. I particularly love their organic food selection, which allows me to make healthier choices without compromising on taste. I wholeheartedly recommend Migros-Shop.de to anyone in search of a reliable, customer-centric online shopping experience. Trust me, once you shop here, you'll never look back. Thank you, Migros-Shop.de, for setting the bar high and exceeding all expectations.
F Filip
1121 days ago

Exemplary Service and Exceptional Customer Care

I can't express enough how incredibly satisfied I am with my experience at migros-shop.de. From the moment I placed my order on 27.11.2020, every interaction has been nothing short of extraordinary. The communication was prompt, clear, and efficient, setting the tone for a seamless transaction. Although there was a slight delay, the team at migros-shop.de kept me informed every step of the way, ensuring that I felt valued and taken care of. When I received a message about the order cancellation and the promise of a cash refund within a few days, I must admit that I had my reservations, given some previous experiences with other companies. However, to my surprise and delight, the refund was processed within the specified time frame, showcasing their commitment to upholding their promises. Even when I encountered an issue with the Euro exchange rate, the team went above and beyond to address my concerns, ensuring that I felt heard and appreciated as a customer. In a world where exceptional customer service seems to be a rarity, migros-shop.de has truly set the bar high. Their dedication to their customers is evident in every interaction, and it's clear that they prioritize building meaningful relationships with those they serve. I have no hesitation in recommending migros-shop.de to anyone seeking a reliable and customer-centric online shopping experience. Thank you, migros-shop.de, for restoring my faith in exceptional customer care and for going above and beyond to ensure that I had a positive experience. I look forward to shopping with you again in the future!
F Filip
1121 days ago

A Journey from Frustration to Relief: My Experience with migros-shop.de

I embarked on a journey with migros-shop.de that was nothing short of challenging. Placing an order on 27th November 2020, I braced myself for what I hoped would be a smooth online shopping experience. Little did I know, I was about to face a series of disappointments. The communication from migros-shop.de was virtually non-existent, leaving me in the dark about the status of my order. After enduring 7 long weeks of uncertainty, I received a short message notifying me of the cancellation of my order and the promise of a cash refund in the coming days. However, days turned into weeks, and that refund remained elusive. Feeling unheard and frustrated, I reached out to the customer service team, urging them to expedite the refund process. It took another month of persistence before I finally saw the funds credited back to my account on 2nd March 2021. Despite the relief of finally receiving my money, the experience left a bitter taste as the fluctuating Euro exchange rate caused me to incur a 10 Euro loss for seemingly no reason. Reflecting on this ordeal, I can't help but label my overall experience with migros-shop.de as catastrophic. From start to finish, every aspect of my online shopping journey was marred by inefficiency and lack of transparency. Despite the challenges faced, I am grateful for the lesson learned and the newfound appreciation for seamless and reliable customer service elsewhere. This journey, though riddled with obstacles, has served as a reminder of the importance of trust and clear communication in the realm of e-commerce. As I bid farewell to this tumultuous chapter, I carry with me a renewed sense of vigilance in choosing where to place my online trust.
S Steve
1151 days ago

Exceptional Service, Fresh and Safely Delivered

I cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing service provided by Migros-shop.de. From the moment I placed my order, to the timely delivery, everything exceeded my expectations. The professionalism and attention to detail were truly remarkable. The delivery person not only rang the bell but also ensured that all my perishable items were stored properly in my apartment on the 4th floor. The quality of the products was exceptional, especially the fresh meat, tartar, and frozen shrimps. Unlike other online grocery shops, Migros took the extra step to ensure that my frozen items were delivered in a frozen box, maintaining their integrity and safety. I have been a loyal customer of Migros for quite some time, and this experience has only solidified my trust and satisfaction with their service. I highly recommend Migros-shop.de to anyone looking for a reliable and top-notch online grocery shopping experience. Thank you, Migros, for consistently delivering excellence!
S Steve
1151 days ago

Above and Beyond: Exceptional Service and Quality

I cannot praise FreshCart enough for their outstanding dedication to providing top-notch service and high-quality products. As an avid online grocery shopper, I've had my fair share of experiences with various platforms, but FreshCart truly exceeded all expectations. From the moment I placed my order, I was impressed by the seamless process and clear communication regarding the delivery time. When the package arrived, I was blown away by the care taken in packaging each item securely. The attention to detail was evident as even delicate items like fresh meat, tartar, and frozen shrimps were stored in appropriate containers to ensure they maintained their freshness. What truly set FreshCart apart was their commitment to customer safety. Unlike my previous unfortunate experience with another online grocery store, FreshCart went the extra mile to ensure that frozen items remained frozen upon delivery. The delivery personnel even made it a point to bring the groceries directly to my apartment on the 4th floor, demonstrating their dedication to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend FreshCart to anyone in search of a reliable and quality-driven online grocery shopping experience. Thank you, FreshCart, for restoring my faith in online shopping and going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.
1206 days ago

Turning a Negative into a Positive with Migros-Shop.de

As a loyal customer of Migros-Shop.de, I recently encountered a small hiccup in my shopping experience. I purchased yogurt that turned out to be past its expiration date. Despite this inconvenience, I was pleasantly surprised by the swift and understanding response from the customer service team. They not only addressed my issue promptly but also ensured that I received a full refund without any hassle. This level of attentiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction has solidified my trust in Migros-Shop.de. Their exemplary service has turned what could have been a negative experience into a positive one, and I will continue to choose them for my grocery needs. Thank you, Migros-Shop.de, for your outstanding customer support.
1206 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service Rescued My Expired Yogurt Mishap

When I recently purchased yogurt from migros-shop.de, I was disheartened to discover that it was past its expiration date. However, my disappointment quickly turned to gratitude as I reached out to their customer service team. Without any hesitation, they not only accepted my return but also promptly processed a refund for me. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction truly impressed me. While the expired product was a letdown, the swift and efficient response from migros-shop.de turned the situation around completely. I am grateful for their professionalism and commitment to resolving issues promptly. Thank you, migros-shop.de, for your exceptional customer service. It's experiences like these that earn loyal customers, and I will definitely be returning for more of your products in the future.


Migros-Shop.de is an online platform launched by Migros, one of Switzerland's largest supermarket chains. The website offers a wide range of products across various categories, including groceries, household items, electronics, beauty products, and more. With the convenience of online shopping, Migros-Shop.de allows customers to browse and purchase products from the comfort of their homes.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Wide selection of products across different categories
    • Convenient and user-friendly website
    • Competitive pricing and regular promotions
    • Extensive payment options for customer convenience
    • Responsive customer service
    • Free shipping on orders above a certain amount
  • Cons:
    • Product availability may vary depending on the region
    • No physical store locations, limiting in-person shopping experience
    • Return process can be time-consuming

User Experience:

Migros-Shop.de provides customers with a seamless and efficient shopping experience. The website has a clean design, making it easy to navigate and find desired products. The search function is effective, allowing users to quickly locate specific items. Furthermore, the website is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth experience for customers who prefer shopping on their smartphones or tablets.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Migros-Shop.de offers competitive prices on their products, ensuring value for money. The website regularly features promotions and discounts, allowing customers to save even more on their purchases. Additionally, Migros-Shop.de provides a wide range of price points, accommodating customers with different budgets.

Customer Service:

The customer service provided by Migros-Shop.de is highly responsive and helpful. Customers can reach out to the support team via phone or email for any inquiries or assistance. The team is known for their prompt response and willingness to address customer concerns, ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Product Quality and Selection:

Migros-Shop.de maintains high standards for product quality, ensuring that customers receive reliable and satisfactory items. The website collaborates with reputable brands, offering customers a diverse selection of high-quality products. Whether it's groceries, electronics, or household items, Migros-Shop.de strives to meet the varying needs and preferences of its customers.

Website Usability:

The usability of Migros-Shop.de is commendable. The website is well-organized, making it easy for customers to discover and browse through different categories. Detailed product descriptions and clear images aid customers in making informed purchase decisions. Additionally, the checkout process is straightforward and secure, instilling confidence in customers while completing their transactions.

Returns and Exchanges:

Migros-Shop.de understands that sometimes products may need to be returned or exchanged. The website provides a hassle-free return process, allowing customers to initiate returns within a specified timeframe. However, it is important to note that the return process can be time-consuming, as customers may need to navigate through multiple steps to complete the return successfully.

Promotions and Discounts:

Migros-Shop.de regularly offers promotions and discounts across various product categories. Customers can take advantage of these offers to save money on their purchases. The website prominently displays ongoing promotions and provides detailed information on discounted products, encouraging customers to make the most of these deals.


Migros-Shop.de has established a strong reputation in the market as a reliable and trustworthy online shopping platform. As part of the Migros Group, which has been serving customers for decades, Migros-Shop.de adheres to high standards of customer service and product quality. The website has garnered positive reviews from satisfied customers, further solidifying its reputation.

Payment Options:

Migros-Shop.de offers a wide range of payment options to ensure convenience for its customers. Customers can choose to make payments using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or even Migros Gift Cards. This variety of payment methods caters to the preferences and needs of different customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Loyalty Programs:

Migros-Shop.de offers a loyalty program called "Cumulus" to reward frequent customers. Customers can earn points on their purchases, which can later be redeemed for discounts or exclusive offers. This program incentivizes customers to continue shopping with Migros-Shop.de, fostering long-term loyalty.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews play a crucial role in informing potential buyers about the quality and usability of products. Migros-Shop.de allows customers to leave reviews on products they have purchased, enabling others to make well-informed decisions. The website displays average ratings and detailed reviews, indicating the overall satisfaction level of previous customers.

Community Involvement:

Migros is actively involved in various community initiatives and sustainability efforts. As part of their commitment to the environment, Migros-Shop.de emphasizes eco-friendly packaging practices and encourages customers to recycle. Additionally, the website promotes local and ethically sourced products, supporting local communities and fair trade practices.

Shipping and Costs:

Migros-Shop.de offers shipping services to various regions within Switzerland. Customers can choose the most suitable delivery option based on their location and preferred timeframe. The website provides free shipping on orders above a certain amount, making it an attractive offer for customers who want to save on delivery costs. The shipping costs for orders below the minimum threshold are reasonable and transparent, providing customers with clarity prior to completing their purchase.

In conclusion, Migros-Shop.de is a reliable and customer-centric online platform that offers a wide range of products. With competitive pricing, user-friendly website, excellent customer service, and high-quality products, Migros-Shop.de strives to provide customers with a seamless and satisfactory shopping experience. Its commitment to sustainability and community involvement further enhances its reputation as a trusted online retailer in Switzerland.