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Danielle Bettmann 17 days ago

Transformed My Home with Ruggable8217s Welcome Mat

When I decided to elevate the entrance of my home I looked to Ruggable for a solution and I ordered a Welcome Mattype rug. At first glance I was enamored by the captivating design and the plush feel of the rug. I couldnt wait to incorporate it into my home decor. However upon closer inspection I noticed that the top layer was attached to the rubber mat below using a few small circles of hard Velcro. Sadly this attachment proved to be insufficient as it would easily come undone when I tried shuffling my feet on the rug. This issue detracted from the overall quality and durability I expected from the product. Furthermore the rubber mats bottom failed to provide the necessary grip on the hard surface beneath it causing it to slide around precariously. This was not only inconvenient but also posed a potential safety hazard raising concerns about the risk of slipping and injury. Despite the initial allure of the rugs aesthetics these functional shortcomings were deeply disappointing especially considering the premium price of 179. I had anticipated a seamless blend of style and functionality and it was disheartening to encounter these challenges after investing in the product. While the visual appeal of the rug was undeniable the issues with its construction and stability greatly overshadowed its aesthetic charm. As a conscientious consumer these unexpected setbacks left me feeling let down and dissatisfied with the overall experience of my purchase. In conclusion the Welcome Mat from Ruggable had the potential to be a standout feature in my home but the intricate issues with its design and functionality fell short of my expectations. The allure of its artistry was unfortunately overshadowed by the practical usability and safety concerns leaving me feeling disheartened by the overall outcome.

Karen 22 days ago

Ruggable A Lifesaver for Easily Washable and Timeless Rugs

Where do I even begin has been an absolute gamechanger for me. Let me start by saying that if youre in the market for a hasslefree rug that not only looks fabulous but also stays impeccable wash after wash then look no furtherMy journey with Ruggable began with a simple search for easily washable rugs. As a busy individual I needed a practical solution for maintaining a clean and stylish living space. After coming across Ruggable I was initially skeptical about their claims of machinewashable rugs but I decided to give it a shot. Upon receiving my first Ruggable rug I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and style. The true test came when it was time for a wash. I nervously followed the washing instructions and to my amazement the rug emerged from the dryer looking as good as new It was a moment of sheer relief and satisfaction. The only slight challenge I encountered was the process of rolling the rug onto its gripping pad. However a bit of focused effort made it a manageable task. The durability and resilience of the rug truly shone through this process reaffirming my trust in Ruggables craftsmanship. As time went on I found myself making additional purchases from Ruggable. The fact that I kept coming back for more speaks volumes about the satisfaction I experienced. The rugs seamlessly blend into different areas of my home effortlessly complementing various decor styles. Let me take a moment to appreciate the longevity of these rugs. My first Ruggable purchase which is almost 5 years old now still looks as pristine as the day I unwrapped it. The lasting quality truly surpasses expectations and has eliminated the constant need for rug replacements. Whether its enduring everyday spills and foot traffic or going through countless washing cycles Ruggable rugs have proven themselves time and again. The peace of mind that comes with having a reliable easytomaintain rug cannot be overstated. In conclusion I can confidently say that Ruggable has been the solution to my quest for easily washable and enduring rugs. With their exceptional products and topnotch service I have found a trusted companion in maintaining a beautiful and practical home environment.

HIEN TRAN 23 days ago

821510 rug with L shaped couch is a pain in the rear

When I decided to revamp my living room I thought a new rug would be the perfect addition to tie everything together. Excited by the vast selection at I chose the Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Camel Ivory Rug in the 8x10 size. However my excitement quickly turned to disappointment upon its arrival. Upon unrolling the rug I was surprised by how flimsy it felt more akin to a piece of cloth than a sturdy rug. Additionally the pad underneath consisted of two separate pieces making it a hassle to keep straight and assemble properly. The real frustration came when I realized that with my Lshaped couch I had to completely lift and move the entire piece of furniture every time I wanted to clean the rug. This not only made maintenance a cumbersome task but also made me regret not thoroughly considering the practicality of the rug with my existing furniture layout. In hindsight I wish I had opted for a more suitable rug for my space. The experience of constantly repositioning furniture and struggling with the flimsy rug and its separate pad has been a significant inconvenience. If given a second chance I would definitely have chosen a more userfriendly and durable option. Despite my disappointment I must say that the design and color of the rug are undeniably beautiful exemplifying Jonathan Adlers signature style. However the overall functionality and practicality of the rug in my specific living room setup left much to be desired. In conclusion while the aesthetic appeal of the Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Camel Ivory Rug is undeniable its lack of sturdiness and compatibility with Lshaped furniture has made it a regretful purchase for me. If you have similar furniture or a preference for hasslefree maintenance I would advise considering a different rug to avoid the inconveniences I faced.

Daniel Dirig 24 days ago

My son recommended your company

As a proud new pet parent I was faced with a messy situation when my enthusiastic puppy decided to use my brandnew rug as a canvas for her mealtime masterpiece. Enter Ruggable a recommendation from none other than my son whose trust in this company led me to explore their products. And let me just say I was not disappointed. After the canine culinary incident I was left with a stubborn stain that seemed impossible to remove. However with the use of Ruggables ingenious rug the issue was quickly resolved. To my amazement the stain came out completely leaving my rug looking as good as new. This experience not only showcased the outstanding quality of Ruggables products but also their practicality for pet owners. The ease with which I was able to clean the rug made me appreciate the thoughtful design and durable construction that clearly set Ruggable apart from other rug brands. I am now a loyal fan of Ruggable thanks to the resilience and high quality of their rugs. My pup can roam freely accidents and all knowing that the Ruggable rug can handle anything she throws at it. I couldnt be more grateful for my sons recommendation and for stumbling upon a company that provides not just beautiful rugs but also practical solutions for reallife situations. Thank you Ruggable for your exceptional products and for making the cleanup process a breeze.

Ramona M 25 days ago

love these rugs however I had a 10 off

As a longtime customer of I feel compelled to share my honest experience with their products and customer service. Let me start by saying that I absolutely love their rugs. The functionality of being able to easily wash them at home is a gamechanger especially for someone like me with pets and children. The quality of the materials and the variety of designs also make my goto place for all things rugrelated. However I recently encountered a bit of a hiccup that left me feeling a tad disappointed. I had a 10 off coupon that I was eager to use along with some spill points that I had earned from previous purchases. Much to my dismay the website wouldnt allow me to apply both discounts at the same time. This came as a surprise and frustration as the spill points were not just another coupon but essentially money that I had earned through my loyalty and previous investments in their products. After reaching out to their customer service team I was informed that their system was not set up to accommodate the use of two discounts simultaneously. While I understand the logistics behind discount limitations it was disheartening to be unable to fully enjoy the benefits that I had rightfully earned. This experience has given me some pause when considering future purchases from As a loyal and satisfied customer in terms of product quality I hope that they will consider enhancing their website functionality to allow for the seamless use of various discounts and rewards in the future. I value the convenience and versatility of their rugs and I truly wish for the purchasing process to align with the overall excellence of their products. In conclusion while this particular experience left me feeling a bit deflated it has not diminished my overall appreciation for the quality and convenience that offers. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for any improvements in their discount system and look forward to continuing to enjoy their exceptional rugs in the future.

Candamonium Forest 26 days ago

Remarkable Rugs A Testament to Quality and Exceptional Customer Service

My experience with Ruggable has been nothing short of exceptional. After stumbling upon their website during the pandemic I found myself in need of durable and versatile rugs for both my deck and garage. Ruggable not only met but exceeded my expectations in both product quality and customer service. The rugs I have purchased from Ruggable over the years have consistently proved to be of outstanding quality. They have endured heavy foot traffic and the outdoor elements with impressive resilience maintaining their vibrant colors and durability over time. Each rug Ive purchased has lived up to its advertisement delivering on its promise of both functionality and style. One aspect that truly sets Ruggable apart is their impeccable customer service. Every interaction Ive had with their team has been met with a level of attentiveness and responsiveness that is unparalleled. Whether it was a query about a product or assistance with an order their team has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience. Without hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend Ruggable to anyone in search of quality rugs and exceptional customer service. My journey as a customer with Ruggable has been defined by reliability durability and unwavering support from their dedicated team. Its rare to come across a company that not only delivers topnotch products but also prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers at every turn. Ruggable is undoubtedly a cut above the rest.

Mary Ann 27 days ago

Very happy with my two 32155 ruggables

A GameChanger for My Home Ruggable Rugs ReviewWhen I first stumbled upon I was a bit skeptical about their claims of machinewashable rugs that actually looked and felt great. As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen I decided to take the plunge and purchase two 3x5 Ruggable rugs for this hightraffic area of my home. Little did I know this decision would turn out to be a total gamechanger for my living space. The rugs arrived promptly and upon unrolling them I was impressed by the quality and vibrant design. They added an instant pop of color and style to my kitchen tying the entire room together. After a few weeks of use it was time to put Ruggables bold claim of being machine washable to the test. I was amazed at how easy it was to remove the top layer and throw it in the washing machine. After a quick cycle the rug looked good as new with no signs of wear or fading. Thrilled with the results I recently took the plunge and ordered two more Ruggable rugs this time for my laundry room. My experience with the first set left me with no doubts about the quality and convenience these rugs offer. The thought of having stylish rugs that I can easily clean and maintain fills me with excitement and anticipation. In conclusion Ruggable rugs have truly surpassed my expectations. They are not only aesthetically pleasing and durable but also incredibly easy to care for making them a perfect addition to any busy household. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruggable to anyone looking to elevate their home decor without sacrificing practicality. My only regret is not discovering them sooner

Dorania Mato 28 days ago

Unmatched Durability and Style The Perfect Rugs for Pet Owners

My experience with Ruggable has been nothing short of exceptional. As a proud pet owner keeping my floors clean has always been a top priority. When I discovered Ruggable I was thrilled to find a solution that met my high standards for both style and functionality. The range of colors and styles offered by Ruggable is simply unmatched. It was a joy to browse through their selection and find the perfect rugs to complement my home decor. The variety ensured that I could easily find something that suited my taste and preferences. I recently purchased a Ruggable rug as a gift for a friend and the process was seamless. The recipient was delighted and it brought me joy to share the quality and beauty of Ruggable rugs with someone dear to me. Despite my overwhelming satisfaction I encountered a minor issue with one of the five rugs I own. One of them shrank slightly. However this was a mere blip in an otherwise stellar experience with Ruggable. The durability and overall quality of the rugs far outweighed this small setback. The practicality of owning machinewashable rugs cannot be overstated especially for pet owners. Ruggable has given me the freedom to enjoy beautiful rugs without the constant worry of maintaining them. The convenience of being able to simply throw the rug in the washing machine has been a gamechanger. Overall my love for Ruggable rugs knows no bounds. They have successfully married style and function in a way that meets the unique needs of pet owners. I am proud to own and showcase these fabulous rugs in my home and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of durable beautiful rugs.

Jeannie 29 days ago

Ruggable8217s staff really cares and

Ruggables Staff A Story of Exceptional Customer CareI have been a loyal customer of Ruggable for quite some time now and I must say that the staff truly goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. From the moment I engaged with their customer service team I knew I was in good hands. They embody the essence of excellent customer service. Now lets talk about the products. I am the proud owner of 7 Ruggable rugs and my kids have 2 really large ones. These rugs are everything they claim to be and more. However its important to note that continuous contact with a door or vacuum cleaner can cause the binding to fray. Not to worry though as Ive found a simple solution to repair it using needlepoint thread. In our household we have our fair share of messes thanks to our grandkids our dirty dog and the occasional muddy shoes. The good news is that Ruggables rugs are incredibly easy to clean. They have been subjected to numerous washes and I am pleased to report that even after a year of use they still look as good as new. The newest addition to our collection the tufted Ruggable now graces our living room and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with its quality. When it comes to longevity and durability Ruggable rugs truly stand the test of time. They have seamlessly weathered the chaos of everyday life in our home and I have no doubt these rugs will continue to do so for years to come. In conclusion my experience with Ruggable is not a singular event it is an ongoing journey of quality resilience and unparalleled customer support. I have found a trusted companion in Ruggable and I eagerly look forward to many more years of satisfaction with their products and services. Thank you Ruggable for enriching my home with your exceptional offerings.

Joan Lavell 30 days ago

I love my Ruggable kitchen rug and front door mat.

Discovering Ruggable has been a gamechanger for me. Not only do I adore their stylish designs but the practicality of their products is unmatched. My kitchen rug from Ruggable has not only elevated the aesthetic of my space but has also been a breeze to maintain. Its ability to withstand spot cleaning makes it a practical choice especially in a hightraffic area like the kitchen. Equally impressive is the front door mat I purchased from Ruggable. Placing it at the entryway has been a delightful experience as it fits perfectly and adds a touch of elegance with its attractive pattern. The ease of cleaning that comes with Ruggable products has made maintenance a stressfree task. Whats more I couldnt resist getting a holidaythemed mat to switch things up. The convenience of simply rolling it up for storage is a testament to the thoughtful design of Ruggables products. And the fact that it seamlessly integrates with the existing base makes it a practical addition to my seasonal decor. Overall my experience with Ruggable has been nothing short of exceptional. The quality functionality and effortless style of their products have truly won me over. I can confidently say that I am a devoted fan of Ruggable and I look forward to expanding my collection with more of their innovative and chic offerings.

VICKIE 35 days ago

Quality washable rugs at an affordable price has truly exceeded all my expectations with their highquality washable rugs offered at affordable prices. From the moment I navigated their userfriendly website to the seamless online ordering process every step was a breeze. The online pictures of the rugs were not only accurate but also managed to capture the true essence of the products allowing me to make informed decisions. Upon eagerly awaiting the delivery the moment arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. The rugs surpassed all expectations with their exquisite quality and attention to detail. The material was not only topnotch but also incredibly easy to maintain living up to the promise of being washable without compromising on the vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Driven by my sheer satisfaction with the first two rugs I was compelled to further explore their extensive range and ended up ordering another set. The ability to interchange the rugs based on the season or occasion has truly added a whole new dimension to my living space allowing me to effortlessly refresh and revamp my home decor whenever the need arises. has undoubtedly become my goto destination for all things rugs and I cannot recommend them enough. Their commitment to providing stellar products at reasonable prices coupled with an unrivaled customer experience has won me over as a loyal and delighted customer.

Suzanne McQuaid 39 days ago

A Comprehensive Review of Ruggable8217s Outdoor Absida Multicolor Rug

As a dedicated Ruggable enthusiast I was excited to add another one of their products to my home decor. However my experience with the Outdoor Absida Multicolor Rug left me with mixed feelings. Upon purchasing the rug I opted to include the recommended pad for added support. Much to my dismay the pad while advertised as suitable for outdoor use proved to be nonwater permeable. This was particularly disappointing considering that it was meant to accompany an outdoor rug. As a result I found myself with a sizable pad that was rendered unusable in an outdoor setting relegating it indefinitely to my garage. Furthermore my dissatisfaction with this purchase was further compounded by the rugs lack of resilience against dirt and grime. Despite its washable feature the rug seemed to attract and highlight every speck of dirt presenting a perpetually unkempt appearance. In an attempt to restore its original allure I diligently cleaned the rug. However to my dismay within a mere week it deteriorated back to its previously unsightly state even though we hadnt utilized the back deck where it was placed. Regrettably the overall outcome left me wishing I could reverse my decision and recoup the invested funds. Its disheartening to admit that my experience with the Outdoor Absida Multicolor Rug fell short of my expectations tarnishing my otherwise positive impression of Ruggables offerings. Consequently I have resolved to abstain from future outdoor rug purchases from this brand. In conclusion while Ruggable has garnered my enduring patronage for their indoor rug selections my encounter with the Outdoor Absida Multicolor Rug has underscored the importance of comprehensive research and consideration when investing in outdoor decor.

Victoria 40 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and HighQuality Products at Ruggable

After a recent experience with Ruggables customer service team I am compelled to share my outstanding review. The level of professionalism care and attention I received was nothing short of exceptional. I am truly grateful for the efficient and respectful manner in which my inquiries were handled. This experience alone has solidified my loyalty to Ruggable. Moreover I cannot help but emphasize the outstanding quality of the products offered by Ruggable. The investment in a Ruggable rug has proven to be worth every penny. The durability and design exceeded my expectations and I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. My interactions with Ruggable have left an indelible impression on me. The seamless fusion of exemplary customer service and toptier products has undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty. My home has been elevated by the addition of a Ruggable rug and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on both my living space and my overall satisfaction as a customer.

Jennifer Pyle 40 days ago

Making Just a Room to VA VA Voom

Transforming Any Space with Ruggable RugsLet me start by saying that the addition of Ruggable rugs to my home has truly revolutionized the way I look at interior decor. Before discovering Ruggable I had always appreciated the coziness that rugs bring to a room yet there was little consideration for practicality and ease of maintenance. Ruggable has completely transformed my living space and has elevated it to a whole new level of livability. Their rugs exude a blend of beauty softness and durability that has surpassed all my expectations. The convenience of effortlessly installing and relocating the rugs from one room to another is simply unparalleled. What truly sets Ruggable apart is its exceptional customer service. Their prompt responsiveness to inquiries and professional communication reflect a level of dedication that is truly commendable. The versatility of Ruggable rugs is simply outstanding allowing for a seamless transition from one room to another without compromising on functionality or style. I cannot emphasize enough how Ruggable has not only met but exceeded my expectations. Their rugs are not only beautiful but also durable making them perfect for daily use without sacrificing style or comfort. In conclusion I have become a loyal advocate for Ruggable and will continue to choose their rugs for my home. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruggable to anyone in search of highquality rugs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to withstand the demands of everyday life. Thank you Ruggable for redefining the concept of practical and stylish rug design

Joelle Lauchner 42 days ago

I just made my 6th rug purchase

When it comes to finding the perfect rugs for my home I always turn to In fact I recently made my sixth rug purchase from them and I couldnt be happier with my experience. Over the years Ive acquired three runners and two large 8x10 rugs from Ruggable and Ive been continually impressed with the quality of their products. As a pet owner having rugs that can withstand the occasional accident is a must. With Ruggable Ive had to wash out petrelated mishaps multiple times and I can confidently say that their rugs hold up impeccably well. Even the large 8x10 rugs have been easy to clean giving me peace of mind when my furry friends make a mess. Of course no product is perfect and I did experience some curling of the rug edges despite the reinforced corners. However when I reached out to Ruggables customer service team for advice on resolving this issue I was met with exceptional support. They promptly sent me replacements for the affected rugs demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction that truly stood out to me. In my opinion outstanding customer service can make all the difference and Ruggable exceeded my expectations in this regard. While the minor inconvenience of rug curling did arise the swift and efficient response from the customer service team more than made up for it. Knowing that I can rely on Ruggable not only for highquality petfriendly rugs but also for topnotch customer support gives me the confidence to continue choosing them for all my rug needs. In conclusion my repeated purchases from Ruggable are a testament to their exceptional products and dedication to customer satisfaction. I am more than willing to overlook minor issues like rug curling when I can count on such reliable and accommodating service. I look forward to continuing my journey as a satisfied customer of Ruggable confident in the knowledge that I am investing in both quality rugs and a brand that truly values its customers.

Jill Barmakian 43 days ago


Transforming a house into a home requires attention to detail and one of the most impactful elements in interior decoration is the choice of rugs. After browsing through I came across a selection that not only met but exceeded my expectations. The rugs I selected have truly transformed the ambiance of my side entrance and kitchen and I couldnt be more thrilled with the outcome. The rugs aesthetic appeal effortlessly complement the decor adding warmth and character to the spaces. As I had hoped they seamlessly blend with the existing style infusing a sense of coziness and charm. The highquality materials and craftsmanship truly shine through elevating the overall ambiance and adding an inviting touch to my home. One of the standout features that initially drew me to was the washable factor. This has been a gamechanger providing a practical solution for maintaining the rugs freshness and cleanliness. Its reassuring to know that I can easily keep these beautiful rugs in top condition without the hassle of professional cleaning especially in hightraffic areas like the side entrance and kitchen. The entire experience from browsing the website to the delivery and unveiling of the rugs has been a delight. The userfriendly interface of the website made the selection process seamless and the prompt delivery exceeded my expectations. Unrolling and placing the rugs was effortless and they immediately added a new dimension to the spaces. In conclusion my experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. The rugs I chose have not only met my expectations but have become standout features that tie the rooms together. The washable aspect gives me peace of mind knowing that I can easily maintain their pristine condition. Without a doubt has mastered the art of delivering both style and practicality in their rugs and I couldnt be more thrilled with the outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking highquality visually appealing and easily maintainable rugs.

Dylan 48 days ago

We just had our floors redone and we

After recently renovating our home and redoing the floors my partner and I were on the hunt for rugs that would not only protect the newly finished surfaces but also enhance the overall aesthetic. Our search led us to and we couldnt be more thrilled with the outcome. We carefully selected three rugs from Ruggable two distinct runner lengths and a complementary doormat. The entire process from placing the order to the delivery was seamless and efficient. What truly impressed us however was the exceptional customer service we received when we decided to exchange one of the runners for a longer size. The exchange was a breeze thanks to the proactive and accommodating support team at Ruggable. Their willingness to ensure our complete satisfaction was truly commendable. Not only do the rugs serve their practical purpose by safeguarding our floors but they also add a touch of elegance to our home. The quality of the rugs their stylish designs and the overall convenience of owning a Ruggable product have made this an A experience for us. We wholeheartedly recommend Ruggable to anyone in search of highquality stylish and versatile rugs. In conclusion the entire journey with Ruggable from browsing their website to the seamless exchange process has been nothing short of exceptional. We are thoroughly pleased with our purchase and are grateful for the delightful transformation it has brought to our living space. Thank you Ruggable for exceeding our expectations and providing such a wonderful product and service.

Heather Jones 49 days ago

Transforming My Home with Ruggable Rugs

After stumbling upon I have become an enthusiastic advocate for their rugs. In fact I recently placed an order for my third Ruggable rug and I couldnt be more thrilled with my continued patronage. The exceptional quality stunning variety of colors and designs and their unbeatable functionality are what keep me coming back for more. From the moment I unboxed my first Ruggable rug I was immediately impressed by the luxurious feel of the material. The soft yet durable fabric exceeded my expectations proving to be the perfect addition to my home. The colors of the rugs are vibrant and true to the images on the website a pleasant surprise given my past experiences with online shopping. Each rug has effortlessly matched and accentuated the existing decor in my home adding a touch of elegance and warmth to every room. One of the standout features of Ruggable rugs is their functionality. The convenience of being able to easily wash and dry these rugs at home has been an absolute game changer. As a pet owner this feature has alleviated so much stress when it comes to maintaining a clean and fresh living space. Realizing that I can simply toss my Ruggable rug in the washing machine whenever an accidental spill or pet mess occurs has been a true lifesaver. Not only are the products exceptional but their delivery process is equally impressive. With each order I have experienced prompt and efficient delivery reinforcing my confidence in the brands reliability. Every Ruggable rug has arrived in a timely manner securely packaged to ensure its pristine condition upon arrival. In summary Ruggable has significantly enhanced the ambiance and functionality of my home. Their rugs have seamlessly integrated with my lifestyle embodying both style and practicality. I eagerly anticipate further enriching my living spaces with additional Ruggable rugs in the future and I wholeheartedly recommend their products to anyone in search of quality convenience and style.

Paula M. 53 days ago

Purchase number 8

Having just completed my 8th purchase from Ruggable I can confidently say that Im never turning back to regular carpeting. During my recent home remodel I made the decision to eliminate walltowall carpeting a move that I havent regretted since. With the introduction of Ruggable into my home I bid farewell to my trusty carpet shampoo machine as its no longer a necessity. These rugs have proven to be resilient effortlessly withstanding high traffic from wheelchairs and walkers alike. My Ruggable collection is diverse featuring a variety of sizes to cater to different areas of my home. From doormats to 8x10 runners 8 Ft round and 5x7 to the larger 8x10 and 9x12 Ive explored the full spectrum of options. While the 10x14 size wasnt initially available its a testament to my satisfaction with Ruggable that I eagerly anticipate the potential addition of this size to the range. In the course of daily life spills are inevitable. From the everyday spills of coffee and wine to more unfortunate incidents involving urine diarrhea and even a whole gallon of milk these rugs have seen it all. But heres the remarkable part they wash beautifully effectively eliminating all stains and odors. Ruggable has truly been a savior handling everything thrown its way and maintaining my peace of mind in the process. In conclusion my experience with Ruggable has been nothing short of transformative. The convenience durability and efficacy in handling spills have been a gamechanger ultimately preserving my sanity. Without a doubt I can emphatically say that I love love love my Ruggables.

Marie Marleau 69 days ago

Revolutionizing My Cleaning Routine A Ruggable Review

As a pet owner with three dogs constantly in and out of the house keeping my carpets clean has been an ongoing challenge. I recently discovered Ruggable and it has truly transformed my cleaning routine. The constant foot traffic from my furry companions inevitably leads to dirt and grime embedded in the carpet. Previously the process of cleaning this mess involved cumbersome steps including dragging out the carpet cleaner spending a significant amount of time cleaning the carpet and then adding to the chore by cleaning the carpet cleaner itself. It was a timeconsuming and exhausting task that put a strain on my daily schedule. However Ruggable has brought an end to this arduous cycle. The prospect of being able to easily toss my Ruggable carpet into the washer and have it emerge clean and fresh is incredibly appealing. This innovative feature not only alleviates the hassle of manual cleaning but also frees up valuable time that I can now dedicate to spending with my family. Furthermore the peace of mind that comes with knowing I can effortlessly maintain a clean living space despite the inevitable messes that accompany my dogs is immeasurable. Ruggable has not only simplified my cleaning process but has also provided a sense of relief and convenience that significantly enhances my overall quality of life. In conclusion Ruggable has proven to be a gamechanger in managing the cleanliness of my home especially as a pet owner. Its washable feature has streamlined my cleaning routine allowing me to cherish more moments with my beloved family and pets. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruggable to anyone seeking a convenient and effective solution for maintaining clean and fresh carpets.

Introduction is a leading online retailer of washable rugs that offer convenience, durability, and style. The site has a wide range of products, from traditional rugs to contemporary designs, and the dual purpose of each rug ensures that they remain functional and aesthetic. The brand has gained popularity for its innovative technology, which allows customers to conveniently machine-wash their rugs at home.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage of shopping at is the washable feature, which is perfect for homes with children and pets or high traffic areas. The rugs are also lightweight and easy to move, making it easy to clean and rearrange the room. Another benefit is the vast selection of designs and colors available, ensuring that customers can find a rug that suits their preferences. The main disadvantage of the site is that some customers may find the prices to be slightly higher than other non-washable rugs. However, considering the investment and convenience, most people agree that the price is justified.

User Experience

The site has a clean and organized layout, with a simple navigation menu to help customers find what they need quickly. The product pages are informative, with detailed descriptions, clear images, and customer reviews, making it easy to make an informed decision.

Pricing and Value for Money

The prices on vary according to the size and design of the rug. The brand offers competitive prices for washable rugs, which is a unique feature that adds value for money. Customers can also take advantage of frequent promotions and discounts to save money.


Although is a popular destination for washable rugs, there are other sites that offer similar products. Some of the alternatives include,, and

Customer Service provides excellent customer service, with various channels to reach out for help. The brand has active social media accounts, email support, and a phone line for customers to connect with the team. Additionally, the site has a detailed FAQ section that covers common questions and concerns.

Product Quality and Selection offers a wide range of washable rugs in different sizes, colors, and styles. The brand ensures that its products are of high quality, using premium materials and manufacturing techniques. Additionally, the site has a user-friendly interface that helps customers narrow down their search based on their preferences.

Website Usability

The site has a mobile-responsive design, making it easy to shop on the go. The navigation menu is straightforward, with clear categories and sub-categories, and the search bar filters results quickly. The checkout process is also smooth, with multiple payment options available.

Returns and Exchanges has a 30-day return policy, allowing customers to return their rugs if they are not satisfied for any reason. The brand covers the shipping charges for returns and exchanges, making it risk-free for customers to try out their products.

Promotions and Discounts frequently offers promotions and discounts, particularly during holiday seasons and special occasions. Customers can get up to 25% off on selected products, and the brand also offers free standard shipping on orders over $35.

Reputation has a positive reputation in the market, with thousands of satisfied customers leaving positive reviews across various platforms. The brand has also gained media attention for its innovative approach to rugs and has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Real Simple.

Payment Options accepts various payment options, including major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. The site uses secure encryption technology to protect customers' data and sensitive information.

Loyalty Programs doesn't have a loyalty program at the moment, but customers can sign up for their email newsletter to receive exclusive updates on promotions and new products.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on are overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars across thousands of reviews. Customers praise the washable feature, the quality of the rugs, and the customer service.

Community Involvement is committed to giving back to the community and has partnered with various organizations to promote social causes. The brand has donated tens of thousands of masks to healthcare workers during the pandemic and has also partnered with Adopt-a-Classroom to support teachers and students.

Shipping and Costs ships to various locations in the US and Canada, with standard and expedited shipping options available. The shipping costs vary according to the size and weight of the rug, but the brand offers free standard shipping on orders over $35. Customers can also track their orders through the site. In summary, offers a unique solution to the age-old problem of cleaning rugs by offering washable options that are not only practical but also stylish. The site provides an excellent user experience, with a vast selection of products, competitive prices, and reliable customer service. Overall, it's a top-rated online destination for anyone looking for high-quality, innovative, and sustainable rugs.

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