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Amante Forenza 337 days ago

Exceptional Experience with

Let me share my outstanding experience with a fashion website that exceeded all my expectations. Initially I was a bit hesitant to order from an online retailer but after reading numerous positive reviews I decided to give it a try. To my surprise my experience was nothing short of exceptional. After carefully selecting multiple items from their trendy collection I proceeded to check out and to my delight the process was seamless and userfriendly. I eagerly opted for expedited shipping given the upcoming holiday season eager to receive my items promptly. The total amount for my purchase exceeded 100 indicative of the extensive range of items available catering to various styles and preferences. As the holiday season unfolded I anticipated a delay in the delivery of my package considering the surge in orders and the seasonal rush. Consequently I monitored the shipping updates less frequently trusting that would fulfill their commitment to expedited shipping. However after a month had passed without any progress or shipping notifications I began to feel concerned about the status of my order. Assuming responsibility for the potential delay I decided to check the status of my order only to encounter a frustrating setback. None of the links provided in the email updates were functional inhibiting my ability to track the shipment or gather any insights into its whereabouts. This unexpected turn of events prompted me to seek direct assistance from the customer support team. Despite my initial apprehension I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and professionalism exhibited by the customer support representatives at Their prompt response and empathetic approach to addressing my concerns immediately alleviated my apprehension. With their assistance I was able to obtain the necessary information regarding the current status of my shipment which reinforced my confidence in the brands commitment to customer satisfaction. Ultimately my package arrived and the impeccable quality of each item surpassed my expectations. The attention to detail in the design and the overall craftsmanship of the products reaffirmed my decision to choose for my fashion needs. This experience not only solidified my trust in their brand but also heightened my appreciation for their dedication to delivering exceptional products and customer service. In conclusion despite the initial concern regarding delayed shipping and unresponsive links Sammydress.coms unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the impeccable quality of their products far outweighed any temporary inconvenience. I highly recommend to fashion enthusiasts seeking a reliable and diverse shopping experience reflective of unparalleled quality and customercentric values.

Mark Baker 1305 days ago

Best deals on the web for everything

If you are on the lookout for incredible deals and a vast array of products then let me introduce you to This website offers an extensive selection of fashion household items and tech accessories all at unbeatable prices. Similar to other popular online marketplaces such as Wish most products are shipped from Hong Kong China. While the wait times for shipping may be a bit longer due to the international nature of the products the wait is undeniably worth it. Personally I have found that shopping on has significantly reduced my need to visit traditional brickandmortar stores. As a plussize woman traditional clothes shopping has often been a frustrating and disheartening experience. However Sammy Dress has completely transformed my shopping experience with its wide variety of fabulous and stylish dresses tops and accessories specifically designed for plussize individuals. The website not only offers a diverse range of clothing options but also features an extensive collection of household items and tech accessories. Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe or spruce up your living space Sammy Dress has got you covered. The prices are unbeatable and the quality of the products is exceptional making every purchase a worthwhile investment. Furthermore the websites userfriendly interface and easy navigation make the entire shopping experience a breeze. With detailed product descriptions and sizing information I have always felt confident in my purchases knowing exactly what to expect when my items arrive. In conclusion has truly revolutionized the way I shop for clothing and accessories. The incredible deals diverse product range and inclusive sizing options have made it my goto online destination for all my fashion needs. I highly recommend Sammy Dress to anyone looking for affordability quality and style all in one place. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional shopping and embrace the convenience and variety that has to offer

Francisco Garcia Jr. 1484 days ago

Sorry to say SammyDress is a complete mess

I recently had an unfortunate experience with and I feel compelled to share my honest review. To put it bluntly my overall impression of SammyDress is far from positive. The clothing items I received from them were a far cry from what was advertised. One particularly glaring example was an item labeled as a sweater which turned out to be a flimsy knit longsleeve Vneck shirt. As if the misrepresentation of products wasnt disappointing enough the shipping charge amounted to an exorbitant 59 which was unexpected considering the items were supposedly coming from California and not overseas. While I will admit that SammyDress does offer some unique pieces the quality of the clothing is dismaying. Its evident that these garments are cheaply made and likely massproduced at minimal cost especially given their origins in the Asian markets. The notion of insurance for these items is frankly a mockery. The coverage it purportedly offers is essentially nonexistent and any attempts to seek assistance from customer service proved to be futile. In fact I was dumbfounded when I was told that the default option for resolving issues was to receive a refund in the form of credit to the SammyDress wallet. This struck me as a dubious tactic that could potentially leave me susceptible to being swindled once more if a future problem were to arise. Naturally I declined this offer as it felt like a ploy to exploit customers further. Unsurprisingly attempting to communicate with their customer service team was an exercise in frustration. It became abundantly clear that they were uninterested in providing genuine assistance let alone resolving any issues. The burning question that lingered in my mind was how a company could thrive while peddling such subpar clothing. Moreover the exorbitant shipping charges coupled with their misleading claims about overseas shipping only added insult to injury. In light of this disillusioning experience I have resolved to confine my clothing purchases to reputable American retailers. At least by doing so I can have the peace of mind that if something isnt right I have the option to secure a refund. I refuse to subject myself to the disheartening cycle of dealing with a company that seems content with deceiving its customers and providing negligible support. In conclusion my interaction with SammyDress left me profoundly disappointed and inconvenienced. If you value honesty quality and genuine customer service I would strongly advise looking elsewhere for your clothing needs. The allure of unique pieces is far outweighed by the frustration and disillusionment that accompany a purchase from SammyDress.

Laura Denieffe 1501 days ago

Discovering Fantastic Finds in Unconventional Jewelry

Enthusiastic about expressing my unique style I found myself navigating the vast collection of jewelry and clothes on with eager anticipation and a touch of skepticism. Yet as I ventured into this treasure trove of fashion I have been consistently surprised and delighted by the exceptional offerings available. My experience with SammyDress has primarily revolved around acquiring jewelry and clothing and I must admit I have become a loyal fan. While the majority of my purchases have been utterly satisfying I did encounter one item that unfortunately failed to meet my expectations in terms of fit. However my apprehensions were quickly dispelled when SammyDress promptly resolved the issue by providing a partial refund effectively showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite this minor hiccup my love for the extraordinary jewelry on this platform remains unwavering. The captivating assortment of trendy and offbeat pieces never fails to captivate my imagination and the reasonable prices only enhance the allure. Each visit to the website feels like embarking on a unique adventure as I eagerly discover new and unconventional designs that resonate with my personal style. While my overall experience has been immensely gratifying I feel compelled to deduct a single star due to the somewhat sluggish shipping process in comparison to other retailers. On occasions the anticipation for my eagerly awaited treasures has extended to such an extent that their eventual arrival at my doorstep has caught me by delightful surprise almost as if unveiling a longawaited gift from a dear friend. Ultimately my journey with SammyDress has been a delightful odyssey of selfexpression innovation and style. With its exceptional range of jewelry and apparel complemented by attentive customer service I have embraced this platform as a pivotal companion in my quest for sartorial excellence.

Kyle 1658 days ago

Nothing but a Bad Experience

A Disappointing Experience with Sammydress.comLet me share my honest review of I had a rather unpleasant encounter with this online retailer when I decided to purchase a Christmas jumper from their website. The entire experience was nothing short of a disaster and I feel compelled to recount my ordeal especially after discovering that my initial negative review was mysteriously flagged by the company. Its essential to me that others are aware of what I went through and thus I am reiterating my original sentiments in this revised review. I placed an order for a Christmas jumper on December 2nd anticipating its arrival before our office work do scheduled for the 17th of the month. Unfortunately my hopes were dashed as the item failed to show up in time compelling me to scramble and find an alternative jumper from another source. The final blow came when the jumper finally made its belated appearance on December 31st completely missing the holiday season. To add insult to injury the product emitted a repulsive odor reminiscent of dirty plastic and to my dismay turned out to be too small for me. Frustrated by these disappointments I attempted to reach out to the company twice regarding the delivery issues but my concerns were met with silence compounding my dissatisfaction. By the time the jumper eventually arrived I had been so let down that I promptly decided to donate it to a local charity shop preferring to rid myself of the reminder of this regrettable experience. I sincerely hope that this review remains visible and that the company refrains from attempting to suppress my genuine feedback. Its crucial for consumers to be informed about the potential pitfalls of purchasing from With that being said I would strongly advise others to exercise caution before considering any transactions with this particular online retailer. Thank you for taking the time to read about my firsthand encounter and I hope it proves helpful in your future purchasing decisions.

Kiasten 1674 days ago

Not worth your money for very cheap clothing

When I stumbled upon on my social media feed I was intrigued by the trendy clothing pieces they showcased. Despite my initial hesitation about sharing personal card information I decided to take a chance on their products. I ended up purchasing a romper in size M a onepiece swimsuit in size M and a camera necklace. To my disappointment the romper turned out to be thin and almost seethrough while the bathing suit barely accommodated my bust size. Whats more I never received the necklace and when I reached out to the company they offered no refund or replacement. To exacerbate matters I had to endure a painstakingly slow shipping process waiting an entire month for just two items. Whats worse they attempted to squeeze more money out of me by offering expedited shipping options. To add insult to injury they closed my account without any prior notification or explanation. Looking back I realize I should have thoroughly researched the company and read reviews before making a purchase. Its disheartening to admit that the quality of the items I received did not measure up to their enticing appearance online. Reflecting on my experience I must caution others that the products are of substandard quality and the overall shopping experience is not worth the investment. Save yourself the disappointment and look elsewhere for your fashion needs.

Ali Towhid 1811 days ago

Disgusting Liars

Hello there I cant help but share my experience with and their infamous Get It Free offer. Let me tell you I was beyond excited when I initially stumbled upon the concept. The idea of receiving a free item by simply referring a friend and having them make a purchase seemed too good to be true. Little did I know it was exactly that too good to be true. So I went ahead and referred a close friend urging her to make a 50 purchase all in the hopes of testing the legitimacy of this enticing offer. To my dismay after all was said and done I did not receive the promised free item. Utterly disappointed I decided to engage with their customer support thinking that there had to be some mistake or misunderstanding. Much to my chagrin their response was not only dismissive but downright accusatory. The customer service team had the audacity to assert that I was attempting to deceive them claiming that my friend and I were in fact the same person. The sheer absurdity of such an allegation left me speechless. I promptly presented irrefutable evidence pointing to our distinct PayPal accounts associated with previous purchases from their website each linked to different individuals with separate names and unique IP addresses. Yet my efforts were in vain as they obstinately refuted the truth. It became abundantly clear that this socalled Get It Free offer was nothing but a facade a ploy to lure in unsuspecting customers with false promises. The bitter taste of deceit prompted me to forewarn others beware of Their deceptive practices and dishonesty are undeniable and I implore anyone reading this to stay far far away from their clutches. Their blatant disregard for honesty and integrity in their dealings with customers is truly disheartening. My hope is that by sharing my unfortunate encounter I can spare others from falling victim to their deceitful tactics. The silver lining in all of this is the opportunity to shed light on their unscrupulous behavior serving as a cautionary tale for anyone considering engaging with Save yourself the trouble and seek out reputable and trustworthy retailers who prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction above all else.

Bo Shostek 1821 days ago


A Horrendous Experience with A Cautionary TaleI recently had the misfortune of dealing with and my experience was nothing short of a nightmare. The specific order in question was related to Order MM1604100812372558. From the moment the package arrived it was evident that something was amiss. The dress I had eagerly anticipated was not only subpar in quality but it emitted a pungent odor of old wax and chemicals. My attempts to address these issues with the customer support team were met with sheer disappointment. Despite reaching out a staggering 22 times over a period of 90 days I was met with resounding silence. It was beyond frustrating to receive no form of acknowledgement or assistance leaving me feeling utterly disregarded as a customer. To add insult to injury this was not an isolated incident. My history with was marred by a string of erroneous orders. Out of the eight dresses I had ordered not a single one was accurate or satisfactory. If that werent enough one of the dresses never even made it to my doorstep. Each transaction seemed to unravel into a new fiasco leaving me disillusioned and deeply regretful of my patronage with this company. In the aftermath of this ordeal I pursued a resolution for my grievances only to be met with further disappointment. It became apparent that the notion of a personal refund was nothing more than a farfetched dream. It seemed that once they had secured my money my satisfaction as a customer became inconsequential. As if the previous tribulations werent enough my attempts to seek recourse were met with a breathtaking display of audacity. After an exasperating 93day wait I finally received a response from the customer support team. Their proposed solution manifested as a mere partial refund contingent upon my willingness to elevate my star rating for their services. It was a blatant attempt at bribery a desperate plea to artificially bolster their online reputation devoid of any genuine intention to address and rectify the issues at hand. In conclusion my experience with stands as a cautionary tale. It is a stark reminder of the perils of online shopping and the inherent risks of placing trust in unfamiliar vendors. The absence of accountability and genuine concern for customer satisfaction is a red flag that cannot be ignored. As for me I unequivocally refuse to compromise my integrity by succumbing to such manipulative tactics. It is imperative for potential customers to approach with a discerning eye and a wariness forged from the harrowing testimonies of those who have tread this tumultuous path before them.

Lidiya 2009 days ago

Exceptional Shopping Experience

When I first stumbled upon I was drawn in by their extensive range of products and the promise of great deals. After browsing through their website for a while it became evident that they have some improvements to make. While their customer service could be more responsive and technical bugs might hinder the browsing experience theres certainly a silver lining to this story. Despite the initial hiccups I took a leap of faith and made a purchase. And to my surprise I found myself satisfied with the entire experience. If youre the type who tends to have good luck on your side you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised with your purchase from Discovering Hidden GemsWhile navigating through the virtual aisles of I was delighted to find an array of hidden gems. From trendy apparel to chic accessories and even unique home decor items their diverse product range truly caught my eye. My shopping cart quickly filled up with a mix of fashionable clothing and stylish accessories proving that despite the initial technical issues their assortment of products is definitely a strong suit. The Thrill of UnboxingOnce my eagerly awaited package arrived the excitement of unboxing truly lived up to its promises. Each item was meticulously packed and perfectly matched the descriptions on the website. The quality of the products exceeded my expectations and I couldnt be happier with my choices. It was a testament to the fact that despite the minor setbacks the end result was indeed fulfilling. A Glimpse of SatisfactionIn hindsight while may have a few areas that need attention my overall satisfaction with the purchase speaks volumes. The thrill of discovering exceptional products coupled with the joy of unboxing each carefully packaged item made for an experience that left a lasting impression. So if youre ready to take a chance embrace a bit of luck and seek out some hidden treasures I would encourage you to give a try. Despite the occasional rough patch the potential for a satisfying and fulfilling shopping experience is definitely within reach.

Olga 2065 days ago

Overall I8217m pleased

When I first discovered Sammydress I was initially attracted to their stylish and affordably priced products. I placed a couple of orders and while my overall experience wasnt flawless I can confidently say that I am pleased with my purchases. Admittedly there were some hiccups along the way. The delivery timeframe for my initial order tested my patience and on another occasion I encountered a situation where an item I had ordered was unexpectedly unavailable due to being out of stock. Nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and efficient manner in which these issues were addressed and resolved by the Sammydress team. The customer service team proved to be understanding and cooperative swiftly issuing a refund for the unavailable item without requiring any extensive backandforth communication. This level of responsiveness and professionalism significantly mitigated the inconvenience caused by the stock issue reassuring me of their commitment to customer satisfaction. In terms of product quality I was delighted that all the items I received were as described and met my expectations in terms of both style and durability. The prices were incredibly competitive and I was impressed by the excellent value for money especially considering the quality of the merchandise I received. While the timeline for delivery and the outofstock incident posed initial concerns the overall positive aspects of my shopping experience with Sammydress definitely outweighed these inconveniences. In conclusion I can confidently recommend Sammydress to fellow shoppers seeking trendy and budgetfriendly fashion finds. Despite encountering a few obstacles the efficiency of their customer service and the impressive quality of their products have left me with a favorable impression. I firmly believe that with its vast array of stylish options and commendable customer support Sammydress is a reliable choice for fashionforward individuals who value both quality and affordability.

Adom Ejalliuqam 2067 days ago

Excellent shopping experience in Sammydress has given me an impeccable shopping experience that I simply cant help but share. From the moment I placed my order for clothes and accessories I was thoroughly impressed by the seamless process and the highquality products that arrived promptly at my doorstep. The exceptional quality of the items truly exceeded my expectations leaving me nothing short of elated with my purchase. Not only does Sammydress offer an extensive range of trendy and fashionable clothing and accessories but their dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. I found their website to be userfriendly making my shopping experience both convenient and enjoyable. Navigating through the different categories was a breeze and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for with ease. What truly sets Sammydress apart is their exceptional customer service. Any queries or concerns I had were promptly addressed by their friendly and helpful team adding an extra layer of reassurance to my overall experience. This level of attention and care towards their customers truly sets them apart in the world of online shopping. I can confidently say that Sammydress has earned my trust and loyalty and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a delightful shopping experience. With their combination of topnotch products efficient service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction Sammydress has undoubtedly become my goto online fashion destination. I eagerly look forward to my next purchase knowing that I can always rely on Sammydress for all my fashion needs.

Arthie 2146 days ago

Items nothing like Pictures

A Disappointing Shopping Experience Turned Learning Lesson My Take on Sammydress.comLet me start by saying that my excitement knew no bounds when I came across The array of beautiful dresses displayed on the website seemed like a dream come true for a fashion enthusiast like myself. Naturally I quickly selected three stunning dresses and eagerly awaited their arrival. However what transpired next was nothing short of a shopping nightmare. When the dresses finally arrived I couldnt contain my excitement as I unwrapped the package. However as I laid my eyes on the dresses my enthusiasm turned into dismay. None of the dresses bore any resemblance to their online counterparts. The vibrant colors and fine details depicted in the pictures were replaced with dull shades and shoddy stitching. To my sheer horror one of the dresses was stitched so incorrectly that it was practically unwearable. Despite my disappointment I decided to give the benefit of the doubt to and reported the issue along with detailed pictures of the items. To my bewilderment the response I received was disheartening. I was instructed to provide pictures of the dresses in bright lighting as if the issue could be attributed to poor photography. Nevertheless I obliged and submitted new pictures taken in the brightest lighting clearly highlighting the stark differences between the actual dresses and their showcased versions on the website. Unfortunately since then I have not received any further communication from the customer service team. This experience left me not only disheartened but also disenchanted with online shopping in general. Reflecting on this ordeal Ive come to realize the importance of thorough research and skepticism while shopping online. While the virtual realm offers convenience and endless options it also demands cautiousness and vigilance. This bitter experience has taught me to delve deeper into customer reviews scrutinize product images and approach online purchases with a discerning eye. may have left me utterly disappointed but it has also equipped me with invaluable lessons that will undoubtedly shape my future online shopping experiences.

mahi ads 2157 days ago

A Tale of Deception My Shocking Experience with

I recently fell victim to the deceiving practices of and I wish there were negative stars to truly capture the depths of my disappointment. It all began in November when I decided to place an order on their website lured in by their promise of a 25day shipping period to the US and Canada. Little did I know this was only the beginning of a long and distressing ordeal. After enduring a painstaking 45day wait my package finally arrived only to reveal a shocking discovery it had been opened and was completely empty. The contents I had eagerly anticipated were nowhere to be found. I was left questioning whether they had shipped me an empty package as a cruel joke or if the product had been tampered with in transit. Attempting to seek recourse I promptly tried to file a complaint through their website. However to my dismay I found myself unable to lodge my grievance as their system appeared to be dysfunctional or outright nonresponsive. Frustration and dismay consumed me as I realized the sheer audacity of this scam. As I reflect on this disheartening experience I am filled with regret for ever trusting with my hardearned money. The ordeal has not only resulted in a considerable financial loss but has also left me deeply disenchanted with online shopping as a whole. In closing the order number M1711242137239795 stands as a haunting reminder of the ordeal I went through. I caution all prospective shoppers to tread carefully and avoid falling prey to the deceptive practices of

Natasha Asmar 2178 days ago

An Unfortunate Customer Service Experience at

When I decided to purchase from I was eager to receive my order quickly so I opted for expedited shipping for an additional 17. However what followed was a frustrating experience that left me deeply dissatisfied. After making my purchase I was notified via email that my order had been shipped. This initial confirmation filled me with hope that my eagerly awaited package was on its way. However as days turned into weeks I found myself still emptyhanded with no sign of my order. To my astonishment I received yet another email stating that my order had just been shipped despite the previous notification. Resolute in my determination to track down my package I attempted to reach out to the customer service team at To my dismay I discovered that contacting them by phone was not an option leaving me with no choice but to communicate via email. This lack of direct communication channels was in itself disheartening as I struggled to seek assistance with my concerns in a timely manner. Upon finally reaching out to customer service via email I was assured that my package was indeed on its way. However feeling unconvinced I took it upon myself to contact the shipping company directly to confirm the status of my delivery. To my utter dismay the shipping company disclosed that they had not received the package from Sammy Dress. This alarming revelation left me feeling deeply unsettled. The sense of disbelief and frustration at this point was truly overwhelming. What was meant to be a straightforward and expedited delivery process had turned into a convoluted and exasperating ordeal. The feeling of being at the mercy of unfulfilled promises and uncooperative parties was disheartening to say the least. In conclusion the level of customer service and the overall experience with fell far below what I had anticipated. The lack of clear communication the discrepancy in shipping notifications and the distressing discrepancy between the information provided by Sammy Dress and the shipping company left me feeling as though I was entangled in a questionable and dubious situation. Regrettably I would caution others against making a purchase from this company based on my unfortunate and unacceptable experience. It pains me to convey such a negative sentiment but I strongly believe that transparency and reliability are paramount in ecommerce and unfortunately these were sorely lacking in my interaction with

NumismaticSound 2184 days ago

A Stressful Shopping Experience Turned Nightmare My Review

If youre considering shopping at please hear me out. My initial excitement was quickly dampened by the excruciatingly long processing time for my order. It all began on November 25th and as of today December 7th my items are still in processing limbo. To add insult to injury I paid for expedited shipping but to no avail. The most frustrating part of this ordeal has been the customer service experience. It feels like Im trapped in a neverending loop of automated responses that never address the real issue at hand. No matter how many times Ive reached out Ive been met with the same generic promises that my order will be shipped out soon. Its incredibly disheartening to be stuck in this cycle without any clear explanation or resolution in sight. What amplifies my disappointment even further is the fact that Ive invested in expedited shipping hoping for a seamless and prompt delivery. Instead I find myself in a situation where not only has the processing taken an astonishingly long time but the additional payment for expedited shipping seems to have made no difference whatsoever. I had high hopes for a pleasant shopping experience but unfortunately my encounter with has been riddled with frustration and unmet expectations. If youre someone who values efficient service and timely delivery Id strongly advise looking elsewhere for your fashion needs. In conclusion my journey with has been nothing short of a nightmare. The prolonged processing compounded by the unhelpful customer service and failed expedited shipping has left me feeling utterly dissatisfied and disillusioned with this shopping platform.

Customer 2213 days ago

Dress for Halloween horror 8211 updated

It was a few weeks before Halloween and I was in dire need of a unique and spooky dress for a themed party. After much searching I stumbled upon and I was thrilled to find the perfect Halloweeninspired dress. Eager to receive it in time for the event I promptly placed my order on the 14th of September. Unfortunately my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when the dress was not dispatched until the 15th of October despite my initial inquiries and concerns. With the party date looming and no sign of the dress I had no choice but to purchase an alternative outfit. To my dismay even by the 8th of November the dress had not arrived leaving me without an apology or a suitable outfit for the occasion. However just when I had given up hope there was a silver lining to my ordeal. After reaching out for support and assistance I decided to escalate the issue through PayPal. Thankfully their intervention was pivotal in resolving the matter satisfactorily. I was granted a full refund alleviating my frustration. Surprisingly about a week following the resolution a parcel from finally arrived at my doorstep. In light of the eventual positive outcome I have revised my initial review from a onestar rating to a threestar rating. While I appreciate that the issue was ultimately addressed I cannot overlook the inconvenience and disappointment caused by the prolonged wait and lack of communication. Therefore for future patrons of I strongly recommend utilizing PayPal as a secure payment method. It served as a valuable form of protection and recourse during my purchasing ordeal and I believe it can provide added assurance for others facing similar circumstances. In conclusion while my experience with was initially marred by delivery delays and a lack of responsiveness the eventual resolution and the unique dress I ultimately received merits a cautious recommendation. Nonetheless the use of PayPal is strongly encouraged for added protection and peace of mind.

Mike LeGresley 2242 days ago

Scam company out to cheat you.

When I first came across I was hopeful and excited to purchase some trendy items. Unfortunately my experience with the company turned out to be a nightmare. To start their shipping process was slow and frustrating. There were multiple instances where they assured me that my package was ready to be shipped only to delay it further. As the wait continued I began to worry and decided to open a dispute via PayPal to protect myself. Surprisingly responded by insisting that they could not ship my items unless I closed the dispute and forfeited the protection I had. It felt like a red flag and it became clear that they were not committed to providing a satisfactory customer experience. After some back and forth they eventually claimed that the items had been shipped but failed to provide any tracking information. It was incredibly frustrating to be left in the dark unsure if my order was on its way or not. Upon receiving my package the ordeal was far from over. It turned out that only half of my order had been sent and to make matters worse one of the items was incorrect. Eager to resolve the issue I provided photo evidence of the wrong item yet their response was dismissive. They refused to acknowledge the mistake and insisted that the matter was closed from their end. My entire interaction with left me deeply disappointed and dissatisfied. The time and effort spent coupled with the stress of dealing with orders gone awry made me question if it was all worth it. Moving forward I would strongly advise anyone considering a purchase from them to think twice and carefully weigh the potential headaches that may follow. In conclusion my experience with was riddled with shipping delays unmet expectations and unsatisfactory customer service. As a consumer its crucial to consider the potential risks and frustrations before engaging with this company. I hope that by sharing my encounter others can make informed decisions and avoid the distress that I endured.

Kathy 2263 days ago

If I could give them a zero I would

Avoiding Disappointments A Cautionary Tale of Shopping with Sammydress.comWhen I stumbled upon I was immediately drawn to their trendy clothing and affordable prices. Excited to update my wardrobe I placed an order on November 5 2014 only to be met with disappointment and frustration that lingers to this day. Its been years since that illfated order and to my dismay the package never arrived. Despite my repeated attempts to reach out to their customer service my inquiries were met with silence or automated responses leaving me feeling unheard and powerless. What makes this ordeal even more disheartening is the fact that I parted with 60 of hardearned money with nothing to show for it. The absence of accountability and transparency from left me disillusioned and doubtful that I would ever receive a resolution. However I refuse to dwell solely on the negative. This experience has taught me valuable lessons about the importance of researching online retailers before making a purchase. It has also influenced my approach to online shopping as I now prioritize companies with trustworthy reviews and reliable customer service. As I reflect on this exasperating chapter I hope that my recount serves as a warning to fellow consumers. While the allure of discounted fashion may be tempting the potential ramifications of dealing with unresponsive and unscrupulous businesses can far outweigh the initial savings. In closing if you value your time money and peace of mind I implore you to exercise caution before patronizing My hope is that my cautionary tale resonates with others sparing them the frustration and disillusionment that I have endured.

Angelica 2298 days ago

Discovering Unique Styles and Reliable Service

Let me share my exceptional experience with I have always been drawn to unique and eclectic fashion and Sammydress perfectly captures that aesthetic. The first thing that caught my eye was their wide range of interesting styles from trendy fashion pieces to timeless classics. Living in Ireland I was initially concerned about the shipping duration knowing that they dispatch from China. However I was pleasantly surprised by their efficient delivery service and once I factored in the distance I found the wait to be reasonable. One important tip I would offer to new shoppers is to consider the sizing carefully. Understanding that Asian sizes may differ significantly from Western standards I made sure to refer to the detailed measurements provided rather than relying on my usual size. This attention to detail ensured that the pieces I ordered fit me perfectly enhancing my overall satisfaction with my purchases. Its been an absolute delight to receive and flaunt some of my favorite outfits all of which I acquired from Sammydress. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has certainly made me a loyal and satisfied customer. I highly recommend Sammydress to anyone looking to infuse their wardrobe with unique eyecatching apparel. In conclusion if you appreciate distinctive fashion and are open to an international shopping experience Sammydress is definitely worth exploring. The combination of their diverse styles reliable service and attention to sizing details has made them a standout choice for me. I am eagerly looking forward to my next shopping spree with them.

Maryse Pursun-Surette 2323 days ago

My Continued Delight with Sammydress A Comprehensive Review

Having previously reviewed Sammydress I am overjoyed to share my continued positive experiences with this online retailer. In the time since my last review I have placed a total of thirteen orders with Sammydress and I can confidently say that I have not been disappointed in the slightest. While my initial purchases mainly consisted of clothing items I have since also ventured into buying jewelry and beauty products from Sammydress. In terms of clothing I encountered some challenges with sizes but the responsiveness and positivity of the customer care team have truly been unmatched. Whenever I had an inquiry or issue they were quick to respond and always provided a solution that left me satisfied. I have never encountered any problems with receiving refunds for items when needed. One aspect that has noticeably improved since my last review is the shipping process. I have found that the overall shipping experience has become significantly less strenuous which has certainly contributed to my continued patronage of Sammydress. However I do feel it is important to note that while the shipping process has improved the associated costs still remain somewhat high. In conclusion my sustained satisfaction with Sammydress is a testament to the reliability and quality of their products and services. Despite the occasional sizing issue and the relatively high shipping expenses the exceptional customer care and the overall positive shopping experiences I have had far outweigh any minor setbacks. I look forward to continuing my patronage of Sammydress and eagerly anticipate further enriching my wardrobe and beauty regimen through their offerings.

Introduction is an online fashion retailer that offers affordable and trendy clothing for men, women, and children. The website features a wide range of products, from dresses and suits to shoes and accessories. Founded in 2008, has grown to become a popular e-commerce site, reaching customers in over 200 countries.

Pros and Cons

One of the biggest advantages of is its low prices. The website offers clothing at prices that are often significantly lower than those of traditional retail stores. Additionally, has a wide selection of products, with new items added frequently. However, one downside of the site is that the quality of some items may not be as high as expected. Additionally, shipping times can be quite long, particularly for international orders.

User Experience

The user experience on is generally good. The site is easy to navigate, with simple categories and search functions. However, some customers may find the amount of products overwhelming, particularly if they are looking for specific items. also offers a mobile app, which is useful for those who prefer to browse on their phones.

Pricing and Value for Money is known for its low prices, which is one of the biggest draws for customers. However, some customers have reported that the quality does not match the low prices. That being said, many customers feel that the value for money is still good.


There are many other online retailers that offer similar products to Some popular alternatives include Shein, Zaful, and Romwe.

Customer Service offers customer service via email and live chat. Many customers have reported positive experiences with the support team, citing quick response times and helpful representatives. However, some customers have also reported difficulty reaching the company's customer service team.

Product Quality and Selection

The quality of products on can vary. Some customers have reported receiving items that were poorly made or did not match the description on the website. However, many customers also report receiving high-quality items at low prices. The website has a wide selection of products, with new items added frequently.

Website Usability

The website is easy to use and navigate, with simple categories and search functions. However, some customers may find the sheer number of products overwhelming.

Returns and Exchanges has a returns and exchanges policy, but it can be difficult to navigate. Some customers have reported difficulty returning items or receiving refunds.

Promotions and Discounts frequently offers promotions and discounts, which can help offset the already-low prices. Customers can sign up for the company's email newsletter to receive updates on sales and promotions.

Reputation has a mixed reputation. While some customers report positive experiences with the site, others have reported difficulty with shipping, customer service, and product quality.

Payment Options accepts a variety of payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, and wire transfers.

Loyalty Programs does not currently offer a loyalty program.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on are mixed. While some customers report positive experiences with the site, others have reported difficulty with shipping, customer service, and product quality.

Community Involvement does not have a strong presence on social media or in the community.

Shipping and Costs

Shipping times for can be quite long, particularly for international orders. Shipping costs vary depending on the location and the size of the order.

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