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Reviewed by on 21 Jun 2022

"The two things I love most about what I do is that I help people and I solve problems - it’s as simple as that. I help my organizations develop effective, relevant marketing content."

Detailed Semrush Review by

Today, we have information at the tip of our fingers. With a simple Google search, you can come across hundreds of blogs on similar topics. And making sure your blog stands out amidst something like this is a task within itself. This is where SEO tools like Semrush can give you an advantage.  As an SEO tool, Semrush is one of the best in the industry - they offer a horde of options for keyword research along with various link-building tools. You can use it to understand where your domain stands concerning its SEO standard and Google rankings. Semrush provides important insights like how many visitors a site receives per month, the best advertisements, the most responsive anchors, etc. 

Semrush Reviews comparison

So, how does Semrush perform when compared with similar competitors? Let’s take a look at the table below: 

Categories Semrush  Ahrefs MOZ
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
Site Audit Yes Yes Yes
Position Tracking Yes No No
Backlink Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Content Marketing Toolkit  Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Research Toolkit Yes Yes Yes
Site Explorer Yes Yes Yes
Rank Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Magic Tool Yes No No
Agency Growth Kit Yes No No
Link Profile Analysis No No Yes
Page Optimization No No Yes
Some of the Semrush features that are stronger than those of its competitors like Ahrefs and Moz are:

Semrush Audit

The site audit feature has been discussed in detail later. Semrush offers various insightful metrics after running the audit, which makes it worth the money!

API Access

The higher planes of Semrush offer API access. Semrush’s API and Domain Feature offer much more in-depth analysis than any of its competitors. You can check out keyword lists, API per line, batch comparisons, index page performances, and more. By analyzing the API information, you can build up your database and toolset.

Keyword Research

Semrush’s keyword research and analysis features are beyond par. You can explore them based on monthly volume, SERP analysis, difficulty level, organic distribution, CPC, and more. There are also some unique tools under this header, like the Keyword Magic option that has been reviewed in detail later.  Other than these exemplary features, Semrush also has all the basic needs of any SEO tool like site rank tracking, backlink analysis, and so on. Ahrefs does not offer in-depth API access, whereas Moz does not feature agency growth kits. Unlike Semrush, both lack the keyword magic tool that allows users to gauge keywords from phrases.  Let’s take a closer look at the features of Semrush. 

Semrush Features comparison 

Semrush has various insights that it offers. One of the main features that Semrush offers is an authority score.

What is an Authority Score?

This is like an overview of the entire SEO of your website. It is calculated, taking into account several other factors. The amount of organic search traffic, the amount of internal and external backlinking, how many people visit the site per month, surges or drops in traffic, and so on. This is an excellent feature by Semrush as by looking at the authority score and comparing it every day, you can get a good idea of where you currently stand. 

Other Insights

Apart from this, Semrush has various other stats for analyzing your website domain. These are as follows: 
  1. The count of backlinks from other websites that link to your site. 
  2. Anchor analysis for the backlinks shows you what type of text is being highlighted for the backlink. 
  3. An estimate of the total monthly traffic, along with a graph showing its daily surges and falls. 
  4. The most well-performing advertisements and click gauging.
  5. The keywords that generated the most number of views, clicks, and shares.
  6. Mapping position - Semrush can offer a map where you can see where you currently stand instead of your competitors.
The best part is, with Semrush, you can do this on a global basis and check the analysis for individual countries. Semrush can also do the same tracking for the domain’s social media pages. It can find the traffic surges in the linked Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest pages as well. If you are trying to direct traffic via blogs, this insight could be constructive. 

Keyword Research and Analysis

Semrush offers a robust keyword research and analysis tool. You can see the difficulty score, the global volume of usage, and current trends for any keyword. Along with this, Semrush also offers various related keywords and phrases and their analysis to find the best combination. 

The Keyword Overview section automatically offers the various phrases and FAQs related to it. Interestingly, Semrush also has a Keyword Magic option. This acts as a reverse keyword searcher. You can enter a particular phrase, and it will offer you the best keywords for it. Semrush also shows the average CPC.

The backlink analysis tool allows identifying similar anchor words on other domains. The Semrush keyword and backlinks analysis tool is much more robust than most of its contemporaries. The backlink analysis feature provided by Ahrefs does not offer such insights. It only states the number of links obtained. Another cool feature, and one not seen in both Ahrefs or Moz, is that it allows you to gauge whether the backlinks are used positively or negatively. 

There is also a rank tracking tool that you can get separately. With it, you can track the ranking of keywords you have used on your site. Other than this, you can check out the Semrush Keyword Position Analysis tool. This tool is used to see the movement of keywords used on the site. You can check whether the ranking of any keyword used has increased or declined. Based on this, the Position Analysis tools then suggest the user make changes to their website. For example, if a particular keyword's ranking has fallen from its original position, Semrush can offer similar phrases that are performing better. You can choose to change it in the article or in the slug and meta description to ensure the item does not remain dormant. 

Overall, Semrush’s keyword analysis and tracking are much better than that of Ahrefs and Moz. Ahrefs has the option of analyzing parent keywords. In many ways, this is similar to the Keyword Magic tool offered by Semrush but is not as well developed. 

Content Marketing

For content marketing, Semrush offers another toolkit. With this, you can stay up to date with the latest trends and keep finding new and exciting topics to write about. The content marketing toolkit supports the sight of other similar pages and competitor sites. It then suggests the best phrases that you can work on. 

Site Auditing

This is a unique function offered by Semrush and much more robust than those provided by others. You can think of a site audit as a scan run on your domain. Semrush will scan the domain and offer information on anything that might negatively affect your rank. This might include broken links, articles with keyword stuffing, or any other technical error - like encryption and SSL certification-related errors.  It can also provide suggestions to make the site rank better. This can include recommendations to improve slugs, keyword density, meta description, feature image alt texts, and more. Ahrefs also has a site audit tool. However, it can undoubtedly be improved upon as the auditing process takes an extremely long time. Running an audit limits the usage of other features. Hence it is best to find one that takes the minimum time. 

Agency Growth Kit

Every business is looking to grow. And it would be best if you had the right tools to do so. With Semrush, you can get an entire toolkit for this. This toolkit goes beyond digital marketing to ensure that you have proper PDFs and brochures for your business. Semrush offers the advanced report branding feature, which will ensure that every report you generate matches your branding.  There is also a client managing tool. In many ways, this functions similar to a CRM. The client managing tool helps to streamline the clients, create workflow charts and manage various tasks. Anyone who engages in email marketing knows the importance of having a Whitelabel. The agency growth toolkit allows a white label option as well. You can ensure any pdf or email is whitelisted by using this tool. 

The Semrush UI

Of course, the first thing users see whenever they open an SEO software is the UI. The UI makes the user’s job easier and allows them to navigate the tool better. If you are already familiar with SEO tools, you will not find the Semrush UI challenging to navigate. Semrush has a pretty standard UI that is followed by many other contemporaries. Those shifting to Semrush from other tools like Ahrefs and Moz will also not face any difficulty. The menu options are placed to the left, whereas the top bar displays the active menu. The body features various sections. Semrush shows most data in infographic format. Whether you are looking at keyword trends to position analysis - Semrush offers exciting charts and graphs for you to contend with. The menu to the left can open out when clicked on to reveal more sub-menus. Overall, the menu bar is well-structured. All daily tools are placed near the top, and the menus are grouped based on functionality. The body features various sections and is very data-intensive.  Semrush also has an app that you can use. The UI of the app is much more simplified. However, the app does not offer as extensive an overview as the desktop version does. 

Customer support comparison 

Semrush offers exemplary customer service. While the Semrush website itself offers various webinars and tutorials on managing the various digital marketing tools, they also have a team of 100 people trained and ready to provide customer service. The Semrush team can be contacted during work hours on the weekdays. They have an excellent response rate and can refer users to the proper guidelines and tutorials if needed. 

Here is a comparison of the different pricing offered by Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. Semrush offers good value for money. 

Categories Semrush  Ahrefs MOZ
Pro Plan 119.95 USD/ month 99 USD/ month 99 USD/ month
Standard/ Guru Plan 229.95 USD/ month 179 USD/ month 249 USD/ month
Business/ Advanced Plan 449.95 USD/ month 399 USD/month 599 USD/month
Free Trial Seven days None 30 days free

Conclusion: Who Ranks Best? 

Ultimately, each of the three SEO management tools offers different features. Semrush performs well when it comes to overall features. It has a robust keyword research tool - which is the essential tool needed by bloggers. The backlink analysis tool is better than Moz. For more significant sites, this could be especially important. The toxicity meter shows whether the backlinks are positive or negative. Semrush also constantly keeps a lookout on keyword and site ranking performance and offers suggestions for betterment. Thus, it is excellent for long-term users. 

Moz takes a close second place. Moz has most of the features offered by Semrush, though it costs more. One thing that Semrush does better than Moz is its UI. It certainly could have been more user-friendly. For first-time users, the Moz UI can be very confusing. The site audit provided by Moz is quite robust and fast. Like Semrush, it offers recommendations. But it goes one step ahead and offers easy fixes as well. However, these features come at a price. Finally, Ahrefs occupies the third post. This is partly because of the unavailability of a good backlink analysis service and the long-time running site audit feature. The final choice, of course, rests within the needs of your site. We hope this review has been insightful enough to allow you to make a choice.

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