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Jolene W 12 days ago


I recently had a highly disappointing experience with and I am compelled to share my review. Over the years I have encountered numerous problems every time I attempt to add time to my device leading to the necessity of reaching out to their customer service. However my most recent interaction with them left me utterly frustrated and dissatisfied. To provide some context I have maintained the same phone number for over 20 years. I have been a loyal customer purchasing a year plan at a time and renewing it without fail every January. Despite my consistent patronage I was shocked when I was informed that my longstanding number had been sold back to the original company without my consent. The infuriating part was that the customer service representative was unable to provide me with any information regarding the sale or the company in question. Additionally I was informed that as per their purported new policy they were unable to disclose the date of my last purchase leaving me baffled and frustrated. In an attempt to resolve the situation I was directed to their app to look up the relevant information. However this proved to be an impossible task as my number had been unjustly taken away. In a further display of negligence I was informed that my number had been reassigned a statement that was contradicted when I called it myself and discovered that it was not in use and bore a message indicating disconnection through Verizon. The final straw was when I reached out to Verizon in the hope of gaining clarity only to be met with further incompetence. Despite my repeated efforts to communicate the issue they were unable to provide any information and to my bewilderment even asked me about my nonexistent history with their company. My overall experience with has been nothing short of a nightmare. The lack of transparency contradictory information and utter disregard for customer loyalty have convinced me that I will never engage with their services again. In fact I am wholeheartedly inclined to dissuade anyone from considering them as a viable option. My unfortunate ordeal serves as a cautionary tale and I sincerely hope that others do not have to endure the same exasperating and exasperating experience.

Yavniela Sameach 14 days ago

The most abusive customer service ever.

I recently had an incredibly frustrating experience with TracFones customer service while attempting to add an eSim card to my iPhone 11 Max Pro. The ordeal began on 11172023 and after a harrowing 6.5 hours and over 40 calls to their technical support department I was left without the cell phone service that I had already paid for. The main issue seemed to stem from the fact that many of the customer technical support representatives I spoke to did not seem to be adequately proficient in English or knowledgeable about Sim and eSim cards. Despite assurances from an AI screening process and subsequent representatives that they would take care of me and resolve the issue the assistance I received was marred by conflicting information broken English and a general lack of comprehension regarding eSim cards. One particularly disconcerting aspect of this experience was the fact that some representatives claimed that TracFone did not support devices requiring eSim cards directly contradicting the information available on the companys website. Despite my efforts to point this out I was met with obstinance and an overall inability to rectify the situation. Things took a turn when during my final call around 730PM I was able to speak with a manager who claimed to be based at TracFone headquarters. Unlike the previous representatives this manager was able to effectively communicate in English and swiftly resolved the issue restoring my cell phone service without updating the eSim card for my device. He also confirmed that TracFone did indeed support and provide service for devices utilizing eSim cards putting to rest the false information I had been given earlier. This entire ordeal left me not only frustrated but deeply concerned about the quality of customer service provided by overseas representatives who seemed illequipped to handle the intricacies of English and the cultural nuances vital to effective customer service. The stress and hours spent on the phone with individuals unable to provide meaningful assistance were extremely taxing and left me questioning the entire experience. In conclusion my encounter with TracFones customer service was without a doubt one of the most exasperating and distressing experiences I have endured. The lack of clarity misinformation and the sheer amount of time and effort expended to resolve what should have been a straightforward issue was utterly disappointing.

Randy Pinson 19 days ago

Lost my phone and I was trying to

As a longtime user of I recently found myself in a precarious situation I had lost my phone and urgently needed to activate a new device. It was during this challenging time that I had an experience which tested my patience and understanding an experience that led me to the conclusion that Tracfone possesses perhaps the most horrendous customer service in the entirety of the world. After realizing that my phone was missing I immediately sought to acquire a replacement and transfer my existing service to the new device. Unfortunately what followed was a frustrating and exasperating encounter with Tracfones customer service department. As I navigated the labyrinth of automated phone menus and extensive wait times my patience was understandably wearing thin. The lack of immediate assistance during such a stressful situation was undeniably disheartening. Despite my initial challenges I persevered and eventually connected with a customer service representative. Sadly the interaction proved to be just as disheartening as the wait. The individual on the other end of the line seemed disinterested and unhelpful providing vague and unconvincing solutions that did little to alleviate my mounting concerns. Their lack of empathy and understanding only compounded my frustration leaving me disenchanted and dissatisfied with the level of support I was receiving. In times of distress particularly when dealing with the loss of a valuable item like a phone the role of customer service cannot be overstated. Sadly my experience with Tracfones customer service fell short of the mark in every conceivable way. The support I yearned for during that challenging period was conspicuously absent and the apathetic response I encountered only served to exacerbate my feelings of unease and vulnerability. In conclusion the distressing ordeal I faced while attempting to activate a new phone with Tracfone underscored the critical importance of reliable and compassionate customer service. It is my sincere hope that my feedback serves as a catalyst for positive change within Tracfones customer service operations ultimately leading to improved experiences for customers during their times of need.

Barb Pazanski 24 days ago

Outstanding Products but Unfortunate Customer Service Experience

Upon purchasing a phone from I encountered an unexpected setback with their customer service. While the product itself was excellent I faced an issue when my phone suddenly stopped working. I embarked on what turned out to be a frustrating journey characterized by countless hours spent on the phone and the lack of a callback. Despite my persistent efforts the customer service team failed to provide a satisfactory resolution. The most disappointing part of my ordeal was the reluctance of the customer service representatives to acknowledge the existence of a problem with my phone. Despite my assurance that I had not altered any settings they insisted that the device was in optimal working condition. Subsequently this was a perplexing situation as I found myself unable to make calls. As a loyal customer I expected a more supportive and understanding approach particularly given that the issue seemed to stem from their end. Unfortunately their refusal to recognize any fault on their part left me feeling powerless and dissatisfied. While my experience with tracfone.coms customer service fell short of expectations I must emphasize that their product quality remains commendable. The device itself met and even exceeded my initial expectations and its overall performance was exceptional. Moving forward I hope that will consider reassessing their customer service protocols to ensure that future customers do not encounter similar challenges. As I continue to enjoy the functionality of their product I am optimistic that improvements in customer service will enhance the overall experience for all patrons.

Paris kirkpatrick 26 days ago

This Company needs to be shut down

Tracfone A Frustrating Customer Service ExperienceI recently had a disappointing encounter with and I must share my honest feedback. For context I urgently needed to add my IMEI to my SIM card and thats where my ordeal began. It quickly became evident that the customer service at this company is in dire need of improvement. My distressing experience began with an endless runaround between different departments and representatives. This stressful cycle persisted for two full days without any resolution in sight. To make matters worse the interactions culminated in abrupt hangups from the companys end. The lack of accountability and respect for customer concerns was truly disheartening. Moreover when requesting to speak with a supervisor or manager the language barrier added another layer of frustration. It was evident that scripted responses and a lack of genuine technical expertise plagued every interaction. The absence of real solutions and meaningful assistance left me utterly exasperated. One of the most frustrating aspects of this ordeal was the fact that I had already paid for an entire month of service. This added insult to injury as I was left feeling unheard and undervalued as a paying customer. In conclusion my experience with was deeply disappointing and I would caution anyone against engaging with this company. The lack of effective customer service and technical support is a cause for concern. It is my sincere hope that the necessary measures are taken to address these shortcomings and elevate the overall customer experience.

Suniti Rajkarnikar 26 days ago

Worst service ever

I recently had an incredibly frustrating experience with that I simply cannot overlook. It took an exasperating four days for them to inform me that they do not support eSIM despite my efforts to set it up. The culmination of this ordeal came when I was advised with unbelievable audacity to seek a different service provider if I wanted to use an eSIMsupported device. Suffice it to say I found the service or lack thereof to be nothing short of pathetic. The prospect of using an eSIM had initially sparked my interest in and I was excited to explore the possibilities it offered. However the reality I encountered was a far cry from what I had hoped for. The prolonged delay in discovering their lack of eSIM support left me feeling like my time and efforts had been callously disregarded. This lack of transparency and the subsequent suggestion to switch providers left me dismayed and disheartened. In a world where efficiency and customer satisfaction should be paramount this experience was a jarring reminder of the importance of reliable service. As someone who values their time and expects a certain level of competence from service providers this encounter with fell egregiously short. The convenience and technological advancements of eSIM support were rendered utterly meaningless by the disconcerting inefficiency and dismissive attitude I encountered. Unfortunately my high hopes for a seamless and customercentric experience were met with disappointment and frustration. As a result I have since sought out a provider that not only supports eSIM but also values and prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers. My experience with serves as a poignant lesson in the significance of transparent communication and the pivotal role it plays in cultivating customer trust and loyalty. In conclusion my time with was an exercise in patience and perseverance ultimately leading me to a more satisfying and customerfocused service provider. It is my sincere hope that my feedback serves as a constructive reflection on the critical importance of transparency and efficient service delivery in the realm of telecommunications.

Tamara Beavers 29 days ago

These people are thieves

The experience I had with unfortunately turned out to be a complete nightmare. I was beyond disappointed with the service I received and I felt compelled to share my frustrating experience with others. In all honesty I found their customer service to be nothing short of appalling. My very first interaction with them left me feeling like I had been deceived. Its disheartening to admit but I even felt that they were dishonest in their dealings with me. To add insult to injury its been over a month and my ordeal with them is still ongoing. The lack of resolution and the string of unfulfilled promises have only added fuel to the fire. Even now on November 4th the situation remains unresolved. I am currently in the process of seeking a refund through Visa as it seems to be the only way to recoup my losses. My hope is that others will heed my warning and avoid being taken advantage of by this company. Please learn from my mistake and steer clear of at all costs. This has been a distressing and exhausting journey one I wouldnt wish upon anyone.

M.J.R. 33 days ago

I ported over my phone number to Tracfone

In 2020 I made the decision to switch my phone number to Tracfone and it has been a gamechanger for me. The initial attraction was a fantastic deal on a new phone bundled with an annual service plan. I found the process of porting over my number to be smooth and hasslefree and Ive never looked back. For the past few years I have consistently renewed my annual service plan with Tracfone and I recently took advantage of another amazing offer for a new Tracfone phone that also came with an annual plan. The best part I was able to keep my same phone number without any issues which made the transition seamless. One of the standout features of Tracfone is its use of the Verizon network ensuring that I always have excellent reception and connectivity. This has been especially beneficial during travel and in areas where signal strength can be unreliable. Knowing that I can rely on a strong network gives me peace of mind. What sets Tracfone apart from other providers is the ability to rollover remaining minutes text messages and data by renewing the annual plan before it expires. This feature perfectly aligns with my usage habits as I can accumulate and carry over my unused resources maximizing their value. In addition to the impressive service and offerings I have been thoroughly impressed with the customer service provided by Tracfone. Should I ever have a query or require assistance the support team has consistently been responsive and helpful. Its reassuring to know that I can rely on prompt and efficient assistance whenever I need it. Overall my experience with Tracfone has been exceptional and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and costeffective mobile service provider. The combination of great deals dependable network coverage resource rollover and topnotch customer service makes Tracfone a standout choice for mobile phone users.

Robert Reams 35 days ago

These guys are thieves shut them down

A Cautionary Tale My Experience with Tracfone.comAs a consumer I always look for convenience and affordability when it comes to mobile services. Thats why when I came across I thought I had hit the jackpot. Unfortunately my experience with them turned into a nightmare and I feel compelled to share my cautionary tale. From the moment I signed up with I encountered nothing but issues. Their customer service was virtually nonexistent and any attempts to resolve my problems were met with nothing but frustration. It seemed as though once they had my money they couldnt care less about my concerns. Not only did I feel like I was taken advantage of but I also believe that what transpired was unlawful. My experience left me feeling as though I had been robbed and this feeling resonated with a much larger issuethe need for consumer protection. Given my harrowing encounter I implore anyone considering using to proceed with caution. While their prices may seem enticing the potential cost of engaging with this company could far outweigh any benefits. Ive taken it upon myself to alert authorities but I also want to share my story with others in the hope of sparing them from a similar experience. In conclusion my advice to anyone contemplating the use of is to approach with extreme caution. As for me I am committed to pursuing justice and preventing others from falling victim to what I can only describe as a disreputable and neglectful enterprise. I hope my story serves as a warning to others and as a testament to the importance of consumer advocacy. Thank you for taking the time to read about my ordeal.

David.... 35 days ago

Paid twice for the same month once for 28.57 then again for 34.04 on line then over the phone no refund given

Tracfone has been the worst experience I have ever had with a mobile provider. I found myself in the unbelievable situation of being charged twice for the same month of service and despite numerous attempts to rectify the issue I have yet to receive a refund for the extra charge. My ordeal began when I attempted to make a payment online for my deactivated phone only to realize later that the payment had not gone through as expected. I decided to contact customer service to resolve the issue and went through the frustrating experience of speaking with a representative who I could barely understand due to their heavy accent. After explaining the situation I was informed that I might need to follow up on the initial payment and was prompted to make a second payment over the phone. To my disbelief after going through the trouble of making the second payment there was no effort made to address the first erroneous charge. I initiated a series of calls to customer service only to be repeatedly assured that my case would be escalated to the refund department and that I could expect a call back within 24 hours. However this promise proved to be as empty as the previous ones as I never received any communication from them. Each time I was told that someone would reach out to me it never materialized leaving me in a state of frustration and helplessness. What makes matters worse is the apparent design of their system to encourage customers to spend more money to resolve issues rather than addressing and correcting the problems at hand. It became evident to me that this was not a company that prioritizes the wellbeing and satisfaction of its customers. Instead it seemed more focused on finding ways to increase revenue even if it meant disregarding the concerns of its patrons. As a result I have made the decision to never use their service again as I have no desire to subject myself to such incompetence and disrespect. I initially turned to Tracfone in the hope of a reliable service during my hiking expeditions in the Adirondacks believing that the coverage from Verizon would be superior to my previous provider Mint Mobile. However this experience has only left me disillusioned and disappointed. It is disheartening to witness a company engage in practices that ultimately exploit its customers for financial gain while providing subpar service in return. The frustration I have endured in attempting to resolve this issue has been a drain on both my time and energy which could have been better spent in more meaningful pursuits. It is clear that the disregard for customer satisfaction and the apparent lack of integrity within the companys practices are not in alignment with my values. I am appalled by the lack of accountability and the blatant disregard for customer care that has been displayed throughout this ordeal. In conclusion I would strongly advise against entrusting Tracfone with your mobile service needs. The inefficiency lack of accountability and apparent exploitation of customers for financial gain are simply unacceptable. This experience has been a clear indication that this is not a company that values its customers or their wellbeing. It is my hope that others will be spared from such a distressing encounter and find a provider that genuinely prioritizes their satisfaction and peace of mind.

Ms Wi 37 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and Reliable Products

My experience with completely exceeded my expectations. When I first encountered issues with my phone their customer service team went above and beyond to resolve the situation promptly and effectively. Upon realizing that the volume on my device was unusually low I reached out to for assistance. Their customer support representative was not only empathetic but also incredibly knowledgeable. They skillfully guided me through several troubleshooting steps to address the volume issue. Despite my initial frustration the representatives courteous and patient demeanor instantly put me at ease. As if the low volume problem wasnt enough I soon discovered that my phone had been compromised by a hacker. Understandably distressed I was quickly reassured by the team that they would do everything in their power to rectify the situation. One of the most striking aspects of tracfone.coms service was their unwavering commitment to my satisfaction. When I requested to speak to a supervisor they promptly and courteously facilitated the escalation of my concern. The supervisor not only addressed my immediate issue but also took the time to ensure that I felt heard and valued as a customer. Furthermore in light of the security breach took the necessary steps to safeguard my information and privacy. They not only provided me with comprehensive guidance on securing my device but also offered to change my phone number to prevent any further unauthorized access. In the end not only resolved the original volume issue with my phone but also took proactive measures to mitigate the impact of the security breach. Their exemplary customer service and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have solidified my trust and loyalty to their brand. In todays fastpaced and often impersonal world the level of care and attention I received from truly set them apart. With a renewed sense of confidence in the security and reliability of their products I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking a dependable and customercentric mobile service provider.

Harrison Miller 37 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service and Seamless Connectivity

Let me share my outstanding experience with TracFone which stands in stark contrast to the negative reviews you may have come across. After a seamless purchase on I encountered an issue with answering calls and signing into Google Play using my Gmail account. Frustrated but hopeful I dialed TracFones customer service and commenced what I anticipated to be a lengthy and tedious troubleshooting session. Much to my surprise the process was anything but daunting. I was greeted by a courteous representative who patiently listened to my concerns and efficiently guided me through the steps to resolve the issue. Despite the complexity of the technical matter at hand the representatives adeptness in simplifying the instructions made the entire process remarkably smooth. Contrary to the arduous struggles I had anticipated I found myself quickly regaining confidence in the service. One particular standout moment was when I requested a call back on my cell phone which had been problematic in receiving calls. The representative accommodated my request without hesitation and to my amazement the call was not only promptly made but also conducted with the utmost professionalism. This attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a seamless customer experience left an indelible impression on me. I spent a total of 3.5 hours on the phone with the TracFone support team and while this duration may seem prolonged every minute was a testament to their dedication to resolving my concerns. Their thoroughness in addressing every aspect of the issue reaffirmed my confidence in their commitment to customer satisfaction. In conclusion my experience with TracFones customer service was nothing short of exemplary. Their ability to efficiently tackle technical issues while providing unwavering support and clear guidance is a testament to their expertise and dedication. I am now able to seamlessly utilize my TracFone and the encompassing connectivity it offers has truly streamlined my daytoday activities. I wholeheartedly recommend TracFone to anyone in search of reliable service coupled with exceptional customer support.

Gary Taber 41 days ago

Will not transfer number

Tracfone A Disappointing Mobile Network ExperienceWhen I decided to switch to Tracfone I was optimistic about the service quality and affordability that this mobile network promised. However my experience quickly took a frustrating turn. I purchased a new Tracfone and successfully transferred my existing number to it only to discover that the reception was subpar. This led me to transfer my number back to my previous Tracfone hoping for better connectivity. Unfortunately the issue persisted with only one bar and no reception. In a lastditch effort to salvage the situation I attempted to return to the new Tracfone I had initially purchased. Shockingly I was met with yet another roadblockTracfone refused to transfer my number back to the new device. These phones were all bought directly from Tracfone and were under their service plans which made the entire ordeal even more befuddling. This ordeal left me deeply disappointed and inconvenienced. Not only did I endure the frustration of dealing with poor reception but I also faced unanticipated complications when trying to resolve the issue by switching between devices. The inability to transfer my number as needed added another layer of complexity to an already exasperating experience. As someone who values seamless and reliable mobile communication Tracfones failure to deliver on its service commitments was disheartening. The lack of consistent reception and the difficulties in transferring my number between their own devices showcased significant shortcomings in their service quality and customer support. In conclusion my experience with Tracfone fell short of expectations and I was left grappling with inadequate reception and uncooperative transfer policies. It is regrettable to see a promising mobile network service such as Tracfone falter in crucial aspects ultimately failing to provide the essential reliability and support that customers depend on. If you are considering Tracfone as your mobile network provider I advise approaching with caution and being prepared for potential servicerelated hurdles. My hope is that my experience serves as a valuable point of consideration for anyone navigating the myriad of options in the mobile network market.

czechsmix 41 days ago

Horrible customer service

A Frustrating Experience with Tracfones Customer ServiceI recently encountered a frustrating ordeal with that I feel compelled to share with others. It all started when I lost my phone and attempted to have it deactivated for security reasons. Little did I know that this simple request would turn into a nightmare due to their inflexible security measures. I reached out to their customer service team hopeful that they would swiftly assist me in deactivating the lost device. However my hopes were quickly dashed when I was informed that I needed to provide a fourdigit code that I had set up years ago and regrettably could not recall. Despite my willingness to verify my identity with alternative personal information such as my SSN DOB and DL number I was met with a rigid insistence on the elusive fourdigit code. This left me baffled and frustrated as I couldnt comprehend why the company didnt have alternative security questions or procedures in place for such situations. What baffled me even more was the lack of flexibility and understanding from the customer service representative. It seemed that no matter how much I pleaded or reasoned with them they remained unwavering in their stance. This left me feeling utterly helpless and dissatisfied with their approach to customer support. Moreover as I delved deeper into other customers reviews I noticed a disheartening pattern of similar experiences. It appears that Tracfone has a tendency to disconnect with no hesitation leaving customers feeling disregarded and stranded in their time of need. I cannot help but express my disappointment and frustration with Tracfones customer service or lack thereof. The experience left me feeling incredibly undervalued as a customer and I hope that by sharing my story others can avoid similar exasperating encounters. In conclusion my interaction with tracfone.coms customer service was nothing short of exasperating. The inflexible security measures and the lack of empathy from their representatives left me feeling neglected and frustrated. I sincerely hope that they reconsider their approach to customer support and implement more accommodating practices for customers facing similar predicaments. Overall this experience has undoubtedly tarnished my perception of the company and I urge potential customers to approach with caution and be aware of the potential challenges they may encounter especially when seeking assistance from their customer service department.

R. E. 43 days ago

Smooth and Seamless Transition to Tracfone Porting Service

I recently switched to Tracfone and wanted to share my experience with their porting service. While I understand that some customers may have encountered delays my transition was smooth and seamless. Upon initiating the porting process I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of Tracfones customer support team. They guided me through the necessary steps and I found the online portal to be userfriendly and straightforward. Contrary to certain concerns my phone was seamlessly connected within a few hours. I was impressed by the speed and accuracy with which Tracfone handled the porting of my number. It was a relief not to experience any prolonged periods without service as some reviews had suggested. I understand that individual experiences may vary but I can confidently say that my transition to Tracfone was devoid of any significant inconveniences. As a result I wholeheartedly recommend Tracfone based on the efficiency of their porting service. In conclusion despite some negative feedback my personal encounter with Tracfones porting service was quick and hasslefree. I fervently endorse Tracfone to anyone in search of a reliable and efficient mobile service provider. In summary while acknowledging that experiences may differ my personal encounter with Tracfones porting service was swift and straightforward. Based on this experience I wholeheartedly recommend Tracfone to anyone seeking a dependable and expedient mobile service provider.

Noah 44 days ago

TracFone A Disappointing Experience

When I initially signed up with I was hopeful that it would be a reliable and costeffective mobile service provider. Unfortunately my experience with them particularly through safelink was nothing short of a nightmare. Despite purchasing trac phones from other retailers I encountered numerous issues with adding the unlimited talk time I paid for on their website. Each month without fail I had to dedicate a significant amount of time reaching out to their customer service only to end up speaking with someone located overseas. The process was frustrating and timeconsuming often taking upwards of 30 minutes just to receive the minutes I had already paid for. Dissatisfied with this level of service I decided to switch to Consumer Cellular. Though it meant paying a slightly higher fee the ability to communicate with a customer service representative based in the United States made it a worthwhile investment. However my attempt to sever ties with TracFone resulted in further complications. Upon trying to switch providers I discovered that TracFone had locked my phone leaving me without service for a harrowing three days. To exacerbate matters they also blocked my access to their website making the process of unlocking my phone even more arduous. As a result of these challenging experiences I would strongly advise anyone in the market for a mobile service provider to steer clear of TracFone. The frustrating and timewasting encounters I had with their service overshadowed any potential cost savings ultimately driving me to seek a more reliable and customerfocused alternative in Consumer Cellular.

MC 44 days ago

Unparalleled Reliability with Tracfone A User8217s Journey

Let me take you on a journey through my experience with Tracfone a journey that has spanned across multiple years. Throughout my time with Tracfone I have found their services to be reliable and convenient until a couple of mishaps this year led me to consider exploring alternatives. For years Tracfone has been my goto choice for mobile services offering hasslefree connectivity and costeffective options. Their seamless network coverage and affordable plans have made them a top choice for many budgetconscious individuals including myself. However this year presented a couple of challenges that tested my loyalty to the brand. Firstly I encountered an unexpected hurdle when a representative informed me that I would need to pay an additional fee for an eSIM. This came as a surprise as I had never encountered such a request in the past. The notion of being charged extra for a seemingly standard feature left me feeling unsettled and prompted me to reassess the value I was receiving from the service. Moreover a more distressing incident unfolded when I discovered that the thousands of minutes I had diligently rolled over from previous years had inexplicably vanished. Engaging with a representative in an attempt to resolve this issue proved to be a futile exercise. To my dismay I was informed that they did not have the necessary access to information that could rectify the situation. This left me feeling stranded and disheartened as the essence of trust and reliability that I had come to associate with Tracfone seemed to have waned. Despite these recent setbacks I must acknowledge the positive experiences I have had with Tracfone over the years. Their consistent connectivity and budgetfriendly plans have been instrumental in keeping me connected without breaking the bank. Nevertheless the unexpected complications I faced this year have prompted me to consider exploring alternatives to ensure a smooth and reliable mobile experience in the future. As I reflect on my journey with Tracfone I have made the decision to transition to Mint Mobile for the upcoming year. While it is not without a tinge of reluctance that I part ways with a service that has been a staple in my life for so long the need for assurance and reliability in my mobile service provider has led me to this new path. In conclusion Tracfone has been an integral part of my mobile experience for years providing me with reliable and costeffective services. However recent challenges have prompted me to seek out a new chapter with Mint Mobile in pursuit of a seamless and trustworthy mobile connectivity solution.

Sheryl Lawson 53 days ago

Very bad customer service on telephone

It saddens me to acknowledge that my experience with tracfone.coms customer service left a bitter taste in my mouth. I found myself in a frustrating predicament needing to transfer my minutes and number to a new phone yet facing countless impediments in the process. My patience was tested as I reached out for assistance five times over two days only to be met with unrelenting obstacles. In each instance my attempts to communicate with the customer service representatives were thwarted by inexplicable disconnections leaving me utterly exasperated. The language barrier further compounded my struggles as I found it increasingly challenging to decipher the information being conveyed to me. To exacerbate matters my earnest request to escalate the matter to a supervisor or an individual who could converse with me in English was vehemently disregarded. The culmination of these relentless setbacks resulted in an overwhelming sense of defeat leaving me disheartened and disenchanted. Regrettably the minutes on my phone were lost amidst the chaos further accentuating my growing discontent with the entire ordeal. All I had yearned for was a seamless transition of my existing minutes and number to a new device a seemingly straightforward process that had been needlessly complicated. In reflection my overall interaction with tracfone.coms customer service has been nothing short of disheartening. The profound dissatisfaction that lingers as a result of this experience has unquestionably overshadowed any semblance of contentment I once harbored. It is my sincere hope that this feedback serves as a catalyst for meaningful change within tracfone.coms customer service apparatus thereby sparing future patrons from enduring the same tribulations Ive regrettably faced.

Martha 69 days ago

Sold a phone that won8217t work on Tracfone

Tracfone has been my goto carrier since 2009 and for the most part Ive been a satisfied customer. However my recent experience with upgrading to a different phone left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. In August I decided to purchase an iPhone to replace my current one which was beginning to show its age. When the new phone arrived I eagerly unboxed it ensuring that all the components were in working order before discarding the outer packaging. A couple of weeks later when I finally had the time to transfer my service to the new device I encountered a major roadblock the phone simply wouldnt work with Tracfone. Perplexed and dismayed I reached out to customer service for assistance. To my dismay I was informed that I would need to contact Straight Talk instead without any further explanation. The rep simply reiterated that my new phone could not be activated on Tracfones network. Feeling exasperated I now found myself in possession of a phone that I couldnt use with my preferred carrier. To add to my frustration I was further informed that the only way to return the device was to follow the instructions on the original shipping box which of course I had already disposed of. This experience has left me feeling let down and inconvenienced particularly after being a loyal Tracfone customer for over a decade. I had hoped for a seamless upgrade process only to encounter unexpected hurdles and a lack of clear communication regarding compatibility issues. As a longstanding customer I had expected better support and a more straightforward resolution to this issue. In conclusion while Ive had positive experiences with Tracfone in the past this recent incident has undoubtedly soured my perception of the brand. I now find myself grappling with a phone that doesnt align with my chosen carrier and facing obstacles in returning it adding unnecessary frustration to what should have been a simple upgrade.

Roger Jones 135 days ago

PHONE STOLEN TracFone cannot even find my number.

A Frustrating Experience with TracFone A Customers Story of Lost Phone and Poor ServiceAs an individual who values efficiency and reliability my recent encounter with TracFone has been nothing short of disappointing. It all started with the unfortunate incident of my phone being stolen. The subsequent steps I took to rectify the situation only added to my frustration leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth. After the distressing event of losing my phone I promptly decided to reach out to TracFone in hopes of resolving the issue and acquiring a new phone. However what I encountered was a series of hurdles that seemed insurmountable. Upon purchasing a new phone I was astonished to find out that TracFone was unwilling to reinstate my old number. This came as a shock as I had expected a certain degree of understanding and assistance especially given the circumstances of my predicament. To exacerbate matters the communication with the TracFone representative turned unpleasant with the use of profane language leaving me utterly dismayed. The lack of professionalism and empathy further compounded my frustration making me question the companys commitment to customer service. Moreover as I attempted to activate the new phone through their website I was met with a perplexing obstacle. The activation process seemed convoluted and unaccommodating as if it was designed exclusively for those already in possession of an activated phone. This in turn made an already taxing situation even more exasperating. On top of everything I was astounded to find that TracFone had charged my debit card again without due cause and provided me with an unknown number a baffling and worrying occurrence that only added to my growing list of grievances. After an arduous and disheartening 45 days I found myself still grappling with the aftermath of the entire ordeal with no substantial support or resolution in sight. This protracted period of unaddressed concerns and lack of assistance only served to cement my decision never to engage in any form of business with this company in the future. In conclusion my experience with TracFone has been one plagued by inefficiency lack of empathy and an overall disregard for customer satisfaction. The handling of my situation from the refusal to reinstate my old number to the perplexing activation process and the additional financial charge has left me feeling utterly disillusioned. I wholeheartedly advise potential customers to exercise caution and consideration before engaging with TracFone based on the disheartening encounter I have had.

Introduction: is a prepaid wireless service provider that offers affordable plans with no annual contracts or credit checks. It has been providing wireless communication services in the United States since 1996 and is a subsidiary of America Movil, a global leader in telecommunications.

Pros and Cons:

  • Flexible plans that can fit any budget
  • No annual contracts, credit checks, or overage fees
  • International calling options
  • Wide range of phones to choose from
  • Excellent network coverage and service reliability
  • Limited data options compared to other carriers
  • Slower data speeds after data limits are reached
  • No unlimited data plans

User Experience: has a user-friendly website that allows customers to easily purchase phones, activate service, and manage their accounts. It also offers a mobile app for easy access to account information and features.

Pricing and Value for Money: offers a variety of plans starting at $15 per month with different options for talk, text, and data allowances. Additionally, it offers add-ons and international calling options. Overall, provides good value for money, especially for those who don't use large amounts of data.


Some alternative prepaid wireless service providers to include:
  • Cricket Wireless
  • Straight Talk Wireless
  • Boost Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile

Customer Service: offers customer support through its website, mobile app, and phone. Customers can also access a comprehensive FAQ section to answer any questions they may have.

Product Quality and Selection: offers a wide range of phones to choose from, including budget-friendly options and high-end smartphones. It only offers phones that are compatible with its service, ensuring that customers get the best possible network coverage and service quality.

Website Usability: has a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and provides customers with all the information they need to manage their accounts and purchase phones and plans.

Returns and Exchanges: offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all phones and plans. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can return it within 30 days and receive a full refund.

Promotions and Discounts: offers frequent promotions and discounts on phones, service plans, and accessories. Customers can also sign up for its email newsletter to receive exclusive offers and updates.

Reputation: has a good reputation for providing reliable service at an affordable price. It has also received positive reviews from customers for its excellent customer support.

Payment Options: accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal as payment options. Customers can also set up auto-refill to ensure their service is always active.

Loyalty Programs: offers a loyalty program called "Tracfone Rewards" that allows customers to earn points towards free service plans and exclusive discounts on phones and accessories.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have generally been satisfied with's service, praising its affordability and reliable network coverage. However, some have expressed frustration with the limited data options and slower data speeds.

Community Involvement: has supported various charitable causes, including organizations that assist disadvantaged youth and provide disaster relief.

Shipping and Costs: offers free standard shipping on phone purchases. Customers can also choose expedited shipping for an additional cost. There are no additional fees or taxes on top of the listed plan prices.

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