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J Jack Leeming
73 days ago

A True Gem Lost in Neglect: Rediscovering Exceptional Customer Service

I recently had a disappointing experience with yslbeauty.co.uk, a company renowned for its high-quality products but faltering in customer care. After purchasing the beloved Eau de Parfum 'Opium' for my wife, we noticed a design flaw in the bottle – a small quantity of perfume remained unreachable at the bottom, a costly oversight for a £110 product. Despite reaching out twice to address the issue, the response from YSL's customer service was disheartening. They requested redundant information and eventually ceased communication, leaving us feeling undervalued and disregarded. Disappointed by their negligence, we decided to switch loyalty to Chanel, a brand known for its exceptional customer service. YSL, it's time to reassess your priorities and uphold the reputation you once deserved. Your customers entrust you with more than just products; they expect integrity and respect in return. It's never too late to rectify past mistakes and regain the trust of your clientele. Invest in your customer relationships, for they are the true essence of your brand's success.
S Sl
77 days ago

A Genuine and Heartfelt Review of YSL Beauty’s Advent Calendar

Upon purchasing the YSL Beauty advent calendar from yslbeauty.co.uk, I was truly disappointed. However, let me kindly update you on my experience. YSL Beauty, a brand I once held in high regard, has left me feeling utterly let down. Despite reaching out with my concerns, all messages and reviews have been disregarded. The level of disrespect I've encountered is truly unbelievable. My advice? Look elsewhere for your beauty needs; brands like LOOKFANTASTIC offer exceptional products coupled with superb customer service, a far cry from the treatment received from YSL. The advent calendar, which I intended as a thoughtful gift for my partner, turned out to be nothing short of a "rip-off calendar." The contents consisted of what I can only describe as a hodgepodge of cheap, unimpressive samples. Upon closer inspection, I discovered multiple products that looked eerily similar, leaving me underwhelmed and disheartened. It pains me to say that this calendar was far from special; in fact, it was filled with what I can only describe as worthless items. In an unexpected turn of events, YSL Beauty's lack of response to criticism further showcases their apparent disregard for their customers' opinions. It's disheartening to realize that a brand can be so far removed from its clientele, opting instead to focus solely on profit. My interactions with YSL Beauty have shed light on their true colors – that of money-hungry individuals with no intention of addressing customer concerns. In conclusion, my journey with YSL Beauty's advent calendar has been a disappointing one, marred by subpar products and a complete lack of customer care. I urge prospective buyers to consider alternative brands that prioritize quality and customer satisfaction over mere profits. As for YSL Beauty, they have a long way to go in mending their relationship with disillusioned customers like myself.
J Joanne C
93 days ago

Transforming Doubts into Delight with YSL Beauty

Diving into the world of yslbeauty.co.uk was a leap of faith for me, especially after stumbling upon a sea of negative reviews. With trepidation, I placed my first order, bracing myself for disappointment. However, what transpired was a delightful surprise that compelled me to share my experience. My coveted items arrived promptly, true to the promised timeline, and were accompanied by thoughtful freebies that added an extra layer of joy to my purchase. The quality surpassed my expectations, reaffirming my trust in YSL Beauty. Despite initial unease, I was met with professionalism and efficiency that swiftly transformed my doubts into delightful contentment. In a world where online shopping experiences can be unpredictable, YSL Beauty stands out as a beacon of reliability and quality. I wholeheartedly recommend embracing the allure of YSL Beauty, where luxury meets assurance and satisfaction awaits.
J Joe
107 days ago

A Fragrant Delight: My Exceptional Journey with YSL Beauty

Embarking on my first purchase with YSL Beauty was akin to stepping into a fragrant oasis of delight. With great anticipation, I selected a coveted fragrance, seduced not only by its allure but also by the enticing price offered. Little did I know that this transaction would not merely meet but exceed my expectations. The swift arrival of my parcel, a mere two days after placing my order, left me pleasantly surprised and exuding satisfaction. As I unwrapped my purchase, I was greeted not only by the intoxicating scent sealed within, but also by the impeccable packaging that spoke volumes of the brand's dedication to luxury and care. Despite encountering negative reviews online, I found myself in stark contrast to their experiences. My journey with YSL Beauty was characterized by seamless transactions, prompt delivery, and an overall experience that radiated excellence. Each interaction, from selection to delivery, resonated with a sense of professionalism and attention to detail that left a lasting impression. In a digital landscape where reviews can sway opinions and influence decisions, my personal encounter with YSL Beauty stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to providing customers with exceptional service and products. I am grateful for the harmonious symphony of scent and service orchestrated by YSL Beauty, a truly unforgettable experience that has earned my loyalty and admiration.
M matilde bianchi
109 days ago

Delightful Surprise and Exceptional Service

As a beauty enthusiast, I recently had the most delightful surprise shopping with yslbeauty.co.uk. I was eagerly awaiting my parcel, but it never arrived at my doorstep. After a quick investigation, I found out that it had been erroneously left at a distant supermarket. Frustrated, I reached out to their customer service, where I was pleasantly greeted by a representative named Nisrine. Despite the initial hiccup, Nisrine's empathetic nature and dedication shone through. She not only apologized for the inconvenience but also proactively took charge, offering to follow up with the courier, DPD, on my behalf. Her professionalism and genuine care made all the difference in turning around what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. Nisrine went above and beyond, ensuring that I felt heard and valued as a customer. This level of dedication truly reflects yslbeauty.co.uk's commitment to exceptional service. I am grateful for the support and reassurance provided during this challenging situation, making me a loyal customer for life.
C Cristina Gri
114 days ago

A Jewel Amidst Disappointments: Personalized Service Redefined

My sincere appreciation for yslbeauty.co.uk I am no stranger to online shopping, and my experience with YSL Beauty was truly exceptional. Although I encountered a hiccup with a missing gift, their customer service team transformed my dissatisfaction into delight. Not only did they resolve the issue promptly, but they went beyond by offering a thoughtful gesture of a $20 refund with a personal touch. This level of care and attention is rare and truly sets them apart. The $10 discount for my next purchase was a cherry on top, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. I am grateful for such a positive experience and look forward to continuing my relationship with this brand. Thank you, YSL Beauty, for redefining personalized service in the online shopping landscape!
S Stephanie Parsons
117 days ago

First and final order from the model.

My evaluation for yslbeauty.co.uk Having spent effectively over sufficient to get a free present, I contacted customer support as this was not displaying in my order affirmation. They assured me it was included and attributable to be dispatched quickly. The order turned up with no free present. I've since emailed they usually advised me they'd get again to me shortly, which they by no means did and are actually ignoring me emails. Not a real 'luxurious' model and I can't order from once more.
N nae
391 days ago

Exquisite Beauty, Disappointing Service: A Genuine Review

When I stumbled upon yslbeauty.co.uk, I was drawn in by the allure of their Black Opium perfume and the promise of a free gift – a Grind tin. With excitement, I placed my order on February 6th, eagerly anticipating the fragrance and the complimentary item. Days turned into weeks, and the elusive email confirming the gift's dispatch never arrived. Filled with anticipation and a tinge of worry, I reached out to their customer service team. After what felt like an eternity, a response trickled in, advising me to check my spam folder. However, my hopes were short-lived as silence engulfed our correspondence until today, March 14th, when the unfortunate truth was revealed – the coveted gift was out of stock. To add insult to injury, a quick visit to their website showed the same offer proudly displayed, a constant reminder of the disappointment I faced. The audacity to advertise a gift that is no longer available is simply disheartening. The inefficiency of their customer support team, taking an excruciatingly long month to provide unhelpful updates, only compounded my frustration. Regrettably, my experience with yslbeauty.co.uk has left a bitter taste, and I would caution others against engaging with their services. In conclusion, while the allure of their beauty products may be captivating, the service and experience were a letdown. Beauty enthusiasts, beware of the allure and ensure your expectations match their offerings.
C Chloe
405 days ago

Transformed my lashes with YSL’s mascara – A Bitter Disappointment

Upon stumbling across yslbeauty.co.uk, I was enticed by the allure of luxury and sophistication that Yves Saint Laurent represents. Eager to enhance my lashes, I indulged in a YSL mascara, despite the warning from the beautician regarding its quick-drying tendencies. Diligently following every cautionary tip provided, I safeguarded the mascara with meticulous care, ensuring its longevity. To my dismay, despite my best efforts, the mascara succumbed to premature dryness, leaving me crestfallen. The irony of investing in a luxury brand, only to face disappointment, was not lost on me. The prospect of returning the item and voicing my dissatisfaction in-store crossed my mind, only to be deterred by the absence of a receipt, adding a layer of frustration to my experience. Despite my grievances, the potential held by the YSL mascara still lingers in my memory, a testament to its initial allure. However, the bitter taste of disappointment taints my perception, emphasizing the importance of quality upkeep in luxury products.
K Kayla L
517 days ago

A Splurge Worth the Experience

My experience with yslbeauty.co.uk can be summed up as a mixed bag. Upon purchasing Dior lipsticks and subsequently testing YSL Beauty's products, I couldn't help but notice a subtle similarity in the transformative power both brands exude. YSL Beauty undeniably crafts products that make you radiate power, beauty, and confidence, awakening a sense of empowerment within. While the allure of their elegant packaging and luxurious appeal initially drew me in, I couldn't shake the feeling of succumbing to marketing tactics. It felt more like a nod to societal norms and trends rather than a genuine beauty necessity. Admittedly, the products are exquisite, but I couldn't help but wonder if similar looks could be achieved with more affordable drugstore alternatives. In terms of formula and application, YSL Beauty products perform adequately without screaming innovation. They deliver decently without underperforming, yet fail to evoke an adrenaline rush of excitement. As an occasional indulgence, treating yourself to their offerings can be a mood booster, adding a touch of luxury to your routine. Reflecting on my experience, while I may not rush to repurchase, the journey with YSL Beauty was a memorable indulgence, reminiscent of sporadic self-care and moments of pampering. It's a splurge worth savoring, but not one that would necessarily warrant a repeat in the future.
A Anne Slater
544 days ago

Unveiling Elegance: My Journey with Libre Perfume

Embarking on a journey of delight, I first encountered a sample of Libre perfume in the pages of Vogue. Enthralled by its charm, I navigated to the YSL website and wholeheartedly invested in a large bottle, graced with a generous 15% discount. To my utmost pleasure, the package arrived swiftly, merely within 3 days, impeccably delivered by a courteous courier. The day began with a delightful notification of its imminent arrival, swiftly followed by the cheerful appearance of the delivery man, rendering the experience even more memorable. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional service rendered by YSL, where efficiency seamlessly blends with warmth. The seamless online experience further accentuated my satisfaction. Thank you for encapsulating elegance and efficiency in every essence of Libre perfume.
E Emy
571 days ago

Unveiling the Outstanding Customer Service at yslbeauty.co.uk

As a dedicated beauty enthusiast, I recently embarked on a journey to yslbeauty.co.uk in search of the perfect fragrance. What transpired, however, surpassed my expectations and warranted this glowing testimonial. Upon discovering an enticing offer for the mesmerizing LIBRE LE PARFUM in 50ml, I was delighted to find a bonus gift awaiting me – a luxurious LIPSTICK COUTURE N70, along with two tantalizing samples. My excitement soared as I proceeded to checkout, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my chosen products and complimentary goodies. However, a momentary hiccup occurred when I noticed the absence of the promised lipstick from my order confirmation. In a perplexed state, I reached out to the customer service team, expressing my disappointment at the unforeseen discrepancy. To my utmost delight and gratitude, the team at yslbeauty.co.uk exemplified unparalleled professionalism and efficiency in promptly rectifying the situation. Not only did they acknowledge the error with sincerity, but they also reinstated the cherished lipstick into my order, ensuring that my shopping experience concluded on a high note. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction truly sets yslbeauty.co.uk apart in the realm of online beauty retailers. Their commitment to honoring promotions and rectifying any oversights speaks volumes about their integrity and genuine care for their patrons. In light of this remarkable encounter, I wholeheartedly recommend yslbeauty.co.uk to all beauty aficionados seeking a seamless shopping experience, replete with exceptional products and unparalleled customer service. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the team for transforming a minor setback into a shining example of exceptional service.
T Tiaa
579 days ago

Unmatched Loyalty Turned Bittersweet Farewell

As a dedicated patron for 15 years, I recently experienced waves of disappointment with the revamped foundation from yslbeauty.co.uk. The beloved Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation, once cherished for its enduring wear even during rigorous gym sessions, has undergone a drastic transformation that left me disheartened. The new formula, in stark contrast to its predecessor, tends to cake up, parch the skin, and ranks among the most underwhelming products that have graced my vanity. Despite exhaustive efforts with primers and setting sprays, the desired results continued to elude me, signaling the end of an era. Turning to MAC as a viable alternative, I bid a somber adieu to YSL's foundation range, relinquishing my longstanding advocacy for a product that no longer meets my expectations. Farewell, YSL, may our paths cross once again in brighter times.
G Gina Richardson
825 days ago

A Touch of Luxury: My YSL Beauty Experience

As I navigated through the sea of online reviews for yslbeauty.co.uk, I stumbled upon Janet's unfortunate encounter. However, my recent experience with this platform tells a different tale - one of brilliant service and a touch of luxury. From the moment I placed my order, the efficiency of the process surprised me. In just four days, my items, along with some delightful freebies, arrived at my doorstep. The speed of delivery exceeded my expectations, leaving me impressed with their commitment to customer satisfaction. What truly set this experience apart was the attention to detail in packaging. Each makeup item was nestled in a beautiful YSL display box, adding a touch of elegance to the unboxing experience. It's these little gestures that elevate a simple delivery into a luxurious treat. So, to echo Janet's sentiment - a minor hiccup in one person's journey does not define the entirety of an online store. My positive encounter with yslbeauty.co.uk has solidified my trust in their services, and I eagerly anticipate future orders. Thank you for a seamless and indulgent experience, YSL Beauty!
K knobbly
859 days ago

Transformed My Doubts into Delight with YSL Beauty!

Upon stumbling upon some negative feedback, I hesitated before exploring yslbeauty.co.uk. However, my experience turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Seeking a special Christmas gift for my wife, I opted for Opium at YSL Beauty, finding it offered at the best price available – catering to my thrifty nature. To my delight, the package arrived safely within a mere 3 working days, inclusive of two delightful samplers I had selected during checkout. Despite my usual reservation about leaving reviews, I felt compelled to share my positive encounter, shedding light on the stark disparity between my experience and the pessimism expressed by others. Heartfelt thanks to YSL for exceeding my expectations!


YSLB beauty is a renowned luxury beauty brand that offers a wide range of high-quality products for makeup, skincare, and fragrance. With a strong reputation for elegance and innovation, YSL Beauty aims to empower individuals to express their unique style and beauty. The brand's official website, yslbeauty.co.uk, provides a convenient platform for customers in the United Kingdom to explore and purchase their favorite YSL Beauty products.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive selection of makeup, skincare, and fragrance products
    • Premium quality and luxurious packaging
    • Secure and user-friendly website
    • Wide range of payment options
    • Free samples with every order
    • Regular promotions and discounts
  • Cons:
    • Higher price range compared to some other beauty brands
    • Limited availability of certain products

User Experience

YSL Beauty's website provides an excellent user experience with its sleek and visually appealing design. The site is easy to navigate, allowing customers to effortlessly browse through various categories and find their desired products. The search functionality is effective, ensuring quick and accurate results. The product pages include detailed descriptions, ingredients, and customer reviews, enabling shoppers to make informed decisions.

Pricing and Value for Money

As a luxury beauty brand, YSL Beauty's products are positioned at a higher price range. While the cost may be higher compared to some other brands, customers receive exceptional quality, innovative formulations, and exquisite packaging, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking premium beauty products.

Customer Service

YSL Beauty prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable and responsive customer support team is available to assist customers with any queries or concerns. The brand strives to provide timely assistance and ensure customer satisfaction throughout the shopping journey.

Product Quality and Selection

YSL Beauty is renowned for its exceptional product quality across all categories. The brand places great emphasis on research and innovation, resulting in highly effective skincare solutions, long-lasting and pigmented makeup, and captivating fragrance collections. With an extensive selection of products that cater to various skin types and preferences, YSL Beauty ensures there is something for everyone.

Website Usability

The yslbeauty.co.uk website offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The overall design is aesthetically pleasing and aligns with the brand's luxurious image. The website loads quickly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. The checkout process is straightforward, and customers can conveniently track their orders. In terms of usability, YSL Beauty excels at providing a hassle-free online shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges

YSL Beauty has a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy in place. Customers can return or exchange products within a specified timeframe, provided they are unopened, unused, and in their original packaging. The brand prioritizes customer satisfaction and makes the process as convenient as possible, offering options for both online and in-store returns/exchanges.

Promotions and Discounts

YSL Beauty regularly offers promotions and discounts to enhance its customers' shopping experience. These promotions may include discounts on specific products, limited-time offers, or complimentary gifts with purchase. By keeping an eye on the website and subscribing to newsletters, customers can take advantage of these promotions, making their purchases even more enticing.


YSL Beauty has established a solid reputation in the beauty industry for its exceptional quality, luxurious products, and commitment to innovation. The brand's dedication to addressing customer needs and continuously evolving with industry trends has garnered trust and loyalty from a vast customer base. YSL Beauty is highly regarded as one of the leading luxury beauty brands globally.

Payment Options

YSL Beauty provides customers with a range of payment options to cater to different preferences. Customers can pay for their purchases using credit/debit cards, PayPal, or other online payment methods. The website ensures the security of personal and financial information, offering peace of mind during the checkout process.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, YSL Beauty does not offer a specific loyalty program for customers in the UK. However, customers can sign up for the brand's newsletter to stay updated on exclusive offers and new product launches, ensuring they don't miss out on any exciting promotions.

Customer Reviews

YSL Beauty encourages customers to leave reviews on their website, allowing others to benefit from their experiences. These reviews provide valuable insights into product performance, effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction. Positive customer reviews further reinforce YSL Beauty's reputation for delivering high-quality beauty products.

Community Involvement

YSL Beauty actively participates in various community initiatives and supports philanthropic causes. The brand's commitment to social responsibility is evident through collaborations with charitable organizations and efforts aimed at promoting inclusivity and empowerment. YSL Beauty's involvement in community initiatives further enhances their brand image and resonates with socially conscious consumers.

Shipping and Costs

YSL Beauty offers shipping services within the United Kingdom. The brand strives to provide prompt and efficient delivery while ensuring the safe arrival of products. Shipping costs may vary depending on the order value and selected shipping method. YSL Beauty often offers free shipping promotions, providing customers with added value.

In conclusion, YSL Beauty's official website, yslbeauty.co.uk, offers a delightful shopping experience with its user-friendly interface, extensive product range, and commitment to quality. While their products may come at a higher price range, customers can expect luxurious formulations, innovative packaging, and exceptional customer service. With a solid reputation and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, YSL Beauty continues to be a top choice for those seeking premium beauty products.