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Socal Welfare September 10, 2019

Why drink hot tea when it’s hot?

Cold drinks, contrary to what is generally thought, refrigerate but only for a while. For a feeling of true freshness, it is necessary to drink hot drinks.

Who said that to counter the high temperatures typical of this season, the real remedy is cold drinks? Iced drinks and ice creams… In general, it is thought that to find some refreshment it is enough to drink something fresh, but this is not the solution: The feeling of well-being, in fact, will last for a short time, only to return to perceive the heat more intensely. Researchers and nutritionists say this, science confirms it: Sipping hot drinks is the most effective way to quench your thirst and counter the summer heat, even on the beach under an umbrella. Tea, herbal teas and hot infusions are increasingly the perfect allies to combat the heat, explains a study conducted by the Clipper Teas brand through monitoring over 200 sources including magazines, magazines, portals, blogs and international lifestyle communities and a pool of over 50 nutritionists, to probe the benefits of drinking a hot drink in the summer.

That the consumption of hot drinks is a way to quench their thirst and combat the high temperatures of summer. When it is hot, the body temperature increases and, with the intake of iced drinks, the sensation of coolness is only momentary. With the hot ones, on the other hand, in the beginning, there could be a perception of greater heat, but then relief comes because, as the internal temperature is increased compared to the surrounding temperature, the body releases heat. The only way to lower it is to sweat: through this process, the heat is absorbed by the air and the body temperature decreases. So, with hot drinks, the more you sweat the cooler you get.

“During the year, but especially in the summer – It is important to drink abundantly and hydrate properly to counteract dehydration and recover the fluids lost through sweating. The intake of tea, infusions and herbal teas, for example, can be an excellent tool to fight thirst and strengthen one’s body: these drinks, in fact, have antioxidant, diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties and, according to recent studies, also exercise regulatory action on the cardiovascular system. It is good to consume them hot and, it is no coincidence that, traditionally, the original populations of the hot countries or those who live in the desert drink them as well. I would recommend avoiding the use of iced drinks in favor of hot, but not hot: at the end of the meal, to promote the digestive process, but also during the rest of the day, at any time, to fight thirst and hydrate. Finally, the intake of hot drinks could increase sweating, but it is a physiological process of cooling the body that is not harmful, but rather favorable, especially in the presence of dry heat “.

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