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192 Coupons Store FAQ's

What services does 192.com offer?

192.com is a comprehensive online directory offering services related to people, businesses, and places in the UK.

How can I search for people on 192.com?

You can search for people on 192.com by entering their name, location, or phone number in the search bar on the website.

Can I find business information on 192.com?

Yes, 192.com provides business directories where you can search for information about businesses in the UK.

Is 192.com a free service?

192.com offers both free and paid services. Some features can be accessed for free, while others require a subscription.

How can I contact 192.com for customer support?

You can reach 192.com's customer support team through their contact page on the website or by calling their helpline.

Does 192.com have a mobile app?

Yes, 192.com offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices for easy access to their services on the go.

Can I search for addresses on 192.com?

192.com allows you to search for addresses of individuals and businesses using their search tools.

Are there any special offers or deals on 192.com services?

For the latest deals and offers on 192.com services, check out AskmeOffers for exclusive promo codes and discounts.

How can I remove my information from 192.com?

If you wish to opt-out and remove your information from 192.com, you can follow the opt-out process available on their website.

Is 192.com GDPR compliant?

192.com is committed to GDPR compliance and takes data protection and privacy seriously. You can find more information about their data policies on their website.

Can I use 192.com for background checks?

192.com provides access to various public records, but it is essential to use this information responsibly and legally.

How accurate is the information on 192.com?

192.com strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but it is always advisable to verify the details independently.

Can I search for phone numbers on 192.com?

Yes, you can search for phone numbers and other contact details of individuals and businesses on 192.com.

Is there a way to report incorrect information on 192.com?

If you come across any incorrect information on 192.com, you can report it through their website for verification and correction.

How can I update my information on 192.com?

You can update your information on 192.com by creating an account and managing your profile or contacting their customer support for assistance.

Are there any restrictions on using 192.com for commercial purposes?

It is essential to review 192.com's terms of use regarding commercial use and data usage restrictions before using the service for business purposes.

Can I search for property information on 192.com?

192.com offers property search tools to find information about properties, including ownership details and addresses.

Are there any limits to the number of searches I can perform on 192.com?

192.com may have search limits for free users, but subscription plans may offer unlimited search capabilities.

How can I access premium features on 192.com?

To access premium features on 192.com, you may need to sign up for a subscription plan that offers additional benefits and enhanced search options.

Can I use 192.com to reconnect with old friends or relatives?

192.com can be a useful tool for reconnecting with old friends or relatives by searching for their contact details or addresses.

Does 192.com provide any financial information about individuals or businesses?

While 192.com may offer some financial information, it is primarily focused on contact details, addresses, and basic background information.

How secure is my data on 192.com?

192.com takes data security seriously and employs measures to safeguard user information. You can review their privacy policies for more details.

Can I use 192.com for legal purposes, such as verifying identities?

192.com may provide useful information for legal purposes, but it is advisable to consult legal professionals for verification and authentication of identity.

Does 192.com offer any API services for businesses?

192.com may provide API services for businesses that require access to their databases for specific applications or services.

How can I stay updated on new features and changes on 192.com?

For the latest updates and announcements about 192.com, you can follow their official social media channels or subscribe to their newsletter.

Can I request a data removal or deletion on 192.com?

If you need to request data removal or deletion from 192.com, you can follow the appropriate procedures outlined on their website or contact their support team.

Are there any age restrictions for using 192.com?

192.com may have age restrictions for certain services, especially for accessing specific information or using payment features.

How does 192.com ensure data accuracy and reliability?

192.com employs verification processes and data sources to maintain data accuracy and reliability, but users should always double-check information.

Can I search for overseas contacts on 192.com?

192.com primarily focuses on UK-based information, but you may find some international contacts depending on available data sources.

How does 192.com handle user feedback and complaints?

192.com takes user feedback and complaints seriously and strives to address them promptly. You can submit feedback through their website or contact customer support.