FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Sign up at AskmeOffers?

To Sign up at AskmeOffers.com, click on the Sign-up button and fill in a short form of 3 fields, i.e., Username, eMail ID, and password, then submit.

  • Why should I Sign up with AskmeOfers.com? When you Sign up, you can customize your wall according to you, i.e., see only what you want to. Post a deal/ offer, become a part of discussions, follow/ unfollow others, earn & redeem points, interact with others using our free messaging system, get notifications, save the deals you are interested in.
  • Can I log in without creating a new account with Sign up as a New User? Yes, you can log in using your Facebook or G+ account.
  • Is it Mandatory to sign up / Login? No, it is not mandatory to Sign up / log in.
  • What is the difference when I am login or log out? When Logged out, you can only see the hot deals posted/chosen by our team of moderators and are trending deals according to their relevance. When logged in, apart from Hot Deals, you can see your customized wall.

My Wall Customisation-related Queries.

  1. How can I customize my Offer wall?
    1. Login
    2. Follow Stores you are interested in
    3. Follow Brands
    4. Choose Categories
    5. Follow other people who are posting deals/discussions of your interest. Now, when you are logged in, you will see a customized wall of your interest only.
  2. Can I re-customize my wall anytime? Yes, you can re-customize your wall anytime. If you wish to unfollow/follow stores/brands/ categories/ people, you can do that.
  3. How many times can I re-customize my wall? You can re-customize your wall “n” several times.

Posting a Deals Discussion related Queries

  1. How can I post a deal?
    1. Enter a deal/ offer URL
    2. Post deal/ offer title, Enter a description for the product, Site name, before discount and after discount price, coupon code if required, insert an image of the product.
    3. Please choose the category/ brand of the product and Submit it. Your Deal will now be visible to you and others who have followed you.
  2. How can I post a discussion?
    1. Enter Title
    2. What do you want to share?
    3. Insert an image, Select store and category, then Submit. Your Discussion will now be visible to you and others who have followed you.
  3. How many deals/discussions can I post? You can post an “n” number of deals/ discussions.
  4. Why should I post a deal/discussion? For every deal/ discussion that you post on our website, you will be getting points. Points that you earn can be redeemed in our Reward Store.
  5. How will others get to know if I had posted a deal/ discussion? Your deal/ discussion will be visible in our recommendation section.
  6. Who can post a comment on the deal/ discussion posted by me? Anyone who is logged in can comment on the deal/discussion posted by you.

Follow / Un-Follow related queries.

  1. How many Stores/ Categories/ Brands / people can i follow ? You can follow the “n” number of Stores/ Categories/Brands/people.
  2. No One Has Followed me! Can I still follow others? Yes, you can.
  3. How will others follow me? We will show your posted deal/ discussion in the recommended section. If others are interested in them, they may follow you.
  4. How will I get to know if somebody has followed me? You will get a notification if somebody follows you.

Other general queries

  1. What settings can I make in my profile? You can change your username, password, location, gender, preferences, notification using the settings option.
  2. What notifications can I set up?
    1. Someone follows you
    2. Mentions you
    3. Comments or like your deal/ discussion.
  3. To whom can I send messages? You can send messages to any other user you have followed / not followed.
  4. How many deals can I save? You can save the “n” number of sales.