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Bearaby Coupons Store FAQ's

What is Bearaby?

Bearaby is a company that designs and sells weighted blankets made from natural and sustainable materials.

How do Bearaby weighted blankets work?

Bearaby weighted blankets use the principles of deep touch pressure stimulation to provide a calming and grounding effect on the body.

What materials are Bearaby blankets made from?

Bearaby blankets are made from natural materials such as organic cotton and Tencel, a sustainable fabric derived from eucalyptus trees.

Are Bearaby blankets environmentally friendly?

Yes, Bearaby blankets are environmentally friendly as they are made from sustainable materials and are biodegradable.

How do I wash my Bearaby blanket?

You can wash your Bearaby blanket in a commercial-sized washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Air dry it flat to maintain its shape.

Are there different sizes of Bearaby blankets available?

Yes, Bearaby offers different sizes of weighted blankets to accommodate individual preferences, including sizes for adults and children.

Can I use a Bearaby blanket if I have certain medical conditions?

It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using a weighted blanket if you have specific medical conditions.

How long does it take to get used to a Bearaby weighted blanket?

It may take a few days to a week to get used to using a weighted blanket, as your body adjusts to the sensation of gentle pressure.

Does Bearaby offer any trial period for their blankets?

For the latest trial period offers on Bearaby blankets, check AskmeOffers for exclusive deals and discounts.

Are there any discounts or promo codes available for Bearaby blankets?

For the latest discounts and promo codes for Bearaby blankets, visit AskmeOffers for exclusive savings opportunities.

Can I return a Bearaby blanket if I'm not satisfied with it?

Bearaby has a return policy that allows customers to return blankets within a certain timeframe if they are not satisfied. Check their website for details.

How can I contact Bearaby customer service?

You can contact Bearaby customer service through their website or by email for any inquiries or support.

Are Bearaby weighted blankets suitable for children?

Bearaby offers weighted blankets specifically designed for children, which are smaller in size and lighter in weight.

Can I use a Bearaby blanket in all seasons?

Bearaby blankets are designed to be breathable and suitable for use in all seasons, providing comfort year-round.

Do Bearaby blankets come with a warranty?

For information on Bearaby's warranty policy, refer to their website or contact customer service for details.

Can I purchase Bearaby blankets in physical stores?

Bearaby blankets are primarily sold online through their official website, but you may find select retailers offering them in physical stores.

Are Bearaby blankets safe for use during sleep?

Bearaby blankets are safe for use during sleep as long as they are used appropriately and do not pose any risks to the user.

Do Bearaby blankets contain any harmful chemicals?

Bearaby blankets are made from natural and sustainable materials, free from harmful chemicals commonly found in synthetic fabrics.

Can I customize the weight of a Bearaby blanket?

Bearaby offers blankets with different weights to suit individual preferences, ensuring a personalized experience for each user.

Are Bearaby blankets suitable for travel?

Bearaby offers travel-sized weighted blankets that are compact and easy to carry, making them ideal for travel and on-the-go use.

How can I stay updated on Bearaby's latest products and promotions?

For the latest updates on Bearaby's products and promotions, follow them on social media and sign up for their newsletter. You can also visit AskmeOffers for exclusive deals and offers.

Are Bearaby blankets machine washable?

Yes, Bearaby blankets are machine washable, but it is recommended to follow the care instructions provided to maintain their quality and durability.

Can Bearaby blankets help with anxiety and stress?

Many users find that using a Bearaby weighted blanket can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress by promoting relaxation and comfort.

Do Bearaby blankets make noise when you move under them?

Bearaby blankets are designed to be quiet and do not make noise when you move under them, providing a peaceful sleeping experience.

Can I use a duvet cover with a Bearaby blanket?

While Bearaby blankets can be used without a duvet cover, using one can help protect the blanket and provide additional comfort and style. Check AskmeOffers for duvet cover deals.

Are there any age restrictions for using Bearaby blankets?

It is recommended to follow the age guidelines provided by Bearaby when using their weighted blankets, particularly for children under a certain age.

How are Bearaby blankets different from other weighted blankets on the market?

Bearaby blankets are known for their unique hand-knitted design using natural materials, setting them apart from traditional weighted blankets.

Can I gift a Bearaby blanket to someone?

Bearaby blankets make thoughtful and practical gifts for loved ones. Check AskmeOffers for gift card options and special offers.

Are Bearaby blankets suitable for individuals with sensory processing disorders?

Many individuals with sensory processing disorders find comfort and relief by using a Bearaby weighted blanket, but individual experiences may vary.

How can I learn more about the benefits of using a Bearaby blanket?

For more information on the benefits of using a Bearaby weighted blanket, consult their website, read customer reviews, or reach out to their customer service team for assistance. Don't forget to check AskmeOffers for exclusive deals and discounts on Bearaby products.