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Billiongraves Coupons Store FAQ's

What is BillionGraves?

BillionGraves is a website and mobile application that allows users to easily document and preserve cemetery records and gravestones by taking photos and uploading them to the platform.

How can I use BillionGraves to search for graves?

You can search for graves on BillionGraves by entering the name of the deceased person or the cemetery where they are buried in the search bar on the website or app.

Is BillionGraves free to use?

Yes, BillionGraves is free to use. Users can create an account, search for graves, and contribute photos without any cost.

Can I contribute my own photos of gravestones to BillionGraves?

Yes, users can contribute their own photos of gravestones to BillionGraves by creating an account and uploading the photos through the website or app.

How can I create an account on BillionGraves?

To create an account on BillionGraves, simply visit the website or download the app and follow the instructions to sign up for a free account.

Are there any special features or benefits for AskmeOffers users on BillionGraves?

Yes, AskmeOffers users can take advantage of exclusive deals and offers on BillionGraves. Visit AskmeOffers to find the latest promotions and discounts for BillionGraves.

What is the purpose of BillionGraves' BillionGraves Plus subscription?

BillionGraves Plus is a subscription service that offers additional features and benefits, such as enhanced search capabilities and priority support for users who want to access advanced functionalities.

How secure is the data on BillionGraves?

BillionGraves takes user privacy and data security seriously. The platform uses encryption and other security measures to protect user information and ensure the integrity of the data.

Can I create a family tree on BillionGraves?

While BillionGraves primarily focuses on documenting and preserving cemetery records, users can integrate the platform with other genealogy services to create comprehensive family trees.

How can I contact BillionGraves customer support?

For any inquiries or assistance, users can reach BillionGraves customer support through the contact form on the website or by emailing

Does BillionGraves have a mobile app?

Yes, BillionGraves offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to upload photos of gravestones directly from their smartphones.

Are there volunteering opportunities with BillionGraves?

Yes, BillionGraves welcomes volunteers to help document graves and contribute to the platform's mission of preserving cemetery records. Users can join volunteer initiatives through the website.

How accurate is the information on BillionGraves?

While BillionGraves strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date records, users should verify the information independently for complete accuracy.

Can I upload photos in bulk to BillionGraves?

Yes, users can upload multiple photos of gravestones in bulk through the BillionGraves website or app, streamlining the contribution process.

Are there any educational resources available on BillionGraves?

Yes, BillionGraves provides educational resources and tutorials to help users navigate the platform effectively and make the most of its features.

What is the significance of geo-tagging photos on BillionGraves?

Geo-tagging photos on BillionGraves helps maintain accurate location information for graves, allowing users to search and explore cemetery records based on geographic data.

Can I collaborate with other users on BillionGraves projects?

Yes, users can collaborate with others on BillionGraves projects by sharing information, coordinating efforts to document graves, and contributing to communal record-keeping.

How does BillionGraves ensure the quality of uploaded photos?

BillionGraves implements quality control measures to moderate and verify uploaded photos, ensuring that the images meet the platform's standards for visibility and readability.

Can I create memorial pages for individuals on BillionGraves?

Yes, users can create memorial pages for deceased individuals on BillionGraves, providing a digital space to honor and remember loved ones.

Does BillionGraves offer any promotional discounts for AskmeOffers users?

AskmeOffers users can find exclusive deals and discounts for BillionGraves on AskmeOffers, enhancing the value of using the platform for cemetery record preservation.

How can I share grave records from BillionGraves with others?

Users can easily share grave records from BillionGraves with others by using the platform's sharing features, such as direct links to specific records or social media integration.

Is it possible to correct or update information on BillionGraves?

Users can update or correct information on BillionGraves by submitting edits or additions to the relevant records, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the database.

Can I access BillionGraves offline?

BillionGraves offers offline access through its mobile app, allowing users to search for graves, upload photos, and contribute to the platform's database even without an internet connection.

How can I get involved in local cemetery preservation efforts through BillionGraves?

Users interested in local cemetery preservation can connect with BillionGraves community initiatives, volunteer programs, and preservation projects to contribute to preserving historical grave sites.

Does BillionGraves have any restrictions on the types of graves or locations that can be documented?

BillionGraves encourages users to document graves from diverse locations and contexts, with the goal of creating a comprehensive database of cemetery records worldwide.

What steps does BillionGraves take to protect user privacy?

BillionGraves prioritizes user privacy by implementing strict data protection measures, ensuring that personal information is safeguarded and used responsibly within the platform.

Are there opportunities for advanced research and data analysis on BillionGraves?

Researchers and historians can access advanced research tools and data analysis features on BillionGraves Plus, enabling in-depth exploration of cemetery records and genealogical studies.

Can users access historical records and archives on BillionGraves?

BillionGraves provides access to historical records and archives collected through the platform, offering insights into past grave sites and cemetery information for research and historical purposes.

How can I contribute to the preservation of cemetery records through BillionGraves?

Users can contribute to the preservation of cemetery records by actively documenting graves, recording information, and uploading photos to BillionGraves, enriching the platform's database for future generations.

What are some best practices for using BillionGraves effectively?

For optimal use of BillionGraves, users are encouraged to collaborate with others, follow guidelines for photo uploads, verify information accuracy, and engage with the community to enhance cemetery record preservation efforts.