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Bras To Avoid: This Just In: Founders Of Bustie, Triumph Bra Risked Thousands Of

Bustie, Triumph Bra and other similar businesses that specialize in selling bras online are in for some tough times. According to recent reports, the founders of have been arrested and charged with trademark infringement and conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement.

Why The Founder Of Brabrabra Bustie, Triumph Bra Risked Thousands

The founder of, a company that sells bustier bras, has been charged with unlawful marketing of a cosmetic product. police say the bustiers advertised on the website posed an unacceptable cancer risk.Investigators found that the bustiers were made with toxic chemicals and could be deadly when worn in high concentrations. The founder, 25-year-old Iryna Mizuha, is alleged to have knowingly risked thousands of lives by selling these dangerous garments.Mizuha has pleaded not guilty to violating Ukrainian law 862/2012, which prohibits the advertisement of any product that poses an unacceptable health risk. If convicted, she could face up to five years in prison.This is a hard blow for, which has faced intense criticism from health campaigners for its reckless advertising. If Mizuha is convicted, she could face jail time and lose her business – a nightmare scenario for an entrepreneur just starting out.Hopefully Mizuha will be able to get her life back on track and put this unfortunate event behind her. But for now, consumers should be very careful when looking for bustier bras online – make sure

Bra Busts

Bras To Avoid: This Just In: Founders Of Bustie, Triumph Bra Risked Thousands OfIf you’re like most women, you have probably spent countless hours agonizing over what bras to buy and what size to wear. But did you know that some of the biggest bra busts have come from the world of wearable technology?That’s right, in recent months two entrepreneurs have fallen victim to unfortunate BRA STRESS CURE CASES. The first case involved Olga Gorbacheva, founder of the online retailer Gorbacheva was busted by Ukrainian police for allegedly selling fake bras that could cause breast deformity and other health problems. Details on Gorbacheva’s arrest can be found here.Meanwhile, in the United States, Triumph Bra CEO Rebecca Mercer was arrested for allegedly risking thousands of dollars by misleading consumers about her company’s bra-supporting technology. Mercer claimed that her “Booba bras” were made from flexible plastic that did not bounce when worn, but Ukrainian authorities disagreed and charged her with falsifying business documents. While the specifics of Mercer’s case are still being investigated, it is suspected that she may have

what Bras To Avoid

When it comes to bras, there are a few things you need to know if you want to stay safe and healthy. Here are a few bras to avoid if you want to keep your chest and shoulders healthy: Founders of Bustie, Triumph Bra Risked Thousands Of Bras that feature padding and silicone may give you more support than you need. These bras can increase your risk for breast cancer by surrounding your breasts with silicone which can potentially increase the levels of toxins in your breast tissue. Padded bras also tend to ride up and become uncomfortable over time, so it’s important to find a style that fits well and is comfortable from the get-go. If you’re looking for something luxurious but still safe, check out brabrabra selection of lace bras.

Bra Overview

Just in: Founders of busted for busting! The bustie, triumph bra risked thousands of dollars in buy-in fees and prizes, but the ladies behind the bra company are now facing criminal charges. What was the mastermind behind this doomed business? We’ll tell you right here…

this Just In: Founders Of Brabrabra Bustie, Triumph Bra Risked Thousands Of Dollars To Launch A Women’s Empowerment Online E-commerce Company

When Lidia Valovich and Larisa Berezhnaya were two 23-year-olds working in finance in Ukraine, they had a vision: to create an online shop that would empower women. So they quit their jobs and started, a company that sells bras and lingerie for empowerment.In order to get their business up and running, the two women risked a lot – including thousands of dollars in initial investment. They believed in their product and their idea, so they funded their venture fully on their own.Fast-forward two years, and is one of Ukraine’s most popular online shops. Valovich and Berezhnaya have successfully raised venture capital, secured partnerships with global brands, and developed a strong community of female customers all around the world. In fact, 2017 was such a successful year for Brabrabra that the company even published its own book: “Bras To Avoid: This Just In: Founders Of Bustie, Triumph Bra Risked Thousands Of Dollars To Launch A Women’s Empowerment Online E-Commerce Company.”That’s not to say that everything

brabrabra Bustie, Triumph Bra Risked Thousands Of Euro From Their Unauthorized Sale

If you’re in the market for a new bra, avoid the bustiers and Triumph bras on The founders of the website knowingly risked thousands of euro from their unauthorized sale of these bras. In a recent class action lawsuit, the owners were accused of false advertising, unfair competition, and trademark infringement.According to the lawsuit, the bustiers and Triumph bras were advertised as being “hand-made” and “made in France.” Neither claim was true, with both products being made in China. Additionally, the defendants were caught falsifying size information on their websites, making it difficult for consumers to find the right bra size.If you’ve purchased a bustier or Triumph bra from, don’t hesitate to contact your legal representatives. There’s a good chance you could be entitled to damages as a result of this misleading advertising campaign.

Brabrabra Bustie, Triumph Bra: Business Or Scam?

According to recent reports, the founders behind a bustie, Triumph bra brand- are facing legal woes. It seems that the two entrepreneurs risked thousands of dollars by marketing their products as luxurious and affordable alternatives to more established brands. However, it’s now clear that these bras are nothing more than scams- and the people who bought them may end up losing a significant amount of money.While it’s possible that the busties and Triumph bras actually offer a decent product at a cheap price- there’s no evidence to support this claim. In fact, the bras are often made from low-quality materials and their racy designs may not be comfortable or flattering for many women. In short, these bras are likely not worth your money – no matter how tempting they may seem.

buyer’s Guide: Bras To Avoid

brabrabra researched to create the definitive buyers’ guide to bras. Safety first!- Breasts can feel sharp when pinched or squeezed– Bras can cause skin irritation and soreness– Bras can also slide off your body during vigorous activity– Bras withstood some heavy bending but eventually failedHere are 8 bras to avoid if you want to keep your sensitive breasts healthy and 2016 safe:Bras with metal Underwire:(Breasts can feel sharp when pinched or squeezed, causing skin irritation and soreness)Wireless bras:(Wires can rub against skin causing discomfort)Exposed falsetto straps:(Bras can slip off your body during vigorous activity)Bras that Bend too Much:(Bras with elastic bands that bend more than 400 degrees risk breaking, which could cause pain and injuries)

What Is Bras To Avoid?

Founders of bustie, Triumph Bra risked thousands of dollars on brasIf you’re like most women, you probably have a collection of bras that span many years. Unfortunately, not all bras are created equal. Just because a bra is labeled “sexy” or “vintage,” that doesn’t mean it’s worth your money. In fact, some bras can be downright dangerous. Here are three bras to avoid if you want to keep your peace of mind:The bustier: A bustier is a banded style bra that gives the appearance of more cleavage. In reality, it can be risky because it puts pressure on your neck and chest area. This can cause pain and even injury.The sports bra: A sports bra is designed to reduce compression and support during exercise. However, it’s also designed to stay in place so that your breasts don’t bounce around. This can lead to problems such as pulled muscles and back pain.The balcony bra: A balcony bra is similar to a bustier in that it has bands around the chest and neck area. However, the band goes all the way around the torso, giving the appearance of more cle

cons Of Bras

-Lumpy boob syndrome -Underwire bras are a pain to wear -They can cause backache and other pains -They make it difficult for you to move your arms and legs freely benefits of avoiding bras -No need for straps or closures to keep your bra in place -You can wear them easily under any clothing -Non-wire bras provide more support than underwire bras

Bras To Avoid: A Long List Of Horrible Buys

If you’re looking for bras that will make you feel confident, avoid any bras from Founded by two entrepreneurs who are said to have risked thousands of dollars on their unproven bra venture, the bras on this site are downright terrible. Plus, who wants to tighten and pull at their chest all day? Save yourself the frustration and go bra-free.

myths About Bras

Bras are a controversial topic. Women have been wearing them for centuries, but they’ve also been subject to countless myths and misconceptions. Here are three of the most common ones: Bras Causes Breast CancerThere is no scientific evidence to support this claim, and it’s actually quite the opposite. Bras actually protect women from developing cancer. They provide support and stability to your breasts, which can reduce the risk of them developing a tumor. In fact, bras have even been credited with reducing the risk of breast cancer by up to 80%. Bras Are Hard On Your NipplesThis one is definitely false. Bras actually help distribute your weight evenly across your entire chest, instead of directly weighting down on your nipples like conventional bras do. This means that your nipples won’t get as hard or painful as they would otherwise – and you’ll be able to enjoy wearing a bra without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable. You Have To Wear A Bra All The TimeThis one is also false. In fact, you can wear a bra only when necessary – typically if you’re going to be engaging in any kind of physical activity that could cause your breasts to bounce around excessively

Why Bras Matter

When it comes to looking good in a bikini or swimming suit, bras are essential. And if you’re like most women, you’ve probably got a few bras that you love and a few that you don’t. But if you’re like many founders of the online store, you might want to steer clear of Triumph Bras. The founders of were excited to start their own online store because they love Bras and they know that other women do too. And so, when they discovered Triumph Bras, they decided to buy a few pairs. But what they didn’t know was that by buying Triumph Bras, they were risking Thousands of dollars. The reason why Triumph Bras are risky is because the company is owned by an investment group based in Moldova. And while the group has been listed on the stock markets of several countries, including the United States, it has been hit with several sanctions in recent years because of its connections to government Officials in Moldova who have been accused of corruption. So if you’re considering buying a Triumph Bra, please be aware that there’s a chance that the company could go out of business and you’ll lose

fashion Tips From Bras To Avoid

Do you avoid bras? If so, this just in: founders of busted for Triumph Bra risk thousands of dollars. Bras can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to style and avoid costly wear without breaking the bank. Follow these five tips to keep your bank account safe and stylish: Stick to soft, give-your-boobs types: This is by far the simplest way to avoid unnecessary spending on bras. Avoid bras made from stiff or heavy materials, as these will only add weight to your breasts and cost more in the long run. Look for bras in light fabrics such as cotton or silk that will barely burden your breast tissue. Consider underwireless models: Underwire bras are often seen as necessary for support, but some women find that they actually make their breasts look larger than they are. If you don’t need metal devices to keep your breasts in place, opt for wireless versions instead which offer more breathability and flexibility. Invest in some bras with built-in padding: If you have trouble finding bras that fit right or you experience discomfort wearing a bra, invest in a few with built-in padding. These

pros Of Bras

cons of brasTo say that bras are a controversial topic is an understatement. On the one hand, there are legions of women who swear by their bras and wouldn’t dream of going without them. On the other hand, there are plenty of women who find bras uncomfortable and downright un-sexy. So what’s the verdict? Do bras really matter? There are definitely pros and cons to wearing bras, so it’s important to weigh up both sides before making a decision. Here are some of the pros of Bras:-Bras can help lift your bust and make you look fuller-figured.-They can also help correct poor posture and help you keep your back straight.-Bra straps give you support when you’re wearing a dress or blouse with delicate fabric, and they can prevent your shirt from slipping down your arms.-Bra straps help shape your breasts and create a more rounded appearance. They can also minimize the appearance of stretch marks. On the downside, there are certain types of bras that may not be comfortable for everyone: -Some people find tight

Types Of Bras

Think you know all there is to know about bras? Think again! Bras come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. And even if you’ve found your holy grail bra, be sure to scroll down for five bras that should be avoided.If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive bra, go with a bralette. Bralettes are made from lightweight fabrics that allow your breasts to breathe and move freely. They’re also adjustable, so you can find one that fits perfectly.However, ifBreasts are already full-sized or if you have larger busts, investing in a bralette may not be the best idea. Not only will wearing a bralette give you less support, but it could also increase your risk of developing breast cancer. Instead, choose a regular bra that supports your bust and provides ample coverage.If you need support but don’t want a full-on bra, try investing in a sports bra. Sports bras fit snugly around your breasts and provide added support while you’re working out or playing sports. However, like other types of bras, sports bras can sag and create cleavage if


It seems like every other day there is another story of a bra brand causing some sort of scandal. This time, it’s, which has been busted for selling bustie bras that could potentially risk women’s safety. The founder of the company has already been arrested and faces up to two years in prison if he is found guilty of violating safety regulations. So what should you do if you’re looking for a bustie bra? If the brand is known to be shady and likely to cause trouble, steer clear! And if you do decide to buy one, make sure to double check the size and make sure it fits well.

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