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  1. Get 12% OFF On cashback On bus tickets
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Yatragenie Summary

YatraGenie is the website for all sorts of bus booking, taxi booking and hotel booking services. The service provider is primarily based in the southern parts of India and is currently looking to take over all of India. The bus route network includes places like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nellore, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati, Kavali, Buchireddy, Palem, Vishakapatnam, Bhubaneswar. The next time you're on the route, check out the services they provide and all sorts of Yatra Genie Coupons, Offers & Deals at We are also known for offering the best services, high security, particularly for women travellers, cost-effective and valuable offers, and fresh travel partners. The website is headquartered in Bangalore, India and is part of the Sun Travel Network, an integrated travel network based in the state of Karnataka. It offers services such as bus, taxi, hotel and tour packages. YatraGenie — A bus ticketing platform with a wide variety of 200 + bus operators are serving major cities in India is well-known for providing the best-priced bus tickets to its customers. We are now looking forward to broadening their reach into logistics operations, restaurants, airlines and other value-added offerings to a vast clientele to provide a one-stop-shop for all online needs. With YatraGenie, users can now comfortably book their bus seats in advance of their journey and make use of a wide range of offers. View exclusive coupons for YatraGenie.

Get Exclusive YatraGenie Coupons & Offers 

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Working YatraGenie Coupon Codes, Deals and Offers

YatraGenie Promo Code CategoryYatraGenie Coupon Code & Offers IndiaValid for
YatraGenie CouponsFlat 70% Off On Bus Ticket BookingsAll Users
YatraGenie Offer Code IndiaUp To 85% Off On Cab Bookings at BangaloreAll Users
YatraGenie Coupon CodeUp To 70% Cashback On Cab BookingsPaytm Users
YatraGenie Promo CodeGet 60% Off On Yatragenie PuneAll Users
YatraGenie Discount CodeGet Up To 80% Off On Taxi BookingsAll Users

Description of YaatraGenie

YatraGenie is the website for all sorts of bus bookings, taxi bookings and hotel booking services. It’s your travel specialist who’s been delivering booking services in a better and more affordable way. YatraGenie makes it fast and convenient to book a bus. And now, with their Genie Wallet, bookings have become more comfortable in a few easy steps. Although the service provider is mainly operating in the southern areas of India, it is currently looking to take over all of India. The next time you ‘re on your way, find out the programs they provide and all sorts of YatraGenie deals.

Comfort and comfort at once

Do you know if the bus you ‘re travelling through has a Mobile charging point? Or if it’s got an LED light to catch up on your favourite books? What’s with having a TV? With YatraGenie, it’s possible to get all these details. For all the information you need before you book your bus. We always find it convenient to know as much as we can about the product we ‘re buying or the deal we ‘re signing. And why shouldn’t it be the same when you book a bus, a taxi or a hotel? Such reports are not feedback, nor the points received by the YatraGenie themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were just showing off those carefully studied and handpicked busses to make sure you get the best seats, the best experience in comfort and luxury? YatraGenie is your travel Bible.

Town Booking Services

Now you can book tickets very quickly with YatraGenie in either of the southern states or cities. The bus route network covers areas such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nellore, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati, Kavali, Buchireddy, Palem, Vishakapatnam, Bhubaneswar. This also offers exclusive sets of trips (day and night) to some of the main cities and several locations that are clubbed together in deals. Apart from this, YatraGenie also offers hotel accommodation in the southern Indian states and tour booking facilities in Bangalore. So, the next time you ‘re on your way, don’t forget to try out the YatraGenie hotel deals.

Why is YatraGenie?

YatraGenie provides simple booking services at competitive rates, and that’s the USP it’s known to its clients. Other than that, they are also known for offering the best services, high security, particularly for women travellers, cost-effective and useful offers, and cool travel partners. When you don’t believe any of these things, you will observe and judge for yourself.

Book your taxi/bus at Yatragenie

YatraGenie offers general discounts and deals now and then to all loyal customers. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to save more on your travel and bookings, then make sure you use the exclusive YatraGenie coupons on this platform. For more discounts on bus bookings, use the YatraGenie Bus Coupons today and use the YatraGenie Cab Deals for taxis. Different forms of such deals are widely available on, which will match nearly all traveller’s needs.

It has been said that YatraGenie is one of India’s fastest rising ticketing organizations. Unlike other companies in the sector, YatraGenie does not charge any extra fees for booking or operation. The company’s goal is to make travel and lodging bookings easy and convenient. As such, it is not mandatory to register with YatraGenie to use any of the services it provides, although you may want to do so anyway.

Yeah, YatraGenie

The privately-owned business was founded in 2013 by Renal Komitla and has expanded steadily to more than 50,000 customers a day. In general, they are based in more than 65 cities and run their fleet of more than 25.000 taxis, as well as offering booking services for third party transport firms. Their headquarters are in Bangalore, India.

Save your travel capital with YatraGenie

When you use YatraGenie, two types of coupons are given. Such vouchers come directly from the company itself, whereas other vouchers from YatraGenie are issued by the service provider, such as redBus. While you will not need to register with YatraGenie, this will provide you with exclusive offers and coupons daily. Usually, coupons may be sent to you by email if you are a registered military member.

The use and expiry dates of your YatraGenie promo code can differ. Of example, there are specific coupon codes that can only be used once, and there are other coupons that can be used several times because they are part of the deal that YatraGenie provides. Some of YatraGenie’s coupon codes can not be exchanged because they are specifically connected to the account, which ensures that the voucher will cease to function if any person tries to redeem the coupon. If your coupon code doesn’t work, however, you think it does, you ‘re encouraged to contact YatraGenie. YatraGenie offers a functional support centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week and seeks to resolve any concerns as soon as possible.

Book your travels rapidly and conveniently

If you usually have a busy schedule, you already know how important it is to stay active and get to where you need to go on time. YatraGenie aims to make your travel booking process faster and more efficient. One alternative that many users have found to be especially successful is the use of the YatraGenie app. The YatraGenie app helps you to book all taxi journeys within minutes, making it a perfect choice for people who need to take a ride quickly.

The YatraGenie app lets you check the current taxi fares and estimate how much your fare will cost from your current location to your destination. To book travel using the app, select your current location and destination, and then select the car you’d like to pick up.

Payment and Refund Procedure

YatraGenie accepts a range of payment options, including both regular debits and credit cards, while booking via the website. Payment via Netbanking would also be an option in the future.

You will also use the PayTM and PayUMoney mobile wallet services while using the app. It helps you to use the preloaded balance as well as other popular cards. What is more important is that they also give you cashback.

During the booking process, any seat that you have selected to book a bus ticket will be reserved for you for a time of 8 minutes while you type your payment information. If your payment has not been made within this period, the seats will be released and can be reserved by another person.

256 bit SSL encryption is used for all purchases on the Web to ensure that the payment data and financial records remain confidential. In addition, YatraGenie also monitors all transactions on the site to ensure that there is no fraud. As far as refunds are concerned, in the event that your ticket is cancelled or the service cancelled, you will receive your refund as a cash coupon through your email address. Cash vouchers should be received within 24 hours of the refund or termination. If you prefer a full cash refund instead of a cash coupon, YatraGenie’s customer service can credit the amount back to your account.

Why do you choose YatraGenie?

YatraGenie is committed to providing you with a high-quality experience every time you fly. The company is growing rapidly and is constantly working on the provision of new services. As an aid to the Indian community, YatraGenie also partners with NGOs and other non-profit groups to further develop people’s lives throughout the country. Booking travel doesn’t have to be a costly, daunting process. Using YatraGenie coupons, you can fly around India at a very low price without having to think about your spending. YatraGenie runs along many of the same routes used by APSRTC, meaning that you have access to some of India’s most common bus routes.

These are also very flexible, allowing you to reach the site from any internet interface linked to a web server, or through a smartphone app like Android and iOS devices, whether you’re on the move or you don’t have the reach to a traditional machine.

How To Redeem YatraGenie Deals On Askmeoffers?

YatraGenie sales and coupon codes are widely available and updated frequently, often multiple times per week. Here are a couple of ways to get a coupon.

YatraGenie Customer Care

If you have a query to get addressed by the YatraGenie Customer Support team, reach out by calling 080-20202020 or connect with YatraGenie's 24×7 Customer Care. Alternatively, you can reach them via social media. Facebook – Keep track of contests, events, and promotions on their Facebook Page. Twitter – Recieve the latest news, events, and seasonal discounts and offers.