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Fishkeeper Coupons Store FAQ's

How can I set up a freshwater aquarium?

To set up a freshwater aquarium, you will need a tank, filtration system, heater, substrate, decorations, and freshwater fish. Start by preparing the tank with substrate, adding water, installing the filtration system and heater, and decorating with plants and ornaments before introducing fish. Visit for detailed guides on setting up freshwater aquariums.

What types of fish are suitable for a beginner's aquarium?

Beginner-friendly fish for freshwater aquariums include guppies, platies, mollies, tetras, and danios. These fish are robust, easy to care for, and suitable for smaller tanks. Check out the beginner's fishkeeping section on for more recommendations.

How do I maintain the water quality in my aquarium?

To maintain water quality, regularly test water parameters, perform partial water changes, clean the filter, and ensure proper feeding and waste removal. offers a range of water testing kits, filtration systems, and water treatment products to help you maintain a healthy aquarium environment.

What equipment do I need for a marine reef tank?

For a marine reef tank, you will need a high-quality protein skimmer, aquarium lighting system, reef-safe salt mix, live rock, and coral substrate. Browse for a selection of reef tank equipment and accessories to create a thriving reef ecosystem.

Can I keep freshwater and marine fish in the same aquarium?

It is not recommended to keep freshwater and marine fish together in the same aquarium as they have different water requirements and may pose a threat to each other. Keep your fish species separate in appropriately set-up tanks for optimal health and wellbeing.

How do I acclimate new fish to my aquarium?

When introducing new fish to your aquarium, float the bag in the tank to equalize the temperature, then gradually add small amounts of aquarium water to the bag over time before releasing the fish. This acclimation process helps reduce stress and ensure a smooth transition for the new fish.

What is the ideal temperature range for a tropical aquarium?

The ideal temperature range for a tropical aquarium is around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 27 degrees Celsius). Use a reliable aquarium heater to maintain consistent water temperature for tropical fish species.

How often should I feed my fish?

Feed your fish small amounts of high-quality fish food 1-2 times a day, depending on the species and their feeding requirements. Avoid overfeeding to prevent water quality issues and health problems in your fish.

What is the nitrogen cycle, and why is it important in fishkeeping?

The nitrogen cycle is a crucial biological process in aquariums where beneficial bacteria break down toxic ammonia into less harmful compounds. Understanding and maintaining the nitrogen cycle is essential for establishing a stable and healthy environment for your fish to thrive.

How can I prevent algae growth in my aquarium?

To prevent algae growth, maintain proper lighting levels, avoid overfeeding, perform regular water changes, and keep the aquarium clean. Consider adding algae-eating fish or invertebrates to help control algae naturally. Explore for algae control products and advice.

Are there any deals or discounts available for products?

Visit AskmeOffers for the latest deals, offers, and promo codes for products. Discover exclusive discounts on aquarium supplies, fish food, equipment, and accessories to enhance your fishkeeping experience.

How can I contact customer service for assistance?

You can contact customer service through their website's contact form, email, or phone number for any queries or assistance regarding your orders, products, or fishkeeping advice. The customer service team is dedicated to providing support and guidance to fishkeepers.

What are the benefits of joining the loyalty program?

Joining the loyalty program offers exclusive rewards, discounts, early access to sales, and personalized recommendations for loyal customers. Enjoy special perks and savings on your fishkeeping purchases by becoming a member of the loyalty program.

Can I return or exchange products purchased from offers a hassle-free return and exchange policy for products that are in their original condition and within the specified return period. Contact customer service for assistance with returns or exchanges and review the website for detailed return instructions.

Are there any upcoming sales events or promotions on

Stay updated on upcoming sales events and promotions on by visiting AskmeOffers for the latest deals, offers, and discount codes. Don't miss out on limited-time sales opportunities to save on aquarium supplies, fish food, and more.

How can I find a store near me?

Use the store locator feature on the website to find a store near you by entering your location or postcode. Explore the range of aquarium products and services available at your nearest store for all your fishkeeping needs.

What are the best plants for a freshwater aquarium?

Popular freshwater aquarium plants include Java fern, Anubias, Amazon sword, cryptocoryne, and Java moss. These plants are easy to care for, provide oxygen and natural filtration, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium. Browse for a variety of aquatic plants for your tank.

Can I keep betta fish with other fish in a community tank?

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, can be kept with other peaceful fish species in a community tank, as long as tank mates are chosen carefully to avoid aggression and territorial issues. Consult for tips on creating a harmonious betta fish community tank.

How do I treat common fish diseases in my aquarium?

Common fish diseases like ich, fin rot, and fungal infections can be treated with medications, water quality management, and quarantine procedures. Consult for a range of fish disease treatments, diagnosis guides, and health tips to keep your fish healthy and disease-free.

What is the lifespan of freshwater and marine fish in captivity?

The lifespan of freshwater and marine fish in captivity varies depending on the species, tank conditions, and care provided. Most freshwater fish can live for several years, while some marine fish species can live for decades in well-maintained aquariums. Research individual fish species for specific lifespan information.

How do I set up a planted aquarium for tropical fish?

To set up a planted aquarium for tropical fish, choose suitable aquatic plants, substrate, lighting, and fertilizers for optimal plant growth. Create a balanced ecosystem with live plants, fish, and natural decor to mimic a natural habitat for your tropical fish. Explore for planted tank essentials.

Can I keep shrimp and snails in a community aquarium?

Shrimp and snails are popular additions to community aquariums as they help clean the tank, control algae, and provide visual interest. Keep shrimp and snails with compatible fish species that won't harm or prey on them. Check out for a variety of shrimp and snail species.

How do I choose the right filter for my aquarium?

Choose a filter based on your aquarium size, fish species, and filtration needs. Consider factors like filtration capacity, filter media, and maintenance requirements when selecting a filter for your aquarium. Explore for a range of aquarium filters and filter media options.

What is the best way to cycle a new aquarium?

To cycle a new aquarium, introduce beneficial bacteria, monitor water parameters, and allow time for the nitrogen cycle to establish before adding fish. Use starter cultures, ammonia sources, and water testing kits to ensure a safe and stable environment for your fish. Visit for cycling tips and products.

How do I create a natural aquascape in my aquarium?

Create a natural aquascape in your aquarium by using driftwood, rocks, live plants, and substrate to mimic a natural underwater environment. Experiment with different layouts, textures, and plant arrangements to design a visually appealing and functional aquascape. Find aquascaping supplies at

What are the essential water parameters for a saltwater reef tank?

Essential water parameters for a saltwater reef tank include temperature, salinity, pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity, and calcium levels. Monitor and maintain these parameters within optimal ranges to support the health and growth of corals, fish, and invertebrates in your reef tank.

How can I control water flow in my aquarium?

Control water flow in your aquarium by using adjustable pumps, powerheads, wavemakers, and spray bars to create water circulation and oxygenation. Adjust the flow rate and direction to simulate natural currents and prevent dead spots in the tank. Explore for aquarium water flow solutions.

Can I keep live plants in a marine aquarium?

Yes, you can keep live plants in a marine aquarium, but choose salt-tolerant species like seagrasses, macroalgae, and mangroves that can thrive in saltwater conditions. Live plants in a marine tank can provide natural filtration, oxygenation, and habitat for marine fish and invertebrates. Find marine aquarium plants at

What is the difference between freshwater and marine aquarium setups?

The main difference between freshwater and marine aquarium setups is the type of fish, plants, and water conditions they require. Freshwater aquariums house fish and plants that prefer lower salinity levels, while marine aquariums house saltwater species that need specific salinity, pH, and temperature ranges. Choose the setup that matches your desired fish species and experience level.

How can I create a low-maintenance aquarium setup?

Create a low-maintenance aquarium setup by choosing hardy fish and plants, installing efficient filtration systems, automating water changes, and using easy-care substrates. Opt for low-maintenance aquarium products and accessories from to simplify your fishkeeping routine and enjoy a thriving aquarium with minimal effort.