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Internaldoorsuk Coupons Store FAQ's

How can I measure my internal door correctly?

To measure your internal door correctly, start by measuring the width at three points (top, middle, and bottom) and the height at two points (left and right side). Use the smallest measurements for both the width and height for a perfect fit. For more guidance on accurate measurements, you can refer to the comprehensive measuring guide available on the website. Additionally, consider checking out AskmeOffers for exclusive deals on door measuring tools and accessories.

What are the standard sizes of internal doors?

The standard sizes of internal doors in the UK are commonly 1981mm (78") in height and either 686mm (27"), 762mm (30"), or 838mm (33") in width. However, it's important to measure your door openings accurately to ensure a precise fit. If you're looking for internal doors in different sizes, explore the wide range of options available on and don't forget to check AskmeOffers for special discounts on custom-sized doors.

How do I choose the right internal door style for my home?

Choosing the right internal door style for your home largely depends on the existing decor, your personal preferences, and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. Consider factors such as the architecture of your home, the desired level of privacy, the amount of natural light you want to allow, and your budget. offers a diverse selection of door styles ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. To make your decision easier, you can also explore AskmeOffers for exclusive deals on popular door styles and designs.

Can internal doors be painted or stained?

Yes, internal doors can be painted or stained to match your interior decor. This allows you to customize the look of your doors and create a cohesive design scheme within your home. Before painting or staining your internal doors, make sure to prepare the surface properly by sanding and priming the door. You can find high-quality paint and stain options for internal doors on To save on painting supplies and tools, don't forget to check AskmeOffers for ongoing discounts and offers.

What type of hinges are suitable for internal doors?

For internal doors, it's recommended to use standard butt hinges, which are durable, sturdy, and easy to install. Butt hinges are available in various finishes to complement your door hardware and come in different sizes to suit different door weights. When installing internal doors, ensure that the hinges are properly aligned and securely attached to both the door and the door frame. If you need to purchase hinges for your internal doors, explore the range of options available on, and watch out for exclusive deals on hinges on AskmeOffers.

How do I maintain and care for my internal doors?

To maintain and care for your internal doors, regularly dust and wipe them with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may damage the door's finish. Lubricate the hinges and handles periodically to ensure smooth operation. In case of minor scratches or dents, consider using a touch-up kit to repair the damage. offers maintenance tips and products to keep your doors looking their best. For discounts on door maintenance supplies, keep an eye on AskmeOffers for exclusive deals and promotions.

Can internal doors help with soundproofing a room?

Internal doors can contribute to soundproofing a room by providing a barrier that reduces noise transmission between spaces. To enhance the soundproofing properties of internal doors, consider choosing solid-core doors that have greater density and thickness compared to hollow-core doors. Additionally, installing weather stripping or door sweeps can help seal gaps around the door frame to minimize sound leakage. If you're interested in soundproofing your home with internal doors, check out the range of acoustic doors available on For special offers on soundproofing solutions, visit AskmeOffers for deals on acoustic door options.

Are fire-rated internal doors necessary for my home?

Fire-rated internal doors are recommended for specific areas of your home where fire safety is a priority, such as kitchens or rooms with fireplaces. These doors are designed to resist fire and smoke for a specified period, providing valuable time for evacuation in case of a fire emergency. When choosing fire-rated internal doors, ensure they meet the required fire safety standards and are installed correctly. offers a selection of fire-rated doors compliant with safety regulations. For discounted prices on fire-rated internal doors, keep an eye on AskmeOffers for special deals and promotions.

Can I install internal doors myself, or should I hire a professional?

You can install internal doors yourself if you have the necessary tools, skills, and experience in carpentry. DIY installation of internal doors can be a rewarding project that allows you to customize your home and save on installation costs. However, if you're unsure about the installation process or have complex door requirements, it's advisable to hire a professional door installer to ensure a perfect fit and proper functioning of the doors. provides installation guides and tips for DIY enthusiasts. For discounts on installation tools and accessories, check out AskmeOffers for exclusive deals.

Are pocket doors a suitable option for internal spaces?

Pocket doors are a space-saving and stylish option for internal spaces where swing space is limited. These doors slide into a concealed pocket within the wall, allowing for seamless opening and closing without intruding on the room's layout. Pocket doors are ideal for small rooms, closets, and areas where traditional swinging doors may be impractical. offers a range of pocket doors in various styles and sizes to suit different design preferences. For pocket door hardware and accessories, explore AskmeOffers for discounts and special offers.