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Tanishq Coupons Store Summary for June 2022

Get Tanishq Coupon Codes, Tanishq Offers & Tanishq Deals for the Day Exclusive, Buy Superlative designs.

From celebrating occasions to honoring a loved one, gracing a wedding, to attending an office party - old jewelry has played an essential role in our wardrobe for decades. Shop exclusive designs and 24K carat gold items, platinum rings, statement pieces, and more, only from Tanishq. Whether you are looking for occasion-based jewelry, gift cards, gold coins for future investments, or elegant jewelry for the younger generation, Tanishq has exclusive collections for them all. Need bridal jewelry? The Tanishq Rivaah collection features impressive statement pieces for brides. The younger generation may prefer thinner gold bands and white gold bracelets. Break away from tradition and shop from the Tanishq Mia collection to get 18K jewelry in more elegant styles.  If you want to buy 100% verified jewelry online, log on to Tanishq now. Use our Tanishq coupons to get a flat 70% off on the items featured. Get necklaces, pendants, jhumkas, chains, gold coins, bracelets, etc. Surprise someone this Valentine’s Day with the special Tanishq sale on superlative designs! Get dainty gold bangles, mangalsutra chains, pearl items, platinum bands, diamond jewelry, and more at huge discounts. Unsure of what to buy? Please book an appointment today, and Tanishq’s staff will ensure their best to help you secure a style you like. Step into a dream with up to 30% off on Tanishq’s current season items! 

Buy from the most trusted and Loved Jewelry Store Online.

Every Tanishq store across the world houses its own Karatmeter. This machine can efficiently measure gold's total amount and purity in any design. Every jewelry you buy will come with the Tanishq guarantee promise and assurance card. Have any jewelry you are looking to sell? Tanishq Karatmeter to find out its value. Tanishq performs all such operations in direct view of the customer so that you can follow the process.  Tanishq has one of the lowest making charges rates globally, starting at just 8%. The best part? Pay for gems at their value and gold at their value. So you can get heavy, gem-encrusted jewelry at low prices by merely paying for the gold at the gold rate. Get up to 70% off on pendants with our Tanishq coupons. Express your love with stones like diamond, topaz, emerald, rubies, and more this season. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes for Pure Gold Jewellery

Buying gold can be an excellent investment for the future and a valuable purchase in itself. After all, who does not enjoy classic designs crafted with care? But this does not mean you should have to spend more than necessary! With our Tanishq offers, you can get more while paying for less. Have an ICICI Bank card? Use our Tanishq coupons and get up to 60% cashback on diamond jewelry. Buy platinum jewelry at up to 85% off. Get up to 30% off on Tanishq’s new season collection and 21% off their Shagun 2021 Collection. Get designs made in 24K, 22K, or 18K gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry in daily wear, party wear, and office wear. If you are looking for solitaires, you could save up to 7% with the current Tanishq sale. Choose from famous collections like Niloufer, Aarambh, Mirayah, and more and get up to 70% off. Buy in the currency of your choice. You can also check the current price of gold by checking out the Gold Rate icon on top. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for the Months

Make the most of Tanishq’s discount offer period by saving up to 30% on jewelry items! Get gold studded or direct platinum jewelry anywhere from 5 to 30% off, depending on the total cost. The higher the price, the better the discounts! If you are looking for solitaires, you could get a flat 2.5% off on your order. Are you looking to sell something? You can exchange existing jewelry and receive new items in their place. This can also be combined with existing Tanishq offers like Anniversary sales, Valentine’s Day sales, etc. You could also save up to 1% of making charges for stone-studded jewelry. A brand that needs no introduction at all and shines with its great exuberance when it comes to delivering jewelry and catering to each individual's jewelry needs. Yes, we are talking about Tanishq, a Tata company product that has made its individual and significant mark in the market with its range of products that are 100% genuine with the originality that Tanishq is famous for. Shop from among the shiniest jewels displayed at Tanishq and make your jewelry collection all the more awesome with the range offered. Designed only by professionals and experts, Tanishq tries to deliver something new and unique each time according to one's culture and beliefs. Having a personalized approach towards each one, Tanishq is the brand that is always loved and considered to be on top. With great designs and services that would match all your requirements, Tanishq would be there with its collective range and incredible savings. Shop a Tanishq and live your dream of the best and the finest possible jewelry while also saving immensely on each of your shopping when using the Tanishq coupon code. Explore the entire Tanishq store for its satisfying jewelry in all possible categories.

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Editorial Notes On Tanishq for June 2022

Working Tanishq Coupon Codes, Deals, and Offers

Tanishq Promo Code Category Tanishq Coupon Code & Offers India Valid for
Tanishq Coupons Flat 70% Off On All Jewellery All Users
Tanishq Offer Code India Up To 85% Off On Platinium All Users
Tanishq Coupon Code Up To 60% Cashback On Diamond ICICI  Cards
Tanishq Promo Code Get 70% Off On Collections. All Users
Tanishq Discount Code Get Up To 70% Off On Pendants. All Users

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for Rings 

Your special someone deserves the unique ring ever! Shop from Tanishq finds a brand new style of engagement rings, statement rings, promise rings, and more. You can buy rings based on gender or finger width. Get iconic solitaire rings at a flat 5% off. Are you looking for dual-band rings? Get layered, dual-band rings from the Tanishq collection in gold, diamond, and platinum, all at 5% off. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on Mia rings 

For thinner bands, you can check out the Mia collection. Mia rings are made in 18K gold and carry exquisite designs with gems in colors like transparent rose, blue sapphire, ruby red, and more. Get silver rings in the form of florals, butterfly wings, and rosettes. Use our Tanishq coupons and save up to 85% on platinum rings of your choice. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers on Jewelry 

Tanishq offers jewelry in a variety of colors and forms. Choose from white gold, rose gold, or dual color mixes. Here are some items you can check out. From anklets to complete bridal sets, Tanishq has it all. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on EARRINGS

With over 4,000 products, Tanishq earrings are available in various styles. You will find something for all ages, from traditional jhumka designs to too modern and simplistic hoop designs. Starting from as low as 10,000 INR, get earrings with diamonds, rubies, moonstones, or sapphires encrusted. Get The Snowy Embrace earring for 20% off with the current Tanishq sale! 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on PENDANTS

Tanishq has over 1,500 pendant designs that you can choose from, with their master craftsmen releasing new designs every season. Get romantic diamond pendants, intricately designed 18K gold pendants, and innovations in rose gold. Get flat 5% off on the Christine diamond pendant. The Omyra diamond pendant is also available at 5% off. Save more by using our Tanishq coupons and get a flat 70% off on all jewelry. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on FINGER RINGS

Get flat 5% off on finger rings with the Tanishq Valentine’s sale! Get finger rings in sleek rose gold, dual gold with diamonds, stellar white gold, or unique engagement wear with solitaires. You can use the filters to adjust finger width, bandwidth, diamond clarity, etc. You can also sort based on occasions – party wear, bridal wear, engagement wear, daily wear, etc. Use our Tanishq coupons and get up to 85% off on platinum rings for you and your partner! 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on MANGALSUTRA

Starting in 1994 in India, it’d be a shame if Tanishq did not offer a range of traditional jewelry like mangalsutra sets! Get up to 10% off on mangalsutras featuring striking gold colors and high-clarity diamonds. Choose from over 500 designs. Save up to 10% on all mangalsutra purchases using ICICI Bank credit and debit cards for the purchase. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on CHAIN

If you prefer low-key and straightforward jewelry, then the Tanishq chain collection is undoubtedly made for you! Get sleek platinum chains at up to 10% off. Tanishq assures a purity rating of 95.00 for all its platinum jewelry. You can also find the length of each chain by looking at the product details. Tanishq offers both close-neck jewelry and longer multi-tiered chains.

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on NECKWEAR

Loves of more traditional jewelry types will significantly appreciate the 300+ neckwear pieces made by Tanishq. Make a statement wherever you go with collections like Naomi and Resham. Get flat 5% off on the Trista diamond-encrusted necklace. Get the Selena 18K gold neckwear at 10% off! Save more by using our Tanishq coupons during checkout! 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on NOSE PIN

Get nose pins starting from as low as 2,703 INR! Tanishq offers a wide range of nose pins with elegant designs in 18K gold. Find smaller nose pins or larger loop pins. You can even get nose pins for bridal events in 22K gold. From 250 designs, each unique and special – you are sure to get a nose pin for special occasions! You can also find more simple techniques for everyday use!

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on BANGLE

Over 1,100 bangle designs are currently available on the Tanishq website. You can look for the try-on option to see designs available in stores near you. Get exquisite and classy designs in a single or dual-band form. Are you looking for something exotic? Try out the Amalia bangle with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds arranged on top, currently available at a flat 5% off. Use our Tanishq coupons and save up to 85% on your bangle choices. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on BRACELETS

Many people do not like the rigidity of bangles and prefer the fluidity of bracelets instead. Get fancy bracelets, traditional mangalsutra bracelets, or highly intricate designs in 18K gold. Currently, you can get up to 15% off on select bracelets. The Surreal Diamond Bracelet is available for 20% out. Traditional designs like the mangalsutra bracelets and simple platinum designs are available at 5% off. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on PENDANT AND EARRING SET

Matching necklaces and earrings can be a chore. So why not get a set that solves all problems? Check out the Tanishq pendant and earring sets inspired by various artistic elements like the dawn, earth, and leaves. Choose from beautiful floral designs, peacock-inspired designs, diamond and pearl clusters, etc. Use our Tanishq coupons and get up to 70% off on collections. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on GOLD COINS

Whether you are stocking up for Dhanteras or merely creating a future investment, get assured high-quality gold from Tanishq with their range of gold coins. You can buy them in 2 grams, 8 grams, 10 grams, 25 grams, and even 100 grams. Gold coins are available in 22K and 24K options. Get a variety of inscriptions like Hindu gods, Islamic inscriptions, the Tanishq logo, and more. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on GIFT CARD

There’s no better gift than one that keeps increasing in value! Give someone special a Tanishq gift card to get an item of their choice from any Tanishq store in India. You can add the desired amount to the menu and choose the recipient to have it delivered to. Alternatively, you can check out the curated collections Tanishq offers for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Use our Tanishq coupons to buy fashionable jewelry at 85% off. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for Platinum Jewelry 

Get up to 21% off on diamond jewelry of your choice with the Tanishq Shagun for the ‘21 sale! Tanishq’s platinum collection features over 7000+ designs, each crafted by their master designers. The best part? Use the cost filter to find jewelry in your price range. You can even find platinum nose rings for less than 1,500 INR! 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on Earrings

Choose from over 2,400 earring designs. From simple platinum hoops to delicate designs made on pendant earrings, find something that matches your statement style! You can even get small stud earrings or larger jhumkas for special occasions. Get up to 15% off on select platinum items. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Offers on Pendants

Currently, Tanishq has a limited collection of platinum pendants. However, if you like any designs, use our Tanishq coupon to get up to 85% off on platinum. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for Gold Jewelry 

Tanishq has 7,300+ items in the form of pure gold jewelry. If you do not enjoy embellishments like diamonds or precious stones, you can opt for this. Get jewelry in 22K gold with designs inspired by florals, creepers, butterfly wings, peacock feathers, and other charming arrangements. You can use the Try-on feature from hoop earrings to caged pendants to get an idea of how the jewelry would look on you, at least digitally! Use our Tanishq coupons and save up to 70% on pendants. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for Diamond Jewelry 

There is little that a diamond on top can’t make better – be it a ring or a necklace! Get a diamond pendant and a chain to match. Diamond pendants start from 5,000 INR and are available for upwards of 5 lakhs. With more expensive jewelry, you can get discounts on making charges. Get flat 4% off on the Sandra pendant and 5% off on the Azaria pendant! Get nose pins, necklaces, bracelets, jewelry sets, and more made from diamonds with 95.00 purity and placed in 22K gold. Use our Tanishq coupons to get up to 60% cashback on diamonds. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for Exclusive Tanishq Collections 

Tanishq has collaborated with various designers to create new and unique collections for multiple occasions. Their well-known collections include Niloufer, After, Padmavat, Glitterati, Virasat, Ahalya, etc. Each caters to a specific whim or occasion. Like diamonds on your jewelry? Check out the Glitterati collection. Prefer more down-to-earth collections? Get the Aarambh collection inspired by the bright elegance of dawn. Check out some of the bestselling Tanishq collections below. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for Wedding Jewelry 


The Rivaah collection has been made for weddings and is undoubtedly on every bride-to-be’s wish list. Featuring collections for Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, and Contemporary weddings, the Rivaah collection features extensive nose rings, necklace and earring sets, and more. You can get jewelry for an engagement, sangeet, Mehendi, or the leading wedding event. Other styles offered are Gujarati, Malayali, Marathi, Punjabi, Muslim, and more. Use our Tanishq coupons and get up to 85% off on jewelry from Rivaah. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers On Mia 

Made with the younger generation in mind, Mia is an exclusive range of bangles, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more made in sleek and contemporary styles. The Mia collection has become hugely famous due to its unique styles, featured by many celebrities like Mithila Palkar. Due to its intricate designs and thin bands, all Mia collection items are made in 18K gold. Order the Mia collection from anywhere in India and ship it to your home for free! Save on the Mia collection with our Tanishq coupons for all types of jewelry. 

Tanishq Coupon Codes & Tanishq Offers for GIFTS

Not sure what to get someone? There’s no one better to help you than Tanishq themselves! Check out their curated gifting guide with collections for yourself, your partner, birthday gifts, anniversaries, etc. Whether you are gifting something to your mother or merely looking to splurge, visit the gifting section for help. Alternatively, you can also book an appointment and see a physical Tanishq store! However, our Tanishq coupons are only valid for online transactions. 

Save more on your purchase with Tanishq Encircle Membership. 

Are you a regular patron of Tanishq? If yes, then here’s how you can benefit! Tanishq has a unique loyalty program for all Indian citizens. Become a member of Platinum Encircle. All Encircle customers get one credit point for every 1000 INR of jewelry they buy and later have the credits deducted as a discount. Use our Tanishq coupon codes to get 85% off on platinum collections. Visit a Tanishq store or apply online to receive credit points and save on world-class jewelry.

Best of Tanishq offers discounts, deals, and sale events to participate in 

Shop for the Kalai collection from Tanishq

The word kali, which means wrist, has been adopted by Tanishq for its brand new collection, which is supposed to decorate your wrists and make them look the best with its range of bangles and more. Use the Tanishq coupon code and shop for the collection, which is in store with the celebration of hands that make every moment auspicious. Shop for this up-and-coming collection with genuinely sacred designs with a savings of a flat 10%. 

The rivaah collection from Tanishq 

Shop for the range of rivaah collections from Tanishq and avail of the discounted deal, which would make your wedding shopping super easy and studded with stones and gems. Coming to make each bride the best looking one on her big day, Tanishq is here with its wedding collection called the rivaah, which would change the entire game. Shop for the collection, which is lovely, just like the bride herself, and is painted in mule colors for the brightest fashion. The timeless collection straight from the hearts with its contemporary appeal showcases its blend of eras in mesmerizing contrast. Use the Tanishq coupon code to shop for its excellent collection and avail yourself of the discounted deal with a flat 10% savings.

Tanishq engagement collection 

Sort your engagement rings shopping with none other than Tanishq and avail yourself of the discounted deal with a flat 10% savings and discount. Shop for the combo ring collection for the to-be bride and groom from Tanishq, and let love take on the fray. Use the Tanishq coupon code to steal this deal and seal the match made in heaven.

Shop for the dor collection from Tanishq 

It is giving the auspicious dor called mangalsutra a new and stylish touch that would match the statement of today’s women; Tanishq ais here with its all-new dor collection, making it all come to life. Use the Tanishq promo code and shop for this elegant and stylish collection with a savings of a flat 10%. Shop for the stylish range that comes with diamonds and stones of all varieties and sizes. 

The utsaah collection from Tanishq 

The spirits of zeal and liveliness would be doubled at the festivals. Celebrate the festivals with Tanishq and its utsaah collection, beaming with its designs and brightness. Use the Tanishq promo code and avail yourself of the collection made for the festive occasion. Shop and save upto 10% on th entire collection with Tanishq now!

The moment’s collection from Tanishq 

Shop for the finest moments of life that bring immense happiness and light to your life. Use the Tanishq promo code and shop for the range of Tanishq moments collections that contain such subtle and light-weighted jewelry collections from the brand that would ideally suit each moment and make it life-like. Shop and see upto 10% on this magical deal from Tanishq.

The Shagun collection from Tanishq 

Make each shopping from Tanishq the most promising one with the Tanishq Shagun collection and avail in the deal with is offering you a flat 21% savings on the collection. Use the Tanishq promo code and avail of the deal, which applies to all the diamond jewelry from the brand. Make your move in the right direction, and Tanishq will fill it with love and affection.

The mood of the earth collection from Tanishq

Shop for the collection from Tanishq, which is dedicated to the moods of the earth and embraces the most accurate spirits of nature in a jewelry collection that would serve the proper purpose. Use the Tanishq discount voucher and avail yourself of the savings with the best designs and grab the deal with fantastic savings of a flat 10%.

The ekatvam collection from Tanishq 

With unity and diversity in one collection and reflecting the most genuine joy of the rituals and weddings, this collection from Tanishq is simply one of a kind. Use the Tanishq discount voucher and avail yourself of the Beauty of oneness with the discounted range of up upto 20%. Get ready with this collection from Tanishq and have your day transformed into the best-looking ones with ekatvam from Tanishq.

Shop for arambh collection from Tanishq 

Shop for the range of collective jewelry from Tanishq, which would set you on fire with its gorgeous look and shades that would take you to another level. Use the Tanishq discount voucher and avail of the deal with a flat 25% savings.

Tips to save at Tanishq:

  1. Shop from the Tanishq collections and avail discounted savings.
  2. Subscribe to Tanishq and save Rs. 500 on shopping for the first time.

Ratings and reviews of Tanishq:

  1. Rated 3.4 out of 5 by mounthshut
  2. Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Justdial

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In the last 90 days, AskmeOffers users have saved an average of 20% to 70% on their purchase made at Tanishq using exclusive Coupon Codes provided by Askmeoffers. All the Coupons published at AskmeOffers are Verified Manually daily.

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Tanishq Customer Support

Tanishq Customer Care Contact Details

If you have a query to get addressed by the Tanishq Customer Support team, reach out by calling 1800-1033-314/ +91-9070307020 or connect with Tanishq's 24×7 Customer Care. Alternatively, you can reach them via social media.
  1. Email- tanishqcare@titan.co.in
  2. Facebook – Keep track of contests, events, and promotions on their Facebook Page.
  3. Twitter – Recieve the latest news, events, and seasonal discounts and offers.

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