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$4.3 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last worked 2 hours ago on UNice Copy BEAUTYCANB
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$0 saved

Make mothers day special for her! Copy BESTMOM
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Exclusive Offer

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $25.96 on UNice Copy 8211
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$25.96 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $25.96 on UNice Copy BLACK12
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$64.8 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $64.80 on UNice Copy Black60
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$35.31 saved

UNice Coupon Code – Last worked 5 hours ago Copy DAV23
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$10.6 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last worked 32 minutes ago on UNice Copy Brand
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$14.75 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $14.75 Copy FALL25
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$35.03 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $35.03 Copy END
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$26.92 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last worked 9 hours ago Copy EXUE12
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$34.84 saved

UNice Coupon Code – Last saved $34.84 Copy CHRISSY
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$10.13 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $10.13 on UNice Copy Fall10
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$32.66 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $32.66 Copy Fall30
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$10.88 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $10.88 Copy FREE60
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10% OFF

Enjoy 10% Off Over $99 With Code: Graduation Copy Graduation
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$24.61 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $24.61 on UNice Copy FBG20
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$24 OFF

$24 Off Over $239 For 13×4 Lace Front Wigs And HD Lace Wigs Copy HD24
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$376.34 saved

UNice Coupon Code – Last saved $376.34 Copy LACE50
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$40 OFF

$40 Off Over $229 Copy Lace40
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 24 March 2023

$32.65 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last worked 11 hours ago Copy NEW40
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$20 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $20 Copy NY50
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$29.41 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $29.41 on UNice Copy ROSE50
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$20 OFF

New Arrivals – $20 off Over $100+ Orders. Copy NEW20
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$26.62 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $26.62 Copy PXMAS50
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$30 OFF

$30 Off For 3 Wigs & $20 Off For 2 Wigs $10 Off For 1 Wig, Same Code: SAVE Copy SAVE
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$50 OFF

Happy Siblings Day: Up to $50 off with Code: Sister! Copy SISTER
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$30 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last worked 4 hours ago Copy SAVE40
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$30 saved

UNice Coupon Code – Last saved $30 Copy SAVECART30
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$15 saved

UNice Coupon Code – Last saved $15 Copy SPRING
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$24 OFF

Up To $24 Off For Sitewide With Code: Summer24 Copy Summer24
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$8.69 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $8.69 on UNice Copy Summer40
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$8 OFF

$8 Off Over 129 For Sitewide Copy Summer8
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$51.72 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $51.72 Copy Travel50
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$100 OFF

Up To $100 Off With Code: TAX, Shop Now! Copy TAX
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$32.71 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $32.71 on UNice Copy Treat60
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$40 saved

UNice Coupon Code – Last saved $40 Copy UNICE70
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$43.34 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $43.34 on UNice Copy Winter40
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$20 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $20 on UNice Copy U20
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$25.45 saved

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $25.45 Copy Y2UIG
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$0 saved

UNice Coupon Copy women
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Exclusive Offer

Promo Code for UNice – Last saved $32.66 Get Deal
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Editorial Notes On Unice

The curly hair deal from Unice

 Use the Unice coupon code and shop for the deals that would provide you with the savings of upto 30% on the range which is being offered in the curly hair variety and which is also subdivided into the more particular variety which covers the Brazilian hair type, the Malaysian hair type the Indian hair tel and the Peruvian hair type. Please select from the range o the most suitable match for your hair to bring out the most flawless look that would make you feel the most advanced in hair styling. The texture of these hair offerings from Unice is jerry curly and comes with a range of lengths that can be shaped depending upon your needs. Shop and have the new transformation and come back to your original style in no time. Furthermore, you can also avail of savings of upto 45% on all the shopping for the newest arrival from Unice.

The straight hair weaves from Unice

Are you someone who always sticks to the straighteners to straighten their hair when you go out? Well, if that is you, then Unice has the solution which would’ve you from all the efforts of doing this practice and process again and again. As with Unice, you can put on the straight hair weaves and set out with the style and confidence that comes to you with the straightened hair look. Be it any of the occasions, from birthday parties to that formal meeting, straightened hair looks would suit all your attire and all your occasions that you are going in for. Use the Unice coupon code and avail yourself the savings of upto 20% on all the shopping.

The natural waves weave from Unice

Use the Unice promo code to shop from the range and avail of the deal, which is made up of 100% Human hair materials that are dyed to bring out the desired color and then styled in the desired way to suit the variety. With no chemicals involved n the process along its no tangles in the hair, you would always avoid the problem of resolving all the tangles before using h weaves from Unice. With such advantageous characteristics linked to Unice’s hair weaves, this would be the best-of-all-time deal to be grabbed by you in no time. Moreover, these weaves from Unice would also not show the problem of shedding and would also add an upgraded look to your hair which is more natural and bouncy. The lifespan of these hair weaves from Unice would be around three months, saving you from using the damaged variety and providing you with the most differentiated look. 

Shop for long ponytails from Unice 

Do the celebrity-inspired long ponytail looks also inspire you? They are worth admiring and also put up with the fashion and the trends of the days; well, if such is the case, then Unice is the brand that would roadie you with the savings and the saver look of the day with the all-time favorite look of long ponytails which do not require any styling as well. Use the Unice promo code and avail yourself in the best of all-time looks with the variety that covers the straight hair pintail along with the wavy and the ugly haired ponytail that would give you the chance to showcase the best of your looks and also be the most thoughtful about your flawlessly good looks. Shop from the most popular themed variety of all times from Unice and avail Of the best discounts deal of upto 40% along with the discount on all the shipping charges.

Shop for the range of tools from Unice

Shop for the range o hair tools from Unice, which include a variety of hair caps, hair Tonis and lotions, and more that would allow you to take proper care of your hair and would also provide you with the charismatic look of all times, which would be more genuine and more versatile of all times. Shop for the range of hair bands and head gears from Unice using the Unice discount voucher and avail of savings of upto 20%. 

Tip to save at Unice:

  1. Shop at Unice and avail of the new users’ discounted deal of upto 20%.
  2. Avail in the best sellers discount of upto 45%.
  3. Avail in the easy return deal from Unice as well.

Ratings and reviews of Unice:

  1. Rated 4.6 out of 5 at Trustpilot
  2. Rated 2.3 out of 5 at Sitejabber

New to unice? Grab $20 off on your first purchase

On visiting the Unice website for the first time, you as a customer get a special discount of $20 on your first purchase! This is Unice’s own way of welcoming you with warmth and amazing deals. You can select the wigs or hair caps, pintails or natural waves hair, and grab a discount of $20 on your order value. There’s a reason unice has a loving customer base who are loyal to their products. Unice always welcomes their customers with exciting offers curated just for them – Feel extra special and grab your favorite products at the Unice store!

Up to 52% off on the newest arrivals 

Get a pop-star look with Unice’s new arrivals, check out their store and grab the offer now. You can get the most trending wigs, stylish hairdos and their all exclusive highlights and extensions now at an amazing discount of up to 52%. New arrivals are the best deals, as they are fresh in the market and based on recent trends and market popularity. Brands do not usually offer any sort of discounts on their newly launched products, but nice is different. It’s now offering the highest discounts on the newest arrivals

Combo deal – two wigs at $149

This offer is exactly as it sounds, using this offer the customer is eligible to get two of their favorite wigs at a huge discounted price of $149. To make it even better unice lets buyers use this code multiple times. Just go to their promo section and navigate through the ‘2 for $149″ section to choose your beloved wigs. Add them to your cart and get both of them at just $149! This is an excellent offer as wigs tend to be rather costly, but not anymore! 

Clearance Sale

Unice is running a promotion on their app and website right now by the name of Last Chance Deal where they are giving a full 50% off deal, a unique offer where they are giving away a huge lot of their exclusive items at almost half the prices. So, it’s time to get the look you always wanted with the hair of your dreams. You can get your favorite weaves, hair extensions and wigs at this clearance sale at half the price!

Group Buy – flat 25% off on purchases

The Group Buy scheme is one amazing deal by unice.com using this the buyers are given a chance to make a group along with their friends or relatives and buy the hair of their choosing. Using this scheme the customer can avail of a flat 25% discount on their group purchase. What’s there to wait, the entire gang can get the same hair now. Your friends can style your hair like you do, this provides the perfect party look for all of you! 

Buy one, get one at 40% off 

Get top picks for this new season with Unice’s Buy one get one at 40% off. You can select a weave, extension, pintail or wig of your choice, and you’ll be eligible to buy another one at a flat 40% off the price. Grab the offer now at Unice’s official website. Unice has all-natural quality wigs and weaves for your hair needs. Dye your hair any color you like without having to worry about the process – just grab a pair of premium wigs and extensions from Unice and get a dazzling look.

Buy one get one free on wigs 

Unice has a limited-time offer of Buy one get one on your favorite wigs! Grab the offer before it runs out. This limited-time offer is a great investment, as you just need to pay for one and bag two wigs at the same time. You also get a tutorial on how to style and use these wigs to bring the best in your look.

Up to 45% off on premium collections 

Experimenting with your hair has always been the most incredible thing you can do to get the newest loom in no time. Well, suppose you are also a fan of such experiments. In that case, you do not need t rush to the salon to eat time as Unice is here with its range of offerings in the genre of hair that would allow you to shop and choose from the variety which would glorify your look and provide you with the newest of all times aura that is very significant and would also look most natural on you. Get luxury hair collections on Unice, with beautiful curls and seamless straight hair wigs in all colors and with great elegance, now at a discount of up to 45%.

Fall vibes – up to 20% off on hair weaves 

With Unice, you can sort all your beach looks out since Unice is here with a variety of offerings which providing you with the variety comes in the form of natural waves that are very healthy to look at and provide your hair with the extra voluminous look that saves the day and also saves your money by providing you with a discounted deal of up to 20%.

10% off + surprise gifts 

Get amazing lace closure wigs and weaves at a discount of 10%, and get a surprise gift crafted with love from Unice free of cost along with your purchase1 What better way to gift yourself a little something extra? Surprise gifts are worth the anticipation and thrill, and Unice never backs down from making its customers happy. They send out expensive and premium gifts as surprises to their customers so that they can give their love and support to Unice and keep them coming!

10% off using code – Y2UIG

Unice has something unique for all hair types! Simply use the code – Y2UIG when checking out, to grab amazing deals and discounts on wigs, weaves, accessories, highlights, pintails, extensions, brushes and more! This is applicable to all products ranging from curls, naturally straight hair, weaves, extensions, brushes and accessories. Watch the free tutorial on how to best style these wigs with your outfits and get going.

Unice wholesale store 

You can choose from the variety available at Unice, which would be presented to you in various colors of black, golden, and more, choose the one you like the most and suit your hair type and personality. Unice has something for each hair type and should be grabbed in time. Unice wholesale has $10, $15 and $20 off, especially for you. You can get products at a cheaper range at the wholesale store than you would at the shop and other places. 

$70 off and a free hot comb

Easy to wear, breathable Unice air wigs are perfect for a special occasion. Your scalp will be unharmed, and your hair will look natural and airy with Unice’s air wigs collections. Now get $70 off on your purchase of air wigs, along with a free hot comb for a beautiful hairdo! Use code – AIR and also stand the chance to win a surprise gift along with your order!

Halloween super sale – Upto 50% off! 

This spooky season is spiced up with unice’s special Halloween sale. You can get up to 50% off on elegant hair wigs and premium weaves and extensions. What’s more, is the free gift from Unice along with your purchase! Unice is offering an exclusive silk robe and stickers for free and making their customers extra happy this Halloween. To grab the offer, hurry up and go to their official website!

$25 off over $199 with code – FALL25

Do you want to get fantastic hair this autumn and are running out of time? Unice has got you covered. Shop for the latest styles and highlights at Unice’s official store and if your order value exceeds $199, simply use the code – FALL25 and instantly get a discount of $25 on your order value.

Savings Guide and Other Information

  1. Video Cash Reward using Instagram – Unice has a unique rewards program for their existing customers where they can earn from posting videos about the products. Unice knows that positive reviews are the lifeblood of an online business because potential customers find the reviews of existing customers to be trustworthy. For Instagram, Posting a short video of 30-60 seconds can get you a good sum of money, the customer needs to inbox, comb/brush the hair, show the installation process and show off the hair and tag @unicehair. Doing so will give the customers the opportunity of winning $20 for over 1000 views, $50 for over 5000 views, $100 for over 10000 views, $300 for over 100000 views and $500 for over 200000 views.
  2. YouTube rewards –  You can also earn similar kinds of rewards by doing the above-mentioned things on YouTube, although there are slight differences, on posting the video to your YouTube channel you get $20 just for uploading, $50 for over 1000 views, $100 for over 5000 views, $300 for over 50000 views and $500 for over 100000 views
  3. Free Hair Giveaway – Every month unice arranges for an occasional unique giveaway on their Instagram and YouTube channels. In the contest, 6 lucky women will be picked out and if their pictures are selected to be used as a product picture then a free hair will definitely be rewarded.  Pictures shared on Instagram and Facebook and photo and text reviews can get you 300 points which are equal to $3.
  4. Affiliate Program – The affiliate program runs on 3 simple rules: share, save and earn. Here you can earn money just by referring and sharing unice with other people, your friends or followers. Taking advantage of Unice’s Share and Earn Program is quite simple, all you need to do is share unice.com with others and they will save money while they buy and you will earn money every time they buy something. It is a simple money-making program with no threshold, and no cost and easy for all users to earn real cash daily simply by sharing, the amount of commission is calculated on the basis of the price of the shares item, which is generally 5%
  5. App Deals – Unice has an exclusive app for both Android and Apple, they promote and encourage people to use the app more often for placing orders and for that reason they have provided their customers with a great way of saving their money on purchases. Unice has given an extra $3 off to their customers for app purchases.
  6. Cut to free – Invite your friends to use unice, and get a product free!
  7. New Season Offers –  Unice is providing their customers with a new season offer which consists of buying one product and getting another for 40% off. This is a great deal and will only be available till stock lasts. Grab one for yourself now and give yourself a new look for the new season. You also get to have surprise gifts and giveaways!
  8. Fashion blogs – Unice’s blogs are a great way to get trendy styling tips and tricks. More often than not, it’s also a great way to get insights into upcoming deals, promotions, vouchers and codes that Unice provides.
  9. Coupons – Unice has a separate coupons page, where all the latest and upcoming coupons are listed. These are 100% authentic, and you can navigate through a daily dose of a discount spree! Choose your best deal using these and instantly get discounted prices.
  10. Find a salon and stylist nearby – Unice offers a free hair stylist finder, where you can find top-quality hair stylists nearby.

Unice reviews

The best tool for building trust among the masses and creating a reputation for being a trustworthy company is e-commerce and online businesses use their customer’s reviews. Unice focuses heavily on its customers’ reviews, that’s why they have all the above-mentioned rewards programs for reviews, where its existing customers can earn money simply by reviewing their purchases on Instagram and YouTube. The company was started in China and slowly spread around the world over a short span of 14 years, they have only been able to achieve such a feat because of their honest hard work and high-quality products which are all made out of natural hair. The company has a huge user base in the United States of America with 3 physical stores in 3 major cities in the country and is growing at an accelerated rate. They provide different kinds of programs and deals for their customers which are absolutely loved and adored by the buyers, why won’t they be? Unice is giving them the confidence they always wanted.
  1. You can check out customer reviews on their Instagram page.
  2. Trustpilot gives unice a rating of 4.5 out of 5!
  3. Sitejabber has given unice a rating of 2.4 out of 5.

Return, Refund and Exchange Policy

Unice has love in its heart for its customers, that’s why they don’t want its customers to be stuck dealing with a product they don’t like. All online purchases from unice and the app except for gifts are applicable for exchange and return within 30 days from the date of delivery of the product. Conditions are the items must be unused, undamaged, and must come with all the tags, and original packing, if the above-mentioned conditions are not met then the customer is charged for the fees incurred and no refund is issued. Free returns and shipping have only been implemented in the United States and are available only for US customers. Refund will be processed after 24 hours of receiving the returned package and after its inspection, the refund will be sent back to the original mode of payment after a few days for any queries, the customer can mail support@unice.com. To return your order follow these 3 easy steps. 
  1. Log into your account and go to “my orders”.
  2. Click on Return or Exchange under the order.
  3. Select the request type.

Brand Ambassador

Unice has no known brand ambassador, but what they have got are known as wig experience officers. Unice has huge customer bases in Europe, Africa and North America who absolutely love their wefts, extensions and wigs. To be their wig experience officers unice looks for those who follow fashion, are engrossed with human hair and love to click pictures every day. The people selected to be such officers have a simple role of inspecting, trying on and reviewing the product and submitting their feedback in case any improvements are necessary. The benefits of being a part of the experience officer program include
  1. Get free unice hair products
  2. Increase your own reputation and reach, using your name and bio on the unice blog
  3. Feature your personal blogs and social media accounts
  4. Chance of getting a platform for speaking out in the world.
  5. Receive a guide on how to optimize and improve your own social media.
  6. Get a chance of being their member and getting money from their product deals.

Why unice?

Unice is one of the leading hair makers in the world. They have their own research center, design department and shipping department in China and outer countries. A few reasons to choose unice over brands such as alipearlhair and beautyforever, are as follows
  1. Development philosophy: They mix style and fashion with every piece of hair so that when you receive a bundle you can understand the underlying fashion and their faith and attitude towards bringing beauty to the world.
  2. Cost Performance: They maintain strict control and bring the products to the customers directly from their warehouses. Awesome benefits for wholesale buyers, customized products and packaging with exclusive rates.
  3. Diverse Products: They house a wide variety of hair items in several different styles and colors along with multiple colorful hair extensions.
  4. Customer service: They have an online around-the-clock customer service to look after your every aspect and need. The customer service promises concern before, during and after the sale, only to let you get your hands on high-quality products.
  5. Shipping methods: They have 2 different shipping methods to meet the needs and requirements of their customers. They ship from both USA and China to handle the deliveries equally on both fronts.

Business Model

Unice hair is both a B2B and a B2C business type, it deals with wholesalers who are also running their own businesses which puts them under the B2B segment. And there is their direct dealing with their customers both on their website and app and in their physical stores. They have consistently followed the simple rule of a happy customer means a flourishing business, and still follow it to this date, as a result of which the company has kept on growing and flourishing and people have been loving their products and programs and are helping them grow their customer base. They help their customers look and feel like their own complete selves at pretty affordable prices, people especially women wear their hair with pride and flaunt it with elegance. Unice has been able to understand that as a result of which they never compromise on either their quality or style.

Contact details 

  1. Phone number: +(626) 782-4321
  2. WhatsApp: +8617639072910
  3. Mail: support@unice.com 

Web Traffic

The human hair wig store has a website ranking of 39,014 globally and 9156 in the United States, and ranks 97 in the beauty and cosmetics category. They have total visits of 1.4 million with a bounce rate of 52.31% while 4.44 pages are seen per visit, with an average visit duration of 3 minutes and 22 seconds. Over the past 3 months, the global ranking of unice has gone up and increased from 43042 to 39014.

Audience Demographics

Unice is a heavily female-dominated website with 79.91% female visitors and 28.03% male visitors. The age group of 18-24 years old visits the most with the least visits from the 65+ group with 5.64%.


For queries related to delivery, product, payments and more, visit their website.


Unice is a must for women wanting to stand tall and confident. Providing you with lots of good hair days, Unice deals in all-natural straight, curvy and wavy hair in all colors and for all hair types. You can choose a celebrity hairdo using unice’s premium collection of wigs, weaves and extensions. Get natural-looking highlights and hair accessories at much affordable rates using unice.

Unice Coupons Store FAQ's

How to Redeem Unice Coupons Online?

There is no minimum order value required to redeem a Coupon Code Online. AskmeOffers has 41 Verified & Working Coupon Code for Unice which can be used directly on the checkout page, and the most popular coupon code for Unice is BEAUTYCANBRAID.

How much can I save at Unice?

In the last 90 days, AskmeOffers users have saved an average of 20% to 70% on their purchases made at Unice for Beauty And Personal Care with our exclusive Coupon Codes. All the Coupons published at AskmeOffers are Verified Manually daily by the Editorial team to ensure it works for you and you save maximum on your purchase.

How to find the best deal on Unice?

You can manually copy and try all available coupons to find the one with the best discount, or you can also look at the discount percentage mentioned on Coupon Codes listed at Askmeoffers, which will help you to choose the best Coupon Code, Based on the usage history of past 90 days the most popular coupon code for Unice is BEAUTYCANBRAID.

Does AskmeOffers have any working coupons right now for Unice Store?

Currently, we have 41 Coupon & Offers for Unice. The editorial team at AskmeOffers manually verifies every coupon for Unice everyday to make sure you save maximum on every purchase made at Unice. On Average, the users of AskmeOffers have successfully found savings 198,965 times by using these active coupons.

How Can I Get Unice Coupons Codes for Free?

41 Coupons listed here at AskmeOffers for Unice are Free to use and can be redeemed online directly during shopping at Unice for Beauty And Personal Care.

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Unice Summary

What is Unice? Unice is a China-based hair manufacturing company. Unice operates with a dream of giving people around the world their desired confidence by making them feel elegant and beautiful both inside and out by way of their products. They preach that having self-belief is majorly transformative and wishes to give people access to that transformation. Unice provides its customers with a wide variety of exclusive premium products crafted with the intention of making the person look and feel their best. They design their products to be empowering and luxurious and to make the person wearing them feel like it was made for them to own them. They convey to their customers that when it comes to achieving dreams there should be no boundaries to fashion. Who is the founder of Unice? Unice was founded in 2007 in Xuchang city in Henan Province of China, and the founder is Yunlong Hua. History In 2015 the website unice.com was officially launched when their B2C sector flourished wildly after they realized the massive demand from the customers directly. The majority of Chinese hair accessory manufacturers were situated in rather remote locations which caused a logistical challenge, but that was soon overcome and a smooth and stable business working was established. After 9 years of going through the online business, unice understood that people desired to see and feel the product in person to get an even better feel and understanding of it, so in September 2018 unice finally opened up 3 physical stores in the United States of America What does Unice deal in? Unice manufactures and sells a wide range of products starting from Wigs, Headgear, Hair Bundles, and Hair extensions. Along with several other products made of natural hair. They also provide straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and many other different kinds of hair. Save at Unice with askmeoffers! Unice preaches and works towards providing confidence and helping their customers be successful by way of their products, as askmeoffers comes in to do the exact same thing but in a much cheaper and convenient way, askmeoffers brings you customers a lot of lucrative and attractive offers, discounts and promotions to help you own your favorite hair accessory from unice. Using our discount codes you as a customer can avail yourself of a lot of savings on your purchases. All you need to do is apply our discount codes and enjoy the lowered prices. How does askmeoffers help you get the best at Unice? Every person on the face of the earth has a dream and to achieve it, they need to work and to get that work they need confidence, the best kind of confidence. Unice aims at providing women with that kind of confidence. Designing and manufacturing the best quality natural hair and hair accessories is how they empower women. We at askmeoffers are here to help you get that dazzling confidence at much cheaper rates by way of our discount codes and promotions. We at askmeoffers work towards bringing you the best possible offers and discounts so that you can avail of maximum discounts and save more on your purchases. Using our services is simple, getting here was half the work, now all you need to do is select the best offers for you and head over to unice, shop for your desired products and apply the discount coupon right before you checkout, and that's all, enjoy your purchase with supreme savings.

Unice Customer Support & Social Handles

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