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Introduction is a comprehensive and informative platform that provides cutting-edge research, news, and analysis on various blockchain-based technologies. This platform is designed to cater to businesses globally who seek to understand, evaluate, and adopt blockchain for their operations. The site provides reviews of various blockchain products and services, industry reports, and training sessions on blockchain.

Pros and Cons

The platform offers the following pros:
  • Offers exclusive research reports and insights on blockchain-based technologies.
  • Provides detailed comparisons and reviews of various blockchain products and services.
  • Offers a comprehensive learning management system on blockchain technology.
  • Provides excellent customer support via email and phone.
The platform does not have many cons. However, customer support can take some time to respond to queries.

User Experience

The website’s design is modern and user-friendly. It is easy to navigate through the various sections, and their content is well-organized. Users can easily find the latest news and updates on blockchain, along with access to free and premium resources.

Pricing and Value for Money

The platform offers numerous free resources on blockchain technology and also provides paid courses and research reports. Their pricing is reasonable and transparent. Additionally, the platform’s premium offerings provide tremendous value to users, including comprehensive training sessions and research reports.


There are several alternatives to 101Blockchains, such as Blockgeeks, Blockchain Council, and Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme. However, 101Blockchains offers an extensive range of services that set it apart from other platforms.

Customer Service

Customer support is responsive and offers excellent services via email and phone. Users can also access an FAQ section that offers solutions to commonly encountered issues.

Product Quality and Selection

The platform offers an extensive selection of blockchain-related services, including research reports, online courses, industry analysis, and more. All products are high quality and up-to-date, ensuring that businesses have access to relevant and accurate information.

Website Usability

The website’s interface is well-designed, making it easy for users to locate the content they require. The platform is optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, making it accessible to everyone.

Returns and Exchanges

101Blockchains does not offer returns or exchanges for their digital products.

Promotions and Discounts

The platform offers various promotions and discounts that change regularly. Users can stay up-to-date with these offers by subscribing to their newsletter.


101Blockchains has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality blockchain-related products and services. The platform is well-respected within the blockchain community and has received positive reviews from several stakeholders within the industry.

Payment Options

101Blockchains accepts several payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Loyalty Programs

101Blockchains does not have any loyalty programs at present.

Customer Reviews

The platform has received positive reviews from several users who have commended it for its comprehensive learning management system, research reports, and excellent customer service.

Community Involvement

The platform is actively involved in building the blockchain community, and they regularly host events and webinars on blockchain technology.

Shipping and Costs

Since 101Blockchains sells digital products, there are no shipping costs. Their pricing is reasonable and serves as a great value for the services provided. In conclusion, 101Blockchains is a comprehensive platform that provides businesses with the resources and knowledge they need to understand, evaluate, and adopt blockchain technology in their operations. The platform offers high-quality products and services and excellent customer experiences. If you are looking to learn about blockchain technology, we strongly suggest you visit their website.

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