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L Lindsay
54 days ago

Redefining Value: A Candid Reflection on 123ink.ca

Exploring the dichotomy of affordability and quality, my journey with 123ink.ca has been a rollercoaster of experiences. From being a satisfied customer since 2018 to feeling disillusioned in the past 2 years, the evolution of their moustache products has been disheartening. Once reliable, now plagued with ink leaks and malfunctioning drums, the promise of bargain prices has given way to a disappointing reality – you truly get what you pay for. The tipping point, however, was not in the product flaws but in the lack of accountability. Seeking recourse for faulty items, I was met with a cold response that shattered any semblance of customer loyalty. A simple act of extending a credit, a gesture to restore faith, was met with refusal. It became evident that standing behind their products was not a priority for the company. While I empathize with their likely inundation of replacement requests, the absence of goodwill towards a loyal patron left a bitter taste. In this juxtaposition of cost-effectiveness and product integrity, 123ink.ca falls short in meeting the expectations of a discerning consumer. As I reflect on my journey, the lesson learned is of a company that perhaps prioritizes profit margins over customer satisfaction, a reality that overshadows the allure of affordable pricing.
L Lindsay
54 days ago

Redefining Quality: A Transparent Experience with 123ink.ca

As a long-time customer of 123ink.ca, it's been quite a journey. Initially drawn in by their affordable moustache products in 2018, I found myself satisfied with their offerings. However, over the past couple of years, I noticed a decline in product quality. The ink cartridges started leaking, and the drums simply stopped working. The phrase "you get what you pay for" resonated loudly in my mind. Despite my disappointment, what truly bothered me was the lack of accountability from the company. When I sought a credit for the faulty products to purchase something else from them, my request was bluntly declined. It was disheartening to realize that they were unwilling to stand behind their own merchandise. I couldn't help but wonder if the influx of replacement requests had strained their resources, leading to their inability to provide me with a credit. This experience has made me rethink my loyalty to 123ink.ca. Quality and customer service are paramount in any business, and it's unfortunate to see a once-reliable company falter in these aspects. I hope they take a moment to reflect on their practices and realign their values to ensure customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of their operations.
B Blue
1187 days ago

Affordable and Exceptional Service: A Real Customer’s Journey with 123ink.ca

Let me begin by saying, I had my doubts when I stumbled upon 123ink.ca. Like any savvy shopper, I scoured Amazon for a new laser printer, only to be put off by the hefty price tags. It was a stroke of luck that led me to this hidden gem of a website, where I found the exact same item at a jaw-dropping $100 lower than what Amazon had to offer, and with shipping included. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Now, let's talk about their processing and shipping times. I placed my order on a Monday night and to my disbelief, it arrived all the way from the US to my doorstep in Canada by Thursday afternoon. That's what I call lightning-fast service. I did hit a bump in the road when I came across a replacement cartridge description that left me puzzled. It mentioned an internal iD chip, something my previous cartridge didn't have. I decided to reach out to their customer service team for clarification. To my amazement, within 12 hours, I received a comprehensive response, complete with a guide on manually replacing the chip on remanufactured cartridges. It's rare to receive such detailed and personalized assistance, and I truly appreciated the effort they put into ensuring I was fully informed. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. One aspect that left me dissatisfied is the fact that 123ink.ca is linked to several other sites, and the order processing is handled through a third-party site that bombarded me with an overwhelming amount of spam emails and adverts. I understand the need for cross-promotion, but receiving over 50 spam emails about products I didn't purchase is definitely not my idea of a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, despite the minor inconvenience caused by the associated sites' spam, I have to commend 123ink.ca for their top-notch products, unbeatable prices, and exceptional customer service. It's safe to say that I've found my go-to for all things printer-related, and I would highly recommend giving them a try.
B Blue
1187 days ago

An Unbeatable Experience: Top-Notch Service and Unbeatable Prices at 123ink.ca

My journey to find the perfect laser printer led me to 123ink.ca, and it turned out to be a game-changer. Initially, I scoured Amazon but was put off by the price tag. A quick Google search led me here, where I found the exact same printer at a jaw-dropping $100 lower than what Amazon offered. The deal got even sweeter with inclusive shipping, making the decision a no-brainer. Placing my order on a Monday night, I was pleasantly surprised to have it in my hands by Thursday afternoon, all the way from the US to Canada. The exceptional service didn't stop there. When a replacement cartridge perplexed me with its internal iD chip (a feature my old one lacked), I reached out to their team. In less than 12 hours, I received a detailed response complete with a step-by-step guide on manually replacing the chip on remanufactured cartridges. This level of personalized care is truly rare in today's digital landscape. While the overall experience was stellar, one aspect left me wanting more. The presence of 3 or 4 affiliated sites connected to 123ink.ca meant that my order was processed through a third-party site, leading to a barrage of spam emails flooding my inbox. Despite setting 123ink as a trusted sender, the associated links and promotions from other sites inundated my mailbox with over 50 emails, distracting from the primary purchase intent. Creating specific filters to combat this felt like an unnecessary chore and detracted from the otherwise seamless experience. In conclusion, 123ink.ca exceeded my expectations with unbeatable prices, lightning-fast shipping, and unparalleled customer service. While the spam emails were an inconvenience, they couldn't overshadow the overall excellence of my shopping experience. I'm now a loyal customer, thanks to their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
B Blue
1187 days ago

Raving About Unbeatable Value and Stellar Customer Support at 123ink.ca

As an avid shopper in search of a new laser printer, I initially turned to the convenience of Amazon, only to be deterred by sky-high prices. Thankfully, a quick Google search led me to 123ink.ca, where I struck gold – the same printer I coveted was available at a whopping $100 discount compared to Amazon, with shipping included to boot. Talk about a steal! Impressed by their competitive prices, I promptly placed my order on a Monday night, expecting the usual delivery delays given the cross-border shipping from the US to Canada. Imagine my astonishment when the printer landed on my doorstep by Thursday afternoon – now that's what I call lightning-fast shipping! Delving further into their product offerings, I stumbled upon a puzzling description regarding a replacement toner cartridge with an internal iD chip. Feeling perplexed, I reached out to 123ink.ca for clarification. To my delight, within a mere 12 hours, I received a comprehensive response elucidating not only the intricacies of the iD chip but also a detailed guide on manually replacing it on remanufactured cartridges. Such prompt and informative customer service is a rarity these days, and I truly appreciated the personalized touch. However, where 123ink.ca excelled in product quality and service, there was a minor hiccup that left a sour taste – the barrage of spam emails from their affiliated sites. Despite only purchasing the printer and cartridges, I found my inbox inundated with over 50 unsolicited emails promoting everything from cables to furniture, leaving me exasperated. While I understand cross-selling, the excessive spam felt intrusive and detracted from an otherwise seamless shopping experience. In conclusion, 123ink.ca undoubtedly shines in delivering unbeatable value, swift shipping, and exceptional customer support. While the spam emails left much to be desired, the overall positive experience has won me over – making them my go-to destination for all things printing-related.
G George M
1683 days ago

Reviving my Printing Experience with Moustache TN-750 Toner Cartridge

When I made the decision to purchase the Moustache TN-750 toner cartridge for my Brother HL-5470DW printer from 123ink.ca, I was hopeful for an enhanced printing experience. However, upon using it, I encountered significant frustration. The toner cartridge struggled to produce legible prints of anything smaller than 16-point font. Despite my initial disappointment, I decided to give Moustache TN-750 another chance. Surprisingly, my second experience was significantly better. The prints were clear, crisp, and exactly what I needed. I could see the intricate details of each document and the quality was on par with the Brother original toners. I'm glad I didn't give up on the Moustache TN-750 toner cartridge because it has truly revived my printing experience. I can now say with confidence that it has restored my faith in third-party toner cartridges. I would recommend giving it a try for those in search of a reliable alternative. 123ink.ca has not let me down and I appreciate their commitment to quality products. Thank you for providing such a game-changing product!
G George M
1683 days ago

Rescued by Brother Originals: A Regretful Toner Tale

From the depths of disappointment emerged a glimmer of hope as I navigated the treacherous waters of counterfeit toners. My journey began with the ill-fated purchase of a Moustache TN-750 cartridge from 123ink.ca, aimed at breathing life into my trusty Brother HL-5470DW printer. Alas, what transpired was nothing short of a printer's worst nightmare. As I eagerly awaited crisp, clear prints, the reality unfolded with each faint letter captured on paper. The Moustache toner proved itself to be a mere shadow of its promised performance, faltering at anything smaller than 16-point font. A wave of regret washed over me as I grappled with the aftermath of my misguided purchase. What had I done to deserve such mediocrity? But amidst the despair, a beacon of redemption shone through – the Brother original toners. With trembling hands, I bid adieu to the counterfeit curse and welcomed back the trusted companions of my printer. With cautious optimism, I loaded the authentic toner and sent a test print into the unknown. The moment of truth arrived as the printer whirred to life, spitting out a flawless document that sang praises of clarity and precision. The colors popped, the text danced with sharpness, and my faith in printing perfection was restored. Brother had indeed come to the rescue, salvaging my sanity and potentially my printer's well-being. So, as I reflect on the tumultuous toner tale that unfolded, I stand as a witness to the power of authenticity and the pitfalls of counterfeit promises. Let my story serve as a cautionary tale to all who dare to venture into the world of printing supplies, for sometimes, the true value lies in the genuine article – in this case, the one and only Brother original toners.
G George M
1683 days ago

I purchased a Moustache TN-750 toner…

My evaluation for 123ink.ca I purchased a Moustache TN-750 toner cartridge for my Brother HL-5470DW printer from 123ink.ca not too long ago. Worst piece of crap I've ever paid cash for. Can not learn something smaller than 16 level font that's printed with this toner. Going again to Brother authentic toners and hope this Moustache product has not wrecked my Printer.


123ink.ca is a popular online retailer in Canada that specializes in providing a wide range of ink cartridges, toners, printers, office supplies, and other printing essentials. With over a decade of industry experience, the company has established itself as a reliable one-stop shop for businesses and individuals seeking affordable printing solutions.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive collection of ink cartridges and toners.
    • Competitive prices and regular discounts.
    • Easy-to-navigate website with a user-friendly interface.
    • Eco-friendly initiatives and environmentally conscious products.
    • Diverse payment options for convenient transactions.
  • Cons:
    • Shipping costs may be relatively high for some orders.
    • Product availability for certain printer models can be limited.
    • Return process can be cumbersome in certain cases.

User Experience

123ink.ca offers a seamless user experience with its well-designed website. The search functionality allows users to quickly find the exact products they need, while the categorized menus and filters aid in browsing through the extensive product range. The checkout process is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

123ink.ca is known for its competitive pricing, offering customers excellent value for money. Regular promotions and discounts provide additional savings, making it an affordable option for businesses and individuals looking to purchase ink cartridges and toners without compromising on quality.

Customer Service

The customer service at 123ink.ca strives to ensure customer satisfaction. They provide multiple channels for communication, including phone, email, and live chat support. The knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives promptly address queries, assist with product selection, and guide customers through any issues.

Product Quality and Selection

123ink.ca offers a wide selection of ink cartridges, toners, and printers from various renowned brands. The products are sourced from trusted manufacturers, guaranteeing quality and compatibility. Detailed product descriptions and specifications provide customers with the necessary information to make informed purchasing decisions.

Website Usability

The website's user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation. The well-organized categories, product filters, and search bar enable customers to find the desired products quickly. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to shop conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

Returns and Exchanges

123ink.ca has a comprehensive return policy that allows customers to return or exchange products within a specified period. The process is generally straightforward and hassle-free, although some customers have reported occasional difficulties. It is advisable to carefully review the return policy and contact customer service for assistance if needed.

Promotions and Discounts

123ink.ca frequently offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with significant savings. These deals can be found on the website's homepage, product pages, or through newsletters. By subscribing to their mailing list or following their social media channels, customers can stay updated on the latest promotions and secure additional discounts.


With over a decade of operation, 123ink.ca has built a strong reputation as a reliable printing supply retailer in Canada. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction, evident through positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Their commitment to delivering quality products and excellent customer service has contributed to their positive reputation in the industry.

Payment Options

123ink.ca offers various payment options to accommodate different customer preferences. These include major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The secure payment gateway ensures that sensitive payment information is handled safely and provides customers with peace of mind during transactions.

Loyalty Programs

123ink.ca rewards customer loyalty through its InkCredible loyalty program. Customers earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. This program encourages repeat business and adds value to the overall customer experience.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on 123ink.ca reflect a positive overall sentiment. Customers commend the competitive prices, product quality, and prompt customer service response. However, there have been isolated reports of delivery delays and occasional difficulties with returns. Nonetheless, the majority of customers are satisfied with their purchases and the overall shopping experience.

Community Involvement

As part of their commitment to environmental sustainability, 123ink.ca actively engages in community involvement. The company promotes eco-friendly initiatives, such as recycling ink cartridges and supporting environmental organizations. By contributing to the community and encouraging responsible printing practices, they demonstrate their commitment to a greener future.

Shipping and Costs

123ink.ca provides reliable shipping services to customers across Canada. The shipping costs vary depending on the order size, weight, and destination. While some customers find the shipping costs reasonable, others feel they can be higher compared to competitors. Expedited shipping options are available for those in urgent need of their printing supplies.

In conclusion, 123ink.ca is a reputable online retailer offering a wide range of printing supplies at competitive prices. With a user-friendly website, excellent customer service, and commitment to quality and sustainability, they provide a reliable shopping experience for businesses and individuals alike. Although certain aspects like shipping costs and occasional return difficulties may be of concern, the overall positive reputation and customer satisfaction make 123ink.ca a trustworthy destination for all printing needs.