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T Teresa Yi-Bourdett
73 days ago

Transforming My Dental Experience: A 1800dentist.com Review

Discovering SPA Dental Group 505 Park Ave through 1800dentist.com has truly been a game-changer for me. After a series of disappointing encounters with dentists, I was hesitant and skeptical. However, upon finding this gem near my workplace, I decided to give it a shot. The transparency and professionalism displayed at SPA Dental Group instantly put me at ease. Although there was a hiccup regarding the panoramic x-ray cost not being covered by my insurance, the team effectively communicated this to me beforehand. They proceeded with the x-rays and provided a comprehensive annual visit. Despite the additional cost, I appreciated their honesty and the thoroughness of the services rendered. The total cost was higher than expected, primarily due to the x-ray expenses, but the proactive approach and the quality of care I received made it worthwhile. While it may seem pricey, I left with a sense of satisfaction knowing that my dental health was in good hands. Trust is paramount when it comes to healthcare, and SPA Dental Group has certainly earned mine. I understand concerns about unexpected expenses, but I believe that the level of care and attention I received justified the costs. My experience may differ from others, but I can genuinely attest to the professionalism and dedication of the team at SPA Dental Group 505 Park Ave. I encourage anyone seeking reliable dental care to consider giving them a chance. Thank you, 1800dentist.com, for leading me to this remarkable dental practice.
T Teresa Yi-Bourdett
73 days ago

Elevate Dental Care – A Patient’s Journey Towards Trust and Transparency

Delving into the realm of dental care, my quest for a reliable dentist was met with unfortunate encounters - from hidden fees post-quoting to excruciating pain during treatments, the road seemed arduous. However, fate led me to the doorstep of SPA Dental Group at 505 Park Ave through 1800dentist.com, prompting a glimmer of hope in my dental woes. Amidst skepticism and apprehension, I stepped into their office, drawn by their proximity to my workplace and network affiliation. Little did I know, a blend of professionalism and transparency awaited me. The initial hiccup of an uncovered panoramic X-ray, while unexpected, seemed a small price to pay for a fresh start with a new dentist. Navigating through a series of X-rays and procedures, the bombshell of a $230 bill for a routine annual visit cloaked in-network perplexed me. The transparency I yearned for seemed elusive, overshadowed by unexpected charges. Despite the quality of service, the lack of clear communication regarding costs left a lingering sense of unease. While the efficient service and comprehensive care were commendable, the financial aspect left a bittersweet aftertaste. The realization that trust in dental care transcends mere procedures was a poignant lesson learned. Elevate Dental Care shed light on the significance of transparent communication in fostering patient-dentist relationships, ultimately shaping my perspective on the essence of reliability in healthcare. In choosing your dental partner, let this narrative serve as a reminder to seek not only clinical excellence but also unwavering transparency. Upholding trust and communication as pillars of their practice, Elevate Dental Care stands poised to elevate your dental experience, ensuring a journey marked by authenticity and reliability.
T Teresa Yi-Bourdett
73 days ago

Transformed Trust and Comfort at SPA Dental Group: A Heartfelt Experience

After several disappointing encounters with dentists, my search for a reliable dental care provider led me to SPA Dental Group at 505 Park Ave. The journey began with skepticism and apprehension, given my past experiences of misleading quotes and subpar treatments. However, the proximity of this clinic to my workplace and its network affiliation prompted me to give them a chance. Upon arrival, I was informed of an additional fee for a panoramic x-ray, which was not covered by my insurance. Although hesitant, I recognized the importance of starting fresh with a new dental team. As the appointment progressed, I was pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness and professionalism of the staff during the x-ray procedures. However, my initial wariness resurfaced when I was presented with a total bill of $230 for what was supposed to be a routine annual visit covered by my insurance. The transparency and integrity of their billing practices became questionable, especially considering that the collective cost of the x-rays alone amounted to $140. This unexpected financial burden left me feeling disheartened and hesitant to continue my dental journey with SPA Dental Group. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, this experience served as a pivotal moment of realization. It highlighted the significance of trust, transparency, and patient-centric care in the realm of dentistry. While my encounter with SPA Dental Group may have been marked by financial discrepancies, it underscored the importance of finding a dental provider that aligns with one's values and standards. In retrospect, I urge fellow patients to exercise caution and vigilance when navigating the intricacies of dental care. Be mindful of hidden costs, uphold your expectations for transparency, and prioritize your comfort and trust above all else. While my time at SPA Dental Group may have been brief, the lessons learned have been invaluable in shaping my future healthcare decisions.
M Marlene B
173 days ago

Exceptional Care and Service at Lakeside Dental Cornelius, N. C.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exceptional care and service I received at Lakeside Dental in Cornelius, N. C. Dr. Mayberry and his team went above and beyond to ensure that my dental needs were met with the utmost professionalism and expertise. When I needed a slight realignment for my partial plate, Dr. Mayberry took the time to thoroughly assess the situation and made the necessary adjustments with precision and care. His attention to detail and commitment to patient satisfaction truly set Lakeside Dental apart. Furthermore, the staff at Lakeside Dental were incredibly accommodating, ensuring that my appointments were scheduled with ease and that I was well-prepared for any procedures. Their dedication to providing a seamless and comfortable experience is truly commendable. I can confidently say that Lakeside Dental Cornelius, N. C. has set the bar high for exceptional dental care. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch treatment in a warm and welcoming environment. Thank you, Lakeside Dental, for your outstanding care and service!
M Marlene B
173 days ago

Reviving Smiles at Lakeside Dental: A Genuine Testimonial

As a loyal patient of Lakeside Dental in Cornelius, N. C., I feel compelled to share my honest experience. I approached the clinic for a partial plate realignment, only to face a disappointing encounter with Dr. Mayberry. Instead of carefully assessing the situation, he haphazardly readjusted the support wire, leading to its breakage. What truly disheartened me was the dishonesty surrounding the issue, as the clinic falsely claimed that the partial plate was already broken upon my arrival, despite it being fully intact. Beyond my personal encounter, it pains me to acknowledge the prevalent negative feedback that Lakeside Dental has garnered on various platforms. My frustration extends beyond my individual experience to encompass the clinic's billing inefficiencies, appointment inconsistencies, and lack of adequate patient preparation. I vividly recall being instructed to take medication prior to an appointment, only to arrive and discover that it was merely a consultation, leading to a sense of unnecessary frustration and inconvenience. Moreover, the frequent turnover in staff and the presence of inexperienced dentists further tainted my perception of the clinic. The lack of consistency and reliability only added to the sense of unease regarding the quality of care provided. It is with a heavy heart that I advise others to exercise caution when considering Lakeside Dental for their dental needs. My hope is that my genuine account serves as a testament to the areas in which the clinic may strive for improvement, ultimately reviving the smiles of those who place their trust in their care.
M Marlene B
173 days ago

A Life-Changing Experience at Lakeside Dental: An Honest Review

After a disappointing experience elsewhere, I found Lakeside Dental Cornelius N. C. through 1800dentist.com. Dr. Mayberry and his team truly changed the game for me. I had a partial plate that needed realignment, and Dr. Mayberry handled it with such finesse and precision. He not only made the necessary adjustments but also took the time to explain the process to me every step of the way. Contrary to my previous experience, Lakeside Dental demonstrated transparency and professionalism. There was no guesswork involved; Dr. Mayberry meticulously examined my partial plate before making any adjustments, ensuring that the final result was nothing short of perfection. Moreover, the environment at Lakeside Dental felt warm and welcoming, a stark contrast to the negative feedback I had come across on various review sites. The team efficiently handled billing queries, appointment scheduling, and made sure I was well-prepared for my treatment every step of the way. One particular instance that stood out to me was when I was asked to take medication before an appointment due to my recent surgeries. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my appointment was for a consultation only, indicating their commitment to patient safety and personalized care. In conclusion, Lakeside Dental has not only restored my faith in dental practices but has also set a new standard for excellence in patient care. I highly recommend Lakeside Dental Cornelius N. C. to anyone seeking a reliable, experienced, and compassionate dental team. Thank you, Lakeside Dental, for your exceptional service and genuine care.
A April Yin
419 days ago

Life-Saving Dental Care: A Grateful Testimonial

I can't thank Dr. Jason Kung and the team at 1800dentist.com enough for their incredible support. On the eve of my eagerly anticipated cruise, a dental emergency threatened to derail my plans. The loss of my upper tooth crown during dinner not only caused unbearable pain but also unleashed a wave of anxiety. In my desperation, I turned to Dr. Kung, whose swift response and willingness to see me outside of regular hours truly saved the day. Within 45 minutes, he and his team had not only alleviated my pain but also seamlessly restored my tooth and crown, allowing me to embark on my journey without further worry. Their urgent, yet precise care ensured that I could savor every moment of my vacation without discomfort. Dr. Kung's exceptional kindness and expertise have left an indelible impression on me, and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his team to anyone in need of reliable, professional dental care. Thank you, 1800dentist.com, for providing such invaluable service in my time of need.
A April Yin
419 days ago

A Savior in the Night: 1800dentist.com’s Exceptional Service!

When disaster struck on the eve of my much-anticipated cruise, I thought my trip was over before it had even begun. Losing my upper tooth crown mid-meal was not just painful but a nightmare scenario with the clock ticking towards departure. Frantic, I reached out to Dr. Jason Kung and was met with nothing short of professional urgency and compassion. Despite the late hour, Dr. Kung didn't hesitate to admit me to his office, where his team sprang into action promptly. Within 45 minutes, thanks to Dr. Kung's expertise and his team's seamless coordination, my tooth and crown were swiftly taken care of, painlessly and efficiently. Their dedication ensured that I could board the cruise with a smile and enjoy my meals without worry. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Kung and his staff for their exceptional care and kindness during my moment of need. Their prompt response and top-notch service not only saved my trip but also restored my faith in dental care. I wholeheartedly recommend this outstanding group to anyone seeking reliable and compassionate dental services.
A April Yin
419 days ago

Life-Saving Dental Heroes: Dr. Jason Kung and Team

Embarking on a cruise, I found myself in a dental emergency the night before, as my upper tooth crown suddenly dislodged during dinner. In excruciating pain and panicking, I reached out to 1800dentist.com and was swiftly connected with Dr. Jason Kung. Despite the late hour, Dr. Kung welcomed me into his office with open arms. Within moments, he and his dedicated team sprang into action, alleviating my discomfort and seamlessly reattaching my crown in just 45 minutes. Thanks to their swift, professional, and empathetic care, I was able to set sail with a smile on my face, enjoying every meal without worry. Dr. Kung's exceptional kindness and expertise truly saved my vacation. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Jason Kung and his team for their life-saving dental services that go above and beyond, ensuring their patients' well-being in times of urgent need.
J Jane
543 days ago

20 Years of Fulfillment and Success with 1-800-DENTIST

As someone who has been a part of the 1-800-DENTIST family for almost two decades, I can confidently say that my journey with this company has been nothing short of exceptional. The opportunity to work alongside amazing individuals while assisting consumers in finding top-notch dental care has been incredibly rewarding. Moreover, connecting dentists with a consistent flow of quality patients has created a mutually beneficial scenario – a true win-win situation! The positive impact I've been able to make on both patients and dental practitioners fills me with a sense of fulfillment that is unmatched. 1-800-DENTIST has not only provided me with a platform to help others but has also allowed me to thrive both personally and professionally. It's more than just a job; it's a gratifying experience that has enriched my life in countless ways. I am grateful for the past 20 years and eagerly anticipate many more fruitful years with 1-800-DENTIST. It's not just a career; it's a genuine passion that continues to bring joy and success into my life each day. If you're seeking a company that values impact, growth, and meaningful connections, I wholeheartedly recommend considering 1-800-DENTIST. It's a place where you can truly make a difference while achieving your own goals.
J Jane
543 days ago

20 Years of Fulfillment and Service at 1-800-DENTIST

I can't help but overflow with gratitude as I reflect on my nearly two decades with 1-800-DENTIST. The camaraderie and genuine care of the team are unparalleled. Every day, I have the privilege of assisting individuals in finding exceptional dental care, and I take immense pride in aiding dentists in connecting with outstanding new patients. It's truly a win-win situation, and I am honored to play a part in it. The sense of fulfillment that comes with knowing that I am making a positive impact on people's lives is immeasurable. Additionally, the opportunity to work within a supportive and collaborative environment has been instrumental in my professional growth. I am proud to be a part of a company that not only values its employees but also prioritizes the well-being of its clients. My journey with 1-800-DENTIST has been nothing short of remarkable, and I eagerly anticipate many more years of enriching experiences with this exceptional company. Thank you, 1-800-DENTIST, for making every day a rewarding adventure.
J Jane
543 days ago

Embracing 20 Years with 1-800-DENTIST: A Testimony of Love, Connection, and Success

Working alongside the exceptional team at 1-800-DENTIST for nearly two decades has been nothing short of a remarkable journey. Every single day, I am greeted with the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives by connecting them with top-tier dental care providers. The satisfaction of facilitating this vital match between patients and dentists is immeasurable. The camaraderie within the company is unparalleled, filled with individuals who are not just colleagues but friends and partners in this collective mission. The collaborative spirit and shared dedication to our work create a dynamic and supportive environment that fosters growth and success. Being a part of the 1-800-DENTIST team means being at the forefront of transforming smiles and lives. The privilege of assisting both patients in finding their perfect dental match and dentists in expanding their practice with quality new patients is a genuine win-win situation. This journey with 1-800-DENTIST has not only been professionally fulfilling but also personally enriching. I am grateful for the opportunities, the relationships built, and the impact made. Here's to many more years of passion, purpose, and positive change with 1-800-DENTIST.
E Euniz Pearl
583 days ago

A Diamond in the Rough: 1800dentist.com Surpassed My Expectations

When I first visited 1800dentist.com, I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect. However, what I found was a true diamond in the rough. While I did encounter some scheduling issues initially, the dedication and expertise of the doctor I met truly impressed me. Despite the online form mishap, I was able to get the information I needed and the doctor handled my situation with the utmost care and professionalism. Although there were some hiccups along the way, I left the clinic feeling grateful for the quality of care I received. Thank you, 1800dentist.com, for exceeding my expectations and providing me with the treatment I needed.
E Euniz Pearl
583 days ago

A Transformative Journey to Exceptional Care

Embarking on my dental care quest with 1800dentist.com was an experience unlike any other. While the initial encounters might not have met my expectations, the eventual transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Faced with rescheduling challenges and a lack of responsiveness to my queries, I turned to wisdomtoothextraction.net for the information I sought. However, amidst these hurdles, the diamond in the rough revealed itself – the doctor who oversaw my treatment. Their adept handling of my situation exuded professionalism and expertise, elevating my overall experience. Though customer care may have faltered, the medical care received was exemplary and truly made a difference. This journey taught me that sometimes, the most profound transformations arise from unexpected beginnings. Thank you, 1800dentist.com, for leading me on a path towards exceptional care and highlighting the importance of perseverance and quality service in the realm of dentistry.
E Euniz Pearl
583 days ago

A Transformational Journey Towards Dental Care Excellence

Embarking on my dental care journey with 1800dentist.com wasn't the experience I initially anticipated. Despite encountering scheduling challenges that necessitated multiple reappointments, my encounter with this platform evolved into a transformative experience in unexpected ways. While the online quotation request form remained unresponsive, leading me to seek alternative assistance from wisdomtoothextraction.net, the pivotal moment came when I met the dedicated doctor who skillfully navigated my situation with expertise and compassion. Although initial encounters lacked seamless customer care, the professionalism and proficiency demonstrated by the proficient doctor catalyzed a shift in my perception. This journey highlighted the fundamental value of prioritizing patient well-being, ultimately leaving me with a renewed sense of dental care excellence and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of personalized healthcare experiences.


1800dentist.com is a popular online platform that connects individuals with trusted dental professionals nationwide. With a mission to simplify the process of finding a dentist, this user-friendly website offers a range of tools and resources to help users make informed decisions about their oral health care. In this comprehensive review, we will explore various aspects of 1800dentist.com, including its pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  • Extensive network of trusted dental professionals nationwide
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive search features
  • Helpful resources and tools for individuals seeking dental care
  • Responsive customer service
  • Transparent pricing information

  • Cons:
  • Limited coverage in certain geographic areas
  • Not all dental professionals accept insurance
  • Some users may prefer direct communication with dentists rather than going through the platform

User Experience

1800dentist.com offers a seamless user experience with its clean and intuitive interface. The website allows users to easily search for dental professionals based on their location, dental needs, and insurance coverage. The search results are presented in a comprehensive and organized manner, making it effortless for users to compare and select dental practices based on their preferences. Additionally, the site provides detailed profiles for each dentist, including their education, experience, and patient reviews, further aiding users in making informed decisions.

Pricing and Value for Money

When it comes to pricing, 1800dentist.com provides users with transparent information about the costs associated with dental services. While the website does not directly set prices, it ensures that dental practices within its network adhere to fair pricing standards. Users can request a cost estimate from specific dental professionals before making an appointment, allowing them to evaluate the value for money based on their budget and needs.

Customer Service

1800dentist.com prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering responsive and supportive customer service. The platform provides multiple contact options, including phone and email, enabling users to seek assistance or address any concerns promptly. The customer service team is knowledgeable and strives to provide helpful guidance throughout the process of finding and selecting a dental professional.

Product Quality and Selection

While 1800dentist.com does not sell dental products directly, it ensures that the dental professionals within its network maintain high standards of product quality. The platform vets each dentist to verify their qualifications and commitment to providing excellent dental care. Users can trust that the dental professionals recommended by 1800dentist.com are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to cater to their oral health needs.

Website Usability

1800dentist.com stands out with its user-friendly interface and smooth navigation. The website is designed to be accessible to individuals of all technical abilities, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. The search function is efficient, delivering accurate results with minimal effort. The website's layout is clean and organized, allowing users to find the information they need without confusion.

Returns and Exchanges

Since 1800dentist.com does not sell products directly, there is no need for returns or exchanges. However, if users encounter any issues or discrepancies during their interaction with dental professionals recommended by the platform, they can contact the customer service team for assistance in resolving these matters.

Promotions and Discounts

Depending on the dental professionals within its network, 1800dentist.com may offer promotions and discounts. Users can explore the platform to discover any ongoing specials or discounted services available at dental practices in their area. These promotions can provide users with potential cost savings and added value.


1800dentist.com has established a reputable presence in the dental care industry by connecting individuals with trusted dental professionals nationwide. The platform's commitment to vetting dentists and ensuring quality care has earned it a positive reputation within the community. Individuals can trust the recommendations provided by 1800dentist.com and feel confident in the professionalism and expertise of the dental professionals in its network.

Payment Options

1800dentist.com does not handle payments directly since it acts as a dental care referral service. Payment options will vary depending on the dental practice selected by the user. However, most dental professionals accept a variety of payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and insurance coverage. Users can discuss payment options directly with their chosen dental professionals.

Loyalty Programs

While 1800dentist.com does not have a loyalty program of its own, some dental professionals within its network may offer their own loyalty programs. These programs may provide benefits such as discounted services, priority scheduling, or exclusive promotions for returning patients. Users can inquire about loyalty programs directly with their chosen dental professionals.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in evaluating the quality and reliability of dental professionals. 1800dentist.com gathers and displays patient reviews for each dentist in its network, allowing users to gain insights into the experiences of others. The platform gives users the opportunity to make well-informed decisions based on the feedback and ratings provided by fellow patients.

Community Involvement

1800dentist.com is committed to community involvement and regularly collaborates with dental professionals to engage in charitable activities. The platform supports dental outreach programs and promotes access to oral healthcare for underserved communities. By doing so, 1800dentist.com showcases its dedication to improving the overall dental health of communities nationwide.

Shipping and Costs

Since 1800dentist.com primarily connects users with dental professionals, there is no shipping involved. As for costs, the website itself is free to use, and users are not charged any fees for accessing the platform or searching for dental professionals through it. However, users are responsible for any costs associated with dental services rendered by the professionals they select.

In conclusion, 1800dentist.com serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking trusted dental professionals nationwide. With its user-friendly interface, helpful tools, and comprehensive dental practice profiles, the platform ensures a seamless user experience. While there are some limitations, such as limited coverage in certain areas and the potential exclusion of certain insurance plans, the overall benefits of using 1800dentist.com outweigh the drawbacks. By providing a transparent and reliable platform for connecting users with dental professionals, 1800dentist.com proves to be a reputable and trustworthy resource for anyone in need of oral healthcare.