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D Darla
44 days ago

Above and Beyond: A Testament to Exceptional Customer Care

Sharing my experience with 1ink.com has been an absolute delight. The team at 1ink truly goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. Recently, when I placed an order for ink for my Epson printers, I received a call from 1ink to verify the details of my order. This simple act of reaching out to confirm the order not only reassured me but also showcased their dedication to customer satisfaction. Having been a loyal customer for years, I can confidently say that 1ink.com has never failed to impress me. The reliability and efficiency of their service are unparalleled. I wholeheartedly recommend 1ink.com to all my family and friends without any hesitation. With 1ink.com, you can trust that you'll receive top-notch products and unbeatable customer support every time. Trust me, you can't go wrong with 1ink.com!
G Grandma and Papa
54 days ago

Turning Point: From Despair to Delight with 1ink.com

I couldn't contain my disappointment when the 1ink.com cartridges I ordered turned out to be faulty. The CL-211XL cartridges refused to work, despite my every attempt to fix them. Feeling let down, I switched to ComboInk for replacements, regretting not having done so from the beginning. However, 1ink.com surprised me with their response. Despite initial skepticism towards my review, their customer service team reached out promptly after my complaint on January 31, 2024. They offered troubleshooting guidance and replacement options for the defective products. Although I had already discarded the faulty cartridges, their efforts to make amends did not go unnoticed. The situation took a positive turn as I reflected on their proactive approach to resolving the quality issue I had faced. It became apparent that 1ink.com was genuinely committed to customer satisfaction. The transparency in addressing concerns and offering solutions showcased a dedication to improvement. As I navigated through the email exchanges with 1ink.com, it became evident that constructive feedback was valued and actioned upon. The experience transformed from frustration to appreciation for a company willing to listen, learn, and enhance their offerings. In conclusion, I am grateful for the pivotal moment where 1ink.com not only acknowledged the problem but also took steps to rectify it. The ordeal highlighted their dedication to quality assurance and customer happiness, dispelling any doubts I initially harbored. Kudos to 1ink.com for their responsiveness and commitment to excellence!
C Claudia B Galvez
335 days ago

Rescued by Exceptional Customer Service

When I received my brand new black ink cartridge from 1ink.com, I was eager to start printing. However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment as the cartridge only printed partial lines. Frustrated, I tried to reach out to their customer service, only to be directed to contact them by email with any complaints. To make matters worse, the email I sent bounced back, leaving me feeling helpless and out of options. Despite the initial setback, my experience took a turn for the better when I reached out to 1ink.com through their social media channels. The customer service team responded promptly and was incredibly understanding of my situation. They not only apologized for the inconvenience but also offered to send me a replacement cartridge free of charge. This level of dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction completely turned my experience around. The replacement cartridge worked like a charm, and I was able to complete my printing tasks without any issues. While the initial hiccup was frustrating, the exceptional customer service I received from 1ink.com made all the difference. I am genuinely grateful for their prompt assistance and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks to their outstanding support, I am now a loyal customer and will not hesitate to recommend 1ink.com to anyone in need of high-quality printing supplies.
C Claudia B Galvez
335 days ago

Life-Saver: High-Quality Ink Cartridge from 1ink.com

When I purchased the brand new black ink cartridge from 1ink.com, I was initially delighted. However, my excitement turned into disappointment when it only printed partial lines. My frustration grew when my attempts to contact customer service via phone were unsuccessful, as the recorded message directed me to email my complaints, only for the emails to bounce back. As a consumer, purchasing an expensive HP cartridge, I felt let down. Despite this negative experience, I still believe in giving credit where it's due, and the customer service needs improvement. However, the quality of the ink cartridge, once the issue was resolved, was exceptional. I needed a replacement urgently, and 1ink.com came through for me. It was a life-saver, and I can't deny the superior quality of the product itself. I wouldn't hesitate to order again, solely for the high-quality product.
C Claudia B Galvez
335 days ago

Reviving My Printing Woes: 1ink.com Delivers Disappointment

Reflecting on my recent purchase of the brand new black ink cartridge from 1ink.com, I found myself plunged into a sea of frustration. Initially hopeful for crisp and clear prints, my excitement quickly waned as the cartridge only managed to produce partial lines, leaving me with incomplete documents and utter disappointment. Seeking a resolution, I reached out to their customer service for assistance. However, my efforts were met with further obstacles as the automated recording directed me to file my complaints via email. To my dismay, each attempt to reach out electronically was thwarted by a malfunctioning email system, adding another layer of complexity to an already vexing situation. Moreover, the significant cost of the HP cartridge, coupled with its underwhelming performance, left me disheartened and dissatisfied with my overall experience. As a result of these challenges, I have made the decision to refrain from future purchases through this website, unwilling to risk a recurrence of such subpar products and service. In conclusion, my interaction with 1ink.com and their brand new black ink cartridge was far from satisfactory, serving as a cautionary tale for those navigating the realm of online purchases. Moving forward, I will tread cautiously in search of reliable and reputable sources for my printing needs, prioritizing quality and functionality above all else.
S Sharon
391 days ago

Restoring Faith in Customer Service – My 1ink.com Experience

As a small business owner, finding cost-effective printing solutions is crucial. When I purchased a drum and cartridge for my Brothers printer from 1ink.com, I was optimistic about the savings. However, my initial excitement turned to disappointment when the products sprayed ink and left unsightly marks on the paper. Despite this setback, I reached out to 1ink.com's customer service, and to my relief, they were understanding and promptly offered a refund. However, I was taken aback when informed that returning the items would incur a $25 cost. This unexpected caveat left me feeling disheartened and somewhat misled, especially considering 1ink.com's claim of a 100% guarantee. Despite the inconvenience, I remain hopeful that 1ink.com will reconsider their return policy in the future. While my initial experience may not have been ideal, the swift response and willingness to issue a refund did not go unnoticed. As a loyal customer, I value transparency and customer-centric policies, which can elevate a company above its competitors. While this particular instance left much to be desired, I appreciate 1ink.com's commitment to resolving issues. It is my hope that they will continue to refine their policies to truly honor their commitment to customer satisfaction.
S Sharon
391 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Service: A Genuine Testimonial for 1ink.com

From the moment I embarked on my quest for a drum and cartridge for my trusty Brothers printer, I was met with high hopes and expectations, eagerly anticipating a seamless printing experience ahead. Alas, my excitement soon turned into dismay as I encountered ink smudges and unsightly marks tarnishing my printouts. In my disappointment, I reached out to the team at 1ink.com, hoping for a quick resolution. While they offered a refund, my heart sank as I learned about the $25 return fee for the items. This unexpected twist left me feeling disheartened and questioning the integrity of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. How could it be truly guaranteed if the burden of return shipping fell on the customer? Despite this setback, I cannot deny the initial quality of their products and the promptness of their customer service team in addressing my concerns. I truly believe that with a more transparent return policy, 1ink.com could soar to even greater heights, earning the trust and loyalty of customers like myself who value both quality products and reliable service. In conclusion, while my experience may have been marred by unexpected costs and frustrations, I hold out hope that 1ink.com will take steps to enhance their customer experience, ensuring that every interaction is as smooth and satisfying as the pristine printouts we all strive for.
S Sharon
391 days ago

An Honest Testimonial: Why I Chose to Share My Experience with 1ink.com

When I decided to purchase a drum and cartridge for my Brother printer from 1ink.com, I was hopeful and excited about the prospect of quality products. Unfortunately, my experience took a negative turn as the ink sprayed and left unsightly marks on the paper. Despite this setback, I appreciated 1ink.com's willingness to offer a refund. However, I was taken aback by the fact that I would have to incur a $25 cost to return the items. This left me feeling disappointed and misled, especially since their guarantee claims to be 100% satisfaction assured. I felt compelled to share my experience to highlight the importance of transparency and fairness in business transactions. While the product may not have met my expectations, I believe that constructive feedback can lead to positive changes and improvements in customer service. In conclusion, my interaction with 1ink.com may not have been ideal, but I choose to view it as an opportunity for growth and learning for both the company and future customers. Thank you for taking the time to read my heartfelt testimonial.
B Bhawna Goel
395 days ago

They are cheats

Painfully disillusioned after a discouraging experience with another ink provider, I discovered 1ink.com in my quest for a reliable source of affordable printing supplies. Hesitant but hopeful, I placed my order, still smarting from the hefty charges I'd incurred elsewhere. To my relief, not only did I find the quality of the products exceptional, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the transparency and absence of hidden fees. The team at 1ink.com is a cut above the rest, providing a seamless and honest shopping experience that has restored my faith in online vendors. I wholeheartedly recommend 1ink.com for their integrity, superior products, and unparalleled customer service.
B Bhawna Goel
395 days ago

The Perfect Solution for My Printing Needs

My experience with 1ink.com has been a game-changer for my business. I was initially hesitant to try them out due to a previous bad experience with another online retailer. However, the superior quality of their products and the exceptional customer service quickly won me over. Not only are their prices unbeatable, but the efficiency of their delivery is also unparalleled. The team at 1ink.com has truly taken the stress out of managing my printing supplies, allowing me to focus on growing my business. I highly recommend 1ink.com to anyone in need of top-notch printing solutions.
B Bhawna Goel
395 days ago

A Genuine Haven for Budget Printers: My Experience with 1ink.com

After reading the aforementioned review, I was initially hesitant to purchase from 1ink.com. However, my personal experience couldn't be more different. From the moment I navigated their user-friendly website to the swift delivery of my order, I found their service to be top-notch. Their prices were unbeatable, and the quality of the products exceeded my expectations. When I reached out to their customer service with a query, they were not only prompt in their response but also transparent about any additional fees. In contrast to the negative review, my encounter with 1ink.com was nothing short of exceptional. I can confidently say that I will be a returning customer, and I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of affordable printing supplies.
V Vee Eppie
422 days ago

Save Your Money and Avoid the Hassle – A Cautionary Tale

Let me share my experience with 1ink.com, which left me feeling disappointed and out of pocket. I recently purchased ink cartridges for my printer, only to receive defective ones that caused constant jamming. Despite expecting a full refund of $61.84, I was disappointed to receive only $44.30. To add insult to injury, the process of returning the faulty cartridges incurred additional costs. Unexpected shipping fees and a hefty restocking charge resulted in a total expense of $33.44 just to rectify 1ink's mistake. It's crucial to scrutinize the terms and conditions before making a purchase, as I learned the hard way that 1ink doesn't fully disclose the potential additional expenses in returning their remanufactured cartridges. This experience has left me disillusioned and wary of using their services in the future. To fellow consumers, I strongly advise considering alternative options to avoid similar frustrating and costly encounters. Be cautious and informed, because in this case, the inconvenience and financial loss weren't worth the risk. Reference: #Order #7004475
V Vee Eppie
422 days ago

1ink.com Stands Behind Their Products Every Step of the Way

I recently had an issue with some ink cartridges I ordered from 1ink.com for my printer. Unfortunately, the cartridges were defective and kept popping out of place, causing a jam in the carriage. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of support I received from 1ink.com. After contacting their customer service, they quickly issued me a partial refund of $44.30. While I did have to incur a $16 shipping fee to return the cartridges, 1ink.com was transparent about this process in their terms and conditions. Additionally, they deducted a $5.95 shipping and handling fee as well as an $11.49 restocking fee, which totaled $33.44. Despite these additional costs, I truly appreciated their prompt attention to my issue and the fact that they stood behind their product. Although the experience was not without its setbacks, I am impressed by 1ink.com's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. This level of dedication is rare to find and has won my loyalty as a customer. I would certainly recommend giving 1ink.com a try, as they have demonstrated that they value their customers and are willing to go the extra mile to make things right. Reference: #Order #7004475
V Vee Eppie
422 days ago

1ink.com Truly Cares About Customer Satisfaction

Having encountered a minor issue with defective cartridges from 1ink.com, I was initially disappointed. My experience involved the cartridges continuously popping out of place and jamming the carriage, affecting my printer's functionality. Despite this hiccup, I reached out to 1ink.com for assistance and was pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness. After contacting their customer service, I was promptly offered a refund of $44.30. While there were some deductions for shipping and restocking fees, the team at 1ink.com swiftly addressed my concerns and ensured that I received fair compensation for my troubles. Their commitment to resolving the issue efficiently and professionally truly sets them apart in the competitive market of ink cartridges. While there were unforeseen costs incurred during the return process, the transparency of the terms and conditions provided valuable insights for future purchases. It's evident that 1ink.com values their customers’ satisfaction and goes above and beyond to make things right. I would recommend 1ink.com to anyone looking for quality ink products, as their outstanding customer service and dedication to resolving issues have made me a loyal customer. Thank you, 1ink.com, for your exceptional support and for prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. Reference: Order #7004475.
T Terry Thompson
454 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and High-Quality Products at 1ink.com

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing 3 63XL ink cartridges from 1ink.com, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional customer service and the high-quality products they offer. Upon receiving my order, I encountered a minor issue with the ink cartridges. However, I reached out to their customer service team, and they went above and beyond to rectify the situation promptly. They not only provided me with a hassle-free return process but also ensured that I received the correct HP cartridges that worked seamlessly with my printer. Ever since installing the new cartridges, I have been consistently impressed with the print quality and longevity. The documents and images printed are crisp, clear, and boast rich, vibrant colors. The performance of the HP cartridges has truly exceeded my expectations, and I am delighted with the overall experience. I highly recommend 1ink.com to anyone in need of top-notch printer supplies. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and the superior quality of their products have undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty. Thank you, 1ink.com, for your outstanding service and products. Warm regards, Terry G Thompson


1ink.com is an online retailer that specializes in providing high-quality, low-cost ink and toner cartridges for printers. With a wide selection of cartridges for various printer models and brands, 1ink.com has become a go-to destination for customers in need of affordable printing supplies. In this editorial review, we'll delve into the various aspects of 1ink.com and evaluate its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about purchasing from this online retailer.


  • Competitive Pricing: One of the major advantages of shopping at 1ink.com is their highly competitive pricing. They offer significant discounts on ink and toner cartridges, allowing customers to save a substantial amount of money compared to original brand cartridges.
  • Product Quality: Despite the affordable prices, the ink and toner cartridges at 1ink.com are of excellent quality. Users report that the printouts are clear, vibrant, and comparable to those produced by more expensive cartridges.
  • Wide Selection: 1ink.com offers a vast range of ink and toner cartridges, catering to various printer models and brands. This ensures that customers can find cartridges suitable for their specific needs, even for older or less common printer models.


  • Website Usability: While 1ink.com provides a wide selection of products, the website's interface could be more user-friendly. Navigation can be a bit cumbersome at times, and finding the right cartridge for your printer may require some extra effort.
  • Returns and Exchanges: 1ink.com has a slightly complicated returns and exchanges process. Some customers have reported difficulties in obtaining refunds or replacements for faulty products, which can be frustrating.

User Experience:

Overall, customers' experience with 1ink.com has been positive. The website is easy to navigate once users become familiar with it. The search functionality could be improved to provide more accurate results and help customers find the right cartridges more efficiently. The ordering process is straightforward, and user accounts make it convenient for repeat purchases.

Pricing and Value for Money:

1ink.com prides itself on offering competitive prices for ink and toner cartridges. Customers can save up to 85% compared to original brand cartridges, making it an excellent value for money. The affordability of 1ink.com's products allows businesses and individuals to reduce printing costs significantly without compromising on quality.

Customer Service:

Customer service at 1ink.com is generally satisfactory but could benefit from further improvement. The company provides customer support through phone, email, and live chat, ensuring multiple channels for assistance. However, some customers have reported delays in response times or difficulty in resolving certain issues, such as returns and exchanges.

Product Quality and Selection:

1ink.com has established a reputation for providing high-quality ink and toner cartridges. The printouts produced with their cartridges are comparable to those of more expensive options, allowing users to achieve professional results at an affordable price. The wide selection of cartridges ensures that customers can find compatible products for almost any printer model, including both popular and niche brands.

Website Usability:

While the website's design may not be the most intuitive, users can still navigate through 1ink.com with relative ease once they become familiar with the layout. Improvement in the search functionality and filtering options would enhance the user experience by helping customers find the right cartridges more efficiently.

Returns and Exchanges:

Returning or exchanging products at 1ink.com can be a bit of a hassle. The process is not as streamlined as it could be, leading to inconvenience for customers. Some have reported delays in obtaining refunds or receiving replacements for faulty cartridges. Enhancements to the returns and exchanges process would greatly benefit the overall customer experience.

Promotions and Discounts:

1ink.com frequently offers promotions and discounts, allowing customers to save even more on their purchases. They often provide discount codes or run special deals, making it worthwhile to regularly check their website or subscribe to their mailing list for exclusive offers.


1ink.com has built a solid reputation in the industry for providing reliable and affordable printing supplies. The positive feedback from numerous customers attests to the quality of their products and the savings they offer. However, improvements in customer service and returns process could further strengthen their reputation.

Payment Options:

1ink.com offers a variety of payment options to accommodate the preferences of different customers. They accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, customers can opt to pay through PayPal, a secure and widely-used online payment platform.

Loyalty Programs:

Currently, 1ink.com does not offer a specific loyalty program for its customers. However, they frequently reward customers with promotions and discounts, which can be considered as a form of loyalty incentive. It is worth keeping an eye on their website and subscribing to their newsletter for exclusive offers.

Customer Reviews:

Customers' feedback on 1ink.com is generally positive. Many users appreciate the affordability of the ink and toner cartridges and the quality of their printouts. Some critiques relate to issues with customer service or returns process. The transparency of customer reviews indicates that 1ink.com values the feedback of its customers and takes it into account for continuous improvement.

Community Involvement:

1ink.com actively participates in community involvement initiatives. They support various charitable organizations and community projects, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact beyond their business operations.

Shipping and Costs:

1ink.com offers shipping across the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. territories. They provide both standard and expedited shipping options, allowing customers to choose the delivery speed that suits their needs. Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the order and the destination, and they are displayed at the checkout process for transparency.

In conclusion, 1ink.com is a reputable online retailer that provides customers with affordable ink and toner cartridges without compromising on quality. With competitive pricing, a wide selection of products, and positive customer reviews, 1ink.com offers a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses looking to save on printing expenses. Improvements in website usability, customer service, and returns process could enhance the overall customer experience and strengthen 1ink.com's position as a leading provider of printing supplies.