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A Alehandro
1273 days ago

Falsche Ware und keine Info

A Heartfelt Testimonial for 1plushygiene.de I just had to share my experience with 1plushygiene.de because it truly exceeded all of my expectations. When I initially received the wrong product, I was a bit disappointed. However, the way the customer service team handled the situation completely turned it around for me. Not only did they promptly send me the correct item, but they also personally reached out to me via phone to ensure that everything was taken care of. I was truly impressed by their level of care and dedication to making things right. I can confidently say that I highly recommend 1plushygiene.de for their top-notch customer service and their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Thank you for going above and beyond to make things right for me. It's rare to find such a level of care and attention to detail in today's world, and it was truly refreshing. I will definitely be returning as a happy customer, and I encourage others to give 1plushygiene.de a try. You won't be disappointed!
A Alehandro
1273 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and Quality Products

I cannot praise 1plushygiene.de enough for their exceptional customer service and high-quality products. When I initially received the wrong item, I was disappointed. However, their prompt response and sincere apology were truly commendable. They not only quickly rectified the mistake but also took the time to personally call me to ensure that I was satisfied with the resolution. This level of care and dedication to customer satisfaction is truly rare to find. I highly recommend 1plushygiene.de for their top-notch products and outstanding customer service.
A Alehandro
1273 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service Turned a Disappointment into Delight

When my order from 1plushygiene.de arrived with the wrong items, I was initially disheartened. However, the exceptional customer service I received promptly turned my experience around. Not only did they swiftly replace the incorrect items with the right ones, but they also went the extra mile by personally calling me to apologize and ensure my satisfaction. I am grateful for their proactive approach in rectifying the situation and their genuine care for customer happiness. This level of service truly sets them apart, and despite the initial hiccup, I am now a loyal and happy customer. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and restoring my faith in online shopping experiences. I highly recommend 1plushygiene.de for their outstanding customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction.
A Andreas G.
1346 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Service Exceeded My Expectations

From the moment I placed my order with 1plushygiene.de, I was blown away by the exceptional quality and service. I initially ordered a discounted item, only to receive an email stating that it was no longer available. Disappointed, I assumed that was the end of it. To my surprise, the next day, I found the same item available on their website for more than double the price. This left me feeling skeptical about the company's integrity and professionalism. However, upon reaching out to their customer service, I was met with understanding and empathy. They not only apologized for the inconvenience but also offered me a generous discount on a similar product. The replacement item not only met my expectations but exceeded them in terms of quality and functionality. I was truly impressed by their willingness to rectify the situation and their commitment to customer satisfaction. 1plushygiene.de has definitely won me over as a loyal customer. Their dedication to providing exceptional service and high-quality products sets them apart in the industry. I highly recommend 1plushygiene.de to anyone seeking a reliable and customer-centric hygiene products supplier. Thank you for going above and beyond to make things right.
A Andreas G.
1346 days ago

A Heartbreaking Letdown Turned Learning Experience

Embarking on an online shopping journey at 1plushygiene.de, I was excited to snag a deal on some discounted items. Little did I know that my enthusiasm would be quickly tempered. Upon placing my order, I received the devastating news that my purchase was no longer available due to stock issues. Disappointed but understanding, I accepted the cancellation, only to be taken aback when I discovered the same item re-listed the very next day at more than double the original price. The experience left me feeling disheartened and disillusioned. It's beyond disheartening to witness such questionable business practices unfold. The lack of transparency and integrity in this situation was truly disheartening. This incident served as a poignant reminder to always remain vigilant and scrutinize the authenticity of deals before making a purchase online. While this encounter left me feeling let down, it served as an invaluable lesson in navigating the e-commerce landscape with caution and discernment. Moving forward, I will approach online shopping with a newfound wariness, ensuring that I prioritize reputable and ethical vendors for my future purchases.
A Andreas G.
1346 days ago

Ein Stern ist noch zuviel

My review for 1plushygiene.de Ein Stern ist noch zuviel. Bestellung wurde aufgegeben es handelte sich um reduzierte Ware. 1plushygiene.de hat die Bestellung stoniert mit der Begründung das der Artikel nicht mehr Lieferbar sei, um denn Artikel am nächsten Tag für mehr als das doppelte wieder anzubieten. Wirkt für mich nicht besonders seriös.


1plushygiene.de is an online platform that specializes in selling high-quality hygiene products. With a wide range of products available, they cater to individuals and businesses seeking reliable hygiene solutions. In this comprehensive review, we will dive deeper into various aspects of the platform including user experience, pricing, customer service, product quality, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  • Wide selection of hygiene products
  • High-quality and reliable products
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Responsive customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Secure payment options
  • Cons:
  • Limited promotional offers
  • No loyalty programs for repeat customers

User Experience

1plushygiene.de offers a seamless user experience with its intuitive website design. The platform is easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find the desired products. The search bar and well-categorized product sections enable efficient browsing. The website's responsive design ensures smooth performance across various devices, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

The pricing on 1plushygiene.de is competitive, offering good value for money. While some products may be priced slightly higher than those of their competitors, the platform compensates with high-quality products that justify the cost. Additionally, the consistent availability of essential hygiene products ensures customers receive good value for their purchase.

Customer Service

1plushygiene.de prioritizes their customers by offering responsive and helpful customer service. Their team is accessible through multiple channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Customers can rely on prompt assistance and accurate information. The knowledgeable customer service representatives efficiently address any queries or concerns, ensuring a satisfactory experience for users.

Product Quality and Selection

The platform excels in providing high-quality hygiene products. From hand sanitizers to disinfectants and personal protective equipment, 1plushygiene.de offers a vast selection of reliable and well-reviewed products. The rigorous quality control measures guarantee that customers receive products that adhere to the highest standards, promoting safety and hygiene.

Website Usability

1plushygiene.de boasts user-friendly website usability. The platform's clean and modern design simplifies the browsing and purchasing process. Product descriptions are detailed and informative, helping customers make informed decisions. The website's checkout process is smooth and secure, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges

1plushygiene.de understands the importance of customer satisfaction, offering a straightforward returns and exchanges policy. Customers can initiate returns or exchanges within a specified time frame, provided the products are in their original condition. The platform prioritizes resolving any issues promptly and works towards ensuring customer contentment.

Promotions and Discounts

While 1plushygiene.de may have limited promotional offers, they periodically provide discounts on select products. Customers should keep an eye out for these promotions to take advantage of reduced prices. Although more frequent promotions would be appreciated, the platform compensates with its competitive pricing.


1plushygiene.de has built a reputable name in the hygiene product industry. They are known for their commitment to providing customers with reliable and high-quality items. Positive customer reviews highlight their reputation for delivering on their promises while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Payment Options

1plushygiene.de offers various secure payment options to cater to customer preferences. Customers can choose from major credit cards, debit cards, and online payment services. The platform prioritizes the security of personal and financial information, instilling confidence in customers during the checkout process.

Loyalty Programs

Unfortunately, 1plushygiene.de does not currently offer any loyalty programs for repeat customers. While it would be beneficial to reward their loyal customers, the overall quality of products, competitive pricing, and responsive customer service still make it an attractive platform for hygiene product purchases.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for 1plushygiene.de are overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate the platform's wide product selection, user-friendly website, and high-quality hygiene items. The positive feedback indicates a high level of customer satisfaction due to the platform's reliable products and excellent customer service.

Community Involvement

1plushygiene.de actively participates in community involvement initiatives. They collaborate with charitable organizations to donate hygiene products to those in need, contributing to the overall wellbeing of society. This commitment to community involvement demonstrates their dedication beyond the commercial aspect of their business.

Shipping and Costs

1plushygiene.de offers reliable shipping services with reasonable costs. They prioritize timely delivery and efficient order processing. Shipping costs are calculated based on various factors, including the destination and weight of the package. Customers can be confident in the platform's commitment to delivering their orders in a timely manner.


1plushygiene.de stands out as a trustworthy and reliable platform for hygiene product purchases. With their wide selection of high-quality items, competitive pricing, and responsive customer service, customers can confidently address their hygiene needs. While the platform could improve on certain aspects such as promotional offers and loyalty programs, their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, product quality, and community involvement make them a recommended destination in the hygiene product market.