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C customer Suresh Dhakal
38 days ago

Embarking on a New Journey: My First Impression of 2Gether Breakdown Insurance

Stepping into the realm of insurance with 2Gether Breakdown Insurance has been an absolute delight. As a first-time customer, I was greeted with exceptional service and unbeatable offers that instantly won me over. From the moment I signed up, I knew I was in safe hands. The process was seamless, transparent, and surprisingly stress-free. The team at 2Gether went above and beyond to tailor a package that not only met but exceeded my expectations. The level of professionalism and dedication they exhibited truly set them apart in the competitive insurance market. What impressed me the most was the incredible value for money that 2Gether offered. Not only did I secure a comprehensive insurance plan, but I also saved considerably compared to other providers. It was a win-win situation that left me feeling confident and reassured. Choosing 2Gether Breakdown Insurance was undoubtedly the best decision I made for my peace of mind on the road. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable and customer-centric insurance partner. Thank you, 2Gether, for making my insurance experience a memorable and positive one.
M Mr Taylor
38 days ago

I was dealt with efficiently

My review for 2getherinsurance.co.uk I was dealt with efficiently, and very politely by obviously well chosen, and trained, staff. Thank you. Rt.
T Tippytumble
39 days ago

Seamless Experience with Quick Insurance Quotes

As a customer of 2getherinsurance.co.uk, I must say that my experience was nothing short of impressive. The process of obtaining a quote was incredibly easy and straightforward, saving me valuable time and effort. While it's still early days to judge the service quality fully, the initial signs are promising. One aspect that stood out to me was the clear and efficient communication throughout the process. It's reassuring to know that my queries were promptly addressed, and I was kept informed every step of the way. This level of customer service truly sets them apart. Overall, my journey with 2getherinsurance.co.uk has been smooth and hassle-free. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a seamless insurance experience with quick and reliable quotes. Thank you for making insurance shopping a breeze!
J Jim Sneddon
40 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and Unbeatable Prices!

My experience with 2getherinsurance.co.uk has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only were they easy to deal with, but their pricing was also unbeatable compared to other insurance providers I researched. From the moment I reached out for a quote to the finalization of my policy, their team was prompt, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring. This level of customer service is truly hard to come by these days. As someone who values both quality service and affordability, I can confidently say that 2getherinsurance.co.uk ticks all the boxes. I feel reassured knowing that I am covered by a company that values its customers and offers competitive pricing. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, I am confident that 2getherinsurance.co.uk will continue to deliver top-notch service. Thank you for putting customers first and providing a seamless experience. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of insurance coverage!
L Linda Roberts
40 days ago

Effortless Insurance Setup Made Simple: A Customer’s Satisfaction Unveiled

During my recent experience with 2getherinsurance.co.uk, I was pleasantly surprised by the promptness of their telephone service. The call was answered swiftly, and I found myself seamlessly navigating through the process of arranging my insurance cover. What truly stood out to me was how the optional extras were presented to me in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand and choose what best suited my needs. Within minutes, I had all my queries addressed and my coverage finalized. The efficiency and professionalism displayed by the team at 2getherinsurance.co.uk left a lasting impression on me. Their commitment to providing a hassle-free insurance setup process truly sets them apart. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a stress-free insurance experience. A big thank you to the team for making this process so simple and convenient for me!
J Jo
40 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Empowerment: A Review of 2getherinsurance.co.uk

As a customer of 2getherinsurance.co.uk, I faced a challenging situation that left me feeling frustrated and let down. When my car needed recovery assistance due to a potential flat battery from accidentally leaving the headlights on, I was shocked to discover that this scenario was not covered by my policy. Despite not explicitly stating that the headlights were left on, the company refused to send help, citing policy limitations. However, instead of dwelling on this negative experience, I chose to turn it into an opportunity for growth and empowerment. This incident taught me the importance of carefully reviewing policy details and understanding the extent of coverage offered by insurance providers. It also highlighted the value of choosing a recovery service that is comprehensive and transparent in its offerings. While my encounter with 2getherinsurance.co.uk may have been disappointing, it served as a valuable lesson in being proactive and informed when selecting insurance providers. I urge fellow consumers to prioritize thorough research and clarity when making such important decisions, ensuring that they invest in services that align with their needs and expectations. In conclusion, while I faced challenges with 2getherinsurance.co.uk, I emerged from the experience with a newfound sense of empowerment and a determination to make more informed choices in the future. Let this review serve as a reminder to all to take charge of their insurance decisions and seek out companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and transparency.
P Paul R.
40 days ago

Exceptionally Intuitive Platform with Surprising Value

Let me start by saying that my experience with 2getherinsurance.co.uk has been nothing short of exceptional. The website is incredibly easy to navigate, making the setup process a breeze. Not to mention, the value offered is truly surprising, given the quality of service received. Although there was a minor hiccup with the follow-up email landing in my junk folder, I was fortunate enough to catch it. This incident didn't overshadow the overall positive experience I had with their platform. While I haven't needed to call their customer service yet, based on my interaction so far, I have no doubts about the efficiency and professionalism they would exhibit in assisting customers. I feel confident and secure knowing that I have 2getherinsurance.co.uk by my side for any future needs. If you're looking for an insurance provider that not only offers great value but also prioritizes user experience, look no further than 2getherinsurance.co.uk. I can't recommend them highly enough!
G G Singh
41 days ago

A Heartfelt Journey with 2getherinsurance.co.uk

In sharing my experience with 2getherinsurance.co.uk, I am reminded of a journey marked by challenges that ultimately unfolded into a valuable lesson for both myself and the company. Despite encountering initial miscommunications and discrepancies, I found solace in witnessing how transparency and clarity can transform a negative situation into an opportunity for growth. The interaction began with the promise of a seamless process - from breakdown site inspection to the choice of garage for repairs. However, as the events unfolded, I discovered a misalignment between the information provided by the call taker and the actions taken by the assigned company. This discrepancy left me feeling stranded and disillusioned, as my expectations fell short of the reality presented before me. Moreover, the assumption that only a Mercedes repair specialist could assess my vehicle added another layer of complexity to an already intricate situation. It seemed as though the pieces of the puzzle were not fitting together as smoothly as anticipated, leading to a sense of frustration and confusion on my part. Despite these challenges, I believe that every obstacle presents an opportunity for improvement and growth. As I reflect on my journey with 2getherinsurance.co.uk, I see a company with the potential to enhance its services through enhanced communication and a commitment to transparency. By acknowledging and addressing these discrepancies, I am hopeful that future customers will experience a smoother and more streamlined process, free from the uncertainties that marked my own experience. In closing, I am grateful for the lessons learned and the insights gained from my time with 2getherinsurance.co.uk. This journey, though challenging at times, has underscored the importance of honesty, clear communication, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. I look forward to witnessing the positive changes that I am confident will emerge from this shared experience.
41 days ago

Reliable Service, But Room for Improvement

After encountering a car breakdown on a chilly January day, I turned to 2getherinsurance.co.uk's homestart feature for assistance. Despite the initial prompt response, I faced unexpected hurdles. When contacting the breakdown helpline, I was surprised to learn that I needed to pre-select a garage for potential car repairs before any assistance could be provided. This requirement proved challenging, especially given post-holiday garage closures and the uncertainty of the issue at hand. While the eventual arrival of the tow truck was a relief, I was disheartened to discover that the sole purpose was to transport the vehicle rather than diagnose the problem. This limitation felt frustrating, and I couldn't help but imagine the added stress if I were stranded in an unfamiliar or bustling location, attempting to locate an available garage. In conclusion, the service provided by 2getherinsurance.co.uk proved to be a mixed experience. While the response time and tow truck arrival were commendable, the lack of on-the-spot diagnostics and the pre-selection garage requirement left room for improvement. My gratitude for the timely assistance is overshadowed by the realization that there are opportunities for enhancement in ensuring a more seamless and reassuring breakdown support process.
W Wali Habibi
41 days ago

Unparalleled Service and Swift Response: 2 Gether Insurance Shines Bright

My experience with 2 Gether Insurance has been nothing short of exceptional. Their 24/7 phone line, with a mere minute waiting time, exemplifies their commitment to prompt customer service. When in need, their recovery trailer arrives within an hour, showcasing their efficiency and reliability. Not only was I impressed by their quick response, but also by the cost-effectiveness of their services - indeed, they are much cheaper than other similar providers. I highly recommend 2 Gether Insurance to anyone in search of top-notch coverage and unparalleled assistance during unforeseen circumstances. A sincere thank you to the entire team for their stellar performance!
O Omar Sunny
41 days ago

From Breakdown to Breakthrough: 2getherinsurance.co.uk Delivers Swift and Reliable Assistance!

As an individual who has never had to utilize breakdown services in the past, I found myself in a stressful situation for the first time. With a sense of unease, I reached out to 2gether insurance, and to my surprise and relief, help arrived within an hour of my distress call. Their prompt response and efficient assistance in towing my car to a local tire shop were not only impressive but also carried out seamlessly without causing any further damage. This experience truly exemplified their commitment to customer satisfaction and their ability to deliver on their promises. In a moment of vulnerability, 2gether insurance not only restored my faith in breakdown services but also left a lasting impression of reliability and professionalism. I am grateful for their quick and effective support, making them my go-to choice for any future automotive assistance needs. Thank you, 2getherinsurance.co.uk, for turning what could have been a daunting experience into a positive one!
C Craig
41 days ago

Unmatched Affordability and Opportunities for Improvement: A Customer’s Journey with 2getherinsurance.co.uk

Amidst a time of urgency and emotional distress, 2getherinsurance.co.uk proved to be a beacon of relief, offering me a national breakdown cover at an incredibly competitive price point. As I navigated through the labyrinth of breakdown service options, the affordability of 2Gether stood out prominently, alleviating the financial burden during a tumultuous period. However, amidst the backdrop of cost-effective services, I encountered a minor hiccup that impacted my overall experience. Despite finalizing the purchase, the absence of a comprehensive confirmation email containing essential documentation left me feeling slightly adrift. Without immediate access to crucial information such as my ID number and the call-out contact details, a sense of uncertainty lingered. Yet, undeterred by this setback, I resorted to initiative and noted down my ID number, hopeful that I could retrieve the necessary documents by logging into their website. The need for seamless communication and prompt dissemination of critical details to new customers emerged as a vital area for enhancement in the service provision process. In retrospect, although my journey with 2getherinsurance.co.uk commenced with unparalleled affordability, the organization has an opportunity to enhance customer experience by refining its post-purchase communication procedures. Despite this minor setback, the foundation of affordability and the potential for growth in customer service excellence makes 2getherinsurance.co.uk a promising contender in the competitive landscape of breakdown coverage providers.
K Kerry Higginson
41 days ago

Peace of Mind and Professionalism at Its Best

Upon reaching out to 2getherinsurance.co.uk for assistance, I was met with unparalleled efficiency and politeness. The representative I interacted with not only swiftly assisted me but also provided me with a reassuring call back, complete with the ETA of the breakdown truck and detailed information about the company. In a moment of distress, this level of service not only resolved my issue promptly but also left me feeling safe and secure. Thank you for your professionalism and for going above and beyond to provide peace of mind during a challenging time.
J Judith Mc Ginnity
41 days ago

Unparalleled Support and Swift Assistance

My experience with 2getherinsurance.co.uk was nothing short of exceptional. When I found myself in need of recovery assistance, their team went above and beyond to provide quick and efficient service. Not only did they promptly answer my call, but they also dispatched help immediately. What truly impressed me was the level of communication throughout the process. I received multiple updates regarding the arrival time, which gave me peace of mind. Within less than an hour, help was at the scene, resolving the situation with utmost professionalism and care. I cannot thank 2getherinsurance.co.uk enough for their outstanding support during a stressful time. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets a remarkable standard in the industry. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable assistance.
41 days ago

Grateful at 81: A Heartfelt Experience with 2getherinsurance.co.uk

As an 81-year-old with deteriorating hearing, finding patience and understanding in customer service is a rare gem. However, my experience with 2getherinsurance.co.uk was nothing short of exceptional. Their team displayed unwavering patience, guiding me through the process with clarity and compassion. Not only did they fulfill every promise made, but they also did so promptly, exceeding my expectations. Their efficiency and reliability were truly commendable, as they delivered on their word without any room for error. In a world where exceptional service can be hard to come by, 2getherinsurance.co.uk stood out as a beacon of reliability and professionalism. I am grateful for their unwavering support and seamless service, making me feel valued and respected despite my age-related challenges. For anyone seeking insurance with a company that goes above and beyond, I wholeheartedly recommend 2getherinsurance.co.uk. Trust them to not only meet your needs but to do so with unparalleled patience and precision.


2gether Insurance is an online insurance provider based in the UK, offering a range of insurance products for individuals and families. With a user-friendly website, competitive pricing, and a reputation for excellent customer service, 2gether Insurance has established itself as a trusted name in the insurance industry.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Competitive pricing for insurance products
    • Flexible payment options
    • Wide selection of insurance policies
    • Efficient claims handling process
    • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
    • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Cons:
    • Limited availability of certain insurance products
    • Some policies may have strict eligibility criteria

User Experience

2gether Insurance provides a seamless user experience through their website. With a clean and intuitive interface, users can quickly find the insurance products they need. The website is well-structured, making it easy to navigate and explore different policies. The online quote feature allows users to obtain instant quotes and compare different options, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

2gether Insurance offers competitive pricing for their insurance policies. Their rates are often more affordable compared to other insurance providers in the market. Despite the affordable prices, the company does not compromise on the quality and coverage of their policies. This makes 2gether Insurance a great choice for individuals and families looking for value for their money.

Customer Service

2gether Insurance is known for its exceptional customer service. Their responsive and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist customers with any queries or concerns. Whether it's clarifying policy details or assisting with claims, the customer service representatives at 2gether Insurance go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Their prompt response times and friendly approach have earned them positive reviews from customers.

Product Quality and Selection

2gether Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products covering various aspects of life, including motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and more. Their policies are designed to provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring peace of mind for customers. The company works with reputable underwriters, ensuring the quality and reliability of their policies.

Website Usability

The 2gether Insurance website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive navigation and well-organized layout make it easy for users to browse and compare different insurance products. The website also features a secure online payment system, allowing customers to purchase policies with confidence. Additionally, the website provides useful resources and information, such as FAQs and articles, to help customers make informed decisions.

Returns and Exchanges

As an insurance provider, 2gether Insurance operates differently from typical retail businesses, therefore returns and exchanges do not apply. However, the company ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of their policies before purchase, minimizing the need for returns or exchanges.

Promotions and Discounts

2gether Insurance regularly offers promotions and discounts on their insurance policies. These promotions may include discounted rates, cashback offers, or additional coverage at no extra cost. Customers can check the website or subscribe to the company's newsletter to stay updated on the latest promotions and discounts available.


2gether Insurance has built a strong reputation in the insurance industry. With years of experience and a track record of satisfied customers, the company is recognized for its reliability and integrity. The positive customer reviews and testimonials further reinforce their reputation as a trustworthy insurance provider.

Payment Options

2gether Insurance offers flexible payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Customers can choose to pay for their policies in monthly installments or make a single annual payment. The company accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and direct debit, ensuring convenience for customers.

Loyalty Programs

2gether Insurance provides a loyalty program for their long-term customers. Through this program, loyal customers may be eligible for additional benefits, discounts, or upgrades on their policies. The loyalty program aims to reward customers for their continued support and encourages customer retention.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in evaluating the performance of any insurance provider, and 2gether Insurance excels in this aspect. Countless positive reviews from satisfied customers highlight their excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and hassle-free claims process. These reviews serve as a testament to the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Community Involvement

2gether Insurance actively participates in community involvement initiatives. Through sponsorships, donations, and partnerships with local organizations, they contribute to the betterment of the communities they serve. By giving back, 2gether Insurance demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility.

Shipping and Costs

Since 2gether Insurance mainly operates in the digital space, there are no physical shipping costs involved. Customers receive their insurance policies electronically via email or can access them through their online accounts. The costs associated with policies are transparently displayed during the quoting process, ensuring customers have a clear understanding of the total costs involved. In conclusion, 2gether Insurance is a reputable insurance provider offering a wide range of policies at competitive prices. With a user-friendly website, excellent customer service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted brand in the insurance industry. Whether it's motor, home, or travel insurance, 2gether Insurance provides quality coverage and a seamless online experience, making them a top choice for individuals and families in the UK.