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P Paul Gibbons
182 days ago

Transformed Mom’s Mobility: Ability Superstore Delivered Beyond Expectations

I recently experienced exceptional service from Ability Superstore that I simply cannot stop raving about. Their customer service team went above and beyond during a helpful conversation, providing invaluable advice and guidance. Upon their recommendation, I ordered the Days Swift wheelchair for my mother, a stroke survivor residing in a care home. The seamless ordering process on a Monday culminated in a prompt delivery by Thursday, astonishingly quick given the circumstances. The wheelchair, adorned in a stunning metallic red, not only looks elegant but also offers unparalleled comfort and ease of use. It has single-handedly transformed my mother's mobility. I am truly impressed by Ability Superstore's efficiency, from their responsive staff to the quality of their products. My experience with them has been nothing short of exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of mobility solutions. Thank you, Ability Superstore, for making such a positive difference in my mother's life.
P Paul Gibbons
182 days ago

A Heartfelt Tribute to Ability Superstore: Beyond Expectations

Let me take a moment to express my sincere gratitude towards Ability Superstore. Their exceptional customer service left me in awe. When I reached out to them seeking advice, their team went above and beyond to assist me in selecting the perfect solution. I decided to purchase the Days Swift wheelchair for my mother, who resides in a care home following a debilitating stroke. Placing the order was a breeze, and to my surprise, the wheelchair arrived promptly on Thursday after I ordered it on a Monday afternoon. The wheelchair, especially in its striking metallic red color, was an instant hit with my mother. Its ease of maneuverability and undeniable comfort left her delighted. It was heartwarming to see her content with the product. Ability Superstore not only impressed me with their efficient service but also with the quality of their products. Their staff's kindness and the excellence of their offerings make them a standout company in their field. In conclusion, I can't recommend Ability Superstore enough. For anyone seeking top-notch mobility solutions coupled with exceptional service, look no further than this remarkable company.
P Paul Gibbons
182 days ago

Redefining Accessibility: A Heartfelt Tribute to Ability Superstore

My experience with Ability Superstore has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I reached out to their customer service team seeking advice, to the swift delivery and unwrapping of the Days Swift wheelchair for my mother, every step of the process has been seamless. My mother, residing in a care home after a debilitating stroke, needed a reliable and comfortable wheelchair, and Ability Superstore delivered just that. Opting for the vibrant red shade, the metallic color added a touch of elegance to a practical aid. Not only did the wheelchair arrive promptly within days of ordering, but its ease of use and comfort exceeded expectations, bringing a smile to my mother's face. What sets Ability Superstore apart is not just their efficient service and top-notch products, but the genuine care and understanding exhibited by their team. Their dedication to enhancing accessibility and comfort for individuals in need is truly commendable. For anyone seeking quality products, prompt delivery, and a team that goes above and beyond in ensuring customer satisfaction, I can't recommend Ability Superstore enough. They have not just provided a wheelchair; they have brought joy and independence to my mother's life.
T Tim Meh
506 days ago

BigAsk From New(about2B) customer

I recently discovered Ability Superstore and I am blown away by the extensive selection of products they offer. As a new customer, I found myself overwhelmed by the range of options, and I couldn't help but wish for a feature that would allow me to easily save items for future consideration. I reached out to the team and suggested the idea of a wishlist feature for registered users, and I was thrilled by their receptive response. It's incredible how a simple wishlist can enhance the shopping experience by allowing users to save and revisit items they are interested in. I'm excited to share that Ability Superstore has taken my feedback on board, and I can't wait to see the wishlist feature come to life. In the meantime, I'll be making my first purchase and jotting down the other items I'm interested in. Here's to an improved shopping experience and a wishlist that saves me from losing my paper notes! Thank you, Ability Superstore, for valuing customer feedback and striving to enhance the online shopping journey. I look forward to returning to your site and exploring your impressive range of products with this new feature in place. Cheers to efficiency and customer-centric thinking!
T Tim Meh
506 days ago

WishList Wizardry at Ability Superstore – A Customer’s Journey

Embarking on my virtual shopping spree at Ability Superstore, I was mesmerized by the vast array of products that could cater to every need imaginable. Alas, amidst this treasure trove lay a minor hiccup - the absence of a WishList feature for eager shoppers like myself. As a prospective customer, I found myself grappling with the dilemma of wanting to explore various options but lacking a convenient way to save them for future reference. In this digital age, where user convenience reigns supreme, I couldn't help but yearn for a simple WishList function that would allow me to bookmark items of interest effortlessly. It struck me as a missed opportunity for Ability Superstore to enhance user experience and potentially boost their sales by implementing this common yet crucial feature. After all, isn't it a common practice among online retailers to provide customers with the convenience of creating personalized wish lists? Despite this minor setback, I remain optimistic about my shopping experience with Ability Superstore. As I prepare to make my purchase and juggle between mental notes and physical reminders, I can't help but chuckle at the thought of losing my paper scribbles in the chaos of my desires. Thus, I eagerly anticipate the day when I can seamlessly curate my wishlist on the platform, streamlining my shopping journey and ensuring no coveted item slips through the cracks. In the meantime, I continue to navigate the virtual aisles of Ability Superstore with a mix of excitement and cautious optimism, hoping that my feedback as a new and enthusiastic customer will help shape a more user-friendly and efficient shopping environment for all.
T Tim Meh
506 days ago

An Unforgettable Journey with Ability Superstore: A Novice’s Perspective

Embarking on my maiden voyage through the digital aisles of abilitysuperstore.com, I must confess, I was initially overwhelmed by the sheer variety of products on offer. As a soon-to-be customer, the plethora of choices left me in awe, yet slightly daunted by the decision-making process ahead. Amidst this ocean of possibilities, a simple yet crucial element seemed to be missing - a Wishlist feature. A humble tool that countless online retailers wield effortlessly, allowing users to save their coveted items for future consideration. It struck me as a missed opportunity for Ability Superstore, a way to effortlessly enhance the shopping experience for their patrons. Navigating through the website, my mind raced with ideas for potential purchases, each deserving a spot on my virtual wishlist. Alas, I resorted to the old-fashioned method of jotting down notes on paper, hoping fervently that I would not misplace this crucial list. As I gear up to make my first purchase, I can't help but wonder about the untapped potential of a Wishlist feature on Ability Superstore. A small addition that could transform the way customers like me interact with the website, streamlining our shopping journey and fostering a sense of loyalty towards this treasure trove of products. So, as I bid adieu to my notes and venture forth to make a purchase, I do so with a glimmer of hope for a future where my digital wishlist will seamlessly complement my shopping experience at Ability Superstore. Who knows, perhaps one day soon, my browsing sessions will be graced with the convenience of a personalized and efficient Wishlist feature, making my shopping escapades all the more delightful.
A Arthur Kraus
645 days ago

Lift chair is awesome

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't help but share my wonderful experience with abilitysuperstore.com and their exceptional lift chairs. Upon searching for a reliable mobility store, we came across Ability Store and decided to give it a shot. From the moment we entered their store, we were greeted with unparalleled customer service. The knowledgeable staff made sure we found the perfect lift chair to suit our needs. The chair we purchased surpassed our expectations in terms of both quality and comfort. It has truly been a game-changer, making everyday life so much easier for us. The team at Ability Store went above and beyond to ensure we were completely satisfied with our purchase, making the entire process smooth and stress-free. I cannot express enough how satisfied we are with our experience at Ability Store. They have not only secured a customer for life but have also set the benchmark for what outstanding customer service should look like. If you're in need of mobility aids, I highly recommend giving Ability Store a visit. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Thank you, Ability Store, for making a significant difference in our lives. We couldn't be happier!
A Arthur Kraus
645 days ago

Transformative Comfort Found: My Experience with Ability Store’s Lift Chair

In my quest for the perfect lift chair, abilitysuperstore.com stood out as a beacon of excellence. The moment I stepped into their store, I was greeted with unparalleled service and expertise. The staff at Ability Store went above and beyond to guide me through their range of options, making me feel at ease and confident in my purchase decision. The lift chair I finally settled on surpassed all my expectations. Its quality and functionality were unmatched by any other store I had visited. The comfort it provided was truly transformative, bringing a sense of relief and relaxation that I had been longing for. Thanks to Ability Store, I have found not just a piece of furniture, but a companion in my daily life. I am filled with gratitude for their exceptional service and top-notch products. I am now a loyal customer, knowing that I will never have to look elsewhere for my mobility needs. Thank you, Ability Store, for making a real difference in my life.
A Arthur Kraus
645 days ago

Life-Changing Comfort: A Testimonial for Ability Superstore

After a thorough search for the perfect lift chair, we stumbled upon Ability Superstore, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. The moment we walked in, we were greeted with warmth and expertise that instantly put us at ease. Comparing their products to other stores, it was clear that Ability Superstore stands head and shoulders above the rest. The quality and range of options were unparalleled, making our decision a breeze. But it wasn't just about the chair; it was the entire experience. The staff took the time to understand our needs, ensuring that we found the ideal fit for us. Their attention to detail and genuine care truly set them apart. Thanks to Ability Superstore, we now have a lift chair that not only meets our requirements but exceeds them in terms of comfort and functionality. We have found our go-to mobility store, and there's no looking back. If you're in search of a life-changing comfort solution, look no further than Ability Superstore. Trust me; you won't be disappointed.
A André Thomas
847 days ago

Quick shipping thanks to ladies on phone

I cannot thank the team at abilitysuperstore.com enough for their exceptional customer service. As someone who was navigating the world of disability aids for the first time, I was unsure of what to expect. However, the ladies on the phone were incredibly patient and understanding as I explained my father's needs. Not only did they take the time to comprehend the specific conditions I was addressing, but they also expertly guided me to the perfect products for my dad. Their knowledge and compassion made a world of difference during a time that could have otherwise been overwhelming. What's more, the prices at Ability Superstore were competitive, and the shipping was impressively fast. I received the much-needed items promptly, which alleviated a significant amount of stress. Overall, my experience with abilitysuperstore.com was nothing short of exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of disability aids. Thank you to the amazing team for making a difficult time a little bit easier.
A André Thomas
847 days ago

Life-Changing Support from Compassionate Experts

When I came across abilitysuperstore.com, I was a bit unsure of what to expect, never having needed disability aids before. However, from the moment I dialed their number, everything changed. The ladies on the phone were not just helpful; they were compassionate and patient, truly taking the time to understand my needs and the conditions I was dealing with. Their expertise shone through as they guided me to the perfect items for my dad, offering a level of support that went above and beyond my expectations. The prices were competitive, matching those found online, and the delivery was swift, ensuring I had the aids when I needed them the most. Thank you to the incredible team at abilitysuperstore.com for making a difficult time a little bit easier.
A André Thomas
847 days ago

Compassionate Assistance and Speedy Delivery: A Heartfelt Gratitude to the Supportive Team

Sharing my genuine experience with abilitysuperstore.com, I must highlight the exceptional service provided by the compassionate ladies on the phone. As someone navigating the world of disability aids for the first time, their patience and understanding were truly invaluable. Their ability to grasp the nuances of my situation and recommend the perfect items for my dad was truly a game-changer. Despite my initial apprehensions about online pricing, I was pleasantly surprised to find competitive rates. What truly stood out was the quick shipping, which not only saved time but also displayed a commitment to customer satisfaction. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team for making this experience a smooth and positive one.
S Stuart Roberts
869 days ago

Ability Superstore – SO helpful and a quick delivery

A Lifesaver for Elderly Mobility Needs As a caregiver for my aging mother, I was on the lookout for a reliable rollator to assist her mobility. Navigating through the vast array of options online, I stumbled upon Ability Superstore. Intrigued by the positive reviews, I reached out to their customer care team for guidance. What transpired during that call was nothing short of exceptional. The representative patiently listened to my concerns and diligently walked me through the various rollators, offering valuable insights without pushing for a sale. Their genuine concern and expertise were evident, providing me with the confidence to make an informed decision. After careful consideration, I proceeded with the purchase online. To my delight, the rollator arrived promptly within two days, exceeding my expectations. The seamless process and swift delivery underscored their commitment to customer satisfaction. Ability Superstore has undoubtedly earned my trust and future business. Their personalized and considerate approach sets them apart in an industry inundated with options. I highly recommend Ability Superstore to anyone seeking not just products, but a genuine partner in addressing their mobility assistance needs. Thank you, Ability Superstore, for being a true lifesaver during a challenging time.
S Stuart Roberts
869 days ago

Ability Superstore Went Above and Beyond – Exceptional Customer Service and Expedited Delivery

I recently had the pleasure of shopping at Ability Superstore, and I can't say enough about the outstanding customer service I received. I was in search of the perfect rollator for my elderly mother, and the team at Ability Superstore went above and beyond to assist me in making the right choice. Upon contacting their customer care team, I was pleasantly surprised by their knowledge, patience, and genuine willingness to help. They took the time to thoroughly discuss the various options available, providing valuable insights without pressuring me to make a purchase. This level of care and attention truly set them apart. After careful consideration, I placed my order online, and to my delight, the rollator arrived at my doorstep in just two days. The expedited delivery exceeded my expectations and showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. I am thoroughly impressed with Ability Superstore and will undoubtedly return for any future needs. Their exceptional service and swift delivery have earned my trust and loyalty. Thank you, Ability Superstore, for making this experience truly remarkable.
S Stuart Roberts
869 days ago

Heartfelt Gratitude for Ability Superstore: A Lifesaver for My Elderly Mother

As a caring daughter wanting the best for my elderly mother, the task of finding the perfect rollator felt daunting. That's when I discovered Ability Superstore, and I am forever grateful. Their customer care team went above and beyond to help me navigate through the numerous options available, patiently guiding me without any sales pressure. The personalized assistance I received made me feel valued and supported in making the right decision. After weighing my options, I made my purchase online, and to my surprise, the rollator was on my doorstep just two days later. This level of efficiency truly amazed me. Ability Superstore not only provided exceptional service but also delivered on their promise promptly, making this entire experience seamless and stress-free. I am immensely thankful for their dedication and reliability. Without a doubt, I will return to Ability Superstore for all my future needs, knowing I am in good hands.


AbilitySuperstore.com is a reputable online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of products designed to enhance the everyday lives of individuals with mobility limitations or disabilities. With a focus on convenience, accessibility, and affordability, AbilitySuperstore.com aims to offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


  • Extensive product range catering to various mobility needs
  • Competitive pricing for quality-assured products
  • Simple and user-friendly website navigation
  • Responsive and attentive customer service
  • Positive customer reviews indicating overall satisfaction and reliability
  • Engagement in community initiatives and support organizations
  • Prompt shipping and efficient delivery


  • Some products may be priced higher compared to other online retailers
  • Limited availability of certain niche products

User Experience:

AbilitySuperstore.com prioritizes user experience by offering an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website. The search functionality allows users to swiftly find products, and detailed product descriptions coupled with images provide comprehensive information. The site's responsive design ensures compatibility across various devices, enabling a seamless browsing experience.

Pricing and Value for Money:

While some products on AbilitySuperstore.com may be priced slightly higher compared to other online retailers, the company strives to offer value for money by providing a vast selection of high-quality products. With transparent pricing and competitive rates on a majority of items, customers can find affordable solutions to meet their mobility needs.

Customer Service:

AbilitySuperstore.com is known for its responsive and attentive customer service. Their knowledgeable team promptly assists customers with inquiries, offering guidance and product recommendations. The company strives to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing concerns and resolving issues promptly and efficiently.

Product Quality and Selection:

AbilitySuperstore.com partners with reputable manufacturers to offer a broad range of products, ensuring customers have access to top-quality, industry-approved mobility aids. The thorough product selection encompasses categories such as wheelchairs, walking aids, bathroom aids, and more, catering to individuals across varying mobility requirements.

Website Usability:

The website's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make browsing and purchasing products a hassle-free experience. Clear categories, filters, and search functionality enable efficient navigation and product exploration. AbilitySuperstore.com prioritizes accessibility by adhering to high standards of web design, ensuring users with disabilities can navigate and engage with the site effectively.

Returns and Exchanges:

AbilitySuperstore.com has a fair and transparent returns policy. Customers can initiate return or exchange requests for unused and unmodified items within a specified time frame. The company provides clear instructions and assists customers throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Promotions and Discounts:

AbilitySuperstore.com occasionally offers promotions, discounts, and sales on select products, providing customers opportunities to save money. Regular subscribers to their newsletter receive updates on exclusive offers, enabling them to take advantage of discounted prices and special deals.


AbilitySuperstore.com has built a strong reputation over the years for its commitment to quality products and exceptional service. With numerous positive customer reviews attesting to their reliability, the company continues to earn the trust of individuals with mobility limitations and those seeking reliable mobility aids.

Payment Options:

AbilitySuperstore.com accepts a range of payment options, including major credit cards and secure online payment platforms. This convenience allows customers to choose the method that suits them best, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.

Loyalty Programs:

While AbilitySuperstore.com currently does not offer a formal loyalty program, they prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty through their exceptional product quality, customer service, and competitive pricing that encourages repeat business.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in showcasing AbilitySuperstore.com's dedication to providing exceptional service and reliable products. The majority of customer reviews are positive, highlighting their satisfaction with product quality, prompt delivery, and responsive customer support.

Community Involvement:

AbilitySuperstore.com actively engages in community initiatives and supports organizations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mobility limitations or disabilities. Their commitment to social responsibility is evident through partnerships and contributions to various charitable causes.

Shipping and Costs:

AbilitySuperstore.com ensures prompt shipping and delivery of products. Shipping costs vary depending on the size and weight of the items, as well as the customer's location. However, the company strives to maintain competitive shipping rates and provides estimated delivery times during the checkout process to offer transparency and convenience.

In summary, AbilitySuperstore.com stands out as a reliable and customer-focused online retailer catering to individuals with mobility limitations. Offering a vast selection of quality products, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and a commitment to social responsibility, AbilitySuperstore.com continues to enhance the everyday lives of its customers.