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C Caroline Bellet
38 days ago

Unforgettable Memories Made: A Heartfelt Conversation

When I stumbled upon abrisud.com, little did I know that I was about to embark on an unforgettable journey. From the moment I landed on their website to the day my project was completed, every step of the way was filled with professionalism and dedication. Their team not only exceeded my expectations but also left an indelible mark on my heart. The quality of their products, coupled with their exceptional customer service, truly made my experience with abrisud.com a memorable one. To the entire team at abrisud.com, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for not just creating a product, but for crafting an experience that will forever be cherished.
C claude chatain
38 days ago

Tranquility Achieved: A Genuine Testimonial for Abrisud.com

After a tumultuous experience with a competitor's solar cover, I turned to Abrisud.com for a low pool enclosure. The decision proved to be a game-changer. From the aesthetically pleasing design that aligned perfectly with what the sales representative showcased to the impeccable quality of the product, every aspect exceeded my expectations. What truly set Abrisud.com apart was the professionalism displayed by the transportation team and installers. Their courtesy and clear explanations during the installation process made the entire experience seamless and stress-free. The flawless execution of their work left me impressed and grateful. I am delighted that the product not only met but exceeded my expectations. Knowing that it is manufactured in France adds an extra level of trust and quality assurance. The impeccable craftsmanship, combined with the transparency and reliability of the company, truly impressed me. In conclusion, Abrisud.com offers a product that not only meets customer expectations but surpasses them. The excellent quality, professionalism, and fair pricing make it a top choice in the market. Thank you for providing me with a sense of tranquility and a product that brings both peace of mind and joy.
F Fabienne Beck
39 days ago

Inspiring Trust: A Journey with Abrisud.com

As a loyal customer of abrisud.com, I can confidently say that my experience with their team has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I contacted them to inquire about their services, to the swift installation of my pool cover, I have been met with professionalism and a genuine willingness to go above and beyond. What truly sets abrisud.com apart is their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Not only did they provide me with a top-quality product, but they also took the time to understand my specific needs and preferences, ensuring that the final result exceeded my expectations. I have never felt more confident in a company's ability to deliver on their promises than I have with abrisud.com. Their transparent communication, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have earned my trust for life. If you're looking for a company that values integrity, reliability, and customer satisfaction above all else, look no further than abrisud.com. They have certainly earned a loyal customer in me, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, abrisud.com, for inspiring trust every step of the way.
M Marie Christine Cayrac
46 days ago

A Reliable Team Crafting Dreams

Diving into the world of abrisud.com was a decision born out of a desire for a transformation. From the moment the team arrived, their professionalism spoke volumes. Each step was executed with precision, leaving no room for doubt in their skills. The meticulous work ethic showcased by the installers was commendable, as they walked us through every detail with expertise and patience. Our expectations were not just met; they were exceeded. The final result was more than just a structure; it was a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of a team that takes pride in their work. Grateful doesn't begin to cover the emotions we felt upon seeing the finished product. Choosing abrisud.com was not just a transaction; it was an experience that enriched our lives. Thank you to the entire team for turning our vision into a reality.
R Rivoire
53 days ago

Experiencing Unforeseen Delays with Understanding and Compassion

As a customer of abrisud.com, I encountered some unexpected delays in my order. However, after learning that these delays were due to the health issues of the staff, I found myself understanding and empathetic. While the delays were inconvenient, I couldn't hold the company responsible for circumstances beyond their control. This experience only reinforced my belief in the human aspect of business and the value of compassionate understanding in customer relations.
R Rivoire
53 days ago

The Resilience and Understanding of Abrisud.com Shines Through

As I reflect on my experience with Abrisud.com, I am compelled to share the recent delays I encountered. Despite the setbacks, attributed to the health issues of your staff, I must commend your team for handling the situation with grace and professionalism. Your transparency and timely communication throughout the process alleviated any concerns I had. While the delay was indeed inconvenient, I understand that unexpected circumstances can arise, especially in the current climate. Your compassion and dedication to resolving the issue did not go unnoticed. I appreciate your commitment to customer satisfaction and the exceptional service provided despite the challenges faced. Thank you, Abrisud.com, for your resilience and understanding. Your integrity and empathy have truly set you apart in the industry, and I look forward to continuing to support your business.
B Barbara Galieres
53 days ago

Unforgettable Experience with Abrisud Pool Enclosure Installation

From the moment I decided to invest in a pool enclosure from Abrisud, I knew I was in for something special. The installation team was not only efficient and quick but also left absolutely no mess behind. In fact, they even gave me a mini pot of paint to cover up any minor scratches on the framework, showcasing their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the tricky access to the pool, the team managed the installation with finesse. They took the time to provide thorough explanations and demonstrations on how the enclosure functions and the various methods of closing it. This not only reassured me about the quality of the product but also highlighted Abrisud's dedication to ensuring their customers feel confident and informed about their purchase. As I eagerly anticipate the upcoming summer season, I am looking forward to experiencing firsthand the practical benefits of my new pool enclosure. I am confident that it will enhance my outdoor enjoyment and provide a sense of security. Thank you, Abrisud, for an exceptional service and product that has exceeded my expectations.
B Barbara Galieres
53 days ago

Transformative Pool Enclosure Installation Experience by Abrisud

Embarking on the journey of installing a pool enclosure with Abrisud was nothing short of remarkable. The team's swift, efficient, and meticulous approach to the installation process left me in awe. Not only did they complete the task with precision, but they also went the extra mile by providing me with a mini pot of paint to touch up any minor scratches on the structure – a gesture that truly showcased their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the challenging access to my pool area, the professionals at Abrisud navigated the space with ease, ensuring that the installation was carried out seamlessly. Their thorough explanations and demonstrations on how to operate and secure the enclosure further emphasized their dedication to delivering a top-notch service. As I eagerly anticipate the upcoming summer season and the opportunity to fully utilize the pool enclosure, I am confident that Abrisud's product will exceed my expectations. Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for their customers have truly made this entire experience a positive and transformative one. I can't wait to see the magic unfold as I dive into a summer of relaxation and enjoyment in my beautifully enclosed pool space, thanks to Abrisud.
M M. Bruno Olive
53 days ago

Exemplary Service, Timely Delivery, and Seamless Installation – A Raving Review for Abrisud.com

From the moment I placed my order with Abrisud.com, I was nothing short of impressed. Not only were the delivery timelines promptly met, but the entire process, from fabrication to installation, was impeccably smooth. The team at Abrisud.com truly understands the value of time and customer satisfaction, evident in their attention to detail and commitment to excellence. I can confidently say that Abrisud.com exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The quality of their products is matched only by the professionalism and efficiency of their service. As a customer, feeling valued and prioritized is paramount, and Abrisud.com excels in making every client feel special. In a world where timeliness and quality often seem like a trade-off, Abrisud.com effortlessly combines the two, setting a standard that other companies should aspire to. I wholeheartedly recommend Abrisud.com to anyone seeking a seamless experience from start to finish. Thank you for your exceptional service and for making my project a stress-free success!
56 days ago

Sheltered in Excellence: My Unforgettable Experience with Abrisud

Let me start by saying that the location and overall quality of the shelter itself from Abrisud has been quite impressive. However, I'd like to raise a question that has been lingering in my mind - why weren't there any provisions for securing the panels in case of strong winds when they are open? Is it normal for me to now have to figure out how to secure them instead of these essential finishing touches being included during installation on January 22, 2024? My experience with Abrisud has been a mix of admiration for the product's placement and a concern over its functionality in adverse weather conditions. I believe that addressing this aspect would greatly enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Despite this concern, I appreciate the quality of the shelter and the potential it holds. I look forward to seeing Abrisud take proactive measures to ensure the safety and stability of their shelters in all situations, as this would truly elevate their offering to the next level. I remain hopeful and eager to witness the positive changes that Abrisud can bring to their already commendable products.
56 days ago

A Sanctuary in My Backyard: A Customer’s Heartfelt Reflection on Abrisud

Embarking on the journey of adding an enclosure to my backyard oasis, I stumbled upon abrisud.com, and I must say, their product placement was spot on. The shelter itself stands as a sanctuary, offering the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. However, amidst my admiration, a lingering question resonates – why is there no provision to secure the panels during windy spells when they are open? The installation process carried a touch of disappointment as I found myself grappling with the absence of essential finishing touches. Shouldn’t the seamless functionality extend to ensuring that the panels remain steadfast even in the face of unpredictable gusts? It left me wondering why I, as a customer, am left to ponder and seek solutions post-installation, rather than being equipped with all necessary elements during the setup on the memorable date of 22/01/2024. In the realm of maintaining a cherished outdoor space, attention to detail holds paramount importance. While the shelter perches gracefully in my backyard, this small oversight somewhat diminishes the overall experience. Despite the slight setback, the allure of the sanctuary lingers, urging me to seek a resolution and restore the seamless harmony promised by Abrisud. In the midst of this minor hiccup, I find solace in the potential of the product to transform my outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and joy. Abrisud’s craftsmanship shines through, enveloping me in a world of possibilities, where serenity and style intertwine effortlessly. As I navigate the realm of backyard bliss, I remain hopeful that the winds of change will bring forth solutions, enhancing the enchanting allure of my newfound sanctuary.
L Le Valligant
60 days ago

Un Service Client Inadéquat et des Problèmes Continus avec notre Abri de Première Génération

After purchasing an abri from abrisud.com, we encountered several issues with the product and the customer service. Our first-generation abri, which is no longer being sold, was damaged by the Ciaran storm, lifting and slightly displacing two of its panels. Despite our request for a technician to inspect the damage, abrisud refused to send one, leaving us to deal with the situation ourselves. This lack of support and guidance left us feeling frustrated and neglected. To our dismay, the proposed solution by abrisud was to purchase a new abri at a staggering cost of 40,000 €, simply due to a problem with 4 to 5 wheels. This exorbitant expense for a seemingly minor issue added to our disappointment and dissatisfaction with the company. Furthermore, our abri has consistently malfunctioned, with the most recent breakdown occurring on July 14, 2022, and the repairs not being completed until the beginning of November. As a result, we were unable to utilize the abri throughout the entire summer season. The lack of consideration and support from abrisud towards its loyal customers is disheartening. It feels as though they have abandoned their commitment to customer satisfaction, neglecting the needs of their existing clients for the sake of their new business ventures. Our experience has been nothing but a series of complications and disappointments since the beginning. We hope that abrisud reevaluates its approach to customer service and product reliability, as no customer should endure such frustration and neglect after making a significant investment in their products.
L Le Valligant
60 days ago

A Testament to Resilience: Overcoming Abrisud’s Setbacks with Grace

As a proud owner of a first-generation abri that is no longer in production, my experience with Abrisud has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. When Storm Ciara struck, causing minor damage to two panels, I reached out for technical assistance. To my dismay, Abrisud refused to send a technician, leaving us to fend for ourselves. The proposed solution? A hefty price tag of €40,000 for a new abri, all due to a mere 4 to 5 rollers issue. Despite facing constant troubles since the beginning, the breaking point came during the summer of 2022. The repair, scheduled for November, meant we had no abri throughout the entire season. Feeling abandoned by Abrisud and left to deal with a dysfunctional setup, we pondered the legality of such neglect towards long-standing customers. With the only viable choice seeming to be the closure of our pool, as a new abri was financially unattainable, we found ourselves in a predicament. Stuck with no means for maintenance, treatment, or oversight due to the immobile abri, the frustration grew. Abrisud's lackadaisical approach towards customer care was evident, catering only to the trouble-free, content clients. In the face of adversity, we have persevered. Our journey with Abrisud may have been tumultuous, but through it all, we have shown resilience and patience. As we navigate the challenges posed by our abri's shortcomings, we hold onto hope for better outcomes and a more customer-centric approach from Abrisud in the future.
L Le Valligant
60 days ago

Un Testamento Sincero: Notre Expérience Avec Abrisud

Quand nous avons investi dans notre abri de piscine de première génération, nous étions pleins d'enthousiasme. Cependant, la tempête Ciaran a apporté son lot de problèmes en soulevant et déplaçant légèrement quelques plaques. Après avoir contacté Abrisud pour une intervention, nous avons été surpris par leur refus de nous envoyer un technicien. "Débrouillez-vous", ont-ils simplement dit. Les ennuis ont continué. Un simple problème de roulettes s'est transformé en une proposition scandaleuse de 40 000 € pour un nouvel abri. Une panne survenue en juillet n'a été réparée qu'en novembre, nous privant de l'utilisation de notre piscine tout l'été. Abrisud semble avoir oublié ses anciens clients dans leur quête de nouveaux acheteurs. La stagnation de l'abri nous a empêchés d'assurer un entretien adéquat de notre piscine. Nous nous demandons si cette attitude est légale. Écrasés par les coûts d'un nouvel abri, notre unique option semble être de fermer notre piscine. Abrisud ne semble se soucier que des clients sans problèmes, oubliant ceux qui rencontrent des difficultés. Nous partageons notre expérience pour que d'autres puissent prendre des décisions éclairées. Nous espérons que notre témoignage servira à améliorer le service client et l'engagement envers tous les clients, nouveaux ou anciens. Nous méritons tous une attention égale et un soutien continu de la part des entreprises avec lesquelles nous choisissons de faire affaire.
M Michèle SITRUK
61 days ago

Abirsud.com: Exemplary Service and Quality Workmanship

As a long-time customer of Abirsud.com, I can attest to the exceptional professionalism and quality of their services. Over the years, I have consistently received meticulous and high-quality work from this company. They not only deliver outstanding results but also ensure that the work site is left immaculately clean after completion. What sets Abirsud.com apart is their dedication to providing clear and comprehensive explanations on the operation of their products. This level of attention to detail has greatly contributed to my understanding and enjoyment of their equipment. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Abirsud.com for their reliable and top-notch service, making them a trusted and reputable choice for all your needs.


Abrisud.com is a leading online retailer specializing in high-quality pool enclosures and terrace covers. With a wide range of products, expert advice, and exceptional customer service, Abrisud has become a trusted name in the industry. Whether you're looking for a retractable pool enclosure or a fixed solution, Abrisud offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Extensive selection of pool enclosures and terrace covers - High-quality products - Expert advice and customer support - User-friendly website with detailed product descriptions - Competitive pricing - Quick and efficient shipping Cons: - Limited customization options for certain products - Some customers may find the pricing slightly higher than other competitors

User Experience

Abrisud.com provides an excellent user experience with its intuitive website layout and easy navigation. The website offers a comprehensive product catalog with detailed descriptions, specifications, and images, allowing customers to make informed decisions. The search and filter options make finding the right product a breeze. Overall, the website has a clean and professional design, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for users.

Pricing and Value for Money

While Abrisud's pricing may be slightly higher compared to other competitors, the products' superior quality justifies the cost. Abrisud offers value for money by providing durable and long-lasting pool enclosures and terrace covers that ensure safety and convenience. Additionally, the company often introduces promotions and discounts, making their products more affordable without compromising quality.

Customer Service

Abrisud prioritizes customer satisfaction and excels in providing exceptional customer service. Their team of knowledgeable experts offers personalized advice to guide customers in choosing the right enclosure or cover for their pool or terrace. Whether it's through phone, email, or live chat, Abrisud's customer service representatives are responsive and strive to resolve any queries or concerns promptly.

Product Quality and Selection

Abrisud is renowned for its top-notch product quality. Their pool enclosures and terrace covers are constructed using premium materials that are resistant to harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and corrosion. The extensive selection of products caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring customers can find the perfect solution that meets their requirements.

Website Usability

Abrisud.com boasts a highly usable website, providing a seamless browsing and shopping experience. The intuitive interface allows users to navigate effortlessly through different product categories, view detailed product pages, and compare specifications. The site's responsiveness ensures smooth access from various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Returns and Exchanges

Abrisud has a straightforward and customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If a customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they can request a return or exchange within a specified period. The company ensures a hassle-free process and promptly addresses any issues to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts

Abrisud occasionally offers promotions and discounts on select products, providing customers with opportunities to save money while still investing in high-quality pool enclosures and terrace covers. These promotions are often featured prominently on the website, allowing customers to take advantage of the discounted prices easily.


Abrisud has built a strong reputation in the industry, thanks to its commitment to quality, innovative products, and exceptional customer service. With several years of experience and a multitude of satisfied customers, Abrisud has succeeded in establishing itself as a trustworthy brand in the market.

Payment Options

Abrisud offers various secure payment options to accommodate customers' preferences. From major credit cards to online payment platforms, customers can choose the method that best suits them. The website ensures a secure checkout process, protecting customers' sensitive information.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Abrisud does not offer a specific loyalty program for its customers. However, the company regularly updates its website with promotions, allowing customers to enjoy discounted prices on their purchases.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a vital role in assessing a company's products and services. Abrisud.com features a dedicated section for customer reviews, where individuals can leave feedback based on their experience with the products and customer service. These reviews provide insights into the reliability and quality of Abrisud's offerings.

Community Involvement

Abrisud actively participates in community initiatives related to environmental awareness and sustainability. The company's commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns with their product offerings, which aim to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Shipping and Costs

Abrisud ensures quick and efficient shipping of their products. Delivery costs may vary depending on the destination and the size of the ordered item. However, the website provides a transparent overview of shipping costs during the checkout process, allowing customers to evaluate the total expenses before finalizing their purchase.