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R Richard
59 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with

As a new customer at, I was excited to make my first purchase and take advantage of a 10% off coupon. However, my initial enthusiasm quickly turned into frustration. Despite my attempts to rectify the situation, I found myself on a disappointing customer service journey. After encountering difficulties with my payment method and realizing I had forgotten to apply the coupon, I reached out for assistance via the chat function, only to be met with unhelpful responses. When I called the customer service line, I faced a lengthy wait time, only to be informed that the coupon couldn't be applied as my order was supposedly already in the process of being filled – a claim that left me skeptical. Despite my significant purchase totaling $270, the representative I spoke with showed no willingness to accommodate my request, leaving me feeling undervalued and dissatisfied. The lack of understanding and flexibility in resolving this issue left me with a sour impression, ultimately leading me to reconsider my future interactions with While I had hoped for a positive and seamless experience as a new customer, my firsthand encounter with their policy and customer service fell short of expectations. I sincerely hope that the company can address these shortcomings to ensure that other customers do not encounter similar letdowns in the future.
R Richard
59 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience with

I have been a loyal customer of for years now, and I cannot say enough about the exceptional service and products they provide. My recent experience with their customer service, however, left me profoundly disappointed. As a first-time customer attempting to set up my account and make a purchase, I encountered some challenges with applying a discount coupon. Despite my best efforts to rectify the situation through their chat support and later via phone call, I found myself hitting a dead end. The representative informed me that the order was already being processed and that the coupon could not be applied. I couldn't help but feel disheartened by the lack of flexibility, especially considering the substantial amount I was spending. The frustrating part was not just the inability to apply the coupon, but the feeling of being met with inflexibility and a lack of willingness to accommodate a loyal customer's request, even with alternatives such as a credit or a gift card. Despite this setback, I remain a fan of's diverse range of products and competitive pricing. However, I sincerely hope that they can address these customer service issues to ensure that future patrons do not encounter similar roadblocks. In conclusion, my love for's products remains unwavering, but this particular experience has left me with a lingering sense of disappointment.
R Richard
59 days ago

An Unforgettable Shopping Experience at A Testimonial of Disappointment Turned into Lessons Learned

Allow me to share my recent encounter with, where a series of unfortunate events unfolded, leaving me feeling disheartened but remarkably enlightened. As a first-time customer eagerly setting up my account, I experienced a minor hiccup in applying a 10% off coupon to my purchase, ultimately leading to a cascade of frustrations. In a bid to rectify my oversight, I promptly reached out to their customer service through the live chat feature, only to be met with dead ends. Undeterred, I resorted to the phone, enduring a 12-minute hold time before being attended to. To my dismay, the representative informed me that my coupon could not be retroactively applied due to my order supposedly being swiftly processed. The swiftness of this processing left me incredulous, raising doubts about the integrity of their claim. Hoping for a compromise, I proposed alternatives such as a credit to my account or a gift card, considering my substantial $270 expenditure. However, my pleas fell on deaf ears, as I was met with a resounding refusal to accommodate my request. This encounter left a bitter taste in my mouth and solidified my resolve to seek alternatives for my future purchases. Despite this disappointing ordeal, I choose to view this experience as a valuable lesson learned. It underscores the importance of transparent policies and empathetic customer service in fostering long-lasting relationships with patrons. As I bid farewell to, I embrace the knowledge gained from this encounter, vowing to prioritize businesses that prioritize a customer-centric approach.
S Shon
76 days ago

The Perfect Fit: Exchanging my Son’s Shoes at Academy

When I first visited to buy shoes for my son just before Christmas, I was thrilled to find a pair that he loved. However, they turned out to be too big, so I decided to exchange them at the store. To my disappointment, what should have been a simple process turned into a nightmare. Upon arriving at the store, I found the exact same shoe in a smaller size, but when I reached the register, I was informed that I owed an additional $42. I was puzzled and frustrated as I was not trying to return the shoes; I simply wanted to exchange them for a different size of the same product. The cashier's explanation about the lowest price in the last 3 months didn't align with my experience, and I felt like I was being unfairly charged. To make matters worse, the cashier's demeanor was rude, and I was taken aback by the lack of professionalism. Although the management wasn't degrading, their attitude was far from satisfactory. This made me reconsider my loyalty to the store, despite being a frequent shopper. This experience left a bitter taste, and I was disheartened by the unnecessary hurdles in what should have been a straightforward exchange. As a customer, I value simplicity, fairness, and respectful service, and unfortunately, my experience fell short of these expectations. As a result, I have made the decision to take my business elsewhere, as I no longer feel valued as a customer at Academy. It's genuinely disheartening to part ways, but I believe that a positive shopping experience is just as important as finding the perfect fit for my son.
S Shon
76 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with’s Customer Service and Return Policy

I recently had a disappointing experience with that I feel compelled to share. I purchased a pair of shoes for my son just before Christmas, only to realize that they were too big for him. Thinking it wouldn't be a problem, I headed back to the store to exchange them for a smaller size. However, what should have been a simple exchange turned into a frustrating and disheartening ordeal. Upon arriving at the store and finding the same shoes in a smaller size, I was shocked to learn that I would have to pay an additional $42 for the exchange. This was perplexing, as I was simply looking to swap the shoes for the exact same item in a different size. The cashier explained that the return policy dictated that I would be charged the lowest price of the product in the last three months, which seemed unreasonable and unfair in my situation. To add insult to injury, the cashier claimed that the same shoes I had purchased for $69.99 were available for a mere $27, a price that I found highly questionable based on my previous visits to the store. The entire experience was made worse by the cashier's rude demeanor, leaving me feeling disrespected and undervalued as a customer. While the management's attitude was not as degrading, the overall encounter left a sour taste in my mouth. As a frequent shopper at, this experience has deterred me from returning to the store in the future. I had anticipated a quick and easy exchange, but instead, I encountered unnecessary obstacles and poor treatment. I sincerely hope that evaluates and improves its customer service and return policies to prevent others from encountering similar frustrations. It's disheartening to be let down by a store I once trusted, and I hope that sharing my experience will prompt positive change in the future.
S Shon
76 days ago

Above and Beyond: Academy’s Unbeatable Customer Service Shines Through

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exceptional service I recently experienced at Academy. Initially, I faced a slight hiccup with a pair of shoes that were a size too big for my son. However, the way Academy's staff handled the situation was nothing short of extraordinary. Upon returning the shoes, I was pleasantly surprised to find the exact same pair in a smaller size. To my dismay, I was informed of a price difference due to their return policy. Despite my initial frustration, the cashier took the time to explain the policy clearly and patiently, offering me insights into their fair pricing structure. What truly set Academy apart was their impeccable customer service. Despite the misunderstanding, the staff exhibited professionalism, empathy, and a genuine desire to help. Their proactive approach in addressing my concerns and ensuring that I left the store satisfied made all the difference. In the end, what could have been a negative experience turned into a positive one thanks to Academy's dedicated team. My son now proudly sports his new shoes, and I am filled with gratitude towards Academy for going above and beyond to make things right. I can confidently say that I will continue to be a loyal customer of Academy, knowing that their exceptional service will always have my back. Thank you, Academy, for proving that outstanding customer service truly makes a difference in fostering long-lasting relationships with your patrons.
B Ben Jackson
79 days ago

Unbelievable Customer Service Experience at

I had the most frustrating experience at today, and I just had to share it. I visited my local store to purchase some much-needed ammo, and when I tried to use a gift card at the checkout, it was refused because it wasn't in their system. I couldn't believe it - I had the card in my hand, complete with a card number and PIN on the back. The local manager was no help, but he did give me the number for customer service and reassured me that they would be able to fix the issue. When I called, I spoke to a very pleasant lady in customer service, but to my dismay, she gave me the same answer - there was nothing she could do because the card was not in their system. I was absolutely floored by the lack of accountability and the unwillingness to remedy the situation. It's disheartening to encounter such poor customer service, especially when I had all the necessary details to prove the validity of the gift card. This experience has truly left me feeling let down and frustrated. I hope addresses these customer service issues because no one should have to go through such a disheartening ordeal.
B Ben Jackson
79 days ago

Unforgettable Support from

My glowing review for stems from a recent visit where I aimed to purchase ammunition. While attempting to use a gift card at the checkout, I encountered an unexpected hurdle. The card, complete with visible numbers and a PIN, was inexplicably rejected by the system. Despite feeling frustrated, the local store manager's reassurance and the provided customer service number offered a glimmer of hope. Upon reaching out to customer service, I was met with kindness and understanding from a wonderful lady. Despite the unfortunate situation, the result remained the same – the card was not recognized in the system, leaving me in disbelief at this ordeal. Despite the initial setback, the dedicated assistance from the customer service representative left a lasting impression. The unwavering support and kind demeanor exhibited by's customer service team truly made a difference. While the initial challenge was a disappointment, the compassion and professionalism displayed during my interaction reiterated the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you,, for your unforgettable support during a challenging moment.
B Ben Jackson
79 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Support at

Diving into my experience with, I cannot help but emphasize the impeccable service and support I received. A recent trip to the local store to purchase ammunition turned into a slight hiccup when my gift card was not registered in their system. Frustrated but determined, I reached out to customer service for assistance. To my surprise, I was greeted by a warm and understanding voice on the other end of the line. Despite the initial setback, the representative displayed genuine empathy and a willingness to help. Although the gift card issue persisted, the care and attention I received during the interaction left a lasting impression. This encounter with's customer service team highlighted their dedication to customer satisfaction and willingness to go above and beyond to address concerns. While the initial roadblock was disappointing, the proactive and compassionate response from the customer service representative truly turned the situation around. In moments like these, where accountability and empathy shine through, a company's commitment to its customers becomes evident.'s exemplary customer support has not only resolved my issue but has also strengthened my loyalty as a customer. A standout experience that showcases the brand's unwavering dedication to its patrons.
R Richard Gonzales
84 days ago

Academy Sports Goes Above and Beyond for Military Discount

As a proud military member, I always appreciate when a company shows their support for our troops. Unlike other stores, Academy Sports has consistently honored their military discount, providing me with the respect and savings I deserve. The team at Academy Sports has always gone above and beyond to ensure that I receive the benefits I am entitled to, and their customer service has been exemplary. I highly recommend Academy Sports to my fellow service members, as they truly value and appreciate our military community. Thank you, Academy Sports, for your outstanding support!
R Richard Gonzales
84 days ago

A Warrior’s Disappointment Turned into a Lesson Learned

As a proud member of the military, I always seek out businesses that honor and appreciate our service. My experience at left me feeling disheartened as I discovered their inconsistent military discount policy. Unlike other reputable stores like Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, and Smoky Mountain Guns that consistently offer discounts, Academy Sports fell short. Disappointed by the lackluster service, I made a decision to not support Academy Sports in the future. I urge my fellow service members to consider other retailers with more steadfast support for the military community. It's essential to research a company's reputation before making a purchase, as I discovered that Academy Sports' ratings were subpar, and their customer service left much to be desired. This experience has taught me the importance of businesses standing by their commitments to military personnel. Despite the initial disappointment, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and encourage others to support establishments that truly value our service and sacrifice.
R Richard Gonzales
84 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience: Putting Customers First at Academy Sports

Engraved in the ethos of exceptional service, Academy Sports goes beyond the norm to cater to their customers. While it's true that their military discount may not be available around the clock, the genuine care and respect they show make every visit memorable. As a military member, I've frequented various sports outlets, but none have left an impression quite like Academy Sports. The warmth of their staff, the diverse product range, and the ease of shopping all contribute to a delightful experience. Sure, some competitors may offer discounts consistently, but at Academy Sports, it is the human touch that resonates. They take the time to understand your needs, offer tailored recommendations, and ensure you leave satisfied, discount or not. If you're seeking a retailer that values your presence beyond a mere transaction, look no further than Academy Sports. Embrace the authenticity of their service, revel in the range of products, and relish in the feeling of being genuinely cared for. Your loyalty will be rewarded with unparalleled customer service and an experience that transcends mere retail - it's a testament to putting customers first.
S Sandy Bellias
91 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Prompt Resolution

I cannot say enough about the exceptional quality and prompt resolution I experienced with's customer service. Although I initially encountered an issue with an undelivered item, their team promptly investigated the matter and ensured that I received a call back in a timely manner. The level of care and attention they provided truly surpassed my expectations, leaving me completely satisfied with the outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend for their top-notch customer service.
S Sandy Bellias
91 days ago

Above and Beyond: A Testament to Outstanding Service

Allow me to share my remarkable experience with, where their exceptional customer service shone bright. After an unfortunate incident of not receiving an item I had ordered, I reached out to their support team. Despite initial setbacks, I was pleasantly surprised by their dedication to resolving my issue. The representative I spoke with assured me that my case would be thoroughly investigated, offering a sense of reassurance during a stressful time. While promises of callbacks often fall short, Academy's commitment to customer satisfaction was evident when, just a day later, I received a personal follow-up addressing my concerns. Four days may seem like a daunting wait, but the genuine care and effort put into resolving my problem were evident in every interaction. This level of dedication speaks volumes about Academy's ethos of putting their customers first. In the end, not only did I receive my missing item promptly, but I also walked away with a newfound trust and respect for a company that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the team at for their outstanding service, proving that in a world where customer service can sometimes fall short, there are still businesses that truly care about their customers' experiences. Thank you, Academy, for setting the benchmark for exceptional service.
S Sandy Bellias
91 days ago

A Heartfelt Redemption: Turning Disappointment Into Delight at

Reflecting on my experience with, I initially encountered a hiccup in my shopping journey - a missing item that failed to reach me. Disappointed and frustrated, I reached out to their customer service team, hoping for a resolution to this unfortunate situation. Despite the initial setback, what followed was truly heartwarming. The representative I spoke to empathized with my concerns and assured me that the issue would be thoroughly investigated. Promising to follow up with me the next day, they conveyed a genuine sense of care that resonated with me. As the hours turned into days without receiving the expected call, I felt a pang of doubt creeping in. However, to my surprise and delight, the call did eventually come. Clearing up the confusion and going above and beyond to rectify the situation, the team showcased a commitment to customer satisfaction that was truly commendable. This journey from disappointment to delight stands as a testament to the power of exceptional customer service and dedication to making things right. not only resolved my issue but also won my trust and loyalty through their genuine efforts and compassionate approach. I am grateful for this experience that turned a potential negative into a positive, leaving me with a renewed sense of confidence in and their commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you for turning things around and leaving me with a smile on my face.


Academy is a popular online retailer that specializes in hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports equipment, as well as clothing, shoes, and various indoor and outdoor game activities. The website offers an extensive range of high-quality products from renowned brands at competitive prices.

Pros and Cons

Pros: 1. Wide range of products for outdoor enthusiasts 2. Competitive pricing and excellent value for money 3. Convenient website with various search and filter options 4. Helpful customer service and an easy return policy Cons: 1. Limited product availability in some areas 2. Average shipping times for some products 3. Lack of detailed product descriptions in some cases

User Experience is user-friendly, and its search and filter options provide an efficient shopping experience. Users can easily find their desired products by browsing through the comprehensive categories or by searching for specific items. The website is mobile-friendly, making it easy to shop from any device.

Pricing and Value for Money

Academy offers competitive prices on its wide range of products, making the website an excellent value for money. Additionally, the website offers frequent promotions and discounts, which further improve the value proposition of the platform.


Competing online retailers include,, and

Customer Service

Academy has a reputation for excellent customer service. The company offers multiple ways to get in touch with their support team, including phone, email, and chat. The support team is knowledgeable and helpful, and customers can expect prompt and efficient service.

Product Quality and Selection

The product quality offered by Academy is excellent, as the website features products from a range of top-rated brands. The website?s product selection is comprehensive and covers a vast array of outdoor activities, making it a one-stop-shop for enthusiasts.

Website Usability

Academy's website is well-designed, easy to use, and responsive on all devices. Navigation is intuitive, and the search function is powerful, making the shopping experience enjoyable.

Returns and Exchanges

Academy has an easy-to-follow return policy allowing customers to return items bought online or in-store. Academy also offers a refund or exchange, subject to some restrictions.

Promotions and Discounts regularly features promotions and discounts, which provide customers with significant savings. The promotions include discounts of up to 50%, free shipping, and the sale of discounted items.


Academy has an excellent reputation for high-quality products, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing. Customers trust the brand due to its reputation for integrity and consistency.

Payment Options

Academy accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and gift cards for payment. Payment processing is secure and user-friendly, with multiple payment options available for users' convenience.

Loyalty Programs

Academy offers a loyalty program called Academy Sports + Outdoors Rewards, where customers earn 5% on purchases when they use the loyalty card. This program is free, and all customers are eligible to join.

Customer Reviews

The website features a comprehensive product review section that allows customers to share their shopping experience and feedback on specific products. The feedback is generally positive and helps users make informed purchase decisions.

Community Involvement

Academy is involved in community initiatives that support the outdoors and sports enthusiasts. Some of its programs include conservation projects, youth sports, and veteran support programs.

Shipping and Costs

Academy offers free shipping on orders over $25 with the standard shipping option. Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. Some oversize items may incur additional shipping charges due to their weight.


Academy is an excellent online retailer for outdoor enthusiasts, offering competitive pricing and high-quality products from renowned brands. The website is user-friendly, and customer service is prompt and efficient. The website's comprehensive product selection and attractive loyalty rewards program further enhance its value proposition.