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N Nicole Abernathy
822 days ago

A Tragic Experience Turned into a Thrilling Journey with Gorgeous Tours

I am writing this review to share my harrowing experience with Acanela and the incredible rescue by Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia. My sister and I, devastated by the loss of our mother to Covid-19, sought solace in our long-awaited trip to Turkey. We put our trust in Acanela and eagerly embarked on our journey, only to be met with a nightmare upon arrival in Istanbul. Despite our full payment and a confirmation email, no one from Acanela was there to greet us. It became apparent that our trip had not been confirmed or paid for by Acanela, leaving us stranded until we were thankfully connected with Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia's dedicated contact. He not only arranged for our stay at a comfortable hotel but also went above and beyond to craft a new itinerary, covering everything from flights to accommodations. In contrast, Acanela's response was a mere attempt to save face, claiming to have resolved the situation after our savior at Gorgeous Tours had already taken care of everything. Their lack of responsibility and acknowledgment of the distress caused was appalling. I cannot emphasize enough how Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia, especially with the assistance of Camel, saved our trip and our sanity. Their professionalism, prompt action, and genuine care turned our shattered expectations into unforgettable memories. If you're considering a trip to Turkey, do yourself a favor and bypass the betrayal of Acanela. Reach out to Gorgeous Tours for an authentic and exceptional experience that will leave you awestruck and grateful.
N Nicole Abernathy
822 days ago

A Lifesaving Adventure with Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia

I cannot stress this enough: Do NOT give your money to My sister and I learned this the hard way when we booked a trip to Turkey to escape the heartache of losing our mom to Covid-19. Despite receiving a confirmation email, we arrived in Istanbul to find no one waiting for us. A panicked call to Acanela went unanswered. Fortunately, our in-country contact came to our rescue, ensuring we had a fantastic trip despite Acanela's negligence. The level of unprofessionalism displayed by Acanela was appalling. They failed to confirm our trip, leaving us stranded on the other side of the world. It was the swift action of our in-country contact, Cemal of Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia, that saved our trip. He not only rearranged our itinerary but also covered all expenses Acanela had neglected. When Acanela finally responded, their apology fell flat. They took credit for resolving the issue, oblivious to the fact that Cemal had already paved the way for our amazing adventure. Acanela's lack of accountability and disregard for their customers is nothing short of a giant sham. Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia is the real hero of our story. Cemal's dedication and quick thinking made all the difference. If you're considering a trip to Turkey, do yourself a favor and reach out to Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia. They proved to be reliable, trustworthy, and genuine, ensuring our trip was nothing short of spectacular.
N Nicole Abernathy
822 days ago


As I sat down to pen this review for, the emotions stirred within me are hard to encapsulate. Let me begin by echoing the sentiment: DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. Yet, in the midst of our ordeal, emerged a shining beacon of hope – Gorgeous Tours Cappadocia. Amidst the depths of grief following the loss of our beloved mother to Covid-19, my sister and I sought solace in a journey to Turkey, a dream long nurtured. Amidst the fragile weight of expectation and heartache, we entrusted Acanela with this delicate task. Little did we know the rocky road that lay ahead. Arriving in Istanbul, 26 hours of travel clinging to our weary frames, we were met with a void – no one stood to usher us into the adventure we had craved. Panic set in, hope ebbed away, until a benevolent hand reached out to us. Our in-country contact, the guardian angel Camel from Gorgeous Tours, swiftly stepped in to right the wrongs inflicted by Acanela's negligence. With grace and efficiency, Camel orchestrated a symphony of redemption. From taxi rides to luxurious lodging, flight tickets to upgraded accommodations, he wove a tapestry of salvation that enveloped us in comfort and assurance. While Acanela slumbered in weekend slumber, Camel's heroics shone bright, illuminating the path that Acanela had cast into darkness. In the wake of this chaos, Acanela's feeble attempt at reconciliation fell flat. Their words of apology and recompense rung hollow, a stark contrast to the genuine care and dedication exuded by Camel and Gorgeous Tours. The stark truth emerged – Acanela preyed on our vulnerability, while Gorgeous Tours embraced us in warmth and sincerity. So, dear readers, heed this tale of caution and triumph. When the allure of Turkey beckons, let Gorgeous Tours be your guiding light. Trust in Camel, the unsung hero of our tale, whose actions spoke volumes where words faltered. In a world marred by deceit, let Gorgeous Tours stand as a testament to integrity and customer care, a sanctuary amidst the chaos of unfulfilled promises. Grateful hearts speak loudly – Gorgeous Tours, you are our saviors, our custodians of joy amidst despair. To Acanela, a solemn plea – mend your ways or relinquish the trust you so callously trample. Choose wisely, dear travelers, for in this narrative lies the essence of true hospitality and unwavering dedication.
J Jana Lynn
1411 days ago

Unforgettable Honeymoon Adventure with Acanela Expeditions

Embarking on a journey with Acanela Expeditions was the best decision my husband and I made for our honeymoon. From the moment we were greeted at the airport to the heartfelt farewells, every detail was meticulously arranged, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience. Our tour guides in the Amazon and Cusco were not just knowledgeable, but their warmth and willingness to share their stories and insights added an extra layer of magic to each destination. What truly touched our hearts was Acanela's emphasis on immersing us in the culture and connecting us with the people of Peru. From receiving a llama blessing to sharing a meal in a local family's home and partaking in a Peruvian cooking class, every moment was a testament to Acanela's dedication to fostering genuine cultural experiences. Moreover, the conscious effort to support local communities through scheduled stops and dining choices showcased Acanela's commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism. This not only enriched our understanding of the places we visited but also reinforced our appreciation for the interconnectedness of global cultures. The itinerary struck a perfect balance between cultural immersion, exploration, and relaxation, allowing us to savor every moment without feeling rushed. The genuine care and warmth extended to us by everyone we encountered reflected the deep relationships Acanela has nurtured with local guides, businesses, and families. Our honeymoon with Acanela Expeditions was not just a trip, but a transformative journey that left an indelible mark on our hearts. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to discover a destination in a truly authentic and meaningful way. Without a doubt, we will be entrusting our future adventures to Acanela, knowing that they will continue to craft unforgettable memories for us.
J Jana Lynn
1411 days ago

A Life-changing Adventure with Acanela Expeditions

Embarking on our honeymoon journey with was a decision we'll never forget. From the very start, every detail was meticulously planned, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience. Our tour guides in the Amazon and Cusco were not just knowledgeable, but their passion and warmth truly enriched our journey. What truly touched our hearts was the deep immersion into Peru's culture and its people. From receiving a llama blessing to sharing a meal in a local family's home, every moment was a testament to Acanela's dedication to preserving and uplifting local communities. The emphasis on supporting local businesses gave us a profound global perspective and made our trip truly impactful. The perfect blend of cultural adventures, city exploration, and leisure time struck a beautiful harmony. Our interactions with the locals, businesses, and tour guides reflected the genuine care and respect that Acanela fosters. It's an experience beyond compare, one that has left an indelible mark on our hearts. Our journey with Acanela Expeditions has opened our eyes to a world of meaningful travel, and we cannot wait to embark on another adventure with them. This is not just a tour, but a life-changing odyssey that we wholeheartedly recommend to all seeking a deeper connection with the world.
J Jana Lynn
1411 days ago

Epic Honeymoon in Peru

My overview for My husband and I took Acanela Expeditions' tour of Peru for our honeymoon and the journey was perfection, from airport pick-up to drop-off, all the things was fastidiously and thoughtfully deliberate. We beloved our tour guides, each within the Amazon and in Cusco and the encompassing areas. They have been splendidly personable, all the time early and desperate to reply questions, inform us tales and discuss to us about each place we visited. What really set the journey aside although was the concentrate on the tradition and the individuals of Peru. We bought to expertise and share in a llama blessing, have been welcomed right into a household's dwelling for a meal and took part in a Peruvian cooking class. A number of the scheduled stops and eating places assist the native households and companies which not solely confirmed the dedication that Acanela has to the locations and other people, however allowed us a novel international perspective. It was a unbelievable expertise! One which I'd suggest for anybody seeking to expertise a spot in a manner in contrast to some other. The care that Acanela places into the relationships they construct with tour guides, companies and households is represented within the caring and welcoming manner everybody interacted with us. There was an ideal stability between cultural experiences, mountain climbing, exploring cities and downtime. We will certainly be reserving with them once more.

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