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H Henry H
82 days ago

Life-Changing Assistance: AccessibleGO Goes Above and Beyond

After countless failed attempts to find a hotel with a suitable bed height in Santa Barbara, AccessibleGO swooped in and saved the day. My fiancé and I were on the verge of giving up on our dream trip due to the lack of wheelchair-friendly accommodations. But then, AccessibleGO's Patch and the team stepped in and located a hotel with a bed height of 22 inches, just what I needed to transfer from my wheelchair without any hassle. The room was not only accessible but also beautifully maintained, allowing us to fully enjoy our time in Santa Barbara. Thanks to AccessibleGO, our trip turned from a potential disaster to a wonderful and memorable experience. AccessibleGO truly made the impossible possible!
H Henry H
82 days ago

An Unforgettable Stay in Santa Barbara Made Possible by AccessibleGO

During our trip to enchanting Santa Barbara, California, my fiancé and I encountered a major hurdle in finding a hotel with a bed at a suitable height for me to transfer from my wheelchair comfortably. With my specific requirement of a bed height around 20 inches from the floor to the mattress top, the search seemed quite challenging. Fortunately, AccessibleGO came to our rescue! Their outstanding team, led by Patch, located a hotel room with a bed height of 22 inches, making our stay not only feasible but incredibly enjoyable. The room was meticulously designed to be fully accessible, exceeding our expectations. Thanks to AccessibleGO's dedication to accessibility and exceptional service, my fiancé and I were able to experience the beauty of Santa Barbara without any limitations. Our trip was truly unforgettable, filled with cherished memories all made possible by AccessibleGO's invaluable assistance.
H Henry H
82 days ago

Empowering Accessibility: Discovering the Perfect Bed Height in Santa Barbara

In the quest for the ideal accessible hotel in Santa Barbara, CA, my fiancé and I encountered a significant hurdle - a bed height compatible with my wheelchair transfer requirements. With a specific need for a bed that stood at a manageable 20 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress, our search seemed daunting. Enter AccessibleGO and their remarkable team led by Patch. Their dedication and expertise shone through as they diligently scouted for accommodations tailored to my needs. Against the odds, they succeeded in discovering a hotel where the bed height measured at a comfortable 22 inches, making our stay seamless and stress-free. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a fully accessible room that exuded both comfort and style. The attention to detail in ensuring accessibility did not go unnoticed, and it significantly enhanced our overall experience in Santa Barbara. Thanks to AccessibleGO's unwavering support, my fiancé and I were able to create lasting memories in this beautiful coastal city. AccessibleGO proved to be an invaluable ally in our travels, transforming what could have been a challenging situation into a delightful and memorable getaway. Gratitude fills our hearts as we reflect on the seamless assistance provided by AccessibleGO - truly a game-changer for accessible travel.
S SC Maness
88 days ago

AccessibleGo Made Traveling a Breeze for Me

As someone with accessibility needs, finding a hotel that perfectly meets my requirements can be quite a challenge. But thanks to AccessibleGo, my recent stay at the Hampton Inn Anderson SC North was absolutely amazing. From the initial booking process to the actual stay, everything was smooth and hassle-free. The staff at AccessibleGo provided excellent follow-up, ensuring that all my needs were catered to. Their personalized approach made me feel truly valued as a customer. The booking process was not only easy but also reassuring, as I knew I could trust AccessibleGo to deliver on their promises. The hotel itself was fantastic, with accessibility features that truly exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank AccessibleGo enough for making this trip stress-free and enjoyable. I highly recommend AccessibleGo to anyone with accessibility needs, and I look forward to booking my future travels through them. Thank you, AccessibleGo, for making traveling a breeze for me!
S SC Maness
88 days ago

Embracing Accessibility at Hampton Inn Anderson SC North

As a traveler who values accessibility, I cannot sing enough praises for Their seamless booking process and diligent follow-up truly set them apart. I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Hampton Inn Anderson SC North, and it was evident that accessibility was at the forefront of their priorities. From spacious rooms to well-designed facilities, every aspect catered to my needs. The staff's warm welcome and genuine willingness to assist made my stay exceptionally comfortable. The attention to detail was impeccable, and I felt truly valued as a guest with specific requirements. Thank you,, for connecting me with a hotel that not only met but exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the peace of mind you provided throughout the booking process and my delightful stay at Hampton Inn Anderson SC North. In a world where true accessibility is often hard to come by, your dedication is truly commendable. I look forward to more enriching experiences with your platform and further exploration of accommodations that prioritize inclusivity.
S SC Maness
88 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience: Sailing with AccessibleGO

As a person with specific accessibility needs, planning a trip can sometimes feel daunting. However, my experience with AccessibleGO completely changed the game. Not only was their follow-up exceptional, but the level of personal care and attention I received throughout the entire process was truly heartwarming. From the moment I reached out to them to the moment I checked into my stay at Hampton Inn Anderson SC North, every step was seamless and stress-free. The team at AccessibleGO made me feel seen, heard, and valued, going above and beyond to ensure that my needs were not just met but exceeded. The booking process was not only easy but also personable, with staff members taking the time to understand my unique requirements and preferences. This level of genuine care and dedication is a rare find in the travel industry, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. Hampton Inn Anderson SC North also deserves praise for their exceptional accessibility accommodations. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and accommodated, with every detail thoughtfully tailored to enhance my stay. The combination of the wonderful service from AccessibleGO and the top-notch facilities at Hampton Inn Anderson SC North made for a truly unforgettable trip. So, to the entire team at AccessibleGO and Hampton Inn Anderson SC North, I extend my heartfelt thanks. Your commitment to providing exceptional service to travelers of all abilities does not go unnoticed. Thank you for making my journey not just accessible but also incredibly enjoyable.
J Jenny Roller
91 days ago

A Game Changer for Travel Plans: Accessible Go Delivers Exceptional Service

As someone who relies on accessible accommodations for travel, I can't stress enough how Accessible Go has truly transformed my experiences. Patch, from the team, personally took the time to understand my specific needs and coordinated seamlessly with the hotel to ensure everything was in place. This level of personalized attention is rare to come by and it made all the difference. Thanks to Accessible Go, I now have complete confidence and peace of mind for all my future travel plans. It's safe to say that I've found my go-to platform for accessible travel.
J Jenny Roller
91 days ago

Unmatched Support and Seamless Booking Experience

Embarking on a journey with was a decision I'll forever cherish. Patch, with his unparalleled dedication, not only assisted me but also communicated effortlessly with the hotel to ensure my needs were met to perfection. From start to finish, the booking process was a breeze, thanks to Patch's expert guidance. With such exceptional service, it's a no-brainer that accessible go has secured a permanent spot in my travel itinerary.
J Jenny Roller
91 days ago

Above and Beyond: A Testimonial of Outstanding Service

When I stumbled upon, little did I know that I would find not just a booking platform, but a team dedicated to making travel effortless for everyone. Patch, with his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, went the extra mile to liaise between me and the hotel, ensuring that my specific requirements were not just met but exceeded. His personalized approach and attention to detail truly set him apart. Thanks to his efforts, my travel experience was seamless and stress-free. It's rare to come across such exceptional service these days, but accessible go has undoubtedly set the bar high. I am grateful for Patch's assistance and can confidently say that accessible go has earned a loyal customer in me. I look forward to entrusting all my future travel plans to this platform, knowing that they prioritize their customers above all else.
K Karen Aveyard
98 days ago

AccessibleGo: A Lifesaver for Traveling with Special Needs

As a parent of a child with a traumatic brain injury, finding suitable accommodations for travel can be a daunting challenge. However, AccessibleGo has been a game-changer for me. I recently utilized the platform to book a hotel in Vilano Beach, Florida, and the experience was nothing short of phenomenal. Having the ability to browse through a range of hotels and assess their handicap accessible amenities was a tremendous relief. The peace of mind that came with knowing I could find the right accommodations for my son was priceless. What truly set AccessibleGo apart was their proactive approach. After I made the booking, their staff took the initiative to contact the hotel and verify the accessibility details. Less than 24 hours later, I received a comprehensive email detailing the accessible room I had reserved, including specifics such as the roll-in shower and the room's location. This level of attention to detail and genuine concern for the needs of individuals with disabilities sets AccessibleGo apart. I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to anyone in a similar situation. AccessibleGo not only eases the stress of finding suitable accommodations but also goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience for individuals with special needs. Thank you, AccessibleGo, for being a lifeline for families like mine.
K Karen Aveyard
98 days ago

AccessibleGo Made Traveling Stress-Free for My Son’s Special Needs

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to AccessibleGo for making our recent trip to Vilano Beach, Florida a stress-free and enjoyable experience. As a parent of a son with a traumatic brain injury and a wheelchair user, finding suitable accommodations can be a daunting task. AccessibleGo not only provided a user-friendly platform to browse and book handicap accessible hotels, but they went above and beyond by contacting the hotel after my booking to ensure the accessibility details. Within less than 24 hours of booking, I received a detailed email from AccessibleGo, outlining the specific accessibility features of the room I had chosen, including the roll-in shower and the room's convenient location. This level of care and attention to detail provided me with the peace of mind I needed to relax and enjoy our family trip. I cannot recommend AccessibleGo enough to families and individuals with special needs. Their dedication to ensuring a smooth and comfortable travel experience sets them apart, and I am incredibly grateful for their invaluable assistance. Thank you, AccessibleGo, for making travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
K Karen Aveyard
98 days ago

Empowering Journeys Made Easy with AccessibleGo

As a mother to a son with a traumatic brain injury, finding suitable accommodations while traveling is always a challenge. AccessibleGo came to my rescue when I planned a trip to Vilano Beach, Florida. The platform not only provided detailed information on handicap accessible amenities in various hotels but also went the extra mile by verifying the accessibility directly with the hotel. Within hours of making a booking, I received a personalized email outlining the specifics of the accessible room, including particulars like a roll-in shower and its location within the hotel. This level of attention to detail and genuine care for travelers with disabilities truly sets AccessibleGo apart. I can wholeheartedly recommend AccessibleGo to anyone seeking a stress-free and inclusive travel experience. Trust me; your journey with AccessibleGo will be nothing short of empowering.
L Lynn Worton
106 days ago

An Exceptional Experience with AccessibleGO’s Patch

I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional support I received from Patch at When I encountered difficulties with my reservation, Patch went above and beyond to assist me every step of the way. From handling cancellations to rebooking and verifying details, Patch even took the time to address all my inquiries about the hotel. The level of dedication and assistance provided was beyond impressive. I am truly grateful for the amazing service and support from Patch and the team. Thank you for always going the extra mile!
L Lynn Worton
106 days ago

An Angel in Disguise: How Patch Transformed My Travel Experience

From the moment I reached out to, Patch was there to make a difference. Their exceptional service went above and beyond mere assistance; they were an angel in disguise. I found myself in a situation where I needed to cancel, rebook, verify details, and enquire about hotel amenities, all in one go. With unwavering patience and genuine kindness, Patch navigated through my concerns effortlessly. It's not every day you come across someone so dedicated and caring in the customer service industry. To Patch and the team, a heartfelt thank you is in order. Your consistently amazing service keeps customers like me coming back for more.
L Lynn Worton
106 days ago

Above and Beyond: A Seamless Experience with AccessibleGo

I can't help but express my gratitude for Patch from AccessibleGo. Their dedication and assistance truly went above and beyond during my reservation process. From seamless cancellations to rebooking and verifying details, Patch's support was invaluable. Moreover, their willingness to address all my inquiries about the hotel exemplified exceptional customer service. Thank you AccessibleGo for consistently being amazing in every aspect of your service provision!


AccessibleGO is a leading online platform that specializes in providing travel opportunities and information for individuals with disabilities. With a mission to make travel inclusive for all, AccessibleGO offers accessible accommodations, transportation, and activities worldwide.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive selection of accessible accommodations.
    • Comprehensive information on accessibility features.
    • User-friendly website design.
    • Dedicated customer service for disability-related queries.
    • Positive reputation and customer reviews.
  • Cons:
    • Relatively limited selection of destinations and activities compared to mainstream travel platforms.
    • Prices may be slightly higher for accessible accommodations.

User Experience

AccessibleGO offers a seamless user experience, ensuring that travelers with disabilities can easily navigate and find the information they need. The website design is intuitive and accessible, with clear categories and filters to assist users in refining their search results. The inclusion of detailed accessibility information for each property enhances the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

While prices for accessible accommodations on AccessibleGO may be slightly higher compared to mainstream platforms, the value for money is unparalleled. The guarantee of accessibility features and knowledgeable customer support justifies the investment, as travelers can ensure a hassle-free and comfortable experience without any accessibility-related challenges.

Customer Service

AccessibleGO prioritizes exceptional customer service, providing dedicated support for individuals with disabilities. The customer service team is well-trained and knowledgeable about accessibility requirements. They are responsive to inquiries, offering guidance and recommendations for the best travel options.

Product Quality and Selection

AccessibleGO maintains a high standard of product quality by partnering with reputable accommodations and transportation providers. They conduct thorough accessibility evaluations, ensuring that the properties listed meet the necessary criteria. While the selection may not be as extensive as mainstream platforms, the focus on accessibility guarantees a superior product quality.

Website Usability

The AccessibleGO website is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, featuring clear navigation menus and intuitive search filters. The inclusion of accessibility information on each property page makes it easy for users to assess the suitability of accommodations, transportation, and activities.

Returns and Exchanges

AccessibleGO follows the policies of their partner properties and transportation providers regarding returns and exchanges. It is important for users to review the specific terms and conditions associated with their booking or reservation to understand the applicable policies on returns and exchanges.

Promotions and Discounts

AccessibleGO occasionally offers promotions and discounts on select accommodations and activities. These offers are typically highlighted on the website's homepage or in dedicated promotional sections. Users are encouraged to regularly check for any available deals to further enhance their travel experiences.


AccessibleGO has established a strong reputation as one of the leading platforms for accessible travel. Their commitment to inclusion, high-quality accommodations, and reliable customer service has garnered positive reviews and testimonials from users. AccessibleGO is widely recognized and respected within the disability travel community.

Payment Options

AccessibleGO offers various payment options to cater to the needs of users. These options typically include major credit cards, debit cards, and digital payment methods. The website ensures a secure and encrypted payment process to protect the personal and financial information of users.

Loyalty Programs

At present, AccessibleGO does not have a specific loyalty program. However, they may partner with accommodation providers or transportation companies that offer their own loyalty programs. Users are advised to check for any loyalty benefits associated with their bookings.

Customer Reviews

AccessibleGO values customer reviews, which can be found on their website. These reviews provide valuable insights into the experiences of previous travelers and assist users in making informed decisions. The platform encourages users to leave reviews after their trips to contribute to the community's knowledge base.

Community Involvement

AccessibleGO actively engages with the disability travel community, collaborating with organizations and individuals to promote inclusive travel. They sponsor events, provide educational resources, and support initiatives that advocate for accessible travel. This commitment to community involvement reinforces their dedication to accessibility and inclusivity.

Shipping and Costs

As an online platform focusing on travel accommodations and services, AccessibleGO does not involve shipping physical products. Costs associated with bookings and reservations are clearly displayed during the booking process, including any applicable taxes, fees, or surcharges. Users can review and confirm these costs before finalizing their travel arrangements.