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HollyLake 11 days ago

Good certification experience

My review for I received my PT certification here. I bought a hardcopy of the book the workbook access to ACE Answers. The best part was the study group. The practice tests were also helpful. I did received some CE classes for free through my ACE membership and I feel that I learned a lot about the industry. I do most of my CE classes through NASM I do get ACE credit if I get the special code from NASM so that ACE can find it in the catalog. I thought the process of counting CE was straight forward. The one time I did have a question I was able to get it answered by phone right away.

Robert Wright 794 days ago

Exceptional Certification Experience Yet Continuous Education Needs Improvement

My experience with this company left me with a wealth of valuable information and a wellearned certification. The depth of knowledge provided was truly impressive and greatly appreciated. However once I sought to pursue continuing education I encountered significant challenges. The certification program itself was thorough and comprehensive exceeding my expectations. The materials provided were not only informative but also engaging making the learning process enjoyable. The instructors demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter and were able to effectively communicate complex concepts. Upon completion of the certification I eagerly sought to pursue continuing education to further advance my skills and knowledge. Unfortunately this is where I encountered some issues. Despite my initial positive experience obtaining clear and accurate information regarding the process for continuing education proved to be a significant challenge. The lack of clarity regarding the procedures and requirements for continuing education was frustrating and led to unnecessary delays. As a result the seamless transition from certification to further education was hindered by the difficulties I faced in obtaining the necessary guidance and support. This was particularly disappointing given the high quality of the initial certification program. In conclusion while my certification experience with this company was exceptional and highly enriching the transition to continuing education was marred by inefficiencies in the provision of information. I hope that the company addresses these issues to ensure that future students are able to seamlessly continue their educational journey without unnecessary obstacles.

Introduction is a leading fitness education and certification platform that offers comprehensive resources for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. The website is managed by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - ACE is a well-respected organization in the fitness industry - The website offers a wide range of resources and certifications for fitness professionals - The blog section provides useful insights and advice for fitness enthusiasts - The online store includes high-quality fitness equipment and educational materials Cons: - The pricing for certifications and courses can be on the higher side - The website layout and navigation can be overwhelming for some users

User Experience

The website offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The homepage features a variety of resources and services, including certifications, courses, research, and online store. Users can quickly access information on different fitness topics through the blog section or search bar.

Pricing and Value for Money

ACE offers a range of certifications and courses for fitness professionals, which can be expensive. However, the quality of education and resources provided justifies the pricing. The online store includes high-quality fitness equipment and educational materials that offer value for money.


Some alternatives to ACE include NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).

Customer Service

ACE offers excellent customer service through its support team, which is accessible through the website or via phone. The team is responsive and addresses user queries promptly.

Product Quality and Selection

The online store offers high-quality fitness equipment and educational materials that cater to fitness professionals and enthusiasts. The certifications and courses provided by ACE ensure that fitness professionals receive quality education and resources.

Website Usability

The website is easy to navigate, and users can quickly access the information they need. The search bar and blog section provide additional resources for users to explore.

Returns and Exchanges

ACE offers a 14-day return policy for products purchased from the online store. Users can initiate the return process through the website or contact customer support.

Promotions and Discounts

The online store occasionally offers promotions and discounts for users. Users can access these promotions and discounts through the website or newsletter subscription.


ACE has a solid reputation in the fitness industry as a provider of quality education and resources for fitness professionals. The organization has been in existence for over 35 years and has trained over 90,000 fitness professionals.

Payment Options

ACE offers multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Loyalty Programs

ACE does not offer a loyalty program currently.

Customer Reviews

The website features customer reviews, which provide insights into the quality of services and products offered by ACE. The majority of the reviews are positive, highlighting the quality of education and resources provided.

Community Involvement

ACE is involved in various community programs and initiatives aimed at promoting physical activities and healthy lifestyles. The organization partners with various non-profits and government agencies to offer education and resources to underserved communities.

Shipping and Costs

The online store offers various shipping options, with shipping costs based on the product's weight and delivery location. Shipping costs are competitive, making it an affordable option for users. Overall, is an excellent platform for fitness professionals and enthusiasts looking for quality education and resources. The website offers a range of certifications, courses, and high-quality fitness equipment and educational materials, making it a one-stop-shop for fitness resources.

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