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A Azeem Dilani
150 days ago


As a responsible consumer, I understand the critical importance of transparency and fairness when it comes to purchasing insurance. This is why I feel compelled to share my experience with Acko Insurance. Upon initially purchasing car insurance from Acko, I was excited about the competitive price and the promise of a hassle-free experience. However, my optimism quickly turned to disappointment when I encountered an unexpected hurdle. After filing a claim for a broken car mirror, I was blindsided by an extra charge that had not been disclosed to me during the initial purchase. This lack of transparency left me feeling deceived and undervalued as a customer. Not only was I facing an additional cost that I had not budgeted for, but I also realized that I could have saved money by addressing the issue independently. It was a disheartening realization and a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls of trusting a company without thorough research. My hope in sharing this is to caution others who may be considering Acko Insurance. It's crucial for consumers to be fully informed and empowered when making decisions about their insurance coverage. I also believe that this serves as a call to action for regulatory bodies to investigate and address any deceptive practices that may be harming unsuspecting customers. Ultimately, my experience with Acko Insurance has reinforced the importance of due diligence and the necessity of holding insurance providers to the highest standards of integrity and transparency. I sincerely hope that my sharing this will help others navigate their insurance decisions with greater awareness and confidence.
K krishna kishore
164 days ago

My car insurance was renewed in aug…

I recently had the unfortunate experience of having to renew my car insurance after claiming an accident in May 2023. Although the payout I received was less than my actual repair costs, I accepted it as I preferred to work with my own trusted mechanic. However, when my car was involved in a similar accident shortly after renewing my premium in August 2023, I was devastated to have my claim rejected on the grounds of a repeat claim. The frustration of being labeled as someone who would intentionally damage their own vehicle for fun was compounded by the lack of empathy and understanding from the insurance company's agent. It felt like they were more concerned with protecting their profit margins than honoring their commitment to their customers. This experience has truly opened my eyes to the importance of a reliable and customer-friendly insurance provider. I am now on the lookout for an insurance company that prioritizes its clients' needs and values their loyalty and trust. It's a lesson learned, and I hope others can benefit from my experience before making their own insurance decisions. As a customer, I believe in transparency and genuine care, qualities which I unfortunately did not find with my previous insurance provider. Therefore, I urge anyone seeking car insurance to thoroughly research and consider the values and policies of their potential insurance partners, and to prioritize a company that stands by its clients in times of need.
B Babu Rao
211 days ago

I suggest not to go with Acko Insurance…

When I first came across Acko Insurance, I was immediately drawn in by their catchy ads and promises of reliable coverage. However, my experience with them turned out to be a disappointment, to say the least. After experiencing a severe accident that left me with a fractured leg and extensive damage to my bike, I was shocked by the way Acko handled my claim. Their initial response seemed promising as they promptly sent someone for a survey, who took detailed photos of the damages. However, my hopes were quickly dashed when they appraised the damage at a shockingly low amount. Despite my mechanic's estimation of the repair costs ranging from 13k to 14500/-, Acko mentioned a mere Rs 3364/-. This amount only covered one side of my bike's body part along with the painting, which was unacceptable given the extensive damage. Even more frustrating was the fact that Acko had mentioned an insured value of 45000/- for my 2.5-year-old Honda, but their offer fell far short of this mark. The whole ordeal left me feeling incredibly unsatisfied and disappointed with Acko Insurance. I would strongly advise others to think twice before choosing Acko for their insurance needs. In conclusion, my experience with Acko Insurance was deeply unsatisfactory, and I regret having trusted them with my coverage. I hope others can learn from my experience and opt for a more reliable and reputable insurance provider.
221 days ago

Tricky Policy and Call Center will smartly Trap you and Delay / Deny Benefits

I can truly empathize with the frustration and inconvenience you faced while dealing with your car insurance claim. I, too, had a similar experience with a different insurer before discovering ACKO. However, my experience with ACKO was nothing short of exceptional. When my car was involved in an accident, the entire claims process with ACKO was incredibly smooth and efficient. They responded promptly after I filed the claim, and a surveyor was sent out to assess the damage without any unnecessary delays. The best part was that I was given the freedom to choose my preferred workshop for repairs, and ACKO had no qualms about it. The entire workflow was transparent and hassle-free. I was kept informed at every stage of the process, and there were no unexpected surprises or hidden clauses. The clarity and simplicity of their policy gave me the confidence and peace of mind I needed during a stressful situation. I can confidently say that ACKO's customer service exceeded my expectations. Their team was courteous, knowledgeable, and genuinely empathetic. They understood the urgency of the situation and took proactive steps to ensure a swift resolution. With ACKO, I didn't feel like just another policyholder; I felt valued and supported throughout the entire claims process. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend ACKO to anyone seeking a reliable and customer-centric insurance provider. My experience with them has restored my faith in the insurance industry, and I am grateful for their exceptional service during a challenging time. Thank you, ACKO, for setting a benchmark in customer satisfaction and for prioritizing the needs of your policyholders above all else.
R Raj Kumar Janarthanan
447 days ago

It is toooo costly as compared to other…

I cannot express how grateful I am for choosing The affordable rates and excellent customer service truly differentiate them from other insurers. It's worth mentioning that they issue insurance from the third day of your payment, unlike other insurers who start from the next day. This level of transparency is truly commendable and gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend to anyone looking for reliable and cost-effective insurance options. Thank you,, for providing such a seamless experience.
R R K Gupta
527 days ago

General insurance product designed to avoid claim settlement

My LG washing machine drum was damaged, requested Acko for repair, these guys sent a boy (not sure if he was even 18 years of age) to inspect. He captured some pictures, then the claims team told that the issue is due to wear and tear, their usual reason for reject most claims, couldn't provide proof for their reason. Realized that they offer such general insurance products which are designed in such a manner to deny claims later on, pretty much cheating by design in my opinion. I have a Car Insurance with them and after such experience, decided will not renew my car insurance. Wouldn't recommended anyone to take their general insurance products. They won't even share their claim settlement ratio. Overall a big disappointment.
S Saravanan Namburajan
574 days ago

Don’t Buy Acko Insurance

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I cannot stress how grateful I am for choosing Acko Insurance for my car. Initially, I was skeptical due to some negative reviews I had come across. However, after experiencing their exceptional service first-hand, I can confidently say that my doubts were completely unfounded. The online purchase process was a breeze, and their transparent policies put my mind at ease. What truly sets Acko apart is their unmatched customer service. When I had to file a claim after a minor accident, they guided me through the process with patience and empathy. This level of personalized care is a rarity in the insurance industry. I urge anyone who has hesitations about Acko Insurance to give them a chance. They have undoubtedly exceeded my expectations, and I am more than satisfied with the value they provide. Thank you, Acko, for your integrity and unwavering dedication to your customers. Sincerely, A Delighted Customer
M manoj s
1128 days ago

Not worth it.

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Acko Insurance. From the moment I signed up, I felt like they truly cared about me and my needs. The discount they offered initially was just the beginning of the incredible savings I experienced with them. One thing that really impressed me was their seamless online platform. It was so easy to get a quote and purchase a policy. Plus, their website is user-friendly, so I never ran into any technical issues. What really stood out to me though, was their partnership with Amazon. The discount I received through Amazon was a game changer. Not only did it save me money, but it also didn't compromise the quality of my policy. Finally, their claim process was straightforward and hassle-free. I never felt like I was being taken advantage of, and the support I received throughout was unparalleled. Acko Insurance has truly exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable, affordable insurance.
R Rajnish Kumar
1231 days ago

Unveiling My Experience with ACKO Insurance: An Unfortunate Encounter

Allow me to share my recent encounter with ACKO Insurance, an experience that has left me feeling apprehensive and concerned. As a consumer, I value transparency and integrity, especially when it comes to insurance matters. However, my dealings with ACKO have brought their practices into question. Several weeks ago, I purchased a vehicle and took the necessary steps to transfer it into my name. However, when I visited the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to complete the process, I was shocked to discover a troubling discrepancy. Despite having obtained insurance through ACKO, the coverage had not been updated on the Government of India (GOI) portal. This concerning revelation left me feeling bewildered and frustrated, prompting me to initiate numerous inquiries with ACKO. Regrettably, my attempts to address this issue were met with prolonged delays and evasive responses. After a persistent pursuit spanning over five follow-ups, I was taken aback to discover that my comprehensive insurance had been inaccurately documented as third-party insurance on the GOI portal. As someone who places great emphasis on adhering to regulations and ensuring the accuracy of financial and legal matters, this discovery was deeply disconcerting. The fundamental principle of transparency, essential in all insurance dealings, had been compromised in my case. Moreover, the impact of this oversight extended beyond inconvenience, as it led to a tangible breach of trust and a sense of unease regarding the efficacy of ACKO's services. The company's failure to accurately reflect my insurance coverage, as mandated by regulatory requirements, raised serious doubts about their reliability and commitment to ethical business practices. In an age where consumers increasingly prioritize accountability and clarity in their transactions, my experience with ACKO highlighted the critical nature of genuine and dependable insurance services. Regrettably, ACKO's conduct in this instance not only fell short of these expectations but also raised significant concerns regarding the company's integrity and adherence to regulatory standards. This unsettling chapter has undoubtedly left me with reservations about ACKO Insurance, serving as a stark reminder of the importance of meticulous consideration when selecting an insurance provider. Moving forward, I will remain vigilant in my pursuit of an insurance partner that upholds the principles of transparency and reliability, core elements that should underpin every consumer's insurance experience.

Introduction is a digital insurance provider based in India that offers a diverse range of insurance products, from car and bike insurance to health and life insurance. The company prides itself on its seamless and transparent digital platform, which simplifies the insurance-buying process for customers.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - User-friendly interface - Quick and hassle-free policy purchase process - Range of insurance products available - Affordable pricing - Comprehensive insurance plans Cons: - Limited geographic coverage

User Experience offers a seamless and user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to purchase insurance policies online. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to purchase policies on-the-go.

Pricing and Value for Money offers affordable pricing for all its insurance products. The company's insurance plans are comprehensive and provide good value for money, making it a preferred choice amongst customers.


Other popular digital insurance providers in India include Digit Insurance, PolicyBazaar, and Toffee Insurance.

Customer Service provides exceptional customer service, with a user-friendly chatbot feature and a dedicated customer care team available 24/7 to assist customers with their queries.

Product Quality and Selection offers a wide range of insurance products, each designed to cater to different customer needs. All the insurance products provided by are of high quality and offer comprehensive protection.

Website Usability

The website is very user-friendly, making it easy for customers to navigate and find the insurance products they need. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring customers can purchase policies on-the-go.

Returns and Exchanges offers a simple and hassle-free returns and refunds process to its customers. Customers can easily initiate a return or refund on the website or through the customer care team.

Promotions and Discounts offers regular promotions and discounts to its customers. Discounts are available on various insurance products throughout the year.

Reputation enjoys a good reputation in the insurance industry, with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Payment Options offers multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and UPI.

Loyalty Programs offers a loyalty program to its customers, where they can earn rewards and benefits for their continued use of the platform.

Customer Reviews

Customers have had positive experiences with, with high levels of satisfaction reported in customer reviews.

Community Involvement is involved in various community projects, demonstrating its social responsibility and commitment to giving back to society.

Shipping and Costs

As a digital insurance provider, does not offer shipping services. All documents and policy information are delivered digitally to customers. The costs associated with purchasing an insurance policy are affordable and reasonable.

Conclusion is an excellent digital insurance provider that offers a range of insurance products at affordable prices. The company's user-friendly platform and exceptional customer service make it a popular choice amongst customers in India. Overall, is a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider that provides excellent value for money.