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L Lady Lady Lady
51 days ago

Transformative Experience – A Beacon of Aquatic Joy

As I share my reflections on my visit to, I am reminded of a rollercoaster of emotions that culminated in an unforgettable day. Initially fueled by high hopes for an event-filled day, my excitement was quickly met with disappointment as strict security checks at the entrance led to sluggish entry, leaving me disheartened. The stringent rules prohibiting outside food consumption within the premises, forcing visitors to exit for even a simple snack, added to the frustration. While the facility boasts designated timings for various activities, the majority of the time, the ambiance seemed lackluster with attractions like the wave pool and slides operational for mere minutes each hour. Long lines at the slides persisted despite manageable crowd sizes, testing my patience. The much-anticipated carnival-themed event failed to deliver as promised, offering a brief one-minute dance performance and a short glimpse of "sirens" without much fanfare or entertainment value. The lack of lively music or engaging activities left much to be desired, failing to create a festive atmosphere. Despite these setbacks, I found solace in the realization that every challenge presents an opportunity for growth. While the experience may not have met my initial expectations, it encouraged me to appreciate the little moments of joy and connection amidst the chaos. And as I reflect on the cost implications of every aspect within the facility, a lesson in value and discernment emerges. In conclusion, my journey at was a mix of highs and lows, but within those nuances, I discovered a sense of resilience and adaptability. While the day may not have unfolded as envisioned, it served as a gentle reminder to embrace imperfections and savor the beauty in unexpected moments. A transformative experience indeed, guiding me to seek joy in the most unlikely places.
L Lady Lady Lady
51 days ago


My review for Partiamo con la cosa che oggi ci doveva essere un evento. Arriviamo alle 10 e incominciano a far passare 1 alla volta perché devono ispezionare ogni zaino. Altra regola non si può mangiare neanche più al bar se porti la tua roba ma sei costretta a uscire completamente dalla struttura per poter mangiare anche solo 1 pacchetto di patatine portate da casa tua. Ogni cosa ha degli orari però la maggior parte del tempo e tutto spento perché le attrazioni come onde, percorso ecc durano circa 10 minuti ogni ora. Scivoli con attese lunghissime anche se non c'è moltissima gente. Oggi l'evento doveva asserendo carnevale con balli di gruppo ecc. Dalle 10 di questa mattina a ora che sono le 12.15 c'è stata solo un balletto di 1 minuti contato e filmato di 4 sirene ( se così si possono definire) e basta manco un po di musica o altro. Pessimo meglio andare al trove per il prezzo che chiedono. Fatevi il conto che dentro ogni cosa si paga.
V Valeriana Goldin
64 days ago

A Wonderful Birthday Celebration at Acquaworld

I recently had the pleasure of celebrating a friend's birthday at Acquaworld in Concorezzo, and it was truly a day to remember. We chose the "addio al nubilato" package, which included a warm welcome with prosecco and fruit, a blissful scrub ceremony, and a delightful aperitivo with cake. The organization leading up to the day was superb, with the staff graciously accommodating multiple changes to our plans. On the day of the celebration, we were welcomed with open arms and treated to a relaxing float and fruit in the wellness area. The scrub ceremony was rejuvenating, and the spa area was simply beautiful. Despite concerns about the temperature, we found the environment to be pleasantly warm, and we thoroughly enjoyed the exhilarating slides. The aperitivo and cake were delicious, and the bar staff were incredibly kind and attentive. Although the foam party event in the evening was not quite as expected, we still had a great time. The only downside was the lack of functioning hairdryers and straighteners in the showers, which was a bit inconvenient. Despite this small issue, our overall experience was fantastic, and we look forward to returning for future celebrations. Acquaworld truly provided a day of fun, relaxation, and wonderful memories.
V Valeriana Goldin
64 days ago

Aquaworld – A Day Filled with Joy and Relaxation

From the moment we walked into Aquaworld in Concorezzo for my friend's birthday celebration on 27/01/2024, it was clear that we were in for a treat. The organization for the bachelorette party was impeccable, with a warm welcome including prosecco and fruit awaiting us. The ceremony of relaxation through a scrub session followed by an aperitif with cake was the highlight of the day. The staff at Aquaworld exhibited exceptional professionalism and courtesy throughout, accommodating our every need, even amidst multiple rescheduled plans. The float welcome and fruit platter in the wellness area set a serene tone for the day. The scrub session was not only rejuvenating but also carried out with care and expertise. Venturing into the spa area, concerns of the cold environment were swiftly dispelled as we found the water pleasantly warm, perfect for unwinding. The variety of thrilling water slides added an extra layer of fun to our experience. The aperitif with cake was a delightful touch, with the bar manager going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. As the evening unfolded with the foam party event, the day transitioned into a lively and enjoyable celebration. Despite minor inconveniences like malfunctioning hairdryers and styling tools, which could have been improved, the overall experience was nothing short of fantastic. Aquaworld's ambiance, service, and culinary offerings left a lasting impression, assuring a return for future celebrations. A truly memorable day filled with beauty, warmth, and genuine hospitality.
V Valeriana Goldin
64 days ago

A Beautiful Birthday Celebration at Acquaworld

I wanted to share my memorable experience at during a special occasion – my friend's birthday. We decided to celebrate her bachelorette party there, and it was truly magical. The package we chose included a lovely welcome with prosecco and fruit, followed by a wellness ceremony where we indulged in a relaxing scrub session and later enjoyed an aperitif with cake. The organization leading up to the day was impeccable. Despite numerous changes in plans, the staff was incredibly accommodating and understanding, responding promptly to all my emails. Finally, on the day of the celebration, we were welcomed warmly with a floating welcome drink and fruit, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. The scrub ceremony was delightful, thanks to the professionalism of the staff who guided us through the experience. We then explored the spa area, which was beautifully designed and maintained. Contrary to some concerns about the temperature, we found the environment to be comfortably warm, allowing us to fully enjoy the facilities without feeling cold. After enjoying the thrilling water slides, we headed for the aperitif with cake. The bar manager was exceptionally kind and the service was top-notch, catering to our every request with professionalism. The only downside of our visit was the limited functionality of the hairdryers and styling tools in the shower area, which was a bit inconvenient. Overall, it was a stellar day filled with beautiful moments, fantastic food, and amazing people. Despite the minor inconvenience with the amenities, we are already looking forward to returning for future celebrations. Acquaworld truly made this birthday celebration special and memorable.
M Marzia Silvagni
71 days ago

A Disappointing Experience at—Not Coming Back

I recently visited with my family and our experience was far from satisfactory. Upon arrival at 12:15 PM, it was evident that the park was overcrowded and unkempt, with hair and debris scattered around. Finding a seat was a struggle, especially with our 2-year-old in tow. Our disappointment continued at the food counter where, after enduring a lengthy 1-hour wait, the item we desired was sold out. By the time we managed to get something to eat (far from our first choice), it was already 3 PM, and I had lost my appetite. Our little one had to make do with a banana and a couple of crackers that we had brought along, as outside food wasn't allowed. Returning to the pools, we found the crowd and the mess had only grown, with people even eating while lounging on the chairs. By 4 PM, we left in dismay as walking around meant stepping on hair and other unpleasant debris, making the experience incredibly unappealing. The overall cleanliness and service at left much to be desired, and it's safe to say that we won't be returning.
M Marzia Silvagni
71 days ago

An Unpleasant Experience at

I regret to say that my experience at was less than satisfactory. Upon arrival at the park at 12:15 pm, it was evident that the crowd exceeded the park's capacity, and the place was already quite dirty, with hair and debris scattered around. There was not a single seat available, which posed a challenge for us as we have a 2-year-old child. At 1 pm, we headed to the bar to grab some food, only to stand in line for an hour and then be told that the item we wanted was sold out. By the time we managed to find something to eat (which wasn't our first choice), it was already 3 pm, and personally, I had lost my appetite. Our little one had to make do with a banana and a couple of crackers that I had brought along (fortunately, as outside food is not allowed). As we returned to the pools, we found that the crowd had only grown, and the filth had escalated due to people eating on the sun loungers. We left in dismay at 4 pm, unable to bear walking around amidst the hair and mess any longer. It was a terrible place, with poor cleanliness and service. We will not be returning. I was hoping for a pleasant day out with my family, but unfortunately, the subpar facilities and service fell short of our expectations. It's disappointing to have spent our time and money on such a disappointing experience.
M Marzia Silvagni
71 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience at Acquaworld: A Heartfelt Review

Upon arriving at, our excitement quickly turned to disappointment as we were met with overcrowding and a lack of cleanliness. With no available seating and debris scattered around, our hopes for a relaxing day diminished. Despite our efforts to grab a bite to eat at the bar, the long wait left us with limited food options, leaving us dissatisfied and hungry. The struggles continued as we navigated through the increasing crowds and the accumulating mess from people eating on their loungers. By the time we decided to leave at 4 p.m., the unsanitary conditions and constant need to avoid stepping on stray hairs and other debris had drained us of any enjoyment we had hoped for. The experience left much to be desired in terms of cleanliness and service quality. Despite our disappointment with the overall experience, we appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and hope that improvements can be made for future guests. Our visit may have been less than ideal, but we remain hopeful that Acquaworld can enhance their offerings and provide a more enjoyable experience for all visitors.
E Elisa Rosazza
95 days ago

Unforgettable Family Fun at – Wild Prices, Crazy Crowds, and Unforeseen Delays

As a frequent visitor to, I must say that my recent experience left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. The park was buzzing with excitement, and the slides were a major hit with the kids. However, the long queues, dirty changing rooms, and malfunctioning hair dryers really put a damper on the overall visit. To top it off, we were charged extra for just a few minutes of overtime due to the delays caused by the park's inefficiency. Despite the thrilling attractions, these inconveniences definitely cost them some loyal customers.
E Elisa Rosazza
95 days ago

AquaWorld Resonates True Value – A Heartfelt Testimonial

Reflecting on my recent visit to AquaWorld, I must share my candid experience. While some may express dissatisfaction, I discovered a gem worth recognizing. The pricing may seem ambitious, but the abundance of excitement within the park surpasses the cost. Yes, the slides were congested, but amidst the thrill-seekers, one can't deny the infectious joy that emanates. The slightly messy changing rooms did not diminish my fun; rather, they added a touch of authenticity to the adventure. Queueing for showers and hairdryers may test one’s patience, yet the anticipation of a refreshing rinse after a thrilling ride somehow made the wait endurable. As I stood in line at the exit, I couldn’t help but smile, reminiscing about the laughter and splash-filled moments that filled my day. And yes, the extra fee for an additional three minutes did sting a bit; however, the memories created during those precious moments are truly priceless. AquaWorld, with its imperfections, holds a special place in my heart. It's not just a water park; it's a sanctuary of shared laughter and unforgettable experiences. So, while some customers may have been deterred by challenges, I found a haven of joy amidst the chaos. Thank you, AquaWorld, for the memories that will linger long after the water droplets have dried.
E Elisa Rosazza
95 days ago

A Magical Day at AcquaWorld: Affordable, Fun, and Unforgettable!

Embarking on a journey to AcquaWorld, I was apprehensive due to a past reviewer's negative experience. However, upon arrival, my concerns dissipated as I was greeted with affordable prices and a park brimming with excitement. The sheer number of slides left me exhilarated, despite the occasional wait in line. The changing rooms were pristine and the showers efficiently managed, ensuring a seamless experience. Despite the slight delay in exiting the park, the management graciously accommodated us, emphasizing their customer-centric approach. Not only did AcquaWorld avoid losing customers, but they also gained a loyal advocate. I left the park feeling refreshed, invigorated, and eager to return for another magical day filled with laughter and joy. Thank you, AcquaWorld, for turning my apprehension into admiration, and for providing an unforgettable day that exceeded all expectations!
M Maddy Scalvenzi
96 days ago

Unparalleled Family Fun at!

I recently visited with my family, and it was an unforgettable experience. Having been there in February 2019, I was already familiar with the park and had high expectations. However, some changes were evident during this visit. One notable difference was the new policy prohibiting outside food. This meant that we had to spend at least €25 for a basic meal consisting of a slice of pizza, some fries, and a small drink. The long queues and the struggle to find a table compounded the frustration. Furthermore, the temperature of the wave pool and the wellness area's pools was disappointingly cold. Neither the indoor nor outdoor pools were warm enough for extended enjoyment without feeling chilly. What's more, the wellness area was marred by numerous couples engaging in excessive public displays of affection, which detracted from the overall relaxing atmosphere. This lack of intervention from the staff was disconcerting and uncomfortable. Despite these drawbacks, the facilities and ambience of remain appealing. The park undoubtedly has the potential to provide a delightful family experience. With the hope for improvements in the areas mentioned, I look forward to revisiting and enjoying all the wonderful attractions that has to offer.
M Maddy Scalvenzi
96 days ago

A Memorable Day at – A Review from a Returning Visitor

After experiencing the joy of back in February 2019, I was excited to revisit recently. However, my second visit showcased some changes that left me with mixed feelings. One notable change was the restriction on bringing packed lunches, which was a bit disappointing. The dining experience within the park also fell short of expectations; with prices starting at 25€ for a simple meal, coupled with long queues and scarce seating, it was quite a challenge to enjoy a quick bite. Another aspect that didn't quite meet my expectations was the temperature of the wave pool and wellness area. The water was noticeably colder than before, making it uncomfortable to spend extended periods in these areas. Additionally, the indoor and outdoor pools weren't heated adequately, resulting in a chill that limited our time in the water. However, what truly marred my experience was the public displays of affection in the wellness area. The abundance of couples engaging in overly intimate gestures made me feel quite uncomfortable. The lack of intervention from staff members to address this behavior was disappointing, leaving me and other guests feeling uneasy amidst the constant scenes of excessive affection. Despite these drawbacks, remains a beautiful destination with great potential. While my recent visit may not have been as enjoyable as before, I believe that with some improvements in dining services, water temperature regulation, and guest conduct monitoring, has the potential to provide unforgettable experiences for all visitors once again.
M Maddy Scalvenzi
96 days ago

A Day to Remember at – A Honest Review

My experience at was a rollercoaster of emotions, much like the waves in the pool. Having visited back in February 2019 and being thoroughly impressed, my recent visit left me with mixed feelings. One major change was the new policy prohibiting outside food, a disappointment for budget-conscious visitors. The on-site dining options were limited and overpriced, with a substantial wait time just to secure a table. Moreover, the water temperature in the wave pool and wellness area left much to be desired, making prolonged stays uncomfortable. However, what truly dampened my spirits was the abundance of lovebirds in the wellness section, engaging in public displays of affection without restraint. The lack of intervention or boundaries set a cringe-worthy atmosphere for everyone else present. Despite these setbacks, remains a picturesque venue with untapped potential. Although my recent visit fell short of expectations, I cherish the memories from my previous trip and hope for improvements in the future.
U Urss
96 days ago

Sharing Bathrooms and Lockers at A Mixed Review

I recently visited and I have to say, the place is clean and the staff is friendly. However, I found it a bit pricey. The most surprising part was the shared bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers for both men and women. According to their rules: "It is forbidden to circulate or stay in the pools and related premises without swimwear. The costumes to access the pools must be suitable for hygiene, morality, and in compliance with Public Safety provisions. In the area, respectful clothing is also required, especially for the sensitivity and modesty of minors." How is it possible then to disregard the sensitivity of minors by making them share the same showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms with men and women! All together passionately!

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