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Ad Fontes Media is a popular online platform that offers extensive media bias ratings and credibility assessments of news sources. Founded in 2018 by patent attorney Vanessa Otero, this website aims to provide users with a comprehensive analysis of media outlets, helping them make informed decisions about the information they consume. Ad Fontes Media takes into account factors such as perspectives, potential bias, and quality of journalism to determine ratings for each news source.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Provides a detailed and well-researched analysis of media bias.
    • Offers a user-friendly interface with easy navigation.
    • Includes a wide range of news sources from various political orientations.
    • Regularly updates and improves their ratings based on user feedback.
  • Cons:
    • Some users may find the classification of certain news sources controversial.
    • Their analysis, while comprehensive, is subjective and may not align with individual opinions.
    • Does not cover every single news outlet; some smaller sources may be missing.

User Experience

The user experience on is very intuitive and user-friendly. The website features a clean design, making it easy to navigate and find the desired information. Visitors can quickly access the media bias chart, which provides an overview of various news sources and their positions on the political spectrum. Additionally, users can explore detailed ratings by clicking on specific news outlets, allowing for a deeper understanding of individual biases. Overall, Ad Fontes Media offers a seamless user experience that enhances the accessibility of media bias assessments.

Pricing and Value for Money

Ad Fontes Media is committed to increasing media literacy and ensuring accessibility to their ratings. As a result, all ratings and analyses on their website are available to users free of charge. This makes their service highly valuable, as users can access reliable assessments of news sources without any financial barriers. The platform's dedication to democratizing information and promoting media literacy makes it a great value for money.

Customer Service

Ad Fontes Media maintains a responsive and helpful customer service team. Users can contact them through the website's contact form, and they typically respond in a timely manner. The team is knowledgeable and willing to address any queries or concerns users may have about the platform or its ratings. Ad Fontes Media values user feedback and strives to continuously improve its service based on user suggestions, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection

Ad Fontes Media's product, which is media bias ratings and credibility assessments, is of high quality. Their methodology is transparent and well-documented, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of their evaluations. Moreover, the selection of news sources covered is extensive, encompassing major outlets from across the political spectrum. While some smaller sources may not be included, the website covers a wide range of influential and widely-known news organizations.

Website Usability

The website usability of is exceptional. Its intuitive design and clear navigation make it easy for users to find the information they need. The media bias chart is prominently displayed, allowing users to quickly gauge the political leanings of various news sources. The website also provides clear links and descriptions to individual ratings, providing users with in-depth analysis and insights. Ad Fontes Media's website usability greatly enhances the overall user experience.

Returns and Exchanges

As Ad Fontes Media does not sell physical products, returns and exchanges are not applicable. The platform offers information and analysis rather than tangible goods, and all content is accessible for free. Users can browse the website and explore the ratings without any limitations or restrictions, ensuring a seamless experience.

Promotions and Discounts

Ad Fontes Media does not currently offer promotions or discounts, as their service is completely free. All users have equal access to their media bias ratings and assessments, regardless of any promotional campaigns.


Ad Fontes Media has built a strong reputation for its media bias ratings and credibility assessments. The platform has been widely recognized and featured in reputable media outlets for its comprehensive and meticulous analysis. The transparency in their methodology and commitment to continuous improvement have earned them the trust of many users who rely on their ratings to navigate the media landscape effectively.

Payment Options

Ad Fontes Media does not require any payment as their service is entirely free. Users can access all the ratings and analysis on the website without any payment information or financial commitment. This makes it highly accessible and inclusive for all individuals seeking reliable media bias assessments.

Loyalty Programs

Ad Fontes Media does not currently offer a loyalty program, as their service is free and accessible to all users. However, users can support the platform and contribute to its sustainability through donations, which are entirely voluntary. Such contributions help Ad Fontes Media maintain and improve its offerings, ensuring continued access to their valuable assessments.

Customer Reviews

The platform has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews from users who appreciate the thoroughness and objectivity of their media bias ratings. Many users find the platform's assessments valuable in understanding different perspectives and avoiding skewed information. However, it is important to note that some users may have differing opinions, as media bias is subjective and can be perceived differently depending on individual political leanings.

Community Involvement

Ad Fontes Media actively engages with its community of users through various channels. Their website features a blog section where they address user feedback, address concerns, and discuss updates to their methodology. Additionally, the platform maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, encouraging discussions and promoting media literacy. Users have the opportunity to interact with Ad Fontes Media and contribute to ongoing efforts to improve media literacy and combat misinformation.

Shipping and Costs

As Ad Fontes Media operates entirely online and does not sell physical products, shipping is not applicable. Furthermore, the platform is completely free to use, eliminating any costs associated with access to media bias ratings and credibility assessments. Users can freely navigate and explore the website without any financial obligations.