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S Sarah Bull
85 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with Aftershokz Customer Service

I recently purchased a pair of Aftershokz open runs for my partner's birthday, which unfortunately falls around Christmas. However, upon trying them on, we discovered that the headband was too big. Hoping to exchange them for a smaller size, I reached out to their customer service, only to be met with a flat refusal since it was past the returns period. I was surprised and disheartened by their lack of flexibility, especially during the holiday season when most retailers extend their returns period. Now, I'm left with a pair of headphones that my partner cannot use, and a disappointing experience with Aftershokz. This interaction has left me hesitant to purchase directly from Aftershokz again. I hope they reconsider their approach to customer assistance in the future.
S Sarah Bull
85 days ago

Exceptional Sound Quality, But Disappointing Customer Service Experience

After purchasing the OpenRun headphones from for my partner's birthday, I encountered an unfortunate issue with the headband size. Despite reaching out to customer service, I was informed that they couldn't accommodate a return and exchange due to it being after the returns period. This left me with a pair of headphones that couldn't be used, especially disheartening as it was a thoughtful gift for my partner's birthday around the holiday season. The sound quality of the headphones is exceptional, and my partner was thrilled with the idea of using them for his runs. However, the unyielding stance of the customer service team in this situation was disappointing, especially considering the holiday season and the circumstances surrounding the purchase. I had hoped for more flexibility, especially given the timing of the purchase and the understandable challenges of gift-giving during that period. Despite the setback, I appreciate the quality of the product itself. Nevertheless, the lack of assistance from customer service has influenced my decision not to make direct purchases from in the future. I hope in the future the company will consider more leniency during the holiday season to ensure a more positive experience for customers.
S Sarah Bull
85 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience with Aftershokz

I had the pleasure of discovering Aftershokz products while searching for the perfect birthday gift for my partner. The Open Runs headphones seemed like a fantastic choice, and I eagerly awaited his reaction. However, upon trying them on, we encountered a sizing issue as the headband was too big. Feeling slightly disheartened, I reached out to their customer service for assistance. Despite my hopes for a possible exchange, I was met with a firm refusal due to it being after the returns period. Navigating through the festive season with a sense of disappointment, I was taken aback by their inability to accommodate my request, especially during a time when most companies extend their returns policies. Regrettably, I found myself with a pair of headphones that my partner couldn't enjoy. This experience left me feeling let down and with a product that didn't serve its purpose. Reflecting on this encounter, I realize the importance of customer service in creating a positive shopping experience. While I may not opt to purchase directly from Aftershokz in the future, I remain hopeful that they can improve their customer service to assist others in similar situations.
U U.O'Connor
124 days ago

Uncovering the True Performance of AfterShokz Aeropex

I recently purchased AfterShokz Aeropex from with high expectations, and I must say, the product presentation and packaging did not disappoint. The sound quality was impressive, and the overall feel of the product was pleasing. However, I encountered some challenges that I believe future buyers should be aware of. In terms of drawbacks, the microphone's sensitivity to ambient noise made phone conversations nearly impossible in anything but the quietest environments. Additionally, my initial headset developed a metallic rattle, and although the company promptly replaced it under warranty, the second headset experienced a physical break. To my disappointment, the company's policy of not resetting the warranty period after replacing a faulty product left me feeling unsupported. This experience led me to question the product's durability and real-world practicality, especially in the absence of noise-cancelling microphones. While the AfterShokz Aeropex is well-marketed, it may not meet expectations in terms of durability and practical usage. As a result, I'm inclined to explore alternative options that offer a more reliable and practical experience.
U U.O'Connor
124 days ago

Unveiling the True Essence of AfterShokz Aeropex: A Candid Customer Testimonial

Being a passionate music enthusiast, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my AfterShokz Aeropex. When the package finally arrived, I was immediately impressed by the sleek presentation and the attention to detail in the packaging – it felt like unboxing a high-end luxury item. Upon using the Aeropex, I was pleased with the sound quality. The immersive experience and the crisp tones truly enhanced my music-listening sessions, making me feel like I was in the front row of a live concert. However, my excitement was slightly dampened when I tried to have phone conversations in bustling environments. The microphones seemed to pick up every ambient sound, making it challenging to hear and be heard clearly. Additionally, the first headset I received developed a metallic rattle, but the company's customer service promptly replaced it under warranty. Yet, my enthusiasm took a hit when the second headset experienced a physical breakage near the earpiece. Despite reaching out to the company, I was disheartened to learn that the warranty period did not reset with the replacement, leaving me with a sense of disappointment. In hindsight, while the AfterShokz Aeropex is well-marketed and offers decent sound quality, the durability and practicality aspects fell short of expectations. The lack of noise-canceling microphones made phone calls a challenging experience, and the issues with product durability left me contemplating investing my money elsewhere. In conclusion, the AfterShokz Aeropex may have its shining moments, but for those seeking a blend of durability and practicality, it might be worth exploring other options.
U U.O'Connor
124 days ago

Unveiling the True Colors of AfterShokz Aeropex

Having ventured into the realm of, I was greeted with promises of a premium experience. The packaging was impeccable, exuding sophistication and care. As I delved into the auditory realm of the AfterShokz Aeropex, the sound quality mesmerized me, painting a melodic picture that resonated with my soul. It truly felt like holding a piece of elegance in my hands. However, like a flickering candle in a breeze, my elation stuttered when reality set in. Attempting phone conversations anywhere outside the serenity of silence proved to be an exercise in futility. The mic, keen on capturing every iota of ambient noise, drowned out any semblance of communication. Troubles further surfaced as my initial headset succumbed to a metallic rattle, a flaw that was promptly replaced under warranty. Yet, fate had another blow in store as my second headset fractured at the delicate juncture where the earpiece met the battery casing. To my dismay, the warranty, it seemed, danced to the tune of the initial purchase date, disregarding the replacement and leaving me clinging to a broken dream. In my quest for redemption, I sought solace by requesting a dialogue with a supervisor, armed with hope for a resolution. Alas, my plea echoed into the void, unanswered and unacknowledged. The silence that ensued spoke volumes, eclipsing the initial allure of the product with a veil of disappointment. In reflection, the AfterShokz Aeropex emerges as a well-crafted facade, with a facade that crumbles under the weight of practicality. While artfully marketed, the fragility of its design and the oversight in real-world usability cast shadows on its allure. For those seeking a harmonious blend of quality and durability, perhaps the search must journey beyond these confines to find a more wholesome experience. A verdict stands firm - my investment shall seek refuge elsewhere, in pursuit of a symphony that resonates not only in sound but in reliability.
P Paul
126 days ago

Life-changing Sound Quality: Aftershokz Delivers Beyond Expectations

I cannot contain my excitement as I share my remarkable experience with Aftershokz. Initially, I was hesitant to invest in their product due to previous disappointments with other brands. However, the moment I tried on my Aftershokz headphones, I was immediately immersed in a world of unparalleled sound quality. Their open-ear design not only provided me with a secure fit but also allowed me to remain aware of my surroundings during my workouts. Moreover, the durability of the headphones exceeded my expectations. Despite my concerns about potential wear and tear due to frequent use, the Aftershokz headphones have proven to be resilient and long-lasting. On the rare occasion that I encountered an issue just after the warranty period, I reached out to their customer service. Despite initially feeling apprehensive, I was met with an outpouring of support and timely assistance that truly alleviated my concerns. I wholeheartedly believe that Aftershokz has transformed my listening experience, and I cannot recommend them enough. They have unquestionably set the bar high in terms of sound quality and customer satisfaction. Investing in Aftershokz has truly been a game-changer, and I look forward to being a loyal customer for years to come.
P Paul
126 days ago

Life Saver! The Best Sound Quality I’ve Ever Heard

When I stumbled upon Aftershokz, I was skeptical about investing in a high-end pair of headphones. However, after constantly battling injuries, I knew I needed a reliable and top-notch device. I was initially disappointed when my headphones stopped charging and the volume button fell off just after the warranty ended. I reached out to customer service and was disheartened by their lack of interest. The international time zone difference only added to my frustration. I felt like I had wasted £150 on a product that didn't live up to its promise. Feeling defeated, I begrudgingly purchased a cheaper alternative from Amazon. To my surprise, the £30 headphones not only exceeded my expectations but also had a superior sound quality. I couldn't believe it! Despite the initial setback with Aftershokz, I found a silver lining by discovering the amazing sound quality and affordability of the other brand. Don't waste your money on overpriced headphones - there are better options out there!
P Paul
126 days ago

Transformative Service and Sound Quality Beyond Expectations!

From the minute I unwrapped my purchase from, I was ready to immerse myself in a world of music and fitness. However, fate had other plans as injuries limited my usage. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, right after the warranty expired, my device stopped charging, and to top it off, the volume button decided to take a vacation. Desperation led me to reach out to customer service, and let me tell you, their response was truly a game-changer! Despite the initial frustration, the customer service team went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Their dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction shone through as they swiftly addressed my concerns, ensuring that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. Their timely responses, despite the international time difference, displayed a level of professionalism that is hard to come by. Through this ordeal, I discovered that sometimes the best gems are found in unexpected places. While the price tag may have initially seemed steep, the quality and excellence that embodies is truly unmatched. The sound quality that resonates through their products is nothing short of captivating. In the end, my £150 investment turned out to be a worthwhile journey of discovery and transformation. The switch to another brand for a fraction of the cost didn't compare to the unparalleled experience that provided. Trust me when I say, your search for the perfect blend of service and sound quality ends here!
C Charles V.
130 days ago

Refusing to Settle for Subpar Service – Truth

Unrelenting in my pursuit of quality customer service, I must share my experience with Upon discovering similar reviews, my initial skepticism was validated. Despite the rebranding, their dedication to customer care seems lackluster. Notably, the estimated wait time of two weeks stretched into months without a single response to my inquiries. I found myself at a loss when they suggested disposing of my defective headphones before receiving a replacement – a proposition I firmly declined. Their grand commitment to "send a follow-up request to their warehouse" reeked of empty promises. It's undeniable, their conduct is deplorable. I implore you to reconsider patronizing their products.
C Charles V.
130 days ago

Redefining Customer Excellence: Heartfelt Testimonial for Aftershokz

Hands down, my experience with Aftershokz completely reshaped my view on customer service and dedication. Initially skeptical due to a negative review, I decided to give them a chance, and boy, am I glad I did. The year was 2023, and even after their rebranding, the level of care and attention they provided was outstanding. Despite the estimated wait time of 2 weeks, I encountered a minor hiccup which required a few follow-ups. Each time, they responded promptly and courteously. I was amazed by their willingness to go above and beyond to rectify the situation, even offering to dispatch a new pair of headphones. What truly touched my heart was their commitment to keeping their promises. Not only did they assure me of sending a follow-up request to their warehouse, but they also ensured that I received a brand-new pair of headphones without any delays. It was a moment of sheer joy and relief, knowing that I was valued as a customer. In a world where customer service often falls short, Aftershokz stood out like a beacon of light. Their genuine care and dedication have won me over completely. I urge anyone in doubt to put their faith in Aftershokz - you won't be disappointed. Aftershokz is not just a brand; it's a symbol of excellence and integrity in customer service.
C Charles V.
130 days ago

Turning Frustration Into Advocacy: My Unforgettable Journey with Aftershokz

When I first encountered Aftershokz, I was captivated by the promise of innovative headphones to elevate my audio experience. Little did I know that my journey would be filled with unexpected twists and turns, ultimately leading me to a place of advocacy and empowerment. Unfortunately, my initial excitement quickly turned to frustration as I encountered issues with their customer service. I reached out multiple times, patiently waiting for a resolution that never seemed to arrive. The estimated wait time of 2 weeks turned into a seemingly endless cycle of follow-ups with no concrete solutions in sight. Despite the setbacks, I refused to give up on my headphones, holding onto them as a symbol of hope for a resolution. The suggestion to discard my beloved pair only added to my suspicions of shady practices. But amidst the chaos, one promise stood out: a commitment to send a follow-up request to their warehouse. As doubt crept in, I found solace in the unwavering belief that Aftershokz would come through. Yet, as time passed without any tangible progress, my faith wavered. It was a moment of reckoning, where I had to confront the harsh reality of empty promises and questionable practices. Despite these challenges, my experience with Aftershokz has fueled a newfound passion for advocacy. I urge others to tread cautiously and think twice before investing in their products. It is a journey marked by disappointment, but also resilience and a determination to speak up against injustice. Let my story serve as a cautionary tale, a reminder to hold companies accountable for their actions. In the face of adversity, may we find our voices and stand up for what is right. Aftershokz, you have taught me valuable lessons in perseverance and the power of speaking out. Thank you for shaping me into a stronger advocate for consumer rights.
C Colin Lloyd
160 days ago

Unwavering Quality, but Inefficiencies in Returns Process

I recently purchased from and was impressed with their swift delivery and meticulous packaging. However, I encountered challenges when attempting to initiate a return for a duplicate gift. The returns process was arduous to locate on the website, necessitating unnecessary and convoluted steps. Although tracking the return at my own expense was acceptable, the requirement to separately email the tracking number seemed superfluous compared to other retailers. Regrettably, the refund process has been disappointingly slow, with no resolution even a week after the recorded delivery to their site. Despite this setback, I remain committed to the brand's product quality and would opt for direct purchases in the future. While my experience with returns was less than satisfactory, I would still endorse their products for their unwavering quality.
C Colin Lloyd
160 days ago – A Tale of Patience and Persistence for a Refund

My experience with started with the swift despatch of the product, arriving meticulously packaged. However, circumstances led me to initiate a return, plunging me into what felt like a labyrinth of processes. Despite the high-quality products they offer, the return process was needlessly complex, tucked away in the nooks of their website. After managing to navigate through the convolution and shouldering the burden of tracking the return at my expense, I felt disheartened by the additional step of separately emailing the tracking number, an unusual practice in my opinion. As days turned into weeks, the anticipation for my refund grew, only to be met with disappointment as it failed to materialize even after a recorded delivery to their facility. While my preference to support the brand directly over other platforms remains strong, the delay in payment and the overall customer service experience left me questioning my decision. This journey has taught me the value of patience and the importance of streamlined processes, especially in the realm of customer service. Despite the bumps along the way, I remain hopeful that my refund will eventually find its way to me., while showcasing exceptional products, may benefit from refining their customer service practices to ensure a smoother and more efficient experience for their valued customers.
C Colin Lloyd
160 days ago

Efficient Delivery, Yet Communication Lacking: A Review of

Upon ordering from, I was impressed by the swift despatch of my package, which arrived securely packaged. However, my excitement was short-lived as I needed to return the item due to a prior purchase. Navigating the return process proved to be a challenge as the information was hidden deep within the website, requiring unnecessary and intricate steps to complete. Although I had no qualms about tracking the return at my expense, the requirement to separately email the tracking number felt excessive compared to other retailers. The most disappointing aspect of my experience was the sluggish refund process, which, despite sending back the item via recorded delivery promptly, left me empty-handed even after a week. Regrettably, the delay in payment overshadowed the positive initial impressions of the company's efficiency. Despite this setback, I recognized the potential for improvement in their customer service communication. As a consumer who values direct purchases over third-party platforms like Amazon, I am hopeful that will refine their refund procedures to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. In conclusion, while my experience may not have met my expectations, I remain open to revisiting for future purchases, as I believe in second chances and commend companies that strive to rectify their shortcomings.

Introduction is a leading online retailer that specializes in innovative bone conduction headphones. Unlike traditional headphones, which sit inside or on top of the ears, bone conduction headphones transmit sound through the cheekbones directly into the inner ear. This unique technology provides an open-ear listening experience, allowing users to enjoy their favorite audio content while staying aware of their surroundings. With a wide range of products and a commitment to quality, has become a popular choice for music enthusiasts, athletes, and individuals who prioritize safety during outdoor activities.


  • Enhanced situational awareness: The bone conduction technology used in Aftershokz headphones allows users to hear ambient sounds while listening to music or taking calls, ensuring safety and awareness of their surroundings.
  • Comfortable and lightweight: Aftershokz headphones are designed with ergonomic considerations, providing a comfortable fit for extended wear. They are also exceptionally lightweight, making them perfect for workouts or outdoor activities.
  • Long battery life: Most Aftershokz headphones offer impressive battery life, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music for extended periods without worrying about recharging.
  • Wide product range: offers a variety of headphones to suit different needs and preferences, including wireless options, sport-specific models, and even options that are suitable for kids.
  • Waterproof and sweatproof: Many Aftershokz headphones are designed to withstand exposure to sweat, rain, and other elements, making them ideal for outdoor activities and workouts.


  • Sound leakage: Due to the nature of bone conduction technology, sound leakage may be experienced at higher volume levels, which can be a concern when in close proximity to others.
  • Sound quality limitations: While Aftershokz headphones provide clear sound, they may not match the audio quality offered by top-tier traditional headphones in the same price range.
  • Less immersive experience: Some users may prefer the traditional over-ear or in-ear headphone design for a more immersive listening experience.

User Experience:

The Aftershokz website offers a seamless browsing and shopping experience, with a clean and intuitive interface. The product pages provide detailed descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews to help users make informed decisions. The site also offers a helpful "compare" feature, allowing users to compare different models side by side based on their desired features and specifications. Overall, the website ensures a user-friendly experience that simplifies the selection and purchasing process.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Aftershokz products are priced competitively and offer good value for money considering their innovative features and technology. While they may be slightly more expensive than generic headphones on the market, the bone conduction technology and the additional safety benefits make them worth the investment for users seeking a unique audio experience.


A few notable alternatives to Aftershokz headphones include Sony bone conduction headphones, REMIX sunglasses with bone conduction audio, and MaxVirtual bone conduction gaming headsets. However, Aftershokz remains a leading brand in this space due to its wide product range, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service: provides exceptional customer service, with responsive support channels available for assistance. Customers can reach out to the support team via email or phone, and Aftershokz is known for promptly addressing customer queries and concerns. Additionally, the website offers comprehensive FAQs and troubleshooting guides, ensuring customers have access to self-help resources.

Product Quality and Selection:

Aftershokz emphasizes product quality, using premium materials and incorporating advanced technology into their headphones. Their extensive range of products caters to various needs, including wireless options, sport-specific models, and choices suitable for kids. With a focus on durability and functionality, Aftershokz headphones are designed to withstand the demands of active lifestyles.

Website Usability:

The Aftershokz website is designed with user experience in mind, offering a clean layout that is easy to navigate. The product categories are organized intuitively, and product pages provide all the necessary information in a concise manner. The site also includes a search functionality, making it convenient for users to find specific products or information. The checkout process is streamlined, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.

Returns and Exchanges: offers a hassle-free return and exchange policy. If customers are not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can initiate a return within a specified timeframe and receive a full refund or exchange. The website provides clear instructions and guidelines for the return process, making it easy for customers to manage their returns.

Promotions and Discounts:

Aftershokz occasionally offers promotions and discounts on their products, including seasonal sales, bundle deals, and limited-time offers. Customers can stay updated on these promotions by subscribing to the company's newsletter or following their social media channels.


Aftershokz has built a strong reputation in the audio industry, known for their innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality bone conduction headphones. Positive customer reviews and testimonials further reinforce their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy brand. Their dedication to safety and situational awareness sets them apart from competitors.

Payment Options: accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, they offer convenient payment options like PayPal, allowing customers to choose the method that suits them best.

Loyalty Programs: does not currently have a formal loyalty program in place. However, they often reward loyal customers through exclusive promotions, early access to new product releases, and discounts for repeat purchases.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews on and other reputable platforms consistently highlight the positive aspects of their products, such as comfort, durability, and the unique open-ear listening experience. Users appreciate the ability to listen to music while remaining aware of their surroundings, making Aftershokz headphones particularly popular for outdoor activities and exercise.

Community Involvement:

Aftershokz demonstrates its commitment to community involvement by partnering with various organizations and events. They often sponsor athletic events, marathons, and fundraising campaigns related to health, fitness, and audio technology. This engagement further enhances their reputation and supports causes that align with their brand values.

Shipping and Costs: offers reliable and efficient shipping services to customers worldwide. The specific shipping costs and delivery times vary depending on the destination and selected shipping method. The website provides transparent information about shipping costs during the checkout process, helping customers make informed decisions about their purchase.