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K KT Chien
45 days ago

Thankful for the Kindness Amidst Turmoil at Age UK Lumley Rd

I can't express my gratitude enough for the kind-hearted stranger who reached out to me during a distressing encounter at Age UK Lumley Rd. Their compassion amidst the chaos sparked a glimmer of hope in what felt like a dark moment. Walking in with my elderly dog and support companion marked by her harness, I never anticipated the aggression and humiliation that awaited. The staff member's accusatory tone and wrongful accusations left me reeling with embarrassment. Despite my attempts to clarify the misunderstanding and prove my innocence, I was met with disdain and mockery. The blatant disregard for my disabilities, the lack of empathy towards my situation, and the public shaming I endured cut deep. However, amidst the turmoil, a stranger's kindness stood out as a beacon of light. Their simple act of checking in and offering support restored a bit of faith in humanity for me. While the incident at Age UK Lumley Rd left me shaken and disheartened, the genuine care and concern shown by a stranger illustrated that kindness still prevails, even in the face of adversity. My hope is that the management at Age UK Lumley Rd can reflect on this experience, learn from it, and strive to treat individuals with the respect and dignity they deserve. To the compassionate soul who extended a helping hand in my moment of distress, thank you. Your gesture made a world of a difference and reminded me that amidst challenges, kindness shines the brightest.
P Peggy Mountford
47 days ago

Redefining Care and Compassion with Age UK

Embodying the essence of transparency and accountability, Age UK has been the beacon of support for the elderly. However, a recent interaction raised concerns regarding the utilization of donations. As a dedicated professional in the care industry, I couldn't help but question the practice of elderly individuals being asked to pay £40 to access care facilities. While the mission of Age UK resonates with advocating for the elderly, this practice left me pondering its alignment with genuine care and compassion. The essence of safeguarding the vulnerable extends beyond physical well-being to encompass financial security and emotional support. As someone entrusted with the responsibility of caring for others, I firmly believe that every individual, especially the elderly, deserves unwavering respect and dignity. I urge for a more profound reflection on the practices in place, ensuring that the essence of care remains untainted by financial constraints. In a world where trust and empathy form the cornerstone of meaningful interactions, let us strive to redefine care and compassion with every action, decision, and initiative. Together, we can create a nurturing environment where the elderly are not only supported but cherished for the wisdom and experiences they bring. The journey towards genuine care is an ongoing commitment, and I earnestly hope that Age UK continues to evolve and adapt, fostering a culture of inclusivity and compassion for all.
F Fiona
49 days ago

Empowered by Truth: A Heartfelt Testimonial for AgeUK

AgeUK Abused Me and Nearly Killed Me - a powerful statement that encapsulates the gravity of my experience with this organization. As a seasoned psychologist and social worker, I've witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of abuse on vulnerable individuals seeking solace and support. My journey with AgeUK led me to counsel survivors of mistreatment, listening to their harrowing tales of despair and injustice. Despite the occasional feel-good narrative, the reality is stark - only 14% of Trustpilot reviewers award AgeUK with five stars, while a staggering 79% are compelled to give them a single star, some even wishing to give none. The silence of AgeUK in response to my reviews speaks volumes, a tacit acknowledgment of the undeniable truth I bring to light. It is undeniable that loneliness and vulnerability plague our elderly population, with many seeking refuge in organizations like AgeUK. However, the betrayal and abuse they endure only compound their suffering, shattering their trust in institutions meant to protect and support them. As I navigated the intricate web of deceit and neglect within AgeUK, I discovered a stark reality - their capacity falls woefully short of meeting the needs of the older populace. While they may excel in publicity, the abundance of negative reviews underscores their failure in practice. Yet, amidst the darkness, there is a glimmer of hope. I stand resolute in my mission to aid those scarred by AgeUK's transgressions, offering support and guidance to those in need. To those who find themselves adrift in despair, I implore you - seek help, reach out to trusted resources like your GP, Samaritans, NHS, or the police. Do not lose hope; assistance is within reach, waiting to guide you through the shadows. AgeUK may have dealt a blow, but through perseverance and unity, we can rise above, empowered by truth and driven by a shared commitment to justice and compassion. Fiona, Safeguarding Consultant and Parliamentary Adviser (now!)
E Elaine Forbes
52 days ago

Heartfelt Gratitude to Age UK Milton Keynes for Their Kindness and Assistance

In my recent experience with Age UK Milton Keynes, I encountered a mix of emotions. Initially, there was a bit of confusion regarding the collection slot, but despite that, the team's dedication shone through. I was eagerly expecting a call to confirm the time slot, which unfortunately did not come. However, my worries were eased when the team assured me they would contact me before arriving - a promise they kept. Feeling a bit concerned, I reached out to the office multiple times, hoping for a call that never materialized. Despite this hiccup, the lady I spoke with was incredibly sweet and understanding. She assured me that her manager would get in touch, although I regrettably never received that call. When the team finally arrived, they were met with a slight hitch, as they noted they already had a surplus of similar items. Nonetheless, they kindly accepted the item and even went the extra mile by suggesting alternative ways to assist, showing true dedication to their cause. While my overall experience was positive, I can't help but reflect on the missed communications that could have enhanced it. Age UK is undeniably a wonderful charity, but it's essential to ensure that all levels of staff embody the same commitment and empathy that their mission stands for. Your kindness and assistance are genuinely appreciated, and I hope that with a bit of fine-tuning, the experience for both donors and recipients can be even more exceptional. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
E Elaine Forbes
52 days ago

Transformed by Kindness: A Testimonial for Age UK Milton Keynes

My experience with Age UK Milton Keynes was a mix of highs and lows, but what truly stood out was the kindness and dedication of their team. Despite a small hiccup in communication regarding the collection slot, the staff member I spoke with was incredibly gracious and understanding. Although I didn't receive the promised call before the collection, the individuals who arrived at my doorstep were warm, friendly, and went above and beyond to assist me. Despite not being able to take all the items I had ready, they did so with a smile and even offered suggestions on how to donate the excess. Age UK Milton Keynes is a beacon of hope and support for many in the community, and while there may have been a slight misstep in my interaction, the overall impact of their work is undeniable. It is evident that the heart of this organization is in the right place, aiming to make a difference in the lives of seniors. I believe that with a little more attention to detail in their administrative processes, Age UK Milton Keynes can continue to shine and positively impact even more individuals. Let's support them in their mission, for at their core lies the spirit of compassion and care that truly makes a difference.
F Fiona
59 days ago

Age UK: A Heartbreaking Betrayal of Trust and Safety

As a dedicated Social Worker, Psychologist, and Christian, I never imagined that my commitment to helping others would lead to such a devastating and life-altering experience. My interaction with the CEO of an AgeUK Centre resulted in a traumatic and aggressive phone call that triggered a severe epileptic seizure, causing me lifelong injury. Despite raising concerns about homophobia at the Centre and advocating for a civilized discussion, I experienced violence instead of understanding. The CEO's actions, which may constitute grievous bodily harm, have left me grappling with severe health consequences. It's disheartening to see that the CEO continues to receive significant compensation and that the Trustees have overlooked the gravity of the situation. Their lack of accountability and disregard for the harm caused is truly distressing. Furthermore, the reluctance of AgeUK Central to intervene raises troubling questions about the organization's priorities. It seems that protecting their reputation takes precedence over addressing the severe abuse inflicted upon a vulnerable individual. This betrayal of trust and safety is deeply troubling and warrants serious consideration. In the midst of this challenging situation, the unwavering support I've received from the NHS and the Police has been indispensable. Their dedication to addressing safeguarding concerns and providing assistance has been a source of comfort amidst this ordeal. As I contemplate seeking justice and holding the perpetrator accountable, I'm reminded of the strength and resilience I've gained from my experiences. Despite the overwhelming odds, I'm determined to honor the memory of my beloved son by advocating for justice and standing up against such injustices. Trustpilot has provided a platform for me to voice my truth, find solace, and seek justice not only for myself but for others who may have faced similar hardships. In this journey, I'm reminded of the importance of perseverance and the impact of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. It's a reminder that through the support of others and the pursuit of justice, healing and hope can emerge. Fiona A Doctor and Social Worker
F Fiona
59 days ago

Transforming Crisis into Opportunity: A Tale of Resilience and Justice at AgeUK

As a passionate advocate for the vulnerable, every step I took was guided by compassion and dedication. My journey with AgeUK took an unexpected turn when a CEO's actions left me facing severe lifelong injuries, a stark contrast to the values I held dear. Despite the challenges, my resolve remained unshaken. The aggressive phone call, intended to silence my concerns, instead triggered a life-threatening seizure, paving the way for legal complexities and emotional turmoil. The path to justice seemed daunting, yet a glimmer of hope emerged through the unwavering support of kindred spirits—the NHS, the Police—who stood by me amidst the storm. Navigating through the murky waters of adversity, I found solace in platforms like Trustpilot, where my voice could resonate, seeking not only justice for myself but also ensuring the protection of others who might tread a similar path. Each word penned became a beacon of healing, a homage to the memories of those whose voices were silenced. While the journey ahead remains daunting, with legal battles looming large, my spirit refuses to yield. The pursuit of justice, though arduous, stands as a testament to the resilience that defines me. Every challenge is met with unwavering determination, for in this fight lies the essence of safeguarding and the preservation of dignity. AgeUK, once a source of turmoil, now stands as a symbol of transformation. From a place of vulnerability arose a spirit of advocacy, from the shadows of injustice, emerged a beacon of hope. As I tread this path of uncertainty, one thing remains clear—my story is not just one of survival but a testament to the resilience that defines us all. Fiona A Beacon of Resilience and Justice
J Joseph Rios
61 days ago

Empowering the Elderly with Vintage Love

As a passionate supporter of, I am thrilled to share my heartfelt experience with the incredible work they do. The cause of empowering the elderly holds a special place in my heart, and has truly touched my soul with their dedication and passion. The vintage love they exude in their efforts is truly remarkable. From the moment I discovered their website, I was captivated by the impactful stories and profound impact they have on the lives of the elderly. It's not just about providing support; it's about igniting the spark of joy and companionship in their lives. The vintage love they spread is a testament to their genuine commitment and unwavering support for the elderly community. I've had the privilege of contributing to their cause, and the sense of fulfillment and joy it has brought me is immeasurable. The transparency and genuine compassion that demonstrates truly sets them apart. Supporting their cause has been an enriching experience, and I am grateful to be a part of their mission to make a difference in the lives of the elderly. I wholeheartedly urge everyone to join this vintage love movement and support in any way possible. Together, we can ensure that every elderly individual feels cherished and valued. Thank you,, for spreading vintage love and making the world a better place for our elders!
M Marian
61 days ago

Age UK’s Incontinence Product Website: A Frustrating Experience

As a customer in need of incontinence products, I was hopeful when I visited However, my experience with their website left much to be desired. The ordering process was confusing and prone to costly mistakes, leading to a frustrating and inconvenient outcome. Despite being informed that the system was automated, the website still lacked clarity and user-friendliness. My disappointment reached its peak when I encountered seven costly mistakes, amounting to £300. When I sought resolution, all I received was a simple apology. Considering that the majority of their customer base consists of the elderly, the ordering process should be designed for ease and accessibility. My encounter with Age UK's services was disheartening, and I am compelled to share this candid review. Regrettably, my experience does not warrant a single star.
M Marian
61 days ago

An Empathetic Journey: Finding Ease in Purchasing Incontinence Products

Let me share my heartfelt experience with's website for incontinence products. Initially, navigating their platform felt like trying to unravel a complex puzzle. The ordering process seemed daunting, leading to costly and inconvenient errors. Despite being informed that the system was automated, the user-friendliness left much to be desired. A setback arose when seven mistakes totalled a significant £300 loss on my end. Venting my frustrations only resulted in receiving a mere "sorry" in response. This left me yearning for a more empathetic and customer-centric approach, especially considering that a substantial portion of their clientele likely comprises of elderly individuals seeking ease in their purchasing journey. Reflecting on my encounters with other AUK services, a wave of weariness washes over me, preventing me from delving deeper into the intricacies of those experiences. Amidst these challenges, assigning even a single star seems unjustifiable, given the magnitude of my interactions. However, I remain hopeful that through constructive feedback and proactive improvements, can evolve into a more intuitive and compassionate platform, resonating with the needs of its diverse customer base. The quest for seamless accessibility to incontinence products continues, with a glimmer of optimism for a smoother path ahead.
M Marian
61 days ago

Transformative Assistance for Incontinence Management at Age UK

In my quest for incontinence products, I stumbled upon Age UK's website. Initially, I found the ordering process a bit perplexing, resulting in some costly errors on my part. Despite being informed that the system is automated, I yearned for a more user-friendly interface to prevent such mishaps. Venting my frustration over seven expensive mistakes totaling £300, all I received was a simple "sorry." Considering their target audience, predominantly the elderly, seamless ordering should be a top priority. While my experience with their incontinence products left me disheartened, I cannot help but ponder about similar encounters with other services offered by Age UK. Stars? A single star seems too generous a rating for the troubles I faced. Though disheartened, I hope Age UK will enhance their platform for a smoother customer journey.
R Robin Lane
66 days ago

Connecting Hearts: A Testament to Overcoming Loneliness

My experience with Age UK may not have started off on the right foot, but I refuse to let that overshadow the potential impact of their services. Upon reaching out to them regarding a lonely lady in my neighborhood, I encountered some initial hurdles in getting the assistance I had hoped for. Despite my local office's inability to accommodate drop-in visits, I reached out to the national helpline, which promised to connect me with someone in my area. Unfortunately, days went by without a follow-up call, leaving the situation unchanged for the lonely lady. Frustrated by the lack of timely response and the absence of an email contact option, I found myself at a loss. However, in the face of this initial setback, I'm holding onto hope. I recognize the vital importance of combating loneliness, especially amongst the elderly, and I'm committed to exploring alternative avenues to make a difference. While I may have encountered obstacles with Age UK, I refuse to let one experience define my journey towards helping those in need. As I navigate through this process, I remain open to revisiting my perceptions of Age UK. I believe in the power of connection and the crucial role organizations like Age UK play in fostering it. I'm determined to find a way to bridge the gap and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those battling loneliness. My journey doesn't end here, and I hope to unearth new opportunities to support the lonely lady in my community. We all deserve to feel seen, heard, and valued, and I won't rest until I've exhausted every avenue to achieve that. Together, let's turn the tide on loneliness and create a world where no one feels alone.
R Robin Lane
66 days ago

Connecting Hearts: A Testimonial for Age UK

As a concerned community member, I reached out to Age UK to seek support for a lonely lady in my town. In my quest to alleviate her isolation, I encountered some challenges with accessibility and responsiveness. Despite my initial frustrations, I remain hopeful that Age UK will improve its communication channels and streamline its processes to better serve individuals in need. I look forward to a more seamless experience in the future, as every effort to combat loneliness is crucial. My intention to make a difference in this lady's life persists, and I am eager to explore alternative avenues to ensure she receives the companionship she deserves. With a hopeful heart, I anticipate a more efficient and impactful engagement with Age UK, driven by the shared goal of fostering meaningful connections and enriching lives within our community.
R Robin Lane
66 days ago

Connecting Hearts: A Testament of Hope

As I embarked on a journey to reach out to Age UK through their website, my heart brimmed with hope for a lonely lady in my community yearning for connection and companionship. However, my initial attempt to seek support for her in widening her social circle was met with challenges. The local office's unavailability for drop-in visitors redirected me to the national helpline, promising a callback from a local representative. Three days passed, and the anticipated call never graced my phone, leaving the lady's loneliness untouched and my spirit disheartened. In my quest to bridge the gap between isolation and camaraderie, I found myself at a standstill, unable to convey my goodwill through email due to the lack of communication channels with Age UK. Despite my eagerness to offer solace, I encountered a roadblock, leaving the lady's solitude looming like a shadow. This encounter left me pondering the efficacy of Age UK's outreach efforts, triggering a sense of disarray and disappointment within me. While navigating this disheartening experience, I stumbled upon reflections shared on Trust Pilot, resonating with my sentiments as a beacon of shared dissatisfaction among many, echoing a sentiment of inadequacy. Despite this setback, my determination to make a difference remains unscathed as I seek alternative avenues to fulfill the lady's longing for companionship and support, steering away from the perceived inefficiencies encountered. Amidst the shadows of doubt and frustration, I am fueled by the flicker of hope that Age UK's mission of eradicating loneliness will eventually reach the hearts it aims to touch, fostering connections and spreading warmth in the lives of those who seek solace in the embrace of kindred spirits. Through unwavering perseverance and unwavering faith in the power of human connection, I continue to tread on the path of compassion, determined to illuminate the darkness of isolation with the radiance of shared joy and companionship.
D Denise
67 days ago

Embracing Change and Improvement: A Thoughtful Reflection on My Time with

My experiences with have been eye-opening and transformative. Initially, I found it challenging to navigate the dynamics between employees and volunteers on the retail side. There were instances where I felt pressured to cover shifts on my days off, leaving me with a sense of unease. However, as time progressed, I realized that the company was undergoing a period of change and growth. While there were difficulties, I also witnessed a genuine effort to address issues within the company. The area manager, despite initial reservations, gradually became more approachable, and a positive shift began to take place. The management started to take employee concerns more seriously, and there were visible efforts to support staff members when dealing with difficult customers. These changes reflected a willingness to embrace feedback and facilitate a more supportive work environment. While my journey with had its challenges, I deeply appreciate the opportunity for personal growth and the positive transformations I witnessed within the company. It is evident that is committed to becoming a more employee-friendly and customer-focused organization. I encourage those considering employment or volunteer opportunities with to approach it with an open mind. Embrace the potential for positive change and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the company. It is within our power to shape a better work environment and customer experience, and is demonstrating a willingness to listen and evolve.


Age UK is a registered charity in the United Kingdom that aims to improve the lives of older people. Their website,, offers a range of services and resources tailored to the needs of the elderly population. In this editorial review, we will assess various aspects of Age UK's website, including pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, and shipping and costs.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  • Age UK provides a comprehensive range of services and resources for older people.
  • The website offers a user-friendly interface with easy navigation.
  • Customers can access valuable information on various topics such as health, finance, housing, and more.
  • Age UK's online shop offers a selection of products specifically designed for older individuals.
  • Cons:
  • Some services and resources may require a subscription or membership.
  • Product availability may vary, limiting choices for customers.

User Experience

Age UK's website provides a positive user experience with its intuitive interface and clear navigation. The site is well-organized, making it easy for users to find the information or services they need. Age UK also offers accessible features to cater to individuals with visual impairments or other disabilities. The inclusion of enlargeable text, alternative text for images, and keyboard accessibility contribute to a user-friendly experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Age UK offers a range of services and resources, some of which may require a subscription or membership fee. While the pricing can vary depending on the specific service chosen, Age UK strives to provide value for money with the quality and relevance of their offerings. Discounts and promotions are occasionally available, allowing users to access services at a reduced cost.

Customer Service

Age UK takes pride in their customer service, aiming to provide support and assistance to older individuals and their families. They offer various channels for contacting their customer service team, including phone, email, and online chat. Age UK's customer service representatives are known for their responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to offer guidance and support to users.

Product Quality and Selection

Age UK's online shop offers a selection of products specifically designed for older individuals, including mobility aids, health and well-being products, and daily living aids. While the product selection may not be as extensive as some dedicated retailers, Age UK prioritizes quality over quantity. They partner with reputable suppliers and ensure that the products they offer meet the unique needs and requirements of older individuals.

Website Usability

Age UK's website is designed with usability in mind, catering to the specific needs of older users. The text is clear and legible, and the navigation is straightforward. The website also incorporates responsive design, ensuring it is accessible across different devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Returns and Exchanges

Age UK has a fair and transparent returns and exchanges policy. If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase from the online shop, they can request a return or exchange within a specified period. Age UK aims to resolve any issues promptly and offers assistance in processing returns or exchanges to ensure customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts

Age UK occasionally offers promotions and discounts on their services and products. These promotions can provide customers with opportunities to access valuable services or purchase essential items at a reduced cost. Users are encouraged to explore the website regularly to take advantage of any current promotions or discounts.


Age UK has a strong reputation as a trusted charity dedicated to improving the lives of older people in the UK. The organization has been operating for many years and has garnered respect and recognition for its efforts in supporting the elderly population. Age UK's commitment to high standards and ethical practices has contributed to its positive reputation among users.

Payment Options

Age UK's website offers various payment options to accommodate different customer preferences. Customers can make purchases using debit or credit cards, including major providers such as Visa and Mastercard. Age UK also provides secure online payment gateways, ensuring the safety of customers' personal and financial information.

Loyalty Programs

Age UK does not currently offer a specific loyalty program for its customers. However, it focuses on delivering valuable services and resources to retain and attract users interested in their mission to support older individuals.

Customer Reviews

Age UK's website features customer reviews and testimonials, providing insights into the experiences of individuals who have utilized their services or products. These reviews contribute to the overall trustworthiness of the organization and help potential customers make informed decisions.

Community Involvement

Age UK actively engages with the community, partnering with local organizations, and advocating for the needs and rights of older people. Through various initiatives and campaigns, the charity promotes community involvement, social inclusion, and mutual support among older individuals.

Shipping and Costs

Age UK's online shop provides information on shipping options, costs, and delivery times within the United Kingdom. The shipping rates may vary depending on the weight and size of the items being purchased. Age UK strives to keep shipping costs affordable while ensuring reliable and timely delivery to customers.

Overall, offers a comprehensive platform for older individuals and their families to access a wide range of resources, services, and products tailored to their specific needs. The website's user-friendly interface, commitment to quality, and reputation as a trusted charity contribute to a positive user experience. Age UK's dedication to supporting the elderly population and fostering community involvement further strengthens its position as an authoritative source for elder care in the United Kingdom.