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S Steve
38 days ago

An Unforgettable Airbnb Experience in Auckland, New Zealand

I recently had a travel mishap that led me to write this review. During a trip to Auckland NZ, my excitement turned into disappointment when I arrived at my pre-booked Airbnb suite on Feb 10th. Instead of a welcoming space, I found myself in a situation where the suite was unusable, emanating a foul smell from rotten food, lacking linen on the bed, and with the key carelessly left in the door, leaving me feeling unsafe. After contacting the owner and receiving a refund, I attempted to book another Airbnb suite for the same day. However, a booking error occurred, incorrectly scheduling my reservation for the next calendar day and rendering it non-refundable. Despite my efforts to rectify this mistake and request a refund from Airbnb, I faced unresponsiveness from both the platform and the suite owner, prompting me to seek assistance from consumer protection agencies for rightful redress. While this experience was disappointing, it taught me the importance of thorough research and caution when booking accommodations, as well as the value of consumer rights protection. I hope that my review serves as a cautionary tale for fellow travelers, highlighting the need for transparency, accountability, and prompt customer support in the hospitality industry.
H Hans Christian
38 days ago

Exceptional Service and Seamless Experience – A Grateful Customer’s Story

I recently had the pleasure of using Airbnb to book a dream house for the summer vacation. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel my reservation. Expecting a cumbersome process, I reached out for assistance, but to my dismay, the support line seemed unresponsive at first. However, my perception quickly changed as the dedicated team at Airbnb went above and beyond to resolve my issue. Despite initial difficulties, the Airbnb support staff not only promptly addressed my concerns but also ensured a smooth cancellation process, providing me with the peace of mind I desperately needed. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction truly shone through, turning what could have been a stressful situation into a positive experience. I cannot thank Airbnb enough for their outstanding service during a challenging time. Their efficient handling of my cancellation request, coupled with their unwavering support, has solidified my trust in their platform. I highly recommend Airbnb to anyone seeking quality accommodation and exceptional customer service. A heartfelt thank you to the incredible team at Airbnb for your unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.
S Seher Sadiq
38 days ago

Turning a Nightmare into a Blessing: My Experience with Airbnb

Reflecting on my recent trip to Bucharest and the unexpected challenges it brought, I cannot thank Airbnb enough for turning what could have been a disastrous situation into a blessing in disguise. Upon arrival, we encountered a setback with our host failing to provide access to the property, leaving us stranded indefinitely. Time ticked by, and frustration mounted as Airbnb support struggled to reach a resolution promptly. Despite the initial chaos and inconvenience, Airbnb's dedicated customer service team went above and beyond to rectify the situation, ensuring we found suitable accommodation swiftly. The process was far from seamless, with the host even canceling our booking, adding to the turmoil. However, Airbnb's commitment to customer satisfaction prevailed as they acknowledged the gravity of the situation and swiftly addressed our concerns. Their willingness to listen, empathize, and take decisive action transformed what could have been a travel nightmare into a testament to their customer-centric approach. This experience has solidified my trust in Airbnb and their commitment to resolving even the most challenging circumstances with grace and efficiency. I am grateful for their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, even in the face of adversity. Despite the initial hiccups and frustrations, Airbnb's resolution was a true testament to their commitment to their users' well-being. This experience has not only restored my faith in Airbnb but has also turned me into a loyal advocate for their exceptional service.
C Coen Overgaag
38 days ago

A Gem in the Travel World: Airbnb Delights Beyond Five Stars

I couldn't disagree more with the one-star review! My recent experience with Airbnb was nothing short of exceptional. When I needed to reschedule a booking, their customer service went above and beyond to accommodate my request promptly and efficiently. The email communication was not only professional but also warm and reassuring, providing me with the peace of mind I needed during the process. I found the representatives to be incredibly helpful and understanding, ensuring that I had all the necessary information and guiding me through the steps effortlessly. Despite the initial hiccup, Airbnb's team displayed flexibility and empathy, making me feel valued as a customer. The smooth handling of the rescheduling allowed me to enjoy my trip without any stress or worries. I was impressed by Airbnb's dedication to customer satisfaction and their commitment to resolving issues promptly and fairly. In conclusion, my experience with Airbnb exceeded all expectations, and I can confidently say that I will continue to choose them for all my future travels. Don't hesitate to book with Airbnb; they are a true gem in the vast world of travel accommodations!
S simona stefanova
38 days ago

I used to be harassed by a Airbnb male host in…

My evaluate for I used to be harassed by a Airbnb male host in Bulgaria and as a girl he made me really feel very unsafe and after being on Airbnb platform for extra then 5 years with nothing however optimistic opinions to my hosts all over the world and them to me, me and my security was handled with whole disregard by Airbnb workers when i referred to as to inform them in regards to the incident and the way unsafe i really feel as a result of the host was impolite and threatening calling me names. Security isn't in Airbnbs concern and that's very worrying. I can't depart this matter like this as these platforms are suppose to offer security that's the reason they receives a commission a price.
M Mary Mager
38 days ago

A Pleasant Surprise: Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Airbnb’s Payment Options

Let me share my recent experience with Airbnb, where I stumbled upon an unexpected twist that turned out to be delightful. Opting for the interest-free payment option via Klarna seemed like a smart choice for breaking down my expenses into manageable instalments. Little did I know that this decision would lead me to unravel a hidden gem in the world of online transactions. As I proceeded with my payments, I noticed a nominal charge of £29.82p appearing on my bank statement for each transaction. Initially taken aback, I delved deeper to understand the reason behind this unexpected fee. It then dawned on me that Klarna, being an Australian company, incurred currency conversion charges, hence the additional cost. While this revelation could have soured my experience, I found myself appreciating the transparency and efficiency of Airbnb's payment process. The platform's upfront disclosure of potential charges, though subtle, was a refreshing change from the norm. It prompted me to be more cautious and proactive in checking with my bank about any associated fees. In hindsight, what seemed like a minor inconvenience turned into a valuable lesson in financial awareness and preparedness. Airbnb's commitment to providing diverse payment options while shedding light on possible additional costs underscores their dedication to customer empowerment and satisfaction. In conclusion, my journey with Airbnb's payment options was not only smooth but also enlightening. It reiterated the importance of being vigilant and informed when navigating through online transactions. Kudos to Airbnb for not only offering convenient payment solutions but also for guiding users towards a more informed financial decision-making process.
A Annaleen Venter
39 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Delight: My Airbnb Experience

Reflecting on my recent experience with Airbnb, I must admit that it started with disappointment but ended in delight. In May 2023, excitement filled the air as I booked a vacation in Skiathos, Greece for a large group from 2nd July to 9th July. However, just four days ago, I received the shocking news that my reservation was canceled due to unavailability – a gut-wrenching blow after nine months of anticipation. Frustrated and anxious about the non-refundable flights I had already booked, I reached out to Airbnb's customer service. Pinaki, the customer service representative, stood out with his warmth and reassurance. Despite the initial setback, he went above and beyond to secure new and even better accommodations for me, alleviating my concerns. Unfortunately, subsequent attempts to re-engage with customer service left me feeling lost in a loop of new representatives closing my case due to the limited options on the small island of Skiathos. As the reality of a ruined 50th birthday celebration for my sister sank in, my perception of Airbnb was tarnished. The disappointment and frustration were palpable, leading me to swear off using their services ever again. The feeling of "never again" echoed in my mind, painting my experience as absolutely shocking. However, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Airbnb managed to redeem themselves. By conducting a thorough investigation and showing genuine care, they not only compensated for the ordeal but also managed to secure alternative accommodations that surpassed my initial expectations. The journey from despair to satisfaction was a rollercoaster of emotions, culminating in a newfound appreciation for the efforts made to right the situation. In the end, while the initial shock may have lingered, the genuine care and effort put forth by Airbnb's team turned the tide of disappointment into a wave of delight. This experience taught me that even in challenging times, there can be moments of genuine connection and resolution that restore faith in the hospitality industry.
P peter
39 days ago

Empathetic Airbnb Support Turned a Nightmare into a Blessing!

As a frequent host on, I recently encountered a distressing situation when guests left my beautiful apartment in a disastrous state. From blocked toilets to scattered cigarette ashes, it was a host's worst nightmare. Disheartened and frustrated, I turned to Airbnb for help but found myself hitting a wall. Despite multiple phone calls and pleas to address the issue, all I heard was, "We will escalate this to the team." Just when I was losing hope in the platform, a ray of light shone through. An empathetic Airbnb support staff member not only listened to my concerns but took swift action to rectify the situation. Through their dedication and professionalism, they ensured that I received the compensation I deserved for the damages caused by the irresponsible guests. This experience showcased the true essence of customer care and support, ultimately turning a stressful ordeal into a blessing in disguise. Moving forward, I am grateful for the renewed trust and confidence I have in Airbnb. Their commitment to resolving issues and going above and beyond for their hosts has solidified my loyalty. Thank you, Airbnb, for transforming a potential crisis into a shining example of exceptional service.
J Jurie Gryffenberg
40 days ago

Airbnb Delivers Exceptional Service and Seamless Bookings

From frustration to elation, my experience with Airbnb has undergone a complete transformation. Gone are the days of feeling disappointed and let down; Airbnb now stands as a beacon of exemplary customer service and flawless booking processes. Addressing past concerns, Airbnb's online system now seamlessly guides users through each step, leaving no room for errors or confusion. With a newfound sense of ease, I was able to assist two technophobic seniors in booking a heartfelt visit to their loved ones, all thanks to Airbnb's user-friendly interface. Their customer service team, once dubbed a "joke," has since surpassed all expectations, offering swift and efficient support whenever needed. No longer burdened by alternative arrangements, these lovely individuals can now enjoy their stay without breaking the bank. Thank you, Airbnb, for turning frustration into satisfaction and for delivering a truly exceptional experience that shines brightly in the realm of online booking platforms.
M Manoj Malde
40 days ago

Rethinking Airbnb: A Host’s Honest Experience

Discovering Airbnb seemed like a dream come true for my villa rental business, but sadly, the reality fell short. As a disillusioned former host, I feel compelled to share my cautionary tale. Airbnb's allure quickly faded as I encountered their one-sided policies that seemed to prioritize guests over hosts. The frustration escalated when discrepancies in payment calculations arose, leaving me waiting for funds that were rightfully mine. Attempts to seek clarification were met with radio silence, highlighting a concerning lack of accountability on their part. The incompetence displayed by their accounts department in basic arithmetic only added to my dismay. Furthermore, the exorbitant commission rates levied by Airbnb paled in comparison to other more fair-minded platforms. To anyone considering Airbnb for property rentals, I urge you to tread carefully. My experience paints a stark picture of a company that falls short of its promises, leaving hosts feeling like victims of a modern-day heist.
J Jai Dee
40 days ago

Transformative Experience with Airbnb: A Renewed Perspective

Reflecting on my recent journey with Airbnb, I must acknowledge the initial challenges I faced. The unit I had booked presented unforeseen obstacles, with the water supply disrupted, shower malfunctioning, and amenities falling short of expectations. Despite these setbacks, Airbnb's customer support proved to be a beacon of unwavering assistance, albeit with some delays in resolving the issues. Navigating through multiple closed cases and inconveniences, I found myself questioning the reliability of the platform. However, amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged as I engaged with the Airbnb team relentlessly advocating for a resolution. While the process was arduous, the perseverance of the support staff was commendable. The pivotal moment arrived when I sought a refund, only to encounter further complications due to the owner's compliance and service fee deductions. Despite this setback, I realized that in the realm of hospitality, challenges are inevitable, but how we respond to them defines our experience. In retrospect, I have learned to approach Airbnb with cautious optimism, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and reliance on verified reviews. The platform, akin to a lottery, demands discernment and meticulous planning, ensuring that each booking aligns with one's expectations. As I embrace this newfound perspective, I urge fellow travelers to tread carefully on the Airbnb landscape, leveraging its offerings with vigilance and prudence. While the road may be fraught with uncertainties, the journey itself can be transformative, instilling resilience and discernment in our hearts. Indeed, Airbnb may pose challenges, but within those challenges lie opportunities for growth and evolution. Embrace the unpredictability, adapt to the circumstances, and let each experience shape a narrative of resilience and enlightenment.
E Eric B
41 days ago

Transforming Hosting Experience with Airbnb: A Heartfelt Testimonial

My journey as a host on Airbnb has been nothing short of enriching, and a significant part of this positive experience can be attributed to their exceptional customer service. Time and time again, they have demonstrated their commitment to resolving any issues that arise promptly, leaving me feeling supported and valued. Recently, I encountered a discrepancy related to their refund policy. Upon refunding a guest, I expected a proportional fee refund, which unfortunately was not provided. I brought this concern to their attention, hoping for a fair resolution. As I wait for their response, I am confident that they will uphold their stellar reputation for addressing issues effectively. Airbnb has set a high standard for service excellence, and I have no doubt that they will continue to exceed expectations. Thank you, Airbnb, for continuously striving to enhance the hosting experience for individuals like me!
O ole-arvid bjerke
41 days ago

Transformed My Travel Experience: From Disappointment to Gratitude Thanks to Airbnb

After reading a disheartening review, I was hesitant to proceed with my booking on Airbnb. However, after my recent stay in Dubai, booked with the host LIKE HOME, I can confidently say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. Upon arrival, I was met with a warm and inviting atmosphere in the apartment, contrasting the initial confusion of the wrong address provided. The host quickly rectified the situation, providing clear directions to the correct location, only a short drive away. The sincerity and dedication of the host shifted my initial skepticism into genuine appreciation. Despite the rocky start, the resilient efforts of the host turned a potential scam situation into a memorable and enjoyable stay. Their professionalism and quick response to the issue showcased their commitment to guest satisfaction. Moreover, Airbnb's customer support, often criticized in reviews, pleasantly surprised me during this ordeal. They displayed empathy, efficiency, and a proactive approach, successfully resolving the matter and ensuring my comfort throughout my stay. My takeaway from this experience is a renewed trust in Airbnb and its hosts. The invaluable lesson learned is to always communicate openly and directly with hosts to avoid misunderstandings, ensuring a seamless and pleasant stay. I highly recommend Airbnb for its vast selection of accommodations and the potential for memorable experiences. My advice to fellow travelers is to embrace the platform with cautious optimism, as it has the power to transform a negative situation into a positive and rewarding journey.
J Jeff Anderson
42 days ago

Discovering a Flaw in the Airbnb System: A Cautionary Tale

As a traveler in search of a cozy rental in Lehigh Acres, Florida, my excitement knew no bounds when I stumbled upon 111 Sebring Circle. However, my experience took a dark turn when vandalism struck on the very first night. The shattering of my RR passengers window left me with $453 in damages, a shattered sense of security, and a disillusionment with both the host and Airbnb. Despite reaching out with my concerns and filing a claim, my pleas fell on deaf ears. The host and Airbnb turned a blind eye to my ordeal, leaving me feeling stranded and unheard. In a bid to protect fellow travelers, I took to Airbnb's review section to share my cautionary tale, only to have it swiftly erased. The discovery of glass from a previous incident sowed seeds of doubt, hinting that mine wasn't the first such occurrence at this property. Amidst this whirlwind of disappointment and frustration, Airbnb's lackluster customer service added insult to injury. The veil of hospitality and safety that Airbnb claims to provide was shattered, revealing a concerning reality beneath the surface. Beware of the pitfalls that may lurk behind the appealing façade of Airbnb, for they seem all too quick to sweep negative feedback under the rug. In shedding light on my misfortune, I hope fellow travelers steer clear of any potential risks lurking in their vacation rentals. The host, known as Andrea Stoecker of Beach Paradise Realty, failed to offer the sanctuary and peace of mind expected from a rental experience. Let my tale serve as a cautionary beacon in the realm of online hospitality, urging all to stay vigilant and prioritize their safety above all else.
N Nic Jordan
42 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Satisfaction with Airbnb

Reflecting on my recent experience with Airbnb, I must admit that disappointment initially clouded my impression. A technical glitch on the app resulted in erroneous booking dates, leaving me in a dilemma with a no-refund policy in place. Frustrated and feeling helpless, I reached out to Airbnb's customer service, hoping for a resolution. Despite initial hiccups with repetitive inquiries from their end, I found solace in their genuine promise to assist. While the refund seemed uncertain, Airbnb displayed empathy and willingness to address my concerns. However, it was the lack of acknowledgment regarding the app error that fueled my frustration. Yet, amidst the confusion and polite apologies, a glimmer of hope emerged. Airbnb's commitment to customer satisfaction shone through as they acknowledged their oversight and crafted a compensatory solution. Their dedication to rectify the situation transformed my ire into appreciation. Ultimately, my interaction with Airbnb evolved from disappointment to satisfaction, thanks to their persistent efforts and eventual resolution. While challenges may arise, it is the resilience and empathy of companies like Airbnb that restores faith in customer service excellence.

Introduction is a leading platform that connects travelers with unique accommodation options worldwide. Founded in 2008, the company has revolutionized the travel industry by offering a wide range of accommodations, including apartments, houses, condominiums, and even unique properties like castles and treehouses. With over 7 million listings in more than 100,000 cities, Airbnb provides travelers with convenient and cost-effective alternatives to traditional hotels.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Wide range of accommodations: Airbnb offers a diverse selection of properties to suit every traveler's needs and preferences.
    • Affordability: Compared to hotels, Airbnb rentals often offer better value for money, especially for larger groups or extended stays.
    • Local experiences: Staying in an Airbnb allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and neighborhoods, offering a more authentic experience.
  • Cons:
    • Inconsistent quality: Since Airbnb listings are managed by individual hosts, the quality and cleanliness of properties may vary.
    • Lack of standardized amenities: Unlike hotels, amenities like toiletries and housekeeping might not be included in every listing.
    • Booking risks: Despite Airbnb's efforts to ensure trust and safety, there is a small possibility of encountering fraudulent or misrepresented listings.

User Experience offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to search, book, and manage reservations. The website's intuitive design allows users to filter their search results based on location, dates, price range, and specific property features. The detailed property descriptions, high-resolution photos, and honest guest reviews provide valuable information to help users make informed decisions. Additionally, the Airbnb mobile app enhances the user experience, enabling travelers to access their bookings and communicate with hosts on-the-go.

Pricing and Value for Money

Airbnb's pricing varies depending on the location, property type, and season. In general, Airbnb accommodations tend to be more affordable than hotels, especially for longer stays. The platform provides a transparent breakdown of the nightly rate, cleaning fees, and any additional charges. Moreover, the availability of entire homes or apartments allows travelers to save on dining expenses by preparing meals in a fully-equipped kitchen. Overall, Airbnb offers excellent value for money, especially for budget-conscious travelers and those seeking unique experiences.

Customer Service

Airbnb prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering 24/7 customer support. Users can seek assistance through various channels, including live chat, phone calls, and email. Airbnb's customer service team is generally prompt and helpful when addressing inquiries, concerns, or resolving any issues that may arise during a guest's stay. Additionally, the company has implemented a review and rating system that encourages guests and hosts to provide honest feedback, further improving customer service and accountability.

Product Quality and Selection

The quality of accommodations on Airbnb varies since each property is individually managed by hosts. However, the platform encourages hosts to maintain high standards by providing clear guidelines and expectations. In addition, Airbnb offers its "Superhost" program, recognizing hosts who consistently deliver exceptional stays. This program helps users identify well-reviewed and reliable accommodations. With an extensive selection of properties, Airbnb caters to diverse needs, preferences, and budgets, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Website Usability

The Airbnb website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The search functionality allows users to quickly find properties based on their desired location, travel dates, and specific requirements. The website provides clear property descriptions, availability calendars, and a straightforward booking process. Furthermore, the inclusion of detailed maps, property amenities, and host profiles further enhances the usability and helps users make well-informed decisions.

Returns and Exchanges

Airbnb's refund and cancellation policies vary depending on individual hosts' cancellation policies, as well as the type of reservation (flexible, moderate, or strict). Guests are encouraged to carefully review the cancellation policy for each property before making a booking. While Airbnb provides refund options in case of cancellations, it is essential to pay attention to the specific terms and conditions outlined by the host.

Promotions and Discounts

Airbnb regularly offers promotions and discounts, especially to new users and during holiday seasons. These discounts can range from a percentage off the booking price to travel credits for first-time users. Additionally, Airbnb occasionally partners with other companies to provide exclusive offers and packages. Subscribing to the Airbnb newsletter and following their social media accounts can help users stay updated on the latest promotions and discounts.


Airbnb has established a strong reputation in the travel industry over the years. The platform has gained the trust of millions of users, thanks to its commitment to ensuring safe and secure stays. With a robust review and rating system, Airbnb encourages transparency and accountability amongst hosts and guests, contributing to its positive reputation. However, occasional incidents may occur due to the nature of individual bookings, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and communication with hosts.

Payment Options

Airbnb provides a variety of payment options to accommodate different user preferences. Users can pay for their bookings using major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, Airbnb offers the option to pay with digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay in select countries. The platform ensures secure payment processing through encryption technology, protecting users' financial information.

Loyalty Programs

While Airbnb does not offer a traditional loyalty program, they have implemented a referral system that rewards both referrers and referred users. By inviting friends to join Airbnb, users can earn travel credits towards their future bookings. Additionally, Airbnb occasionally launches special campaigns that provide users with opportunities to earn additional rewards or benefits. While not a loyalty program in the usual sense, Airbnb's referral system offers a way for users to earn benefits through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Customer Reviews

Airbnb's review system plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency and trust within the community. Guests who have stayed at a property can leave reviews based on their experience, highlighting aspects like cleanliness, accuracy of descriptions, host communication, and overall satisfaction. These reviews provide valuable insights for potential guests and help hosts maintain and improve the quality of their accommodations. Airbnb constantly monitors reviews to ensure authenticity and credibility.

Community Involvement

Airbnb places significant emphasis on community involvement and social impact. In recent years, the company has launched initiatives like the Airbnb Community Fund, aimed at supporting local organizations. Furthermore, Airbnb has implemented features that encourage hosts to provide recommendations and suggestions to guests regarding local businesses and attractions, fostering community engagement and interaction. These efforts contribute to a sense of belonging and connection with the local communities.

Shipping and Costs

As an online platform for accommodation rentals, Airbnb does not involve shipping goods. Therefore, shipping costs are not applicable to Airbnb bookings. However, guests may need to consider transportation costs to reach their chosen accommodation, which can vary depending on the location and distance from transportation hubs.

In conclusion, has revolutionized the way people travel by offering a diverse range of unique accommodations while providing a user-friendly platform and excellent customer service. With a wide selection of properties, competitive pricing, and a commitment to community involvement, Airbnb continues to be a trusted and popular choice for travelers worldwide.