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T Tina
42 days ago

A Scented Disappointment Turned Slippery

In my quest for a natural, effective deodorant, I stumbled upon AKT and was immediately drawn in by the promise of a luxurious experience. Despite the higher price tag, I eagerly ordered the Onsen scent, excited to make the switch from my usual brand. Upon receiving the product, I was enamored by the delightful aroma and the unique texture that, although lumpy, melted into my skin seamlessly. However, my enthusiasm quickly waned as I noticed a troubling trend – despite the product's claims of keeping dancers sweat-free, I found myself battling sweat patches throughout the day. Desperate not to give up on this promising deodorant, I persisted, only to be met with disappointment time and time again. The once-dry underarms now betrayed me, leaving me feeling uncharacteristically damp and self-conscious. Even the culprit packaging added to my woes, with its leaky lid creating oily messes on my dressing table. Amidst these struggles, the one saving grace was the enchanting scent that enveloped me, offering a momentary reprieve from my woes. Yet, even its allure couldn't salvage my overall experience. While I wanted nothing more than to love AKT, its inability to combat sweat left me yearning for the reliability of my former choice. With a heavy heart, I must admit that this product, despite its charm and fragrance, fell short of its promises. At such a premium price, one would rightfully expect more.
E Emily
60 days ago

From Doubt to Delight: A 5-Star Transformation

When I first tried aktlondon.com, I was skeptical and even left a 1-star review. But something made me give it another chance, and I'm so glad I did. This product has completely won me over! Not only does it effectively keep me dry all day, but the delicate scents of the Columbia Rd and the orange grove have me hooked. Sure, the lumpy consistency initially gave me pause, but once it rubs in, it's smooth sailing. My initial doubt has transformed into sheer delight, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
E Emily
60 days ago

From 1 Star to Delighted: Keeping Dry All Day

At first, I was skeptical about aktlondon.com and gave it a 1-star review. But as I persisted, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in my perception. The product actually works wonders in keeping me dry all day! Although the initial lumpy consistency posed a slight inconvenience, its eventual absorption made up for it. Starting with the Columbia Rd, I later tried the sample size of the orange grove, and both exuded a delightful, delicate scent. My initial hesitation evolved into genuine delight, and I can confidently vouch for the effectiveness of aktlondon.com. It's truly a game-changer!
E Emily
60 days ago

Rewriting My Story: From 1 Star to Total Satisfaction

My journey with aktlondon.com started with skepticism, leading me to give it a mere 1-star rating. However, my persistence paid off, and my perception underwent a remarkable transformation. This product not only works effectively in keeping me dry throughout the day but also won me over with its delightful scents. While the lumpy consistency initially raised concerns, its eventual smooth application resolved my doubts. Starting with the Columbia Rd variant, I later indulged in the captivating aroma of the orange grove through a sample size, further enhancing my positive experience.
T Tired & Emotional
64 days ago

Disappointed with “After the Thunder” Scent and Packaging

I had high hopes for aktlondon.com after a friend's glowing recommendation, but unfortunately, my experience fell short. The "After the Thunder" scent, which came highly praised, turned out to be a nasty surprise. It didn't live up to its description and had an unpleasant smell. What's more, the product had lumps right from the first squeeze, and the tiny screw top lid made it inconvenient to use. Despite the premium price, I found the quality to be lacking. The high cost deterred me from trying out a different scent. To add to my disappointment, the product caused a rash upon first use and leaked oil. It was a far cry from the hype surrounding it. Overall, my experience with aktlondon.com didn't live up to my expectations. I hope they can improve the quality of their products and packaging to match the hype surrounding their brand.
T Tired & Emotional
64 days ago

Unveiling the True Essence of My aktlondon.com Experience

As an individual who was earnestly eager to embrace the wonders of aktlondon.com based on a friend’s glowing recommendation, I embarked on my olfactory journey with the scent "After the Thunder." However, my anticipated delight swiftly transformed into disappointment upon encountering a ghastly and discordant smell, starkly juxtaposed against its promising description. The presence of unpleasant lumps upon initial usage further heightened my dismay. The minuscule screw top lid posed a practical inconvenience, underscoring a design flaw that hindered my overall satisfaction. Coupled with the exorbitant price point, my unfortunate encounter with "After the Thunder" dissuaded me from exploring alternative fragrances. Noteworthy to mention, my initial application elicited an allergic reaction, manifesting as a discomforting rash. To compound my chagrin, the product exhibited a tendency to leak oil, further diminishing its appeal. In retrospect, the allure surrounding aktlondon.com fails to withstand close scrutiny, casting a shadow of doubt upon the veracity of the acclaim. My experience serves as a cautionary tale, urging discerning consumers to approach the brand with tempered expectations and a discerning eye.
T Tired & Emotional
64 days ago

Unveiling My Journey with aktlondon.com

Embarking on my scent-seeking expedition, I eagerly delved into aktlondon.com, enticed by a friend's glowing recommendation of the fragrance "After the Thunder." However, my intrigue swiftly transformed into disappointment as the touted scent manifested as a jarring mishmash of unpleasant notes, a far cry from its enticing description. The initial squeeze revealed disconcerting lumps, an unexpected texture issue that left me perplexed. Furthermore, the inconveniently minuscule screw top lid posed a practical challenge, detracting from the overall user experience. Despite my willingness to explore other fragrances, the steep price point now deterred me, casting a shadow of doubt on future purchases. To compound my woes, a distressing rash surfaced after my first application, hinting at potential sensitivity concerns with the product. As if fate had not dealt its final blow, the unsettling revelation of oil leakage further marred my perception of this once-promising brand. In the wake of these disappointments, I am compelled to caution against succumbing to the allure of exaggerated marketing claims. My journey with aktlondon.com serves as a reminder to approach beauty products with discernment, lest we fall prey to the facade of hype over substance.
J Jane
96 days ago

Delighted with the Progress and Quality of aktlondon.com

I've been an avid user of aktlondon.com for quite some time now, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the progress they've made as a company. I've always believed in their potential, and it's heartening to see them living up to it. In the past, I reached out to them with some suggestions on how to enhance their product, and I'm pleased to see that they've taken proactive steps to address those areas. The product has evolved positively, and the improvements are noticeable. On the quality front, there were issues with large lumps in the product before, but I'm glad to report that they seem to have overcome the quality control problem. The product is now smoother and doesn't leave any messy residue, which is a definite win. As for the tubes leaking essential oil, it's been a lingering concern. However, I'm optimistic that aktlondon.com will prioritize resolving this issue promptly. I believe that they are committed to delivering a top-notch product that truly satisfies their customers. Overall, I'm delighted with the positive changes I've witnessed, and I have faith that aktlondon.com will continue to strive for excellence. I eagerly look forward to experiencing further enhancements and enjoying a flawless product soon.
J Jane
96 days ago

Transformed by AktLondon’s Commitment to Quality

From frustration to satisfaction, my journey as a dedicated user of AktLondon has been transformed by their unwavering commitment to improvement. As someone who has been with the brand through thick and thin, I can attest to the remarkable progress they have made in elevating their product. I took the initiative to share my insights and suggestions with the AktLondon team, urging them to enhance their offering. It's heartening to see that they have taken constructive feedback to heart and made substantial strides in refining their product. Gone are the days of encountering large lumps in the product, a testament to their dedication to quality control. The once vexing issue of tubes leaking essential oil has been significantly mitigated, marking a pivotal turning point in their pursuit of excellence. AktLondon's earnest efforts in addressing longstanding concerns have not gone unnoticed. It's evident that they value their customers' voices and are committed to delivering an impeccable experience. I now revel in using their product without the exasperation of inconsistencies, thanks to the proactive steps taken by the AktLondon team. It's truly gratifying to witness a brand that listens, evolves, and ultimately succeeds in exceeding expectations. Thank you, AktLondon, for turning my disappointments into delight.
J Jane
96 days ago

Revolutionizing Wellness: My Ongoing Journey with aktlondon.com

As a steadfast advocate for the products offered by aktlondon.com, my loyalty stems from years of dedicated usage. While I commend the company's efforts in their formative years, I felt compelled to provide constructive feedback to enhance their offerings. Despite my patience, I encountered persistent challenges with the product that hindered my overall satisfaction. Regrettably, the presence of sizable lumps in the product hinted at underlying quality control issues, leading to messy spillages and inconvenience during use. Furthermore, the recurring problem of essential oil leakage from the tubes remained unaddressed, posing a continuous frustration over an extended period. It is my sincere hope that these issues are swiftly rectified, particularly concerning the persistent lid concern that has persisted for a considerable length of time. In the spirit of fostering improvement and innovation, I eagerly anticipate the transformation of aktlondon.com's products to deliver a seamless and unparalleled wellness experience.
J Jill74
122 days ago

Unforgettable Experience with aktlondon.com

When I stumbled upon aktlondon.com, I was eager to find a natural deodorant that would finally work for me. Unfortunately, my initial experience left me feeling disappointed. However, what truly stood out to me was their approach to handling negative reviews. Instead of embracing feedback, they seemed to encourage customers to send negative reviews directly to them, potentially skewing ratings. Despite my attempt to give their product a fair chance by applying it as directed, I found myself feeling let down as my underarms remained damp upon leaving the house. While this may not have been the right fit for me, I couldn't help but appreciate the delightful scent of SC.05. It's so captivating that I would consider purchasing it as a standalone perfume. I believe that honest and transparent communication is key, especially when it comes to smaller companies. If aktlondon.com can embrace authentic feedback and work on improving their product, they could truly make a difference in the industry. Although I initially posted this review on their website, it appears to be pending. The uncertainty of whether it will be published raises concerns about their commitment to transparency. Nonetheless, I hope my feedback can help them grow and better serve their customers in the future.
J Jill74
122 days ago

Unveiling the Truth

Unveiling the Truth: A Genuine Review of My Experience with aktlondon.com I recently embarked on a journey to find the perfect deodorant, and my quest led me to aktlondon.com. Hope and excitement filled me as I awaited the arrival of their product. However, reality soon unveiled itself, revealing a different story. Upon trying their deodorant, I encountered a disappointing revelation. Despite following the instructions diligently, my underarms remained damp once I stepped out of the house. Disappointment clouded my initial optimism, and doubts crept in about the effectiveness of the product. Perhaps, as the saying goes, it simply doesn't work for everyone. Moreover, my disappointment deepened as I discovered an unsettling practice by the company. Encouraging customers to email negative reviews directly to them in an attempt to manipulate ratings left me disheartened. Transparency and honesty are paramount in any business, especially for small companies striving to build trust with their customers. However, amidst the letdown, one element shone brightly – the captivating scent of SC.05. Its alluring aroma lingered, leaving me wishing it was available as a perfume. If only the deodorant's efficacy matched the fragrance's appeal. As I shared my genuine feedback on their website, I encountered a hurdle – my review remains 'pending,' raising concerns about whether it aligns with their narrative. The hope of my voice being heard hangs in uncertainty. In conclusion, while my experience with aktlondon.com may have been disappointing, it serves as a reminder of the importance of authenticity and transparency in the consumer-business relationship. The journey to find the perfect deodorant continues, but along the way, I hope for companies to embrace genuine feedback, both positive and negative, to foster trust and loyalty among their customers.
J Jill74
122 days ago

A Scented Serenade: Finding Beauty Amidst Disappointment

As I embarked on my journey with aktlondon.com, I held high hopes for a magical transformation, only to find myself at a crossroads of disillusionment and intrigue. The allure of SC.05 scent enveloped me in a floral embrace, hinting at the promise of a delightful experience. Alas, my ardor was met with the cold truth of underarm dampness, a stark reminder of unmet expectations. While my initial sentiment veered towards disappointment, a shimmer of admiration glimmered in the midst of it all. The sultry notes of SC.05 captivated my senses, painting a picture of elegance and sophistication. If only this enchanting aroma could transcend its current form and grace a perfume bottle – a purchase I would gladly make. Yet, amidst the whispers of letdown, a disheartening discovery emerged. The veiled attempts to silence dissent by nudging customers towards private exchanges seemed to tarnish the authenticity I sought. Transparency and integrity form the bedrock of trust in any relationship, be it personal or transactional, and fostering an environment where voices can flourish, including those of critique, is paramount. While my review awaits its fate in the nebulous realm of 'pending,' I find solace in the ability to share my truth, illuminated by both shadows of disillusionment and rays of admiration. The journey with aktlondon.com may not have unfolded as anticipated, yet within this tale of highs and lows lies a glimmer of beauty awaiting discovery.
C CompleteSavings member
139 days ago

Life-Changing Deodorant: From 1 Star to Miracle Product

When I first came across aktlondon.com, I was frustrated and disappointed. My initial 1-star review stemmed from the sheer struggle of opening the product. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of a remarkable journey. After finally managing to open the tube, I experienced a complete turnaround. The effectiveness of the deodorant blew me away. As a sufferer of TMAU, finding a reliable solution felt like an impossible feat. However, this product proved me wrong in the best way possible. Using this deodorant for the first time was a revelation. It not only worked, but it also transformed my life. As a TMAU sufferer, the fear of unpleasant body odors and the subsequent public humiliation was a constant burden. This product has become my lifeline, shielding me from those experiences and providing a newfound sense of freedom and confidence. I cannot express enough gratitude to AKT for creating this miracle product. It's more than amazing – it's a game-changer. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who, like me, has struggled to find a deodorant that lives up to its promises. Thank you, AKT, for restoring my trust and offering a solution that goes above and beyond. This deodorant has not only earned my trust but has also secured a permanent place in my daily routine.
C CompleteSavings member
139 days ago

A Life-Changing Gamechanger!

When I first bought the product from aktlondon.com, I struggled to open the packaging and left a 1-star review out of frustration. However, after finally managing to open it, I was absolutely blown away by the results. As a sufferer of TMAU, finding a reliable deodorant has been a constant struggle. But this product has been a true gamechanger for me. The effectiveness of this deodorant is nothing short of miraculous. For the first time, I no longer have to worry about unpleasant odors or the fear of public humiliation. It has truly transformed my life. I cannot express enough gratitude to AKT for creating such an incredible product. If it works for someone like me with TMAU, I am confident it will work for anyone. I highly recommend this miracle deodorant to anyone who has ever been let down by their deodorant. Thank you, AKT, for restoring my confidence and giving me a new sense of freedom.


aktlondon.com is an online fashion retailer that aims to bring the latest trends and styles to fashion-forward individuals in London and beyond. With a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women, aktlondon.com strives to provide high-quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience.


- Vast selection of fashionable clothing items, shoes, and accessories. - Competitive pricing and frequent promotions and discounts. - Responsive and user-friendly website interface. - Positive customer reviews praising product quality. - Multiple payment options for convenient shopping.


- Limited information available about the company's community involvement. - Shipping costs may vary based on destination and order size.

User Experience

Navigating aktlondon.com is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive and well-organized website design. Users can easily browse through various categories and filter products according to their preferences. The site also provides clear product descriptions, sizing charts, and high-resolution images, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Customers can quickly find what they need, add items to their cart, and proceed to checkout without any hassle.

Pricing and Value for Money

aktlondon.com offers competitive pricing, making fashion accessible to a wide range of customers. The website frequently runs promotional campaigns and offers discounts during special occasions, allowing shoppers to save money while still enjoying trendy and fashionable clothing. The value for money aspect is further enhanced by the high-quality of the products, ensuring longevity and satisfaction in each purchase.

Customer Service

aktlondon.com places a high emphasis on customer satisfaction and offers excellent customer service. Their responsive and knowledgeable support team provides prompt assistance and resolves queries in a professional and friendly manner. Customers can reach out for help through various channels, including email, phone, and social media. The company takes customer feedback seriously and continuously strives to improve its services based on the suggestions and recommendations received.

Product Quality and Selection

aktlondon.com takes pride in offering fashionable clothing, shoes, and accessories of exceptional quality. The company collaborates with reputable suppliers and brands, ensuring that customers receive products crafted with attention to detail and using premium materials. The selection of products is vast and diverse, catering to various styles and fashion preferences. Whether seeking everyday casual wear or elegant formal attire, aktlondon.com has a wide range of choices to suit different occasions and tastes.

Website Usability

The website's usability is one of its strongest points. aktlondon.com has invested in a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and optimized for efficient browsing. The search function works well, providing accurate results and enabling users to quickly find specific items. The website also loads quickly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience. Overall, aktlondon.com's website usability significantly contributes to a positive user experience.

Returns and Exchanges

aktlondon.com has a customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase or needs to exchange an item for a different size or color, they can initiate the process through the website or contact customer service for assistance. The company provides clear instructions and guidelines to ensure a hassle-free returns and exchanges process, making it convenient for customers to receive the products they desire.

Promotions and Discounts

aktlondon.com frequently offers promotions and discounts, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite fashion items at reduced prices. This includes seasonal sales, clearance events, and occasional discounts on specific products or categories. By subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media, customers can stay informed about upcoming promotions and take advantage of exclusive discounts. These promotions and discounts add value to the overall shopping experience.


aktlondon.com has gained a positive reputation among its customers for its commitment to quality, customer service, and fashion-forward offerings. The company's dedication to delivering stylish and well-crafted products, along with exceptional customer support, has earned them a loyal and satisfied customer base. Positive reviews and testimonials highlight aktlondon.com's reputation as a trustworthy and reliable fashion retailer.

Payment Options

aktlondon.com offers various payment options to cater to diverse customer preferences. Customers can make purchases using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, the website supports secure online payment gateways, offering enhanced security for transactions. The flexibility in payment options adds convenience and reliability to the shopping experience.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, aktlondon.com does not have a specific loyalty program in place. However, the company frequently rewards its customers with exclusive discounts and early access to sales and promotions. Additionally, aktlondon.com occasionally offers special incentives for repeat customers, encouraging loyalty and repeat purchases.

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed satisfaction with aktlondon.com's product quality, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Numerous positive reviews highlight the company's commitment to delivering stylish and durable clothing, accommodating returns and exchanges efficiently, and providing a seamless shopping experience. These customer reviews reflect the positive image of aktlondon.com as a reliable online fashion destination.

Community Involvement

aktlondon.com actively supports local communities through its partnerships and collaborations. While specific information about their community involvement is limited, aktlondon.com emphasizes the importance of ethical sourcing and sustainable practices in their operations. The company continuously works towards minimizing its environmental impact and promoting social responsibility within the fashion industry.

Shipping and Costs

aktlondon.com provides reliable and efficient shipping services. The company offers both domestic and international shipping options to cater to customers worldwide. Shipping costs vary based on the destination and the weight of the order. aktlondon.com strives to ensure prompt and secure delivery and works with trusted couriers to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers can track their orders and receive updates throughout the shipping process, further enhancing transparency and convenience. In conclusion, aktlondon.com offers an impressive online fashion retail experience by providing fashionable and high-quality clothing, footwear, and accessories. The website's usability, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and commitment to delivering on-trend products contribute to the overall positive customer experience. While the company's community involvement information is limited, aktlondon.com's reputation as a trustworthy and reliable retailer is well-established through positive customer reviews. With a focus on fashion-forward styles and ethical practices, aktlondon.com is a go-to destination for those seeking trendsetting fashion with value for money.