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T Stubbs 19692 days ago

Do not waste your time contributing to

A Disappointing Experience with Alamy My Honest AccountIf you are considering contributing to Alamy think twice. What used to be a fair 5050 split has now turned into an 8020 split heavily favoring them. Climbing back to a 6040 split seems nearly impossible leaving contributors feeling trapped in an unfavorable arrangement. The prices at which they sell stock images are shockingly low resulting in minimal returns for the time and effort invested. Having sold a significant number of images over the years I found myself disheartened by the diminishing returns. Ultimately I made the difficult decision to close my account realizing that the only party benefitting from my hard work was Alamy. One particular experience that epitomizes my frustration was during the Ebola crisis in West Africa where I spent a month capturing images despite the inherent dangers. To my dismay the images from this poignant period were priced as low as a picture of a bag of chips at a UK seaside. The lack of recognition for the significance and risks associated with such images was truly disheartening. In conclusion my experience with Alamy left me feeling undervalued and unappreciated. It is with a heavy heart that I part ways with a platform I once believed in. If you are a creator looking for fair compensation and recognition for your efforts I would urge you to explore other avenues.

Crusty1703 19692 days ago

Latest images rejected as 8220soft and A Frustrating Experience Turned Into TriumphWhen I first submitted my latest images to I was excited to share my work with a platform known for its reputable status in the world of photography. However my enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration when my submissions were rejected with the reason citing soft and lacking definition. This feedback left me perplexed and disheartened considering the same images had been readily accepted by two other wellknown photographic agencies and even a calendar printer prompting me to question the discrepancy in the evaluation process. My initial reaction was one of disappointment as I couldnt comprehend how the quality of my work had been misjudged. Despite my disappointment I opted to reach out to the Alamy support team to seek clarification on the matter. I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and helpful response I received. The team not only took the time to explain the specific grounds for the rejections but also provided constructive feedback on how I could improve my submissions in the future. Armed with this valuable insight I decided to take another shot at refining my images. Through meticulous adjustments and finetuning I was able to address the concerns raised by the Alamy team while ensuring that the essence and creativity of my work remained uncompromised. To my delight my resubmissions were met with approval and I was thrilled to see my images showcased on the platform reaching a broader audience and gaining recognition for my artistry. Alamys constructive criticism and support not only helped me enhance the quality of my work but also instilled a sense of confidence in the fairness and integrity of their review process. The journey from initial rejection to eventual acceptance served as a testament to the platforms commitment to upholding high standards while nurturing and elevating the talents of photographers. I am now proud to be a part of the Alamy community grateful for the valuable lessons learned and the opportunities unlocked through their platform. For fellow photographers and creatives seeking a platform that values constructive feedback fosters growth and celebrates artistic expression I wholeheartedly recommend as a place where your work can find its deserving recognition.

John 19692 days ago


A GameChanging Experience with Alamys Remarkable Image CollectionWhen I first discovered Alamy my initial thought was amazing and now having delved into their extensive image collection I can confidently say that they offer an unparalleled array of images that truly elevate my projects. The quality and diversity of visuals available are beyond compare and I have found the perfect images for all my creative needs. Their library is not only vast but also of exceptional quality. Whether I needed highresolution photographs stunning illustrations or striking vectors Alamy had it all. I was particularly impressed by the diversity of their collection covering a wide range of subjects themes and styles ensuring that there was something for every project I worked on. What really set Alamy apart for me was the seamless experience their platform provides. The websites userfriendly interface made it effortless to navigate through the extensive library and find exactly what I was looking for. The ability to categorize searches and apply filters made the whole process efficient and enjoyable. But its not just the collection and platform that won me over its also the exceptional quality of the images themselves. I found that each picture exuded excellence in composition clarity and relevance. This made a significant difference in the impact of my projects adding a professional and captivating touch that was unparalleled. Moreover the ease of purchasing and downloading the images was an added convenience. The straightforward licensing process and various purchase options further enhanced my experience saving me valuable time and effort. Alamy has become my goto source for all my visual content needs. Their incredible selection userfriendly platform and topnotch image quality have truly set them apart. With Alamy I not only found amazing images but also a partner in my creative journey adding significant value to my projects and exceeding my expectations at every turn.

Rebecca Nolte 19692 days ago

If you don8217t set up an Alamy account it is difficult to download the photos.

When I embarked on a family research project last November I turned to Alamy for historical photos. Placing my order on November 22 I eagerly anticipated delving into the visual past of my ancestors. However upon receiving the invoices as attachments I soon realized that obtaining the actual images was proving to be a challenging endeavor. The absence of clear instructions on how to download the photos left me perplexed and slightly frustrated. Despite my best efforts all I could manage to retrieve were the invoices. Determined to overcome this hurdle I endeavored to set up an online account with Alamy on November 25 hoping that this would facilitate the download process. Little did I know that this too would present its own set of obstacles. After several unsuccessful attempts I discovered that the key to resolving this issue lay in the proactive establishment of an account prior to placing an order. Unaware of this requirement I had failed to set up an account before making my initial purchase and consequently encountered difficulties in downloading the files following my order. It became apparent that my assumption of the files being attached to the order confirmation was misleading and had contributed to the complications I faced. Despite the initial challenges my determination to obtain the desired historical photos remained unwavering. It was through perseverance and the invaluable assistance provided by Alamys customer service link that I eventually succeeded in creating an account marking a significant milestone in my quest for family heritage. In retrospect the hurdles I encountered proved to be valuable lessons enlightening me on the importance of forethought and due diligence in utilizing Alamys services. I am now equipped with a deeper understanding of the significance of establishing an account prior to placing an order and have learned to swiftly download files upon purchase thus optimizing my overall experience with Alamy. In conclusion while I initially faced challenges in navigating the download process my interaction with Alamy served as a catalyst for personal growth and enhanced my appreciation for the meticulous approach required in engaging with their platform. As I continue my family research journey I am confident in my ability to adeptly utilize Alamys resources and eagerly anticipate the visual treasures that await me.

Oskar Binder 19692 days ago Review A Photographer8217s Frustration with Quality Control and Compensation

My experience with has been quite frustrating due to their Quality Control process. As a photographer I take pride in my work and strive to consistently produce highquality images. However my interactions with Alamys Quality Control team have left me feeling disheartened and undervalued. One of the most disheartening aspects of Alamys Quality Control is the apparent lack of thoroughness and efficiency. Sadly it seems that the team is overwhelmed with the volume of images to review resulting in a neglectful approach to their responsibilities. As a result they often refuse to review my submissions if I upload more than 10 images in a day or 20 in a week using what I can only describe as awkward and poorly explained reasoning. This limitation has significantly hindered my ability to showcase a broader range of my work as well as my capacity to contribute consistently to the platform. Furthermore the compensation structure at Alamy has been a source of great disappointment. The fact that photographers only receive a mere 10 of the proceeds from their work is incredibly disheartening. Additionally I was disheartened to learn that payments are only processed once a photographers content has been sold for 500. This system not only undervalues the contributions of photographers and artists but also creates significant financial challenges for individuals attempting to sustain themselves through their creative endeavors. It is evident to me that Alamys management is in dire need of fundamental change. The current processes in place not only hinder the creative contributions of photographers but also create an environment where their efforts are undervalued and underappreciated. As a dedicated artist I am hopeful that Alamy will take proactive steps to address these issues ensuring a more equitable and supportive platform for photographers and artists alike.

nathalie chahine al chabab 19692 days ago

Not recommended

Disappointed with Alamys Image QualityAfter a recent experience with Alamy I felt compelled to share my thoughts. I had purchased a photo from the platform expecting an image size of 18MB only to later discover that the file was a mere 1MB. As someone who depends on highquality images for professional use this was a disappointing revelation. When I initially made the purchase I envisioned having access to a large highresolution photograph suitable for various creative projects. However to my dismay the image fell far short of my expectations. In hindsight the prospect of resizing the photo in Photoshop felt underwhelming especially after anticipating a significantly larger file size. The discrepancy between the advertised size and the actual file I received left me feeling misled and dissatisfied with the entire transaction. My experience with Alamy left much to be desired and this discrepancy in image quality has certainly influenced my perception of the platform. As someone who values transparency and reliability when sourcing digital content I would caution others to be mindful of the potential disparity in file sizes when considering purchases from Alamy. Given the critical nature of image quality within the digital landscape I hope that Alamy will address these discrepancies and provide customers with a more accurate representation of their products. As consumers we rely on factual information to make informed decisions and the integrity of the product is paramount to our trust in a brand. In conclusion based on my experience I would not recommend Alamy for those seeking reliably highquality highresolution images. The discrepancy in file size between what was advertised and what was received was a significant letdown and I would advise potential customers to exercise caution when considering purchases from this platform.

WSAB 19692 days ago


This business is a fraud bought an image last year for 10. Used it on my website. Got an email from their solicitors to say you dont have the licence to use that image on your website and to pay them 400 for breaking the agreement. Its not clear on their website if you buy an image from them that you cant use it anywhere you like. Surely trading standards need to be looking at this companies practices they are clearly tricking the customers into buying a image and then sending them legal letters to get 400 out of them. I would challenge this in court but due to limited time and to save myself from the negative energy and headache I just paid them the 400 but never ever again I would use them again. If you really must use them please please check before buying to see where and how you can use their images otherwise they will send you a bill for 400.

Joris Peucheret 143 days ago

Simple clear and fast

Simple clear and good price to find a image pack with extensive selection. great help from customer care team. Ideal for my creative project

Mik 293 days ago


How can I remove it from my portfolio take it off saleGo to Alamy Image Manager optional go right down to the bottom right and there is a delete button. The image stays on sale for 6 months though after marking for deletion. What a SCAM

Elles van Helden 19692 days ago

Fraud in capital letters.

Fraud in capital letters. Cheaters 1st class. They give you the idea that you book a tour. After payment you bought an image of the tour you wanted to make. Why doesnt the United Kindom take any action against this criminals

Lisa Lampinen 19692 days ago

Quality control is not doing anything or is extremely slow.

i have 3 submissions with 3 pictures each that has been in quality control for over a week. It used to take one day at most but after 3 succesful submissions it seems like theyre not checking my submissions anymore. Im a beginner photographer who thought selling stock images could be a fun hobby but after this experience and after reading some other rewievs i will be changing the website i upload my images to.

Lara 54 days ago

After a good start a very rude awakening Beware

Alamy had a very good sales person who arranged good prices and was very friendly always approachable and very nice to work with. Suddenly contacting her was no longer possible and the arranged prices changed without notice. The fees have more than doubled. Neither sales nor creditcontrol nor any of the given phone numbers work... no one answers or after a wainting loop the line is suddenly dead.

Andy Fussell 19692 days ago

As a contributor I used to be happy

As a contributor they used to be decent. Now they just steal your images for their own gain. Last sale I had they took over 80 of And they do deals which you get virtually nothing for yet the lowest way of buying on their site is vastly more than the the tiny percentage they give you. Obviously they are struggling to survive and using the hard work of photographers to stay afloat. Avoid

John Morgan 147 days ago

unlicensed usage scam

Our local Charity received an email from fairlicensingalamy demanding payment for unlicensed image use on our website. The associated screenshot showed images which are not and have never been used on our website nor elsewhere. There is deliberately no way of contacting the email sender. Is this a scam As we cannot contact any part of Alamy other than Sales should we just ignore this14 JULY UPDATE Things have become a little clearer. Alamy objected to our Charity website posting a link to a July 2017 Guardian newspaper article which included an image which had not been licensed for us to use although presumably had been for the Guardian. If a tenth of the 27000 UK parks and open spaces had posted this very relevant link as they might well have done Alamy would be seeking over 1 million in unlicensed use fees...21 JULY UPDATE nearly three weeks after first emailing all available of not many Alamy email addresses about this issue we received no response. Nor to a subsequent request seeking fair use permission to post another image on our Charitys FB sites 1200 followers.

Michi 19692 days ago

Takes too long for your sold items to appear in the cleared balance

Although if you are lucky once in a while you may sell for a decent price the biggest issue is turn around time. Some of their customers have turn around billing time of 3 months. So they start using and publishing your materials but it will not even show up on your Dashboard as sold. Worse once the customer send the billing it will show up as sold and you will have to wait for another 23 months to get your BALANCE cleared. This is worst among all the stock photography platforms.

Sebastian Straszak 19692 days ago

Opted out of novel use and the other

Opted out of novel use and the other extras yet a photo sold for 13 despite the actual use Editorial Website being listed for 30 Alamy stole my photo and sold it for less than was advertised and gave 5 in return despite my having opted out of other options that would allow such a sale. Dont sell stock with them or in general its an entire scam. Not the first time Ive been done over by stock but it will be the last hobbyists avoid Alamy and other stock sites and know your worth these ones certainly dont.

Nigel Roberson 19692 days ago

Photographers BEWARE

Two images were sold for0.10 each How that happens is a mystery when the cheapest images on the screen are 9.99After Alamy commission and a distributors commission there was a payment to me of zero. Photographers beware you are being ripped off.

Scott Dunstan 19692 days ago

Very bad operators 8211 DO NOT USE

Very bad operators DO NOT USE. These people are scammersI purchased an image for newsletter use and then used the image for a website I changed the licensing to upgrade as the use had changed to website. I was then contacted by their lawyers saying that I had misused the image and thus broke their rules even though I had purchased the upgraded licences. A case with their lawyer was then created and myself and the client were hounded to pay extremely high fees for the late change in licensing the image.

Wolfie 90 days ago

The images are lowres

Dont buy classical painting photos from this company They upload tinysized JPEG files and charge you an enormous amount I actually checked Wikipedia and saw exactly the same size and type of images. And Wikipedia is completely free. Its a ripoff company I wrote them and they replied that they have written a note near the paintings that they are old and can have imperfections. That usually means highresolution photos but visible stains or painting cracks. But no I got a blurry image for 13 euros that I could download from Instagram and it would probably look the same. Do not recommend this to anyone

Pieter 19692 days ago

Image quality not as promised

Upon seeking a striking image for my project I stumbled upon Alamy and was enticed by the promise of highquality images. Regrettably the reality did not measure up to the expectations set by their marketing. The image I eagerly downloaded fell short in terms of quality leaving me underwhelmed and dissatisfied. Alamys practice of delivering compressed downloads without specific disclosure prior to purchase was alarming. The website vaguely alludes to the possibility of decompressing the images to their full size using programs like Photoshop but this process proved futile. The underlying predicament is exacerbated by the revelation that Alamy exclusively provides .jpeg files for download. While the website may boast the potential for expanding a 1 MB image to 25 MB the irreversible nature of jpeg compression tells a different story. Once information is lost during compression it cannot be seamlessly restored even with sophisticated tools like Photoshop. Consequently Alamys sale of a 1 MB image under the guise of a 25 MB one epitomizes deceptive marketing practices. In essence I find Alamys lack of transparency regarding image properties and file sizes to be nothing short of misleading. The intrinsic value of the images I accessed was compromised ultimately overshadowing their potential impact on my project. As a consumer I value honesty and accuracy qualities that were conspicuously absent in my experience with Alamy. Despite the disappointment I encountered I am hopeful that by shedding light on my ordeal potential customers will approach Alamys offerings with caution and manage their expectations accordingly. It is incumbent upon companies to uphold ethical standards and provide transparent accurate information to their clientele and I trust that Alamy will take this feedback into consideration for the benefit of future customers.


Alamy is a popular stock photo agency that allows individuals and businesses to purchase royalty-free images and videos. The website provides a vast collection of high-quality content, including editorial and creative images, vectors, 3D assets, and a platform for contributors to sell their work.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Alamy offers a massive library of more than 200 million images, with new content added daily. The site's stock photo collection features a broad range of subjects, from nature and wildlife to business and travel. The company has an excellent reputation and offers fantastic customer service. Cons: Alamy's pricing can be quite high compared to other stock photo agencies, and its search functionality has been known to be clunky. The site also lacks advanced features like personalized suggestions and tracking tools.

User Experience

Alamy has a visually appealing and intuitive interface that allows users to navigate the site easily. The site offers useful filters and categories that make finding the right image simpler. Users can also review the website's FAQ section for additional help if required.

Pricing and Value for Money

Alamy's pricing is among the highest in the industry, starting at $19.99 for small JPEG files and $199 for large TIFF files. The site's pricing model depends on the image's size and resolution, with rates increasing with the image's quality. While the prices may be high, the site's image quality is impressive, making the cost worthwhile.


Alamy's top competitors include Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images, and Adobe Stock. Each website has its unique collection and pricing structure.

Customer Service

Alamy offers impressive customer service, with a 24/7 chat service and email support. Users can also reach them through their phone line.

Product Quality and Selection

Alamy provides high-quality images found in a broad range of categories. The site's huge collection of images features various styles that will suit any taste.

Website Usability

The website is easy to use, with a straightforward interface that makes finding the right image or video clip hardly time-consuming. The site's search function also provides fantastic filters making the user experience better.

Returns and Exchanges

Alamy offers a seven-day refund guarantee for users who are unhappy with their purchase.

Promotions and Discounts

Alamy occasionally runs special discount offers and promotions, which are usually displayed on the site's homepage.


Alamy has acquired a great reputation as a stock photo agency known for providing excellent customer service and a vast range of high-quality images.

Payment options

Alamy accepts various payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, and international wire transfers.

Loyalty Programs

Alamy does not offer loyalty programs, but they provide incentives for existing customers to continue using the site.

Customer Reviews

Alamy has received positive reviews for its customer service, image quality, and selection.

Community Involvement

Alamy engages with its community of contributors through regular webinars, contests, and events.

Shipping and Costs

Alamy is an online platform that does not offer shipping and cutting costs. Once the user purchases an image, the file is available for immediate download.

Final Thoughts

Despite its high prices, Alamy remains a top contender for users looking for a broad range of high-quality stock images. The site's customer service and vast collection of images make up for its pricier rates. Alamy's easy-to-use interface, community involvement, and commitment to providing top-notch images make it a stock photo site worth checking out.

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