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Kim M 51 days ago

If I could give negative stars I would

If I could give negative stars I would. I have close friend manages flower dept and because Albertsons hires such worms as managers in most stores they complain when over time happens cause their bonus gets messed up. This girl worked over ten hours free cause managers complained about overtime and shouldnt you all guarantee everybody gets paid if theyre there working instead of trying to illegally get people to work for free by complaining and acting like its a rule they cant be paid Such greed by the store manager running these stores and you all do nothing to these store managers making it sound like you cant be paid at this time for over time when you need employee to work you have to pay them. Yeah people should know better but sometimes people need someone in their corner to watch out for them. She didnt know the store couldnt do that until I told her no you dont work for free because manager complains about overtime. What HR should know is that that store manager only has one person in that department which is the manager of her flower department. Well the stores job is to make sure you have enough employees to work in each area so the day runs smoothly not overwork your employees and then act like they cant get paid for their overtime because it cuts into your bonus which youre not telling them but selfishly they all know why they complain about overtime because it makes the store manager doing the schedule look bad Albertsons should be ashamed Pay your employees for the time they work and weed out the people telling employees they cant pay their over time. You needed the employee so you pay the employee or you hire more workers to help

Steve 234 days ago

Unpleasant experience guaranteed

They skimp on everything that matters. Lets spend thousands of dollars redecorating and rearranging everything so that you cant find what you want anymore and well pay for it by hiring junior high school dropouts to overcharge you at the checkout. They have a selfcheckout but the machines work so badly that they have to have an employee on standby to fix the thing when it decides that youve made a mistake which it does every single time Ive ever used it. Why not just have that employee open another line and give the machines back to Kroger Ugh. I switched to the local chain Reynolds 5 stores in total which is more expensive and has almost no selections. Just because they have a friendly and competent staff. And their machines should you choose to use them never complain. Oh yeah the Albertsons deli section is AWFUL.

D W 19692 days ago


youd think these people could charge what the price tag on the shelf says. Youd think they should have a house card for the loyalty card to get the discounts for those who couldnt find their card. Or use a phone number. But no they charge a lot more than the shelf tag which doesnt give any other price nor sale price for the item.. Like 2 or 3 times more. and when you call to get adjustment according to their own ad and shelf tags ON SEVERAL ITEMS with your loyalty card number and the receipt numberand payment card number. NO THEY DONT WANT TO ADJUST ANYTHING. they are useless helpless mindless DISHONEST CHEATING CROOKS AND inebriates who dont know how to run a store in a modern manner. they have no idea how to treat customers. They also have almost NO meat on the shelf really and the hamburger and lamb chops are the bad quality kind sealed in awful tough vacuum plastic. Nope i wont buy that. Beef is TOUGH BUT EXPENSIVE. EXPENSIVE prices on most items. I can buy things cheaper at walmart website and even amazon online. A FEW DOLLARS CHEAPER. on FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD products. To refund overcharges they only want you to COME IN TO the store IN PERSON on another day after the shelf prices change so you cant figure out what the price adjustment should be. They want you to drive with bad brakes i told her when i called and i can prove they were diagnosed the same day by a repair person. Youd think they could help an elderly disabled woman in pain struggling to survive living in poverty on less than 800 a month. Without any help and certainly no decency from them. Their system could identify my receipt number input the proper loyalty card etc and determine how much i was cheated about 1520 bucks all told and i spent well over 100 there today. But NO. WORTHLESS PEOPLE WORTHLESS STORE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN AND REPLACED. i will have to document and file some type of legal complaint with the state feds etc.this was albertsons Store 505 Director Chris Greenwood.

jim snodgrass 174 days ago


Ive been coming to this store for a decade and have mostly always enjoyed the experience. One thing I ALWAYS buy are the different types of organic burritos. I make special trips to the store to try to find them because THEY ARE ALWAYS SOLD OUT or at least not stocked properly. When I find them stocked I usually buy boxes not SINGLES of them to stock up myself. Imagine my surprise and huge disappointment to find out they are on clearance and are not going to be carried anymore. WHY They sell like hotcakes if you would only keep them stocked. Since they are not going to carry them any more I NO LONGER have a reason to shop there. I can buy ALL MY OTHER GROCERIES SOMEWHERE ELSE. Yes I do use the Albertsons app and it does save me money but it also almost ALWAYS screws up and I have to look over my receipt BEFORE leaving to store to figure out the discounts it forgot to included and get my refund. A HUGE Pain in the butt. Crappy partially working APP no longer selling the ONE TYPE OF ITEM I BUY more then any other ME NO LONGER A CUSTOMER

Barb S 19692 days ago

The app does not work digital coupons

The app does not work digital coupons that are clipped dont work at register customer service is not helpful I would give a 10 if I could

Diana Domio 83 days ago

I ordered from on

I ordered from on 9223 it was supposed to be delivered between 700 and 900. By 1000 l called to check the status of my delivery. They apologize and stated they didnt know what happened and would I be willing to wait until the next day for a delivery between 900 am 1100. I agreed however when my groceries had not been delivered by 1200 noon I called to cancel my order. Prior to attempting to speak to someone about my missing order I was placed in hold and the call was forwarded to a survey at least twice. In order to actually speak to someone that would not place me on hold I choose to say I wanted a refund. They said I would be reimbursed within 7 business days. The refund showed up in my account as pending on 95 I contacted my bank and asked when it would be released and they stated up to 7 business days meaning possibly by 91223. Add I was not refunded the correct amount. The amount refunded did not include taxes I was charged. I will never use ever again they are unprofessional does not care about their customers . I will stick to Door Dash when shopping at Albertsons as I have done in the past at least they will deliver in a timely manner.

Tiffany Suggs 19692 days ago

Online Pharmacy App awkward

Pharmacy App awkward medication list too large and cumbersome making it difficult to see all medications at a glance I only have 4 prescriptions and cant see them all on one screen thats ridiculous. They could be listed by line or smaller icons instead of large icons in a single column down the center of the screen using only 14 of the screen. Online app needs constant refreshing before it lets you take the next action. Poorly executed updatenew program. Not created by an actual user of the program but by someone want it all pretty which makes it awkward and unfriendly. Terms used on buttons are confusing as well. Poorly done Albertsons Poorly done.

Jerome Jackson 299 days ago

Continually have to go around the

Continually have to go around the employees at the back of the store talking about company business or other employees while frozen goods sit in the middle of the aisle all day boxes were warm to the touch and later find that the very same items were frost bit when finally placed in the freezer. Staff except for cashiers seem put out if you need something and they are either all taking inventory of what is on the shelf or they are stocking shelves during the busy business hours. Taking my business to Walmart in Rock Springs WY

Margurite 19692 days ago

The Albertson8217s Pharmacy on Ryan St.

The Albertsons Pharmacy on Ryan St. Lake Charles La. Is Awful My Dr. submitted a Rx. to them on a Thursday I called todaySunday the girl said they would have to order it it wouldnt come in until Tuesday. Mitchell Simon is the Worst pharmacist Hes Rude Arrogant Uncaring... Ive been with Albertsons a long time but Ill be looking into changing to another one who appreciates my business

Markus 19692 days ago

Same old problem

Same old problem. The app for digital coupons is terrible. My guess is covid hit and programmers retired then all new programmers and now I cant even clip a deal and it will never show up on the list to push a radial button to actually buy it. I am going back to Walmart and Costco. Get it together please.

Marcus 19692 days ago

About Albertsons Pharmacy near me

This review is about Albertsons Pharmacy particularly the location closest to me in Albuquerque NM. I have to say that the entire staff here are really really great. Every time Im there when I pick up my meds they make me feel like family always address me kindly by my first name which I love. I feel like they always know me and am welcomed like a good friend. Im always asked how Im doing. They always remember to ask if I would prefer to have my meds mailed to me. Other pharmacies Ive used in the past made me feel like I was just a number and couldnt care less about to ask me how I was doing. Many Kudos to Albertsons Pharmacy near me

Vitalii Lunko 119 days ago

I was overcharged plenty of times

I was overcharged plenty of times. Just tired to stand in customer service line and return things. They pretty bad with customer service and cheating people. I going to go to another store not Albertsons anymore.

Veronica Thomas -2 days ago

I ordered groceries and was told they

I ordered groceries and was told they didnt have items I needed for my Sunday dinner. I telephoned 4 different times to cancel. No email confirmation from Albertsons . I called and had a customer service representative getting rude and over talking me. Ill never shop Albertsons.

customer 19692 days ago

Albertson8217s doesn8217t want business from visitors

We were passing through Missoula MT and stopped at Albertsons on Reserve Street for a few things. When we got to the checkout the sale items werent on sale for us because we had to sign up ahead of time for that privilege. And when we tried to use the coupon on our sales receipt to get a discount on a gasoline purchase you have to sign up ahead of time for that too according to extremely fine print. Apparently Albertsons wants to discourage business from people who visit from out of town.

Patti 19692 days ago

Absolutely terrible customer service

Absolutely terrible customer service. Ordered something for delivery online through the Albertsons website. After waiting four hours for a two hour delivery I called the store. There were too many items out of stock so they decided to cancel the order. They get issues with corporate on out of stock. However they never called texted or emailed....the notification service is backed up I think.

Dee Bob Hazelton 569 days ago

Your service is excellent

Your service is excellent the only problem is that your on shelf prices are quite often not the same as your in register price This happens quite often and is really an inconvenience to the customer My wife and I shop here several times a week and have noticed this happening more and more PLEASE NOTE

Kayy 19692 days ago

I went to Albertsons in Broussard

I went to Albertsons in Broussard Louisiana with my newborn baby Im a first time mother had her with a c section. Me and her father was out shopping and we headed to checkout line. My baby started to cry so much as all baby do. We was trying to check out quick as we could. The cashier was so rude she started rolling her eyes because she was aggravated with my new born cry so unprofessional I wanted to slap her this white lady with glasses was so rude then she took deep breathes and started shaking her head

Joseph gabrill 635 days ago


ALBERTSONS IS VERY UNETHICAL AND HARSH. Always very difficult obtaining rain checks for frequently out of stock items. Also including even store director refusing to refund customer for frequently overcharged items nor to resolve complaints of bad service. To the point of stores making repeated physical threats against customer life and safety. Also both stores and pharmacy typically are not friendly to disabled people. So sad situation for mistreated customers. Albertsons doesnt care at all about the customers.

Jessica Dumas 696 days ago

Delivers to your home amp takes EBT but8230

I love that Albertsons delivers to our home which is about 20 miles from the store. I also love that they take EBT cards but you need to make sure you have someone handle your order who knows how to do EBT or else you may have to wait 57 days for a credit on your bank account since the cost of order will initially be charged to your credit card. My only complaint with them is that they do not let you know if something is out of stock so you dont get the chance to order an alternative. Other than that I love their food and their service.

OLIVIA O. 393 days ago

Jasmine is always helpful amp friendly

Exceptional Customer Service Experience at Mission Viejo LocationI cannot say enough good things about the outstanding customer service I consistently receive at the Mission Viejo store thanks to the phenomenal assistance and warmth of Jasmine. Her helpful and friendly nature has made all my shopping experiences at this location absolutely delightful. Jasmines extensive knowledge of the stores inventory and her willingness to go above and beyond to assist customers sets her apart. Whenever I visit the store I am always reassured by her presence knowing that any question or concern I have will be promptly and competently addressed. Her dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is truly commendable and has greatly enhanced my shopping experiences. I cannot emphasize enough the value of having a staff member like Jasmine who not only knows the products inside and out but also genuinely cares about providing topnotch service. Her friendly demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere making every visit a pleasant and stressfree experience. Thank you Jasmine for consistently delivering superb customer service. Your dedication and knowledge have made a lasting impression on me and I look forward to continuing to shop at the Mission Viejo location knowing that I can always count on your exceptional assistance.


Albertsons is a well-established American supermarket chain with more than 2,200 stores across the country. In today's fast-paced world, shopping for groceries online has become essential for many people. With their online platform, Albertsons aims to make grocery shopping more convenient and accessible for consumers across the country. In this editorial review, we will analyze various aspects of the website to help you make a more informed decision about whether this online supermarket is right for you.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Wide range of products available, including fresh produce, meat, bakery items, and more. - Convenient delivery and pickup options available. - Regular promotions and discounts to help you save money on your grocery shopping. - Loyalty program that rewards users with points for their purchases. - User reviews of products available to help you make an informed decision. Cons: - Delivery fees can be quite high, especially if you live outside the immediate vicinity of an Albertsons store. - Depending on your location, pick up options may be limited. - Some users have experienced issues with incorrect or missing items in their online orders.

User Experience

Navigating the Albertsons website is relatively straightforward. The website is clean and user-friendly. The search bar is prominently displayed and allows you to quickly search for and find the products you're looking for. The product pages are detailed and informative, providing users with information such as ingredients, nutritional information, and user reviews of the product. Overall, the user experience on is positive and easy to use.

Pricing and Value for Money

The pricing on is competitive with other major online grocery stores. The website features regular promotions and discounts that can help you save money on your grocery shopping. However, delivery fees can be quite high, especially if you live outside the immediate vicinity of an Albertsons store. It's essential to be aware of these fees before placing your order to make sure you're getting the best value for your money.


There are several other online grocery stores you may wish to consider as an alternative to Some popular alternatives include Walmart Grocery, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh. Each of these stores has its unique features and benefits, so it's essential to compare them carefully before making a decision.

Customer Service

Albertsons has a comprehensive customer service program in place to help users with any issues they may encounter. The website features a detailed FAQ section that addresses common questions and concerns. Additionally, users can contact customer service via email or by phone. Overall, the customer service on is excellent, and users can expect prompt and helpful assistance when needed.

Product Quality and Selection

The product selection on is extensive, with a wide range of fresh produce, meat, bakery items, and more. The quality of the products is generally high, and many users report being satisfied with their purchases. However, some users have reported issues with incorrect or missing items in their online orders. It's essential to carefully review your order before finalizing it to ensure that all items are correct.

Website Usability

The Albertsons website is well-designed and easy to use. The site is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to shop from wherever you are. The website is also fast, with pages loading quickly even when browsing on a slow internet connection.

Returns and Exchanges

Albertsons has a comprehensive returns and exchange policy in place. If you're not satisfied with a product, you can contact customer service to arrange for a return or exchange. Depending on the nature of your complaint, you may be eligible for a refund or a replacement item.

Promotions and Discounts

Albertsons regularly features promotions and discounts on their website to help you save money on your grocery shopping. These promotions include discounts on individual products, BOGO offers, and discounts on entire orders. It's essential to check the website regularly to take advantage of these deals.


Albertsons is a well-established and respected supermarket chain with a long history of providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. The online platform, while relatively new, has generally received positive reviews from users. The company has also been active in community involvement initiatives, further enhancing its reputation.

Payment Options

Albertsons accepts a range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards. The website also features an option to save payment information for faster checkout on future orders.

Loyalty Programs

Albertsons offers a loyalty program that rewards users with points for their purchases. These points can be redeemed for discounts and other rewards. The loyalty program is an excellent way to save money on your grocery shopping and to earn rewards for your loyalty to the brand.

Customer Reviews

The Albertsons website features user reviews of products to help users make informed decisions about their purchases. These reviews are generally positive and reflect the high quality of the products available on the site.

Community Involvement

Albertsons has been active in a range of community involvement initiatives, including charitable giving and initiatives to reduce food waste. These initiatives demonstrate the company's commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Shipping and Costs

Shipping fees on can be quite high, especially if you live outside the immediate vicinity of an Albertsons store. It's essential to review the shipping fees carefully before placing your order to ensure that you're getting the best value for your money. However, delivery and pickup options are available, making it easy for users to receive their orders in a way that is convenient for them.


Overall, Albertsons is an excellent choice for anyone looking to shop for groceries online. The website features a wide range of high-quality products and is easy to use. While delivery fees can be quite high, the website features regular promotions and discounts to help you save money on your grocery shopping. With its comprehensive customer service program, loyalty program, and community involvement initiatives, Albertsons is a brand you can trust.

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