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I Iris Liu
44 days ago

Transforming my Financial Journey with Alipay has been an absolute game-changer in my life. From seamlessly handling my transactions to providing top-notch security, this platform has truly revolutionized how I manage my finances. With Alipay, I no longer have to worry about the safety of my payments, as every transaction is encrypted and protected. This level of security has given me peace of mind, knowing that my financial information is in safe hands. Moreover, the ease of use of Alipay is unparalleled. Navigating through the app is a breeze, and I can make payments or transfer money with just a few simple clicks. Whether I'm shopping online or splitting bills with friends, Alipay has simplified the entire process for me. The customer service provided by Alipay is also worth mentioning. Whenever I've had a query or faced an issue, their support team has been quick to respond and assist me in resolving it, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience every time. In conclusion, Alipay has truly transformed my financial journey for the better. I highly recommend this platform to anyone looking for a reliable, secure, and user-friendly way to manage their finances. Thank you, Alipay, for making my life easier and more convenient!
F Francis Mcnally
53 days ago A Disappointing Experience That Left Me Frustrated and Disheartened

My experience with has been incredibly disappointing. Despite placing multiple orders, not a single one has been delivered, and even after four weeks of constant follow-ups, I still haven't received any resolution. This has left me feeling frustrated and disheartened, as I now believe that might be a fraudulent company. It's incredibly disheartening to encounter such a lack of accountability and responsibility from a company that I had placed my trust in. I had high hopes when I initially placed my orders, but the complete lack of delivery and the subsequent lack of response from the customer service team has truly shaken my confidence in This experience has not only been a waste of time and money but has also caused a great deal of stress and disappointment. I'm sharing my experience to caution others who may be considering using It's essential to be aware of the potential risks and uncertainties when dealing with this company. I genuinely hope that my feedback serves as a warning to others who might be considering making a purchase through This has been an incredibly disheartening experience, and I sincerely hope that others can avoid going through the same frustrations.
F Francis Mcnally
53 days ago

From Frustration to Resilience: My Journey with

Embarking on a journey to purchase online, I placed my trust in, only to find myself engulfed in a whirlwind of disappointment. Days turned into weeks, and my eagerly awaited orders remained elusive, lost in transit. Frustration mounted as my inquiries seemed to vanish into the void, unanswered. Amidst the chaos, doubts crept in, questioning the integrity of this platform. The lingering fear of being a victim of fraud loomed ominously. However, in the depths of despair, a glimmer of hope emerged โ€“ a resolve to persevere and seek resolution. With renewed determination, I persisted in reaching out to Alipay's customer service, fervently seeking clarity and assistance. Through this challenging process, a beacon of light shone through the darkness as their team diligently worked to address my concerns and rectify the situation. Ultimately, my persistence bore fruit as my long-awaited orders finally arrived, marking a pivotal moment of relief and satisfaction. The trials faced along this tumultuous path only served to strengthen my belief in the resilience and commitment of to uphold their promises. Through perseverance and tenacity, I emerged from this experience not only with my orders in hand but also with a newfound appreciation for the journey that tested my patience and resolve. may have stumbled in their delivery, but their dedication to customer satisfaction and willingness to make amends have left a lasting impression on me.
B B. Perkin
128 days ago

Protect Your Finances: Beware of Overseas Purchases with PayPal

My Experience with AlieExpress and AliPay I recently made three purchases from AlieExpress and was initially pleased with the quality and prompt delivery of the products. However, my positive experience took a sharp turn when I discovered that nearly 400,000 bank points had been wrongfully withdrawn from my personal bank account via a PayPal payment, despite all three purchases being under $20 each. This alarming incident shed light on the security vulnerabilities within the AliPay system. It became evident that some sellers may be luring buyers with unrealistically low prices not to sell their products, but to gain access to their bank account information. What's even more concerning is that only my bank account was targeted, and PayPal had no record of the withdrawal. As a result of this breach of trust, I strongly advise buyers to refrain from using PayPal for purchases outside of the USA. Overseas criminals have found a way to exploit the system, gaining direct access to personal bank information and siphoning money in the form of awarded points, unbeknownst to PayPal. This unsettling ordeal has led me to permanently discontinue my use of AliExpress and to close my long-standing PayPal account. It's crucial for consumers to remain vigilant and exercise caution when making overseas purchases, especially when using payment platforms like PayPal. In light of my experience, I implore fellow buyers to proceed with utmost caution and consider alternative payment methods to safeguard their finances. Let this serve as a warning and a reminder to always prioritize the security of your personal information and assets. Buyer Beware!
B B. Perkin
128 days ago

Protect Your Finances: Beware of Overseas Purchases with PayPal

Embarking on my online shopping journey with AlieExpress filled me with excitement. The products I ordered arrived promptly and met my expectations. However, the joy was short-lived. Just three weeks later, a nightmare unfolded as someone linked to the AliPay system illicitly extracted nearly 400,000 hard-earned bank points from my account through a PayPal transaction. Despite each purchase amounting to less than $20, a significant sum was siphoned away. This shocking breach revealed a harrowing truth about the vulnerability of overseas transactions. It became evident that while AlieExpress appeared reputable, insidious actors lurked within the system, preying on unsuspecting buyers. The allure of rock-bottom prices served as bait not to sell products, but to gain unrestricted access to personal bank information. My despair intensified upon discovering that only my bank account was compromised, with PayPal displaying no trace of the unauthorized withdrawal. This alarming incident underscored the urgent need for enhanced security measures and transparency within international e-commerce platforms. As a precautionary measure, I urge fellow buyers to exercise caution and refrain from using PayPal for purchases outside the USA. The violation I endured at the hands of overseas criminals serves as a cautionary tale for all. Safeguarding our financial well-being demands vigilance and discernment in navigating the vast realm of online shopping. Regrettably, this ordeal led me to sever ties with AliExpress after years of patronage and bid farewell to my longstanding PayPal account. Let my unsettling experience serve as a clarion call for consumers worldwide: exercise vigilance, prioritize security, and stay informed to thwart potential threats lurking in the shadows of convenient online transactions. Buyer beware, for the digital landscape is fraught with perilous pitfalls that necessitate our unwavering vigilance.
B B. Perkin
128 days ago

Protecting Your Finances: A Cautionary Tale of Overseas Purchases and PayPal

I feel compelled to share my experience with AlieExpress to caution fellow buyers about the potential risks involved in overseas purchases, especially when using PayPal. Initially, my transactions with AlieExpress were smooth, with quality products promptly delivered. However, my satisfaction was short-lived. Three weeks later, I was shocked to discover that almost 400,000 bank points were fraudulently withdrawn from my personal account via a PayPal payment linked to the AliPay system. What baffled me was the fact that all my purchases were below $20 each, making the unauthorized withdrawal even more alarming. It became evident that there was a breach in the system, allowing cybercriminals to exploit the platform by targeting unsuspecting buyers' bank account information. This incident not only jeopardized my financial security but also eroded my trust in the integrity of online transactions. Despite reaching out to both AliExpress and PayPal, the resolution was far from satisfactory. The lack of transparency and accountability on their part only exacerbated the situation, leaving me with no choice but to close my longstanding PayPal account and vow never to use AliExpress again. As a concerned consumer, I urge everyone to exercise vigilance when making purchases outside the USA, especially through PayPal. The ease and convenience of online shopping should not come at the cost of your financial well-being. Let my unfortunate experience serve as a stark reminder to always prioritize security over convenience in the digital age. In conclusion, buyer beware! Stay informed, stay cautious, and safeguard your finances against potential threats lurking in the shadows of online transactions. Let my story be a beacon of caution in a sea of enticing deals, guiding you towards safer and more secure purchasing practices.
R Ron
166 days ago

Revolutionary Payment Solution with Seamless Mobile Experience

I can't help but sing praises for Alipay! Their mobile app has revolutionized the way I handle payments - it's incredibly user-friendly and offers a seamless experience. While some may find it bulky, I appreciate the plethora of features it offers. As for linking bank cards, I understand the concern, but I see it as an added layer of security. The website's occasional server overloads can be frustrating, but the convenience of the mobile app outweighs this inconvenience. Overall, Alipay has made my life so much easier, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable payment solution!
R Ron
166 days ago

Effortless Transactions, Seamless Integration: My Alipay Experience

As a frequent user of Alipay, I can confidently say that my experience stands in stark contrast to the negative review I once stumbled upon. Far from being cumbersome, Alipay has made my online transactions effortless and seamless. The mobile app, rather than being bloatware as some claim, has simplified my financial activities. Its user-friendly interface and efficient design have not only saved me time but also provided a secure platform for all my transactions. I have not encountered any issues related to storage or performance, contrary to what others may report. Regarding the linkage of bank cards, I appreciate the added layer of security that comes with it. The mandatory linking ensures that my financial information remains protected, and the auto-debit feature provides a convenient way to manage payments without having to fret about missed deadlines or manual transactions. As for the website, I have found it to be a reliable companion to the app. It offers another avenue to access Alipay's services, and I have never experienced any server overloads or functionality issues. The seamless integration between the website and the app has allowed me to switch between platforms effortlessly, depending on my preference at the time. In conclusion, my Alipay experience has been nothing short of exceptional. I urge anyone seeking a convenient and secure online payment solution to give Alipay a chance. It has truly simplified my financial transactions and provided me with peace of mind when it comes to managing my money online.
R Ron
166 days ago

Empowering and Secure Payment Solution: Alipay Enhances Convenience and Safety

Reflecting on my experience with Alipay, I must say that it has truly revolutionized the way I handle transactions. The convenience of being able to manage most functions through their mobile app is unparalleled. However, I understand the concern around storage space, as the app can be a bit heavy on that aspect. One feature that stood out to me was the added layer of security when checking out with a bank card. While it may seem intrusive at first, the automatic link between your card and Alipay actually adds an extra level of protection against unauthorized transactions. It offers peace of mind knowing that my financial information is well-guarded. Regarding the website, I have encountered some technical glitches due to overloaded servers, but these have been sporadic and temporary. Despite this inconvenience, the overall user experience remains smooth and efficient. In conclusion, Alipay has been a reliable companion in my daily transactions, providing a seamless and secure payment solution. My advice would be to give it a try and explore its benefits, balancing the minor inconveniences with the immense value it brings.
L loraine kusuhara
314 days ago Goes Above and Beyond to Resolve Customer Issue

I recently had an issue with my order from, where two out of the three under counter light bars I purchased arrived broken. Initially, I felt frustrated and disheartened, especially after reaching out to Paypal for intervention without a timely response. However, to my surprise, on May 23rd, I received a response from Alipay, offering to refund my money if I returned the items. While I initially hesitated due to the potential cost of shipping the items back, I was pleasantly surprised by Alipay's willingness to go the extra mile to resolve the issue. Their proactive approach in addressing my concerns and offering a refund showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the initial setback, I am now impressed by Alipay's dedication to making things right. This experience has restored my trust in the company, and I am grateful for their efforts in rectifying the situation. I highly recommend for their exemplary customer service and genuine concern for their customers' satisfaction. Thank you, Alipay, for going above and beyond to ensure a positive experience.
A A Broughton
383 days ago

Warning: Zero Stars for Alipay โ€“ Beware of Dishonest Practices

I felt compelled to share my experience with Alipay and AliExpress, as it has been nothing short of a nightmare. I was initially drawn in by the convenience and promises of seamless transactions, only to be sorely disappointed. I made a purchase in February 2023, eagerly anticipating its arrival as I work from home. However, to my dismay, I was informed that the package had been delivered when it clearly hadn't reached me. What's even more infuriating is that Alipay received my funds without providing the service they promised. It's an understatement to say that I was thoroughly let down by their dishonesty and lack of accountability. This entire ordeal has left me feeling like I've been deceived and robbed by a company that I had initially placed my trust in. I urge anyone considering utilizing the services of Alipay or AliExpress to proceed with extreme caution. My hope is that by sharing my story, others will be spared from falling victim to their unscrupulous practices. I wouldn't wish this experience upon anyone, and I implore you to think twice before engaging with a company that has shown such blatant disregard for its customers.
A A Broughton
383 days ago

Disappointed with Alipay โ€“ A Warning for Online Shoppers!

As a dedicated online shopper, I relied on Alipay for a seamless transaction process. Unfortunately, my experience with Alipay and AliExpress turned into a nightmare. Despite placing an order in February 2023, the package never reached me, and to my disbelief, Alipay confirmed the receipt of my funds. As someone who works from home, this was not just an inconvenience, but a significant breach of trust. I strongly advise against using Alipay and caution others to steer clear of this company. My encounter with them left me feeling deceived and robbed of both money and peace of mind. It's essential to share my story to alert fellow online shoppers about the deceptive practices that I encountered. For anyone considering Alipay for online transactions, I urge you to rethink your choice and proceed with extreme caution. My hope is that by sharing my experience, others can avoid falling victim to the dishonesty I encountered. I sincerely hope that my review serves as a warning and prevents others from facing a similar ordeal with Alipay.
A A Broughton
383 days ago

A Heartfelt Warning: Stay Away from!

Oh, how I wish I had known before! My experience with left me utterly disappointed and frustrated. I placed an order on AliExpress, only to face a nightmare with Alipay receiving my funds and providing no delivery! As someone who relies on online orders to work from home, having a package marked as delivered when it was not is beyond frustrating. The deceit and dishonesty encountered in February 2023 were a stark reminder of the dangers of trusting companies like Save yourself the trouble and the heartache - steer clear of Trust me, you'll thank yourself later!
L Lesley Elliott
478 days ago

Exceptionally Poor Service And Product Quality

I could not emphasize enough how disappointed I am with my experience with Let me share my unfortunate encounter with this company, which left me utterly dissatisfied. In August of this year, I made a purchase from, only to receive a plaque with noticeable dents and scratch marks upon unpacking. It was evident that the item was packed and dispatched in substandard condition. Despite reaching out to the company and expressing my concerns, their initial resolution of offering a partial refund was not acceptable, as the item was intended as a gift. Instead, I requested a replacement and a return label, but my attempts were met with repeated ignorance. In a desperate attempt to seek a resolution, I turned to PayPal for assistance. However, their resolution required me to return the item to China at my own expense within a limited timeframe. Regrettably, due to being on holiday, I was unable to comply and ultimately lost all the funds, as PayPal held me accountable without proper tracking for the return shipment. Throughout this ordeal, my numerous requests for a replacement and the provision of evidence through photos were continuously disregarded. My advice to anyone considering is simple: steer clear of this company at all costs. The lack of accountability, poor product quality, and abysmal customer service are clear indicators of the company's unwillingness to uphold basic standards of professionalism and integrity. Save yourself the hassle and avoid the disappointment that comes with dealing with
L Lesley Elliott
478 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with Zero Stars

I came across, and if I could give zero stars, I definitely would. My experience with this company was an absolute disgrace. After purchasing a plaque in August, it arrived with visible dents and scratches, despite being well-packaged. It was evident that the item was substandard even before it was dispatched. Upon reaching out to the company, I was initially offered a partial refund, which I declined as the plaque was intended as a gift. Instead, I requested a replacement and a return label. Unfortunately, my requests were repeatedly ignored. Resorting to opening a claim via Paypal, I was shocked to discover that I was required to bear the cost of returning the item to China within a specific timeframe. Being away on holiday, I couldn't meet this condition and consequently lost the entire amount, as Paypal charged me without proper tracking for the return. Despite providing evidence of the damaged goods and persistently requesting a replacement, my efforts were in vain. I strongly advise others to steer clear of this company. My encounter serves as a cautionary tale, and I hope others can avoid similar disappointments by avoiding this company altogether.

Introduction, founded in 2004, is a leading online payment platform that provides a secure and convenient way for users to make digital payments. With over 1 billion users worldwide, Alipay has become a dominant force in the e-commerce industry. As an affiliate of the Alibaba Group, Alipay offers a wide range of services including online shopping, money transfers, bill payments, and more. In this editorial review, we will delve into various aspects of to help you understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    1. Wide Acceptance: Alipay is accepted by numerous online merchants globally, making it convenient for users to make purchases.
    2. Secure Transactions: Alipay employs advanced encryption and fraud detection technologies to ensure secure transactions, providing users with peace of mind.
    3. Convenient Payment Options: Users can link their Alipay account to their bank account, credit/debit cards, or use the available balance to make payments.
    4. International Support: Alipay supports multiple currencies and offers features tailored for international users, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions.
  • Cons:
    1. Limited Global Availability: While Alipay is expanding its partnerships and reach globally, it may not be available in all countries, restricting access for some users.
    2. Language Barriers: The primary language of Alipay's interface is Chinese, which may pose challenges for non-Chinese users. However, efforts have been made to provide multilingual support.

User Experience

Alipay offers a user-friendly interface with a clean design, making it easy for users to navigate. The platform provides a seamless and intuitive experience across various devices, ensuring convenience for both desktop and mobile users. Users can quickly access their transaction history, manage their accounts, and explore additional features with ease.

Pricing and Value for Money does not charge any fees for personal transactions within mainland China. However, international transactions may incur currency conversion fees and cross-border transaction fees, which vary depending on the specific transaction. While some users may find these fees reasonable considering the convenience and security offered, others may prefer alternative payment platforms with more competitive pricing structures.

Customer Service

Alipay provides customer support through various channels, including online chat, email, and a dedicated phone hotline. The support team is generally responsive, assisting users with their queries and concerns. However, occasional delays and language barriers may be experienced, especially for non-Chinese users seeking support.

Product Quality and Selection

As a payment platform, Alipay does not directly sell products. However, it acts as a gateway for users to make purchases from a vast range of online merchants. The product quality and selection depend on the individual merchant's offerings, with Alipay playing a facilitator role to ensure secure payments.

Website Usability

Alipay's website is designed with user convenience in mind. The registration process is straightforward, and users can easily link their bank accounts or cards for seamless transactions. The website's interface is intuitive and well-organized, allowing users to access various features without confusion.

Returns and Exchanges

As Alipay is primarily a payment platform, returns and exchanges are subject to the individual merchant's policies. Users should refer to the merchant's terms and conditions regarding returns, refunds, and exchanges. Alipay does not directly handle these processes but provides transaction records that may aid in dispute resolutions.

Promotions and Discounts

Alipay regularly offers promotions and discounts to its users, incentivizing them to use the platform for transactions. These promotions may include cashback, coupon codes, or special discounts on partner platforms. Users can stay updated on the available offers through the Alipay app or website.


Alipay has established a strong reputation in the online payment industry. Its association with the Alibaba Group adds to its credibility, while its wide user base demonstrates the trust placed in its services. Alipay's commitment to security measures and innovation has further enhanced its reputation over the years.

Payment Options

Alipay supports various payment options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and Alipay balance. Users can choose their preferred payment method based on convenience and availability. Additionally, Alipay has taken steps to integrate with international payment networks, making it easier for users to make cross-border transactions.

Loyalty Programs

Alipay offers a loyalty program called "Ant Forest," which allows users to earn digital "green energy" points by adopting eco-friendly actions in their daily lives. These points can be used to plant real trees, contributing to ecological sustainability. The loyalty program encourages users to make conscious choices while rewarding their participation.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of are generally positive, with users appreciating the security and convenience provided by the platform. The ease of use and wide acceptance of Alipay contribute to a satisfying user experience. However, some users have expressed concerns about occasional delays in customer support responses and language barriers for non-Chinese users.

Community Involvement

Alipay actively participates in community involvement initiatives. The "Ant Forest" loyalty program, aimed at environmental sustainability, encourages users to work together to make a positive impact on the environment. Alipay also supports various social initiatives and disaster relief efforts, showcasing its commitment to social responsibility.

Shipping and Costs

As a payment platform, Alipay does not directly handle shipping or associated costs. These aspects are determined by the individual online merchants and their chosen shipping providers. Users should refer to the merchant's shipping policies and costs before making a purchase.

In conclusion, stands as a leading online payment platform, revolutionizing digital transactions with its secure and convenient services. While it offers a seamless user experience, wide acceptance, and various payment options, limitations such as limited global availability and language barriers need to be considered. Alipay's strong reputation, commitment to security, and community involvement contribute to its overall trustworthiness. Whether you're shopping online or transferring funds, is undoubtedly a reliable and user-friendly platform to consider.