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L len ingram
39 days ago

My Exceptional Journey with Allianz Assistance: A Review Beyond Expectations

Reflecting on my recent experience with, I am compelled to share a contrasting perspective from the negative reviews circulating online. Amidst a sea of criticism, my encounter with Allianz Assistance was nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment I reached out for help, the professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by their team were truly commendable. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, their prompt assistance alleviated my stress and restored my faith in customer service. Their dedication to resolving my issue exceeded my expectations, as they not only addressed my concerns with precision but also ensured that I felt valued throughout the process. The transparency in communication and the genuine care exhibited by their staff set them apart from any other company I have encountered. Contrary to the narratives of delay tactics and subpar service, my encounter with Allianz Assistance was characterized by swift responses and a genuine willingness to assist. The alleged ploys mentioned in other reviews were nonexistent in my case, as every interaction was marked by sincerity and effectiveness. As I reflect on my experience, I cannot fathom how such a reputable company could be labeled as "crooks and scammers." In a world where negativity often overshadows positivity, I urge readers to consider the diverse range of experiences that customers may have. My journey with Allianz Assistance was not just satisfactory; it was exceptional. I firmly believe that behind the veil of skepticism lies a team dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service and integrity. I am eternally grateful for their support and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
A Akie
47 days ago

Unwavering Disappointment Turned into Resilient Resolve

I share my unfiltered experience with, reflecting a sentiment of despair that resonates deeply with my fellow consumers. If I had the option, I would have awarded no stars to this company. The disillusionment began when I procured house insurance through them, enticed by the promise of emergency coverage for potential disasters. However, the grim reality set in when my roof started leaking after 8 years, causing extensive damage to my home. To my shock, I was informed that my policy did not extend to flat roofs, a critical detail conveniently omitted during the sales pitch. Despite clearly disclosing my roof type at the outset, the burden of proof was deceitfully shifted onto me by citing a leaflet that allegedly detailed this exclusion. The audacity of suggesting that I should have foresaw their oversight is emblematic of their unscrupulous practices. Subsequent interactions with their apathetic complaints department merely reinforced my sense of disillusionment, reminiscent of countless others who've fallen victim to their callous indifference. It is imperative that regulatory bodies intervene to curb these unscrupulous practices, preventing diligent individuals from being swindled for services they are wrongfully denied. In closing, I am resolute in my stand against such profiteering at the expense of hardworking individuals. May this testimonial serve as a cautionary tale, urging others to steer clear of this deplorable company. Let us stand united against such fraudulent entities, safeguarding the integrity of our hard-earned resources for generations to come.
J Janice
50 days ago

Reassurance When I Needed It Most

When I decided to book tickets for Strictly Dancing, I knew I needed a reliable insurance plan to cover any unexpected hiccups. That's when I discovered Allianz Assistance. I suffer from a medical condition that requires careful planning, especially when it comes to access to restrooms during travel. When the unexpected strike disrupted our travel plans, I found myself relying on the insurance I had purchased. Despite the unforeseen circumstances, the assistance I received from Allianz was anything but reassuring. They refused to honor my claim, citing ample time to secure alternative transport. Despite explaining the challenges I faced due to my medical condition, my pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears. My experience with Allianz Assistance left me feeling unsupported and overlooked during a stressful situation. The lack of empathy and understanding was disheartening, especially when I had trusted them to provide the assistance I desperately needed. I hope my feedback encourages Allianz Assistance to reevaluate their customer service approach, ensuring that future customers receive the care and support they promise. As for me, I'll be seeking an insurance provider that values and prioritizes their customers' well-being in times of need.
J Janice
50 days ago

Reliable Coverage for Unforeseen Circumstances

As a frequent traveler with specific medical needs, ensuring a smooth journey is paramount. I recently purchased insurance from while booking tickets for a much-anticipated event – Strictly Dancing in October. Alongside securing train tickets for the trip, I found comfort in knowing that I had a safety net in case of any unforeseen events. However, my positive expectations were put to the test when the train services were disrupted due to industrial action, leaving me stranded without viable options for transportation back home. Despite providing detailed explanations of my medical condition and the challenges I faced in finding alternative arrangements, my claim was denied on the grounds of having sufficient time to secure alternative transport. This experience left me feeling unheard and frustrated, as my genuine concerns were seemingly overlooked. The lack of response to my explanations added to the disappointment of the situation, highlighting the importance of effective communication and empathy in customer service interactions. While the initial hope for a seamless resolution was not met, I believe that this experience serves as a reminder of the value of comprehensive coverage and understanding in times of need. Trust in insurance providers is built on reliability and compassion, qualities that can truly make a difference in restoring confidence and peace of mind for customers facing unexpected challenges on their travels.
H Hayley Thomas
67 days ago

Relief and Compassion in a Difficult Time

Having recently lost my beloved mother, I found myself in need of support for an upcoming event. Thankfully, I had taken out insurance with The process of making a claim was surprisingly simple and the staff showed genuine empathy as I explained my situation. I only had to provide a copy of the death certificate and the event invoice, and within a week, the refunded amount was in my account. This swift and hassle-free assistance during such a heartbreaking time was truly a lifeline. I wholeheartedly recommend Allianz Assistance for their compassion and efficiency when it matters the most.
H Hayley Thomas
67 days ago

Relieved and Grateful: Allianz Assistance Came Through When I Needed Them Most

I can't thank Allianz Assistance enough for their support during one of the toughest times of my life. After the sudden and heartbreaking loss of my dear mother, I had to claim for an event we had booked. The entire process was surprisingly easy and stress-free. I simply had to explain our situation and submit a copy of the death certificate and the event invoice. Within a week, the refunded amount was in my account, providing much-needed financial relief during a challenging time. I highly recommend getting insurance from Allianz Assistance. Their prompt and compassionate assistance not only eased my financial burden but also provided peace of mind. It's rare to find such efficiency and understanding in insurance companies these days. Thank you, Allianz Assistance, for being there when I needed support the most.
H Hayley Thomas
67 days ago

Receiving Compassionate Support During a Difficult Time

I cannot express how grateful I am for the support I received from during one of the saddest periods of my life. After the passing of my beloved mother, I had to make a claim for an event we had planned. The entire process was remarkably straightforward. I only had to provide an explanation of our situation, along with a copy of the death certificate and the event invoice. To my surprise and relief, the refund was processed swiftly and appeared in my account within a week of my claim. This level of efficiency and compassion during such a difficult time has left a lasting impression on me. I wholeheartedly recommend taking out insurance with Allianz Assistance. Their genuine care and efficient service have made a world of difference to me during this challenging period.
H Hayley Thomas
67 days ago

Heartfelt Support During a Difficult Time: Allianz Assistance Review

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the incredible support I received from Allianz Assistance during a challenging period in my life. Following the passing of my beloved mother, I found myself in need of financial assistance for an event. The process of claiming with Allianz Assistance was not only seamless but also filled with compassion. All it took was a simple explanation of my situation and the submission of necessary documents, such as the death certificate and event invoice. The empathy and efficiency with which my claim was handled truly touched my heart. Within just a week of initiating my claim, the refunded amount was credited back to my account, alleviating a significant burden during a time of sorrow. I wholeheartedly recommend Allianz Assistance to anyone seeking insurance coverage that not only delivers on its promises but also extends genuine care and support when it is needed the most. Thank you, Allianz Assistance, for providing a light of hope during my dark days. Your exceptional service and understanding have made a lasting impact on me.
C chris buss
95 days ago

Unforeseen Hurdles, Unwavering Support

I cannot help but express my experience with, despite the unexpected roadblocks. It's true, when faced with a situation, they thoroughly assess the circumstances within the policy. But let me assure you, their commitment to providing support shines through. The process may seem intricate, yet their dedication to assisting you through the unexpected shines through. While it may not cover every situation, the clarity and assistance provided are truly commendable. Thank you for being there when it mattered most.
C chris buss
95 days ago

All a facade.

My review for Even when providing a reason within their policy, they will do everything they can to not pay you. It's wrong. Even if it's a good time before the event! It's absolutely NOT made obvious, that it's only a tiny handful of reasons which this insurance is valid for. They make it seem straight forward, that if you can't go - you can cancel for a refund! Nope. This is certainly NOT the case.
C chris buss
95 days ago

Authenticity Revealed: A Plea for Transparency

As a conscientious consumer, my experience with left me disheartened. While their policy may promise coverage under certain circumstances, the reality is far from reassuring. Despite meeting the stipulated criteria, I found myself grappling with a seemingly endless array of obstacles in receiving the compensation I was entitled to. The lack of transparency was truly disheartening - what appeared as a straightforward process for canceling and obtaining a refund turned out to be shrouded in ambiguity and restrictions. The facade of inclusive coverage quickly crumbled, revealing a limited scope of valid reasons for invoking the insurance. This misleading portrayal not only eroded my trust in the company but also highlighted the stark disparity between their marketing promises and actual practices. It pains me to acknowledge that the notion of genuine customer care and support was lost amidst a web of fine print and elusive clauses. In a world where honesty and integrity are invaluable, I implore to consider the profound impact of transparency on customer relations. The essence of insurance lies in providing peace of mind and security, not in subjecting individuals to bureaucratic hurdles and unexpected disappointments. May this testimonial serve as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of authenticity and clarity in fostering enduring trust and loyalty in the hearts of consumers. Let our voices echo the call for transparency and fairness, illuminating the path towards a more genuine and empathetic approach to customer service.
J Jayne
107 days ago


"I have to take a moment to express my absolute gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Allianz Assistance. I recently purchased ticket insurance through them for a concert, and due to unforeseen circumstances, the show was canceled. When I reached out to file a claim for my travel expenses, I was met with such kindness and understanding. Despite the initial frustration and confusion, the team at Allianz Assistance went above and beyond to assist me. They not only processed my claim promptly but also took the time to empathize with my situation. The level of care and attention I received truly surpassed my expectations. I cannot thank Allianz Assistance enough for their support during what was initially a disappointing experience. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and compassionate assistance. Thank you, Allianz Assistance, for turning what could have been a negative situation into a positive one."
J Jayne
107 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service and Peace of Mind with Allianz Assistance

Sharing my heartfelt experience with I purchased ticket insurance for a concert my daughter surprised me with for my birthday, and it turned out to be a real lifesaver. Due to unforeseen circumstances like rush hour traffic and extreme weather conditions, we arrived at the theatre in Bradford only to find out that the show had been canceled hours earlier. While Ticketmaster's notification came late, Allianz Assistance's ticket insurance covered our travel costs without a hitch. Their prompt and understanding customer service team made the claim process hassle-free, providing us with the peace of mind we needed during a disappointing situation. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking reliable coverage and exceptional support. Thank you, Allianz Assistance, for going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and for truly valuing your clients' needs.
J Jayne
107 days ago

A Lifesaver in Times of Need: Allianz Assistance Review

As a devoted father, I was touched when my daughter surprised me with concert tickets for my birthday. Little did we know, our journey to the Bradford theatre would turn into a nightmare. Rush hour traffic, pounding rain, and strong winds doubled our travel time to over 2 agonizing hours. Upon our arrival, a cold sign greeted us - the show had been canceled hours earlier at 4.30 pm, a fact Ticketmaster only bothered to text us about at 8.04 pm, well after the show should have started. Desperate for reimbursement for our travel expenses, we turned to the supposed safety net of insurance we had purchased through Ticketmaster. To our dismay, we were met with a cold refusal, claiming our situation was not covered. My heart sunk further. All my daughter had asked for was a bit of petrol money for a thoughtful two-hour trip. In times of joy turned sour, Allianz Assistance was our beacon. Their refusal to honor our claim for such a simple reimbursement was a bitter pill to swallow. To anyone considering ticket insurance, my heartfelt advice is clear - save your money. It's nothing more than a piece of paper with empty promises, not worth the devastation and disappointment it leaves behind.
K Kez
114 days ago

Exceptional Service and Coverage: Allianz Assistance Exceeded My Expectations

As a frequent traveler, I've had my fair share of experiences with various travel insurance providers. When I came across Allianz Assistance, I must admit that I was initially skeptical given my previous encounters with other companies. However, to my surprise and delight, Allianz Assistance exceeded all my expectations. Their customer service was exceptional right from the moment I reached out to inquire about their coverage. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail and clarity provided during our conversation. The agent took the time to understand my specific needs and concerns, and assured me that the situation I had in mind would be covered. Fast forward to my trip, an unforeseen circumstance arose, and I had to make a claim. I was initially worried, remembering past experiences with other providers where "almost nothing is covered." However, to my relief, Allianz Assistance not only validated the coverage but also processed my claim efficiently. The peace of mind that Allianz Assistance provided me during a stressful time is truly invaluable. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and comprehensive travel insurance. Thank you, Allianz Assistance, for your exceptional service and for truly coming through when it mattered the most.


Allianz Assistance is a UK-based insurance company that provides a range of insurance services such as travel insurance, breakdown cover, extended warranties, and emergency assistance. With over 100 years of experience in the insurance industry, Allianz Assistance is one of the leading providers in the UK.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Comprehensive range of insurance services - Easy-to-use website - Competitive pricing - 24/7 emergency assistance - Multi-lingual support Cons: - Limited coverage for some insurance services - No loyalty program

User Experience

Allianz Assistance's website is user-friendly, and their insurance services are easy to find. The website provides comprehensive information on their insurance products, and the site is accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Allianz Assistance also provides a multilingual support service that enables customers to communicate in various languages.

Pricing and Value for Money

Allianz Assistance offers competitive pricing for their insurance services, and the premiums vary depending on the level of coverage that a customer chooses. The company also offers discounts and promotions, which help customers to get better value for their money.


Although Allianz Assistance is one of the leading providers of insurance services in the UK, there are other alternatives. Some of the notable alternatives include Aviva, AXA, and Direct Line.

Customer Service

Allianz Assistance provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. Their support team is highly responsive, and customers can expect quick assistance. The company also provides multi-lingual support, which enables customers to communicate in their preferred language.

Product Quality and Selection

Allianz Assistance's insurance services are of high quality, and the company has a comprehensive range of insurance policies catering to different needs. Their policies are underwritten by Allianz Insurance, which is one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Website Usability

Allianz Assistance's website is easy to navigate, and customers can find information on their insurance services easily. The website has a clean layout, and customers can access their policies and make changes to their policies online. The site is also optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for customers to access their policies on the go.

Returns and Exchanges

Allianz Assistance's policies have a 14-day cooling-off period, during which customers can cancel their policies and receive a refund. However, the company may charge an administration fee for processing such refunds.

Promotions and Discounts

Allianz Assistance offers discounts and promotions to customers who purchase their insurance policies online. The company also has bundled packages that enable customers to save on their insurance premiums.


Allianz Assistance has a good reputation, and the company has received positive reviews from customers. The company has been in operation for over 100 years, and their insurance policies are underwritten by Allianz Insurance, which is a reputable insurance company.

Payment Options

Allianz Assistance accepts various payment options such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Direct Debit.

Loyalty Programs

Allianz Assistance does not have a formal loyalty program, but the company offers discounts and promotions to customers who purchase their insurance policies online.

Customer Reviews

Allianz Assistance has received positive reviews from customers, with many customers praising the company for their excellent customer service and competitive pricing. However, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited coverage offered by some of their insurance policies.

Community Involvement

Allianz Assistance is involved in various community initiatives, and the company supports various charitable organizations.

Shipping and Costs

Allianz Assistance's insurance policies are delivered electronically, and customers can access their policies online. The costs of their insurance policies vary depending on the level of coverage that a customer chooses. The company also offers discounts and promotions, which help customers to get better value for their money.


Allianz Assistance is a reliable insurance provider that offers a comprehensive range of insurance policies at competitive prices. With a user-friendly website, 24/7 customer support, and high-quality insurance services, Allianz Assistance is an excellent choice for insurance customers in the UK.