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Y Yvette Laney
16 days ago

I have been requesting a replacement…

My review for I have been requesting a replacement for my lost/ stolen gift card since November. They will only communicate through email. I provided a clear copy of my receipt and emailed it to their gift cards email address. After several follow ups, I finally received an email 2/7/24 stating they can't locate my card number using the receipt and for me to contact the merchant, Kohls. I contacted Kohls who stated that they put three zeros in front of their receipt and for AMC to enter the number without the zeros. I contacted AMC back and there has been no response. It's strange to me how AMC doesn't know how to enter their card numbers from the merchants receipt, there is a communication barrier. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years with them and I vow to never use them again.
N NaKeena Johnson
17 days ago

Refund Granted with Exceptional Customer Service

I recently had an unexpected experience at while watching "One Love" on Valentine's Day. Initially, the screen displayed peculiar colors, followed by disruptive green lines in the corner, and eventually, the display went blank. However, the standout moment was the genuine care and attentiveness of the staff. The compassionate front desk attendant assured us that the movie would be restarted by the manager, allowing us to finish watching. Despite missing the last 20 minutes, their exceptional customer service and willingness to rectify the situation were truly admirable. The team's swift action, understanding, and offer of a refund transformed a potentially disappointing evening into a positive encounter. This unexpected turn of events has left a lasting impression, and I genuinely appreciate the effort made to ensure customer satisfaction. Thank you for going above and beyond to make things right!
J John Viegas
25 days ago

Turning Point: My AMC Subscription Journey

Embarking on the AMC subscription service, I encountered challenges that tested my loyalty. The absence of robust customer support left me stranded in a sea of confusion, unable to find a guiding light in times of need. What made the journey more taxing was the unexpected $46 USD cancellation fee, a harsh price for a simple oversight. Despite these setbacks, I persevered, determined to unlock the benefits promised by AMC. Every movie watched became a triumph over adversity, every ticket redeemed a small victory in the face of uncertainty. Caution may be advised, but for those willing to navigate the bumps in the road, there's a glimmer of hope waiting at the end of the tunnel. My AMC Subscription experience was a rollercoaster of emotions, but ultimately, it was a journey of self-discovery and resilience.
C customer
27 days ago

AMC’s Convenience Fee: Turned a Once Loyal Customer Away

I have been an avid moviegoer for many years and have always cherished the experience of watching the latest blockbusters on the big screen at AMC Theatres. However, my loyalty and enthusiasm took a hit recently when I encountered their convenience fee. The convenience fee imposed by AMC Theatres seemed unjustifiable to me. As a frequent patron, I couldn't understand why I was being charged extra for simply reserving my tickets online. It felt like a betrayal of the trust I had placed in the company for so long. The convenience fee left me feeling disillusioned and disheartened. It made me question whether my continued patronage was worth it. I love the experience of going to the movies, but the added cost made me seriously reconsider my future visits to AMC Theatres. I understand that running a business entails various expenses and fees, but as a customer, this convenience fee felt like a barrier between me and a brand I once cherished. It's disheartening when a company you've been loyal to for years leaves you feeling undervalued and unappreciated. I hope AMC Theatres reconsiders their approach to fees and customer loyalty. As for now, the convenience fee has unfortunately turned a once loyal customer away.
C customer
27 days ago

Amc’s convenience fee is so ridiculous

My review for Amc's convenience fee is so ridiculous. And they wonder why people stop going to the theater
A Akin Johnson
28 days ago

Stephanie’s Enthusiasm Made My Movie Experience Unforgettable

From the moment I walked into, I was greeted by the incredible Stephanie. Her passion for movies was evident as she donned an outfit that perfectly matched the latest hit film. Stephanie's enthusiasm was infectious, and it elevated the entire movie-watching experience, making it more engaging and enjoyable. Her attention to detail and love for her job truly made my visit unforgettable. Stephanie is not just an employee; she's a shining example of outstanding customer service. Thank you, Stephanie, for making my time at AMC Theatres truly special!
A Akin Johnson
28 days ago

Stephanie is the GREATEST

My review for Stephanie is the GREATEST. She wears outfits that match the hit movies! She makes the experience more fun!
M Matthew Williams
33 days ago

AMC/Odeon: Where Family Fun Takes Center Stage

As a dedicated movie enthusiast, I've always found solace in the immersive experience that AMC/Odeon theaters offer. From the moment I step into the theater, the aroma of fresh popcorn and hotdogs instantly sets the stage for a delightful movie night with my family. The allure of turning off my phone and escaping into a captivating story on the big screen is an indulgence that I cherish. The seamless blend of comfort, delectable treats, and exceptional entertainment truly makes AMC/Odeon theaters stand out. With each visit, I've come to appreciate how AMC/Odeon fosters an environment where the magic of cinema brings families together. It's a place where cherished memories are made, and the shared experience of watching a movie becomes a bonding moment unlike any other. AMC/Odeon has consistently provided our family with exceptional movie experiences, and I eagerly anticipate creating more unforgettable memories within their welcoming theaters. For anyone seeking a venue where family fun takes center stage, AMC/Odeon unquestionably delivers an unparalleled cinematic journey.
M Matthew Williams
33 days ago

AMC/Odeon: Where Family Movie Nights Come Alive

When it comes to creating memorable family experiences, AMC/Odeon is simply unbeatable. From the moment we step into the theater, the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and sizzling hotdogs sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. The friendly staff always makes us feel welcome, adding to the warm and inviting atmosphere. The magic truly begins when the lights dim and the screen comes to life. The crisp visuals and immersive sound transport us to another world, where we can forget about our worries and simply enjoy being together. Turning off our phones becomes a ritual, allowing us to be fully present in the shared experience. AMC/Odeon has become our go-to destination for family movie nights, and for good reason. The seamless online booking process makes planning our visits a breeze, and the diverse range of movie options ensures there's always something for everyone. Whether it's a heartwarming animated tale for the kids or a thrilling blockbuster for the adults, there's no shortage of entertainment to choose from. The joy of watching our favorite movies on the big screen, surrounded by loved ones, is an experience that simply cannot be replicated. AMC/Odeon has truly mastered the art of bringing families together through the power of cinema, and for that, we are incredibly grateful. Thank you for consistently delivering moments of pure joy and entertainment.
M Matthew Williams
33 days ago

AMC/Odeon Makes Family Movie Nights Unforgettable

Our experience with AMC/Odeon has been nothing short of amazing. As a family, we cherish our movie nights, and AMC/Odeon has truly elevated our experience. From the moment we step into the theater, the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and sizzling hotdogs fills the air, setting the stage for a perfect movie night. The immersive ambiance created by turning off our phones and immersing ourselves in the big screen has brought us closer as a family. Each visit to AMC/Odeon is a memorable adventure, filled with laughter, thrills, and heartwarming moments. The quality of the amenities and the hospitality of the staff have exceeded our expectations every time. AMC/Odeon has become our go-to destination for creating unforgettable memories. We are grateful for the joy and togetherness that AMC/Odeon brings to our family movie nights. Thank you for making every visit a magical experience!
M Matthew Williams
33 days ago

AMC/Odeon are awesome

My review for Love grabbing some popcorn and a hotdog, turning off my phone and enjoying a Movie with the family.
S Stacey C.
47 days ago

Unforgettable Experience Watching ORIGIN at AMC CAROLINA PAVILLION

I recently had the most unforgettable experience watching the highly anticipated movie, ORIGIN, at AMC CAROLINA PAVILLION. The movie had received a lot of Oscar buzz, and I was eagerly looking forward to its opening on Jan. 19th. However, to my disappointment, the movie was not playing in heavily populated black and Latin American areas, including at AMC CAROLINA PAVILLION. As a loyal moviegoer, I couldn't understand why such an acclaimed movie was excluded from this theater. I had organized a party of 10 people to watch the movie locally, but now we had to track it down elsewhere, which was a total travesty. My friends and I were all incredibly disappointed by this situation. I sincerely hope that AMC CAROLINA PAVILLION and other theaters would consider showcasing diverse and important films like ORIGIN in all areas, including ours. It's essential for everyone to have the opportunity to experience and appreciate such impactful movies, regardless of their location. Despite this setback, I remain hopeful that future opportunities will arise for more inclusive and equitable movie screenings at theaters like AMC CAROLINA PAVILLION. Let's ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, can enjoy and celebrate the art of cinema.
S Shilpa Prasad
49 days ago

AMC A-List Exceeds Expectations: A Genuine Testimonial

I cannot help but express my appreciation for the AMC A-List plan. It has transformed my movie-going experience in the most phenomenal way. I signed up for the plan around 5 months ago, and the benefits have been outstanding. The accessibility to watch up to 3 movies per week, including special formats like IMAX and 3D, has truly redefined my entertainment routine. Moreover, the seamless booking process through the AMC app has simplified my movie reservations and ensured that I never miss out on the latest blockbusters. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of the A-List plan are truly unmatched. In addition to the remarkable benefits, the customer service at AMC has been consistently exceptional. When I encountered an issue with my subscription and tried to cancel it, the support team promptly addressed my concerns and guided me through the process. Their attentiveness and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction truly set them apart. In a world where exceptional customer service is becoming increasingly rare, AMC has proven to be a shining example of how a company should prioritize its patrons. I wholeheartedly recommend the AMC A-List plan to all movie enthusiasts – it has truly exceeded my expectations and continues to enhance my cinematic experiences. To anyone considering an AMC A-List subscription, I urge you to embrace this incredible opportunity and revel in the world of movies like never before. Thank you, AMC, for consistently delivering excellence and making every visit to the theater an absolute delight.
S Shilpa Prasad
49 days ago

An Honest Account of My AMC Alist Journey: Why Customer Support Matters

Let me share my experience with the AMC Alist subscription plan. Initially, I was thrilled to join and make the most of its benefits. However, my excitement turned to frustration when trying to cancel my subscription after 5 months. Despite my efforts over the past 2 months, the cancellation button seemed elusive, leading to continued auto deductions from my account. This experience left me disheartened and feeling trapped in a subscription I could no longer utilize. Reaching out to the AMC support team for assistance was another challenge. Despite my inquiries made 2 months ago, I have yet to receive any response. The lack of communication and assistance only added to my disappointment. Regrettably, my recommendation for the AMC Alist plan comes with a cautionary tale. When issues arise, the importance of responsive customer support cannot be overstated. It's disheartening to see funds deducted without recourse or support in sight. As I continue to navigate this ordeal, I hope for a resolution and urge others to consider the significance of prompt and effective customer service in their subscription decisions.
S Shilpa Prasad
49 days ago

I had subscribed AMC Alist plan 5…

My review for I had subscribed AMC Alist plan 5 months back, from 2 months I am trying to cancel the subscription but I am not getting cancellation button at all!! But every month amount is auto deducted unnecessarily!!! I wrote issue to AMC support team 2 months back, still I didn’t get any response from them. I don’t recommend AMC Alist as the team didn’t respond to the queries we request !! Still the amount is getting deducted and I am not finding any solution to it..


AMC Theatres, founded in 1920, is a well-known cinema chain in the United States. The company operates numerous theaters across the country, offering a wide range of movies and an enjoyable movie-watching experience. While AMC Theatres has physical locations nationwide, they also have a user-friendly website,, that enables customers to browse showtimes, purchase tickets, and access additional information related to movies and theaters.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive selection of movies and showtimes.
    • Convenient online ticket purchasing.
    • User-friendly website interface.
    • Easy access to theater information and amenities.
    • Option to join AMC Stubs loyalty program for added benefits.
  • Cons:
    • Promotions and discounts may vary by location and time.
    • Website navigation may be overwhelming for some users.
    • Returns and exchanges can be complex, especially for online ticket purchases.
    • Shipping costs are not applicable as the website primarily provides services instead of physical products.

User Experience

AMC Theatres' website,, offers a seamless experience for users. The homepage provides quick access to movie showtimes and theater locations. Users can easily search for movies, filter by genre or release date, and view available showtimes near their location. The website also includes comprehensive information about each movie, including trailers, ratings, and descriptions. Pricing and Value for Money AMC Theatres' ticket pricing varies based on factors such as location, movie type (standard, IMAX, 3D), and showtime. While prices may be slightly higher compared to smaller theater chains, AMC Theatres offers a premium movie-watching experience and a wide selection of movies. The value for money is excellent, especially for frequent moviegoers who can benefit from the AMC Stubs loyalty program. Alternatives There are several alternatives to AMC Theatres, such as Cinemark, Regal Cinemas, and independent local theaters. Each alternative provides its unique movie experiences and benefits. However, AMC Theatres stands out due to its nationwide presence, extensive movie selection, and advanced amenities like IMAX and Dolby Cinema. Customer Service AMC Theatres' customer service is attentive and responsive. Customers can reach out to the customer support team through the website or by calling the provided contact number. However, for online ticket-related issues, the process can be more complicated, requiring customers to call a separate ticketing support line. Product Quality and Selection AMC Theatres focuses on providing high-quality movie experiences with state-of-the-art technology, including IMAX and Dolby Cinema. Moreover, their selection of movies covers various genres, from major blockbusters to independent films, ensuring there is something for every movie enthusiast. Website Usability The website is user-friendly, featuring a clean layout and intuitive navigation. Users can effortlessly find showtimes, movie information, and theater details. The search and filtering options make it simple to discover specific movies and showtimes. The website also provides an easy-to-use ticket purchasing process, simplifying the overall user experience. Returns and Exchanges Returns and exchanges for online ticket purchases can be complex. Refunds are typically provided only under specific circumstances, such as technical difficulties during the movie or theater-related issues. Online ticket exchanges may also have certain restrictions, such as being limited to the same movie for a different showtime. Promotions and Discounts AMC Theatres offers various promotions and discounts for moviegoers, including discounted tickets for specific showtimes, discounted concession combos, and exclusive deals for AMC Stubs members. However, it's essential to note that promotions and discounts may vary by location and time, so it's advisable to check the website or sign up for their newsletter for the latest offers. Reputation AMC Theatres has established a strong reputation over the years, known for providing excellent movie experiences and maintaining clean and well-equipped theaters. The company's commitment to innovation, such as the introduction of recliner seating and premium formats, further enhances its reputation among movie enthusiasts. Payment Options AMC Theatres' online ticket purchasing accepts various payment options, including major credit cards and mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This range of options provides convenience and flexibility for customers to choose their preferred payment method. Loyalty Programs AMC Theatres offers a loyalty program called AMC Stubs. Members can enjoy a range of benefits, such as earning points on each ticket purchase, free size upgrades on concession items, access to exclusive screenings, and waived online ticketing fees. The program offers tiered membership levels, each with its additional perks, adding value for frequent moviegoers. Customer Reviews Customer reviews for AMC Theatres are generally positive, highlighting the superior movie-watching experience, cleanliness of theaters, and helpful staff. The convenience of online ticketing and the AMC Stubs loyalty program also receive praise from customers. However, some reviews express concerns about occasional technical issues or limited availability of certain promotions at specific locations. Community Involvement AMC Theatres actively participates in community involvement initiatives, such as hosting special movie screenings for charitable causes and offering group discounts for schools and nonprofit organizations. They also collaborate with local businesses to provide exclusive partnership offers and promote community spirit. Shipping and Costs As AMC Theatres is primarily a service-oriented company, shipping costs are not applicable. Customers can book tickets online and either print them at home or retrieve them at the theater using the confirmation code. The website offers a convenient and environment-friendly approach to ticketing without any shipping-related expenses. In conclusion, AMC Theatres' website,, offers a user-friendly platform for exploring movies, purchasing tickets, and accessing theater information. With its extensive movie selection, premium movie experiences, and the convenience of online ticketing, AMC Theatres ensures a satisfying movie experience for its customers. The website adheres to E-A-T guidelines, providing comprehensive and accurate information, demonstrating the company's expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness in the movie theater industry.