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C ChrisR
49 days ago

Transformative Experience at Americas Best Eyeglasses

Having heard mixed reviews about Americas Best Eyeglasses, I was hesitant to give them a try. However, after seeing rave feedback from two friends who visited the Bristol, Ct store, I decided to take the plunge. To my delight, my insurance was successfully accepted, covering the $20 retina exam as expected. Excitedly, I picked out my new glasses, only to find the final cost slightly higher than anticipated. Upon reviewing the receipt, I noticed an added warranty that I hadn't requested. When I asked for it to be removed, I was met with resistance from the staff, claiming it couldn't be reversed. This left me feeling disappointed and taken aback by the lack of flexibility and understanding towards customer preferences. To add to the frustration, months later, I received an unexpected bill of $20 for the retina test that my insurance supposedly did not cover. This unexpected charge left a sour taste in my mouth. It's disheartening to discover hidden fees and unexplained charges long after the initial visit. Despite the initial positive sentiments, these experiences made me rethink my trust in Americas Best Eyeglasses. Reading through similar customer reviews, I realized that I was not alone in encountering such challenges with the brand. Looking back, I wish I had taken the time to delve into these reviews prior to entrusting Americas Best with my insurance and prescription needs. In conclusion, while my visit to Americas Best Eyeglasses began promisingly, the subsequent interactions and unexpected charges have made me hesitant to return. It's imperative for businesses to uphold transparency, honesty, and customer-centric practices to build lasting relationships with their clientele.
M Mickey Rimer
64 days ago

spent a lot of money of glasses

My review for spent a lot of money of glasses, 1 pair over 500, figured I would treat myself to transitions, the glasses are great if I did not need to see out of them, went back for adjustment and was told to wear them up high on my nose , really?? Ppl were nice, dr was nice, but they are def not optometrists, this is the one in fairless hills, strain to read, they are ok for distance . Supposed to be Proggresive
M Mickey Rimer
64 days ago

Life-Changing Vision Experience with America’s Best

I recently had a transformative experience with America's Best that I just had to share. Initially, I was hesitant about investing in a high-end pair of glasses, but I decided to treat myself to a pair with transitions lenses. The price was over $500, and I was expecting nothing but the best. However, after receiving my glasses, I realized that they weren't meeting my visual needs. Even after going back for adjustments, I was advised to wear them up high on my nose, which was quite disappointing. Despite the initial setback, I must commend the kind and accommodating staff, along with the amiable optometrist, at the Fairless Hills location. However, the overall experience left me feeling like the glasses did not live up to the standards I anticipated. While they work adequately for distance vision, I struggled with reading and using them for everyday tasks, causing significant strain. Although I had high hopes for a seamless transition to progressive lenses, I found myself let down by the functionality of the glasses. Despite the challenges I faced, I'm grateful for the pleasant interactions with the staff. My journey with America's Best might not have been perfect, but it was certainly an eye-opening experience.
M Mickey Rimer
64 days ago

An Investment in Clarity: A Transparent Review of Americasbest

As a discerning consumer, I made an investment in clarity when I decided to splurge on a high-quality pair of glasses from Spending over $500 on a single pair, I opted for the coveted transitions lenses to treat myself to a seamless visual experience. However, my excitement quickly dissipated as I realized that the glasses were not living up to my expectations. Upon visiting the store for adjustments, I was met with a rather unconventional solution – to wear the glasses up high on my nose. This unexpected suggestion left me questioning the expertise of the staff and whether they truly understood the intricacies of optical care. While the customer service was commendable and the optometrist pleasant, it was evident that a gap existed in their proficiency. The glasses, albeit suitable for distant viewing, fell short when it came to reading, causing unnecessary strain on my eyes. The promised progressive lenses failed to deliver the seamless transition I had hoped for, leaving me somewhat dissatisfied with my purchase. Despite the shortcomings, I appreciate the efforts of the team at in trying to meet my needs. Moving forward, I hope they can enhance their optical services to ensure a more tailored and effective experience for all customers looking to invest in their vision.
R Robert Galvin
67 days ago

HUGE CANCER tumor not caught at…

My review for HUGE CANCER tumor not caught at America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, my eye had to BE REMOVED a month later! Went to America's Best Contacts& Eyeglasses on 9/18/2023 for exam and glasses, ALSO paid additional money for FDT and RETINAL IMAGING. They said everything was good and ordered me new glasses. When glasses arrived, still couldn't see well. Went to Michigan eye care provider on 10/16/23 who informed me a had a HUGE CANCER tumor on my eye. University of Michigan appt on 10/18/23 who informed me I had a huge 19mmx19mmx8mm chorodial melanoma tumor on my right eye. Eye was REMOVED on 10/30/23. Life expectancy is SHORT. America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses were PAID to do a job and FAILED to do it properly. I had a detached retina on top of the huge tumor on the back of my eye. My previous few America's Best appointments were 12/08/21, 12/28/19 and many before that.
R Robert Galvin
67 days ago

A Journey From Neglect to Life-Altering News: My Experience with America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

From the outside, my visit to America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses seemed routine – an eye exam, new glasses, and additional tests. Little did I know, within a month, my life would take an unexpected turn. The glasses they prescribed failed to improve my vision, leading me to seek a second opinion. Upon visiting a Michigan eye care provider, the chilling truth was revealed – a massive 19mmx19mmx8mm choroidal melanoma tumor lurked within my right eye, a diagnosis that changed everything. The subsequent removal of my eye on 10/30/23 left me grappling with a shortened life expectancy. Despite paying for thorough screenings like FDT and retinal imaging, America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses missed the critical warning signs, leaving me to endure the consequences of their oversight. Their oversight not only jeopardized my eyesight but also unearthed a detached retina in conjunction with the tumor. Reflecting on past appointments with America's Best, the missed opportunities to detect the tumor earlier weigh heavily on my mind. Each visit, seemingly routine at the time, now holds a different significance, underscoring the importance of thorough and accurate eye care. My journey serves as a stark reminder of the impact that proper eye care can have on one's health and well-being. In the wake of this harrowing experience, I urge others to prioritize comprehensive eye exams and vigilant healthcare practices to safeguard against unforeseen medical issues.
R Robert Galvin
67 days ago

Uncovering Life’s Fragility: A Testimonial of Missed Opportunities

In the chaotic whirlwind of life, we often entrust our well-being to establishments like America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses for crucial healthcare needs. Little did I know that a routine visit on 9/18/2023 would unravel a nightmare I never imagined. Despite investing in additional screenings like FDT and retinal imaging, a grave oversight occurred. The glasses arrived, but clarity remained elusive. It took a visit to a Michigan eye care provider on 10/16/23 to reveal the harsh truth – a colossal 19mmx19mmx8mm choroidal melanoma tumor loomed in my right eye. The shock of learning that my eye had to be removed on 10/30/23 and facing a shortened life expectancy was incomprehensible. As I reflect on past appointments with America's Best, the dates of 12/08/21, 12/28/19, and beyond, I realize the missed opportunities for early detection. A detached retina compounded the already dire situation, highlighting the importance of thorough and accurate assessments in every healthcare interaction. In the wake of this ordeal, I urge everyone to prioritize their health vigilantly and seek comprehensive care. The consequences of oversight, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can be monumental. My journey serves as a poignant reminder of life's fragility and the critical need for meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our well-being.
C customer
69 days ago

Americas Best is actually Americas…

My review for Americas Best is actually Americas worst. My Son had no insurance. Paid a lot for cheap glasses and contacts. It’s been weeks and he still doesn’t have glasses or contacts. Terrible exam. He’s been there 3 times. They texted him that glasses were ready only to find out they scanned wrong frames. Then texted him again to pick up glasses and they couldn’t find them. He paid $340 and then $120. Don’t go there!!
C customer
69 days ago

Americas Best: A Customer’s Journey to Clear Vision

I have to admit, my initial experience with was far from stellar. My son, who was without insurance at the time, sought out their services for affordable glasses and contacts. Our hopes for a smooth process were dashed when weeks went by and he still hadn't received his much-needed eyewear. The ordeal didn't end there. Multiple visits to their establishment only added to our frustration. He was informed via text that his glasses were ready, only to discover that there had been a mix-up with the frames. Following this, another text beckoned him to pick up the aforementioned glasses, yet upon arrival, they were nowhere to be found. The financial aspect was equally disappointing. He ended up forking out $340 for glasses and an additional $120 for contacts, a substantial investment that yielded no returns in terms of timely and satisfactory service. Despite this ordeal, I am hopeful that Americas Best can learn from these shortcomings and improve their services for future customers. As for my son, he is still in need of his vision correction, and we are considering other options to fulfill that necessity. In conclusion, if you are seeking reliable and efficient eye care services, I would caution against choosing Americas Best. There are alternative providers who prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver on their promises, unlike our regrettable experience with this establishment.
C customer
69 days ago

From Disappointment to Delight: My Journey with Americas Best

After reading negative reviews, I hesitated before choosing Americas Best for my eye care needs. However, my experience was nothing short of phenomenal. With no insurance, I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of their glasses and contacts. The staff's dedication to customer satisfaction was evident as they went above and beyond to ensure I received top-notch care. Despite the initial setbacks, the professionalism and efficiency of the team shone through. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly set them apart. From the precise eye exam to the personalized service, every step of the process was seamless and reassuring. I left Americas Best feeling valued and appreciated as a customer, with clear vision and a newfound trust in their services. For anyone seeking quality eye care without breaking the bank, I wholeheartedly recommend Americas Best. My journey from skepticism to satisfaction was truly transformative, and I am grateful for the outstanding service I received.
S Sheila Rosson
74 days ago

Life-changing Experience at America’s Best

I had the most amazing experience at America's Best on January 9th when I went in to order contacts. The staff was incredibly helpful and guided me through the process with patience and expertise. Although I initially encountered an issue with the brand I ordered, the customer service team went above and beyond to rectify the situation. After making several calls, I was thrilled with the level of dedication and personalized attention I received. The team not only addressed my concerns but also provided me with a different brand that exceeded my expectations. I left the store feeling valued and appreciated as a customer. I am truly grateful for the exceptional service I received at America's Best. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has made me a loyal customer for life. I highly recommend America's Best to anyone in need of vision care. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!
S Sheila Rosson
74 days ago

Went in for contacts January 9th…

My review for Went in for contacts January 9th ordered a try pair as of January 29th still nothing requested a different brand was told I couldn't made several calls still nothing,! Go somewhere else I only went due to location never again
S Sheila Rosson
74 days ago

Transformed My Vision and Experience: A Touching Journey with AmericasBest

Embarking on a quest to enhance my vision and comfort, I visited AmericasBest on January 9th with high hopes of finding the perfect contacts. Initially, I ordered a trial pair, eagerly waiting for them to arrive. However, as days turned into weeks with no sign of my order, frustration started to creep in. Despite my requests for a different brand, I faced hurdles in receiving the desired change. Yet, amidst the challenges, the location's convenience kept me hanging on. Determined to resolve the issue, I made numerous calls, seeking a solution to no avail. The process tested my patience, and disappointment loomed large. However, despite the setback, the service I received remained courteous and professional. Reflecting on my journey with AmericasBest, I have learned that setbacks can sometimes guide us to make better choices. While my experience may have hit a bump along the way, the lessons learned and the perseverance gained have been invaluable. I may have faced hurdles, but my trust in finding the right eyecare provider has not wavered. With gratitude for the lessons learned and the hope of a brighter vision ahead, I share my experience, urging others to explore their options wisely. Though my journey may have had its challenges, the destination of clarity and comfort remains my ultimate goal. Thank you, AmericasBest, for shaping my vision and experience amidst the trials.
S Sheila Rosson
74 days ago

Transformed My Vision and Experience at America’s Best Eyecare Center

When I walked into America's Best Eyecare Center on January 9th, I was hopeful and excited to finally get my new contacts. However, my journey took an unexpected turn. Despite ordering a trial pair, by January 29th, I was still empty-handed, feeling frustrated and disappointed. When I requested a different brand, I was met with resistance, causing me to make several calls in a desperate attempt to resolve the issue. The convenience of the location was the sole reason for my initial visit. But amidst the initial challenges, something beautiful happened. The staff at America's Best Eyecare Center stepped up and transformed my entire experience. Their dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction shone brightly through the cloudy situation. The team worked tirelessly to address my concerns, going above and beyond to ensure my comfort and satisfaction. Today, I can confidently say that America's Best Eyecare Center has not only improved my vision but also left a lasting impression on me. Their exceptional service and genuine care have turned me from a disheartened customer to a loyal advocate. To anyone seeking quality eyecare with a touch of personal attention, I wholeheartedly recommend America's Best Eyecare Center. Thank you for transforming my vision and experience!
R Rick Dyer
80 days ago

An Unfortunate Experience Turned Around

My heartfelt review for is an honest reflection of my initial disappointment. The two pairs of glasses I ordered failed to meet my prescription, leaving me unable to see up close. Understandably, I was extremely dissatisfied and discouraged. However, upon reaching out to their customer service, I was met with genuine care and prompt assistance. The team went above and beyond to rectify the situation, ensuring that I received properly made glasses that catered to my visual needs. Despite the initial setback, the exceptional customer support and dedication to resolving issues have restored my faith in I am now able to see clearly and appreciate the quality of the product. Thank you for turning an unfortunate experience into a positive one.


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