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J Jones
9 days ago


My review for I bought this item back in Nov and used as instructed since then. Unfortunately it hasn't worked for me and because i bought it from the company stress no more I'm not eligible for the money back guarantee.
E Emily Maxwell
10 days ago

I was super skeptical but wanted to…

My review for I was super skeptical but wanted to give the warts oil a try as I had tried multiple different things. The oil worked and the warts on my feet are gone! I’m going to reorder some for my daughter!
F Flor Heasman
11 days ago

To see it to believe!

My review for Well , my daughter had a bite for some insects here in Australia when she went to a camp. I mean it’s on her arms and legs. She keeps itching it till it create scars on it. I keep putting ointment that I can only find here on a chemist but believe or not nothing works. Then I google some stuff ointment or oils the can help the scars fade and this company was first in my search list. I look through it and bought 1 to try it! Then I have tried it to my daughter and the results was amazing!it is worth to try and worth to spend with! I bought another one bottle the 33ml H scars. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone I know.
E Erica Campbell
11 days ago

1000% recommend

My review for 1000% recommend. Worth the cost for sure! We had tried everything. The dr said they will eventually go away… well they weren’t. My son had warts for a couple years and they kept getting worse. All over his feet and toes, his knees. One on his finger. I will try to find the before and after pictures. It took being consistent. I thought it wasn’t working then BAM they were gone. I think it helps to do right after they soak in the bath awhile. Gets In their good. Don’t be afraid to try this! Other cheaper things are a waste of $ honestly.
12 days ago

Skin Tag

My review for Hi, I have a skin tag under my arm and I bought this oil from healing natural oil ii’s wor and I’m grateful thank you.
A Anastasia Miki
12 days ago

I cannot say enough about these products

My review for I cannot say enough about these products, across the board. I have been searching for a company that could achieve the purity and efficacy of the ancients for over 20 years and found it in Healing natural oils. I use it for all of my cleansing and moisturizing routine and have made believers out of the men in my life as well from 12 to 53. The staff are kind, extremely responsive, fast and easy shipping.
M Matthew Lees
12 days ago

Cluster of warts

My review for My daughter has had a cluster of warts on her hand for years. Over the counter acids didn’t work at all. The freeze spray was too painful so we were just stuck with them and my daughter was left hiding her hand. I happened across Healing Natural oils read the reviews and thought I’d give it a try. Quite honestly I’m amazed. We’ve been at it for three weeks, three times a day and the warts have actually shrunk to near invisible. My daughter cried she was so happy! We’re still going until they fully die. This actually works. I’m so happy. Thank you so much Matt
K Kerry-Anne Edwards
13 days ago

Fantastic product and it works !!!!!

My review for This product works and I’ve never been more grateful!! I had lost faith and thought I would have to live with this pain forever due to a fissure. Until I stumbled on this product online and the great reviews. Do not use anything else - this works and it works quickly. I am now pain free and on the mend. Thank you that is all I can for making such a great product!!!
T Tanka
13 days ago

I had been suffering from haemorrhoids…

My review for I had been suffering from haemorrhoids for over 10 years, had couple of times rubber ligation and some herbal treatments; nothing helped me. Around 5 months ago I had massive lump around my anus and I was just using hot Water and ice pack and some cream from chemist but couldn’t get much help. I was desperate, I tried to google and had the look on this product. I found it a bit expensive but I thought I would give it a go. I couldn’t believe it started to heal after 4 days of use and within two weeks my haemorrhoids gone. This is a great product. I always keep it on reserve now, if I get a little bit uncomfortable after poop , I use it.
D Diana
15 days ago

Eczema on my eye lids & forehead

My review for About 8 months ago I was given H-Eczema Formula to try as I had eczema on my eye lids and forehead. I have suffered with this on and off for the past few years. It was so bad my eyes were swollen and puffy from me rubbing and scratching them all the time. After a while of using the oil my skin started to calm down and over time my eyes and forehead are back to normal again thanks to this oil. I use it everyday morning and night on my eyelids and forehead and so far my skin looks great again. It is so wonderful to not suffer with the pain of it. If you have this problem give this oil a try, I am now on my 3rd bottle.
D D Brumley
15 days ago

Three different products have all been successful!

My review for I've ordered 3 different products from Healing Natural Oils (Moles, skin tags and hemorrhoid oils) and they've all been extremely effective and helpful. The first time was for a skin tag and after a couple of weeks of use, I was ready to give up and I wrote to them, a bit discouraged. They encouraged me to continue to use it and sent another bottle out and before it even arrived, my skin tag fell off, exactly as it was supposed to. I've since naturally removed a rather unsightly mole under my eyebrow and am working on some other things that are progressing nicely. Follow instructions and be persistent. Their products work!
K Karen Ganged
17 days ago

Amazing product …

My review for I came across this product after trying everything from the doctor and pharmacist. I had a large number of warts on my hands and fingers (9 large one on my little finger alone was just a start!). On using this product, I didn't see any results for a few months so I contacted the company. They were extremely helpful and quick to answer with a very positive result. I continued to use this formula and I can now say the warts have almost all gone. I am so delighted with the results. I can't recommend this product enough. It really works! Thank you so much from a delighted customer.
L Lucy s
19 days ago

Something actually work finally.

My review for My 9 year old son had warts on multiple fingers and both his knees for years, I had tried so many different products and none of them work. I done a bit of googling and found healing natural oils, I was a bit hesitant to buy as it was more pricey but I’m so glad I did. I used it consistently twice a day on my son and they have cleared them all up. My son found other well known brands to burn and hated that they left white product on his fingers, he always didn’t want me to apply it but once I started using this he was happy to let me apply it and I can not believe they have disappeared - we are both so happy. Definitely recommend, you won’t regret it, it worths and worth the money 10 times over
S Stu
21 days ago

Saved me £370! The oil worked!

My review for Came from US so knew delivery would take a week or so. Sceptical about the skin tag oil but it works even though I kept forgetting to apply it three times a day. Like magic the tag came off eventually. The family based firm send a glossy booklet describing all its products. Well worth trying the oils and saved me £400 going to a skin doctor as NHS don’t do it!
S Stu
21 days ago

Saved me £370! The oil worked!

My review for Came from US so knew delivery would take a week or so. Sceptical about the skin tag oil but it works even though I kept forgetting to apply it three times a day. Like magic the tag came off eventually. The family based firm send a glossy booklet describing all its products. Well worth trying the oils and saved me £400 going to a skin doctor as NHS don’t do it!

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Pros and Cons

Pros: - Extensive selection of natural remedies - User-friendly website interface - High-quality and effective products - Informative product descriptions and usage instructions - Responsive customer service team Cons: - Some products may be relatively expensive compared to other brands - Limited availability for international shipping - Occasional delays in shipment delivery User Experience offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. The website is well-organized, with clear product categories and search functionality. Customers can easily navigate through the site, quickly find the products they need, and make purchases effortlessly. The responsive design ensures compatibility across various devices, allowing users to shop on both desktop and mobile platforms without any issues. Pricing and Value for Money sets its product prices competitively within the natural remedies market. 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