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A Alex Flynn
9 days ago

Beware it is impossible to Request a Refund online.

My review for Impossible to Request a Refund online. I had no clue the default for subscriptions is auto-renew without any email notification from them in advance of an upcoming renewal. My other subscription companies do this so I assumed they would too as it seems only fair to inform customers they are about to be charged? This is my fault, I'm a trusting soul. Anyway I received an email telling me £69.99 had been taken from my account after it had been taken. I went to the site and in the help centre typed "refund" and, surprisingly, no hits. I typed "cancel" and was informed how to cancel my subscription. I did that but I was 24 hours out of date so I'm still being charged, £69.99. for the next six months. The chatbot, Leif, took me to the cancel page where there is a mention of a refund period but when you follow the link you are taken to who are a sister site apparently and they replied wondering who I was. Oops. I went back to the refunds link and tried again. Same outcome. I checked - I was initially on but the support page link, once followed, is (i.e. so there is no way to link to and ask for a refund. If you plan to sign up (and it is a very useful resource but sadly I can't get a European passport as my family tree turned out to be surprisingly dull) then add a calendar alert to your device of choice so you can save yourself time and money.
A Anne Phelan
9 days ago

Very Good Customer Service

My review for Very helpful. Kieran was friendly, knowledgeable and v helpful
J John Pilkington
9 days ago

This company is quite happy to take…

My review for This company is quite happy to take your money for 14 years, but when you ask for proof that additional expenditure will provide access to a birth record, they play games with you
D David Dockerill
10 days ago

Customer support frustrating and poor

My review for My recent experience after DNA result was poor, experienced a printing problem which was not addressed in the Q&A. Chat bot could not address the issue, so tried live chat terminated while I struggled to get requested screen grabs. Second attempt at connecting with chat...gave up after 30min wait for connection. Half my day trying to resolve a simple problem no result.
R Ronald Rodger Caseby
10 days ago

The speed with which my hacker worries…

My review for The speed with which my hacker worries were resolved.
T Tracey K
11 days ago

The experience I had put my mind at ease

My review for The experience I had with Seán was very friendly. He put my mind at ease and he looked through my errors on my Ancestry tree. He was polite and thorough. Definitely an asset to Ancestry
G Giles Worthington1480384133
11 days ago


My review for I purchased a DNA kit 28/11/23. I activated it on the 18/12/23 soon after I received it. I have got the email to prove that I did activate it on the 18/12/23 and 2 months later it still doesn’t show on my account as activated. I return the DNA kit and it was confirmed on the 23/01/24 that my DNA results are ready. How am I sir post to see my results when my account is not activated? This means I have lost a whole month without being able to see my result. I emailed Ancestry with the proof of activation email and not heard anything, so this is why I had to put this negative review. This is very bad unreasonable service for the 21st century. Service was better in the olden days over the telephone and via post before we had technology with every company in the world. I really wish I could turn the clocks back. On your reply it doesn’t solve this issue one single bit. I have only got one account with you and one email address. I have logged out and back in over and over again on your app and website. On the app and website account it says I need to activate my kit. As I said before I have got proof of my activation email on the 18/12/2023. There is clearly a technical issue on your computer system that has caused this major issue. I even remember scanning the barcode with your app on the DNA kit before I returned it to you.
S Shianne Robinson
14 days ago

Quite difficult to navigate and doesn’t…

My review for Quite difficult to navigate and doesn't seem very POC friendly. I don't know if I am using this correctly, but I was struggling to build a timeline from my parents and showing their ethnicity? They are not born here, but selected they live do I add their original country? Got a bit exhausting to use, so I just ended up cancelling.
L Lorna Paterson
16 days ago

Short sighted money grabbers

My review for On a positive note, their service was so poor I've discovered MyHeritage which is a great site. After my initial free trial I was charged for worldwide membership for a month. I replied to one of their emails to downgrade because I only needed UK & Ireland, but was subsequently told they don't monitor all emails. I then tried to cancel on line, but was charged for another month. I tried to explain to a call handler that charging me all this was short sighted because I wanted to purchase annual membership for my dad and me. They weren't interested. I've subsequently exported all my tree and data from ancestry (which you can easily do without paying any membership) to MyHeritage and am busy building my tree there with my Dads help
R rhece salton
17 days ago Unveiling Family Stories and Traditions with Unmatched Excellence

Diving into my ancestry journey with has been an incomparable experience. The platform's services not only met but exceeded my highest expectations, making it truly the best in its league. Every interaction with the company was nothing short of fantastic, as they guided me through unearthing my family's hidden stories with unparalleled expertise. From the outset, their user-friendly interface and expansive database provided me with seamless access to generations of lineage, illuminating treasured traditions and long-forgotten connections. The depth of information available was awe-inspiring, allowing me to piece together a vivid tapestry of my ancestry with remarkable clarity and precision. What truly sets apart is their exceptional commitment to customer service. Whenever I encountered a question or needed assistance navigating the vast array of records, their dedicated team was always ready to offer support with warmth and efficiency. Their passion for preserving heritage shines through in every interaction, fostering a sense of trust and reliability that is truly commendable. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse as the ultimate destination for uncovering your family's legacy. Through their outstanding service and unparalleled resources, they have not only enriched my understanding of my roots but have also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the narratives that shape who we are. Discovering the past has never been more rewarding, thanks to
A Anne Rampton
19 days ago

Staff are well are well trained.

My review for Staff are exceptionally well trained in dealing with a problem. They always resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, and the staff are also patient and professional.
T Thomas J Duffy
20 days ago

The help and support that was given to…

My review for The help and support that was given to me, however why my Ancestry account was lost in the first place I will never know maybe Ancestry needs to have systems in place so thus does not happen again.
G Glen Pollard
21 days ago

…considering this was an initial…

My review for ...considering this was an initial free, I still don't understand how I cannot be refunded my £69.99 especially the times we are facing..this is why I didn't pay in the first instance, even though I spoke through your chat service and my subscription was cancelled,when asked I I could have a refund i was told no as I was over the payment date. This is not satisfactory at all.
C Clint Lomax
21 days ago

Unveiling Family Roots with

Embarking on a journey to discover my lineage, I eagerly signed up for a free trial with However, my initial excitement quickly turned into disappointment as the platform yielded minimal results during this period. Despite my relentless efforts, I found no trace of my great grandparents, leaving me disheartened. The search for my grandad's birth certificate dragged on for a painstaking two months, testing my patience and resolve. Frustrated by the lack of progress and the limited information at my disposal, I began to question the efficacy of the service. To my dismay, my experience culminated in being charged £25, further adding to my dissatisfaction with the platform's performance. The promise of uncovering my family history seemed like a distant dream, as the reality of the situation sank in. While may work wonders for some, my personal encounter left much to be desired. The lack of substantial findings and the prolonged search periods cast a shadow over my exploration of ancestral roots. For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of their heritage, this platform may fall short of expectations. In conclusion, while my experience with may not have been fruitful, every journey of discovery is unique. It is essential to approach such endeavors with patience and resilience, regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way.
P Pam
21 days ago

Absolutely appalling customer service

My review for Absolutely appalling customer service! They are absolutely impossible to contact. I paid £19.99 for express delivery to arrive within 3 days. 8 days later I still haven’t received my order, the tracking information is useless, it just says my order is on hold. There is no response on the chat option and the number they provide is not recognised when you ring it! Not only can I not get an update on my order I can’t cancel the thing!

Introduction is a widely recognized and trusted online genealogy platform that provides individuals with the opportunity to explore their family history. With a vast collection of historical records and intuitive search features, this website aims to assist users in uncovering their ancestral roots. Through the use of advanced technology and partnerships with various organizations, offers a comprehensive genealogical experience for people of all backgrounds.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • An extensive database of over 20 billion historical records
    • Robust search features that enable efficient exploration of family history
    • Access to worldwide records and documents, including census data, military records, and birth, marriage, and death certificates
    • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation
  • Cons:
    • Requires a paid subscription for full access to all features and records
    • Some users may find the pricing plans slightly expensive
    • Occasional inaccuracies in transcription and indexing of records

User Experience offers an exceptional user experience with its well-designed and easy-to-navigate platform. The website provides a clean interface that allows users to quickly search for records and build their family trees. The search functionality is highly efficient, delivering relevant results promptly. Additionally, the platform offers helpful hints and suggestions to guide users in their research. Overall, the user experience on is seamless and enjoyable.

Pricing and Value for Money offers various subscription options to suit different user needs. The pricing plans include UK Premium, Worldwide, and All Access membership levels. While the subscription fees may seem relatively high, the value for money is considerable due to the extensive collection of records and resources available. The ability to access and explore billions of historical records greatly enhances the value and provides an invaluable resource for tracing family history.


Although is a leading genealogy platform, there are alternative websites that offer similar services. Some popular alternatives include MyHeritage, Findmypast, and FamilySearch. These platforms also provide access to historical records, family tree building tools, and community features. It is advisable to compare the features, databases, and subscription prices of these alternatives to determine which best suits individual requirements.

Customer Service has a dedicated customer service team that aims to provide prompt assistance to users. Their support can be contacted via email or telephone, and they strive to address inquiries and technical issues in a timely manner. The website also offers a comprehensive Help Center with numerous articles and tutorials to guide users in utilizing the platform effectively. The customer service provided by is generally reliable and helpful.

Product Quality and Selection boasts an impressive collection of historical records, spanning centuries and continents. The platform diligently partners with archives, libraries, and other organizations to acquire and digitize these records for user access. The quality of the records is generally high, although occasional inaccuracies in transcriptions and indexing may arise due to the manual nature of the process. However, the website actively encourages user contributions and corrections to improve data accuracy over time.

Website Usability exhibits excellent website usability. The platform's design is visually appealing and responsive, ensuring optimal performance on various devices. Navigating the website is simple due to its intuitive interface and clear menu structure. Users can easily search for records, create and edit family trees, and access additional tools and resources.'s commitment to user experience is evident through its well-organized layout and user-friendly interface.

Returns and Exchanges does not offer returns or exchanges for its subscription services. However, users can cancel their subscriptions at any time, and the cancellation will be effective at the end of the current billing period. It is advisable to carefully consider the subscription options and utilize the website's free trial before committing to a paid subscription.

Promotions and Discounts occasionally runs promotions and discounts for new and existing users. These offers may include discounted subscription prices, free trial periods, or access to specific collections of records. Users should regularly check the website or subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on any ongoing promotions. These promotions and discounts can provide significant savings for those interested in exploring their family history.

Reputation has built a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy genealogy platform. With millions of users worldwide and partnerships with reputable organizations, the website is seen as a leader in the industry. The website's commitment to data privacy and security has also contributed to its positive reputation. However, occasional concerns regarding data accuracy and subscription pricing have been raised, emphasizing the importance of thorough research before committing to a subscription.

Payment Options offers various payment options to accommodate user preferences. Users can pay for subscriptions using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. The website utilizes secure payment processing systems to ensure the safety of user financial information. It is crucial to note that payment options may slightly vary based on the user's location.

Loyalty Programs does not currently offer a specific loyalty program. However, the website does provide rewards through its referral program. By referring friends and family to, users can earn gift subscriptions, free access to premium features, or discounts on their own subscriptions. This referral program encourages user engagement and allows individuals to share the joy of discovering their family history.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for are generally positive, highlighting the website's vast database, user-friendly interface, and helpful search features. Users appreciate the ability to connect with relatives and access a wealth of historical records. However, a small portion of reviews express concerns about occasional inaccuracies in records and the subscription pricing. Nonetheless, the majority of customers find to be an invaluable tool for their genealogical research.

Community Involvement fosters a sense of community among its users through various features. The website allows users to connect and collaborate with relatives, share family trees, and exchange research findings. Additionally, the platform hosts forums and message boards where users can seek advice, ask questions, and share experiences. The community involvement on enhances the overall genealogical journey and provides opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Shipping and Costs

Since operates as an online service, there are no physical shipping costs associated with its products. Subscription costs are paid upfront and are processed securely online. Users can access records and resources instantly upon subscription activation. It is important to review the pricing plans and associated costs before committing to a subscription to ensure they align with individual requirements and budget. In conclusion, offers an exceptional genealogy experience, with its vast collection of historical records, user-friendly interface, and robust search features. While it requires a subscription fee, the platform provides significant value for money and the opportunity to uncover fascinating family histories. With its positive reputation, reliable customer service, and commitment to user privacy, stands as a trusted authority in the field of genealogy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced researcher, this platform can help you embark on an exciting journey to connect with your past and discover your roots.